The League of Legends Player Who Did The IMPOSSIBLE Challenge
Today, let's talk about the story of the best league of legends player of all time (in solo queue) and his unbelievable accomplishments. Something crazy is the fact that you may have never heard of him...
Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of this video!
0:00 - Intro
2:37 - Origins
5:13 - Solo Queue Superstar
10:25 - Completing The Impossible Challenge
13:47 - Breaking The Challenger Ladder
16:26 - Magifelix As A Pro Player
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  • Exil

    Update! Magifelix joined Astralis in the LEC and won a game! For at least a few games he will be their starting mid laner!

    • Matheus Dias
      Matheus Dias

      @Co0metZz 999 Maybe you should take a look at jeanmago's montage too. But I get what you are trying to say. I wish that you never have to face anything Brazil is facing. God bless you.

    • Co0metZz 999
      Co0metZz 999

      @Matheus Dias do ppl even play there

    • Matheus Dias
      Matheus Dias

      Exil, look for "jeanmago". He is a kid who ranks above all players in the BRA server. Young and promising.

    • Robert Seiler
      Robert Seiler

      Felix just got his contract extended for the summer split

    • Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson
      Nathanael Sallhag Eriksson

      I like how he hasn't just won, he basically carried astralis their second win. He is the only reason I bother watching their matches TBH.

  • Leviyuthen

    Amazing video probably the first I’ve watched from you and I watched the whole thing 💯👌🏼

  • Kab Loom
    Kab Loom

    If this guy can do this, you can make it at least to diamond at your role. Don’t be trash and put your mind into it. I will too.

  • Dan Oliver
    Dan Oliver

    He's a whole pro team in one package.

  • Alex Gamer
    Alex Gamer

    Me rn knowing how to play all lanes and supp but i only have lvl 23 so idk

  • We3nder

    Nice video

  • Charlie Cordero
    Charlie Cordero

    7:20 bullshit, faker can play any role

  • OmegaMarzz

    Get ready for Tyler1 to get a video like this

  • Mr. Pepe Julian Onziema
    Mr. Pepe Julian Onziema


  • Unterhosegotti

    your music choice always gets me. so epic. just wow.

  • FlexiumGD

    (Laughs in Astralis)

  • Aksel

    DOINB? Sorry never heard about him

  • Nikos Kostas
    Nikos Kostas

    I have play with this guy very good player

  • Zerum

    In the pro level you have to learn to play around a team and constantly say what you're gonna do 5 to 10 seconds before doing it so your team has time to adjust to your plan At soloQ you have to concentrate on what your team might do then seek to absorb as much gold and experience as possible from that potential play so you can then affect the map In other words soloQ is selfish, pro is team reliant... Oh yeah also you need a good personality so the crowd will buy tickets to see you Magi guy is likely the best player out there but if he doesn't have that team synergy then he's worthless

  • oof

    Best soloQ Player? Easy, Forellenlord lol

  • Tomohiko Tatsuno
    Tomohiko Tatsuno

    5:53 my boy bricky!

  • Raoul 9753
    Raoul 9753

    Does this guy have a RSloft Channel or Twitch channel? I really wanna see how he plays Support/Jungle to get to Challenger without being carried...

  • Detri Tus
    Detri Tus

    Y you gotta do Moenlike that man

  • Detri Tus
    Detri Tus

    He's a pro league player PewDiePie

  • Nicolas Itey
    Nicolas Itey

    Felix,the guy who couldn't lose even when he try

  • TheDoc

    As a fnatic fan not promoting him to main roster over paying so much for nisqy was just scandalous.

  • Hanyuu

    Insane. Thank you for the documental! I've always known him as a very-low-tier pro player, nothing special. This video is such an eye-opener.

  • Benjamin Lin
    Benjamin Lin

    Im only like 30 seconds in and im like wheres doublelift

  • StableRonaldo


  • Mean Deens
    Mean Deens

    I’ll never understand FNATIC’s decision making. “We have a guy who has made challenger in all five roles. Let’s move our mid laner to ADC.”

  • Corex

    12:42 "I got 5 accounts in bronze. All same role. AMA" - "What do you use to carry your massive f**king balls?"

