The Most Interesting Rework Ever In League of Legends | A League of Legends Movie
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Today, let's talk about the best and most interesting rework of all time, the assassin class reworks and the leblanc rework. This champion was the most overpowered champion in league of legends for the entire year of 2017, and she dominated LCS, LCK, LEC, LPL, and professional league of legends esports. This is a video covering the history of leblanc, the history of reworks and the assassins reworks, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.11 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane with LeBlanc, she was easily my favorite champion ever with her rework, kinda sad I can't play it anymore but all good things must come to an end. Thanks for the support and use Nord! Get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.49/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at Or use coupon code: EXIL

    • KLER01Er

      Hello Exil! Sorry to complain but it's really annoying that you are not crediting the songs but only their platform... I like the "intro" bit song but even when writing the lyrics I can't seem to find it and it's really frustrating. Aside from that, I'm sure that the artist(s) would really appreciate being credited even if it's royalty free.. Could you please share the artists and name of that song please?

    • Zach Skarsten
      Zach Skarsten


    • Zach Skarsten
      Zach Skarsten



      korenac kind of made most of the broken and busted/useless champions so idk if saying he knows what hes doing is a good idea

    • omero2582

      bro same, shes by far the most fun ive ever had playing this game. I thought I was the only lb main who loved her. glad to hear u did too :D . But sad that lb mains thought she was clunky cause they didnt know how to time a Q to land while passive was charging, or how to cancel your R1 by pressing R2 to summon the clone and get the cd on R refunded

  • mario

    please never start your video with an ad, thank you

  • Jackson Yünger
    Jackson Yünger

    Happy 10 years (2010 instead of 2011) anniversary to LB, wish Riot will rework and perfect her soon...

  • gay super
    gay super

    Revert fizz gang

  • Kai Sanchez
    Kai Sanchez

    You music use during the intros just gets better and better with each one

  • Eris Valendorf
    Eris Valendorf

    What's the name of the music at 17:00 ?

  • Kormit The Frag
    Kormit The Frag

    Sure, like having 0 flashy abilities is not whst id call successful in being interesting

  • Didy

    Im begging old kata back since 2019

  • Joseph Scott
    Joseph Scott

    you lucky we love you enough to skip through a minute and a half ad at the beginning of a video. bad idea in general m8

  • Kdn

    26:50 akali

  • Thomas alberto
    Thomas alberto

    I liked the old Urgot, especially stomping people who underestimated it so much that they didn't even know I could R them into my tower, but I also like the new rework

  • Diego Sun mit der Legogun
    Diego Sun mit der Legogun

    I still wait for a akali revert

  • Furries Die
    Furries Die

    Remember when they screwd over bruisers like 6 years ago and they never did anything about that

  • TheMirrorYouDeserve


  • iRoppa

    Mate, new to LoL but I’m loving your videos. Going back through them all. You’re the David Attenborough of LoL! 👍

  • Gabriel Baima
    Gabriel Baima

    I miss LBs second ult where you could send a clone to gank the enemy lanes and bait summoners lol

  • pokey

    2:12 why the fuck does vladimir have that look on his face... is it because they removed his item

  • stratavos' stuff
    stratavos' stuff

    *sighs* I miss release leblanc...

  • Sinister Witch
    Sinister Witch

    talon from mele asasin who has to hit u by autoatack several times becomes someone who oneshot on lvl2 by trigering passive thats not a good rework thats fcn failure

  • Sinister Witch
    Sinister Witch

    wtf katarina rework was total failure asasin who had abilities deleyed w8 till ur daggers drops and getoneshot by any marksman b4 u even deal dmg . dont make me laugh. and taking away her ward shumpo but jax and lee sin still can use ward jumps thats disgusting

  • Sinister Witch
    Sinister Witch

    the only problem with her is stealth when she is low hp ! being immuned is toxic . dmg range croud control mobility and being immuned atacking same time disgusting

  • Csaba Bagi
    Csaba Bagi

    I had over 3k games on akali before rework. Then I quit the game. Sad story.