  • Zodiac

    "Sweden has produced some other important faces in the League Scene, the most noteable proably being Rekkles" and what about Rat the Earl?

  • Weaboo Nation
    Weaboo Nation

    He didn’t mention T1

  • Findyification

    do beifeng

  • عبدالرحمن القصير
    عبدالرحمن القصير

    He should train better as a team

  • Proxy Singed
    Proxy Singed

    cant find this amazing song 1:40

  • Jango 420
    Jango 420


  • Chou Chewy
    Chou Chewy

    This is the kind of League video that inspires us League players

  • No hay sonido
    No hay sonido

    He may be rank 1 but claps still whoops his ass without any hesitation

  • Mr Copycat
    Mr Copycat

    This dude looks like the Avatar of LoL, mastering all 5 elements

  • Mr Copycat
    Mr Copycat

    Jack of all trades, master of ALL

  • King Framed
    King Framed

    well this video didn't age well, seeing that astralis is in 9th place now

  • Asph 012
    Asph 012

    Is he a fan of madoka magica?

  • Nepals

    Tyler1 end of story

  • Mother Lover
    Mother Lover

    I see more and more ads

  • Atm.mahfuz Bhuiyan
    Atm.mahfuz Bhuiyan

    comparing magifelix with dopa is absurd. dopa is far better that him

  • Aaron Parrish
    Aaron Parrish

    Dom the cokehead lol

  • wRide Along
    wRide Along

    Its because he is not asian.

  • Balla Richárd
    Balla Richárd

    being high elo is 80% macro and 20% skill if you know your

  • Rei Ayanami
    Rei Ayanami

    Everyone: Dopa Huya Pollacks: *ROFL*

  • Unlimited

    Hey that high elo euw kayn stole my name! 9:56

  • Aleksandar Erdei
    Aleksandar Erdei

    What about the guy called DeepHomer or smth similar? I remember him having like 7-8 accounts in challenger on eune and euw some of them were in top 20 back in seasons 3-5.

  • Jordan Cven
    Jordan Cven

    quite a few people have done actually before getting rank 1 is harder than all roles since if u have mechanics u can get low challenger p easily

  • Alpcan Ural
    Alpcan Ural

    his anti-socialness is not a rumor, you should listen what his former teammates used to say about him in Turkey. on his first two days in Turkey and gaming house, he didn't eat anything and he was to shy to ask for it, he didnt shower for 3 days straight untill someone show him where he can take shower because he was too shy to ask for it.

  • ChaosTyrant


  • Saki Norikachi
    Saki Norikachi

    18:45 dont mind me just save for later

  • thecryptogamer


  • Skyl3rsn00p

    PogU video on loltyler1

  • Paulo

    Shending help makes an appearance at 14:45, he is my favorite Shen player, next to xPetu

  • Lucas Zorn
    Lucas Zorn

    you guys dont now about the real king: jean mage

  • Ziuuum


  • Brackwen


  • Larmonade

    lmao dont worry about it. hes gonna get picked soon and everyone else is gonna regret it

  • ikeep3

    I lost my shit when it was mentioned the legend MagiFelix was 1/4th of the top 20 board...

  • Valkys89

    "players like IWillDominate will remain relevant" Is that before or after buying challenger carries from rank1 junglers?

  • Flame Fierce
    Flame Fierce

    Therapist: So...what's bothering you Everyone: I'm getting frustrated cause I can't win games MagiFelix: I can't stop winning

  • noahmans land
    noahmans land

    to be fair, more than just being good mecanicly, you need to be great at teamplay for the pro scene

  • Joni Kuikka
    Joni Kuikka

    But how good is his River Shen?

  • Mikkel Johansen
    Mikkel Johansen

    6:00 whats the guys name, the one with the scarf

  • Jhev Gaming
    Jhev Gaming

    Am i the only one that does multi role like when i feel like i want to jungle or something i will do it even if its not my role and still my gameplay was not that bad

  • Slappy

    TL;DW, some random talented guy vs the whole challenger league

  • COF1_D4_N00B

    This is the first time in my fucking 15 years of life that I know of someone with the same birthday as me

  • BigSteamingPileOf

    Everyone knows Dopa because he's Korean and the only thing a Korean player is ever known for is being good. EU is a different issue. Nobody doubts Magifelixs ability as a player but people don't view him as special because well... in the bigger picture he's not. He's just an EU challenger. Managed challenger with every role sure but that's not something people will take notice of on EU. Wanna know what they do notice though? Think about it, who are the most infamous players in leagues history? I doubt anyone reading this has thought about anything else than an EU player. Ap0calypse, Permaban, RATIRL, PStarZilean, OPShaco and the list goes on and on man. But their popularity doesn't come from how good they are necessarily, it's more because Riot made it clear that they hate them. And guess who hates Riot? Exactly, their player base. People love these guys who make that loading screen sentence "toxic players have been shown to win 13% less games" or some shit look like Riot desperately trying to tone things down. It's how spite works. You don't become popular on EU by being good, you become popular by being the best at being just the absolute worst.

  • Muskokan

    The heart and effort that goes into these videos is astounding! Thanks for the great content !

  • yikes

    Me expecting lolTyler1


    18:53 LOL


    11:43 jesus

  • Jc Talamante
    Jc Talamante

    "I got 5 accounts in bronze . . all same Role" LMAO that got me

  • Jack Browni
    Jack Browni

    Sadly he is now on the worst Team in the LEC and has to somehow impress other Teams to get a real Chance at pro play

  • Chelsea

    CoolStoryBob. L9 RATIRL is the best player in league.

  • Dragon ologist
    Dragon ologist

    Losers queue finally got him when it counted the most.

  • yin-leh tabuzo
    yin-leh tabuzo

    May I know his preferred Champions in every role?

  • Simge Çağmel
    Simge Çağmel

    When he was in YotuhCrew - Turkey, I remember one of his teammate saying "He is like a soloQ bot, he sits there, eats there never leaves his PC and plays soloQ all the time. Too shy to talk and bad at communicating the team" imo he is extremely talented tho.

  • Connor Yancy
    Connor Yancy

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  • Ozymandias

    Was thinking of doing the same but lol is so cancer I could not fire up Adobe Premier to make another cancer video. Good that you are making money out of cancer. Just like medicine.

  • X Gauche
    X Gauche

    I do think moba player should have a mindset like this tho. Can fill or play what your team need as be is crucial. But then again most of the league player refuse to overcome their ego hence hate autofill or playing other roles that they not familiar with.

  • JurassicCock

    Bro your vids are so chilling when watching them in the evening in bed

  • Moussavy

    Honestly its not being humble. I call it being dumb. You can literally be one of the best streamers or content creators for the game. And he choses to stay invisible...sad

  • Very Cool
    Very Cool

    Bro, 2:20 google translate. Magifelix = magicfelix but in swedish

  • Tinamyte

    I mean all you need to do is play Seraphine and youre 60% there

  • Keali'i Cooper
    Keali'i Cooper

    This guy actually mains fill


    Imagine magifelix dopa together on a team

  • Asura K
    Asura K

    Wtf is with Sweden and their felix’es?

  • SadToffee

    I picked some guys thresh while I was top because they banned Akali, and I got an s with electrocute ad thresh, and I main him now, see you in a year when I'm master on thresh ad electrocute top.p

  • akiri

    Let me guess he did this on NA

  • Jorge Chávez
    Jorge Chávez

    he should stream even if he's shy, people will watch him

  • MrNyoom

    isn't this just the future tyler1?

  • Alex8ed

    This man would be an insane LEC coach.

  • Mc Swage
    Mc Swage

    Sweden lets gooo

  • Bradur

    11:41 ok but that was just bad lmao that was because of the pressure lol

  • Maccabanana

    Lol the intro reminded me of Avatar the Last Airbender

  • Une_Feuille_Salade ?!くそったれ¡¿
    Une_Feuille_Salade ?!くそったれ¡¿

    Just use teemo bro

  • KeineAhnungAndréHalt

    who would have thought that he would be right soon enough

  • T Math
    T Math

    my guy i hope felix really makes it to the pros.

    • Pedro Barrera
      Pedro Barrera

      This comment was made after he played his first game for Astralis... You're out of the loop.

  • terry muandza
    terry muandza

    like if this was suggested after Astralis win

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