  • normanderi

    i truly didnt know what to think on the rework, i felt better in lane, but worst at late, to me having the q proc, is so good to destroy 1 person, like an assassin needs to do, but having the proc on the pasive was good too, but rework lb on team fight felt like i had to use 1000% of my brain to get a good enough play to do anything or get oneshot, with this current lb, is find a close enough opening hit everything on the keyboard, someone died or multiple if you do w-r, with rework lb, you had to use w or r converted w, to get near/hit them all, get out or wait for the proc or dodge with the other w anything and then q, e mostly for keeping people away or cc like right now. for me rework lb felt better when things did go my way(because you felt like haing 2 million IQ) and worst when they didnt(because you had to do so many things to be really efective that you got caught before the effectiveness kicked in) than actual lb.

  • You don’t even own a suit!
    You don’t even own a suit!

    Leblanc's rework was so bad. I never knew how to use her clone.

  • Verysour

    LeBlanc is one of the best champs in league even the fact i never played her

  • Notorious Schwartz
    Notorious Schwartz

    I love your long videos Exil, thanks for making them!

  • Toni Yakovlev
    Toni Yakovlev

    The reason to why LB was banned constantly was her over the top W-R damage. This would usually kill multiple people in the span of 0.5 second.

  • Daliea Delilah Dolma
    Daliea Delilah Dolma

    Ty for giving a nice trip down memory lane. I love the rework lb becuz it gives so much space on what to do and when to do it. The revert made me sad about her and since then i havent touch her at all. It was fun playing with the rework.

  • Song Lin
    Song Lin

    I feel a little relieved to know that Riot realizes that they named Leblanc "The Deceiver", not Shaco "The Deceiver" or WuKong "The Deceiver",but they failed to remake her in the end. Leblanc should be renamed "The Rapid Caster" or "The Keyboard Roller".Her gameplay has nothing to do with deception, it's only related to how fast your fingers can move and your reaction. Monotonous and lack of creativity. I think Leblanc needs a complete rework to meet the characteristics of the "illusionist", Her skills should be based on using the mirror image, Indirectly change the battle, rather than directly slap the face. But I don't think Riot will still invest energy in the old champions, too many of them are in an "unplayable" state. Their focus is obviously on making new heroes.

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    I am an absolute bot at farming on LeBlanc. So I always got my gold by just killing everyone

  • Lazlum

    Katarina is the best rework ever

  • Camolot

    That ending bit is exactly what a feel about pre rework talon and swain. Is the rework better than the pre versions, for talon definatly and arguably swain, but there was something about pre talon i just loved even though its been so long I don't remember why. Pre swain was my first champ that I seriously mained, sure pre swain was basically brain dead kit but the q (espically the mini rework q) and r made it pretty dam fun.

  • Andy Yang
    Andy Yang

    To be fair to faker, he was pretty much counter picked by the entire enemy team.

  • Деян Илиев
    Деян Илиев

    Leblanc = sivhd = stacking roa. Stacks win over all. Back when stack items could stack on top of each other

  • Lars Martin Kjær Rømer
    Lars Martin Kjær Rømer

    the thing you are saying with fizz is not true. his w got the same passiv as leb. nobady noes it was there

  • Popsicle Blues
    Popsicle Blues

    Lb was one of my first solo laner/assassin picks and kinda still is. I used to love her and then i specifically remember i stopped playing her because she felt too easy and or linear so i didnt really pick her up again until the rework. When it first came out ofc i didnt know wtf i was doing and bitched like whoever else you cite as feeling bad about having to wait to proc the mark, but with enough time it felt great. I just had to think differently. The entire challenge *was* to get around the enemy in a way that you can easly proc the egg timer, creating kind of a wellspring of ideas not to mcfucking mention *choosing the mimicked spell*. It was just like the katarina update, seemingly minor changes that change the entire gameplan but keep the theme. I barely even played these old ass champions but reworked leblanc, akali, and katarina will always be my three favorite assassins in league

  • David Haack
    David Haack

    Slovakia isnt lame tho

  • Waffel

    I always knew the one who made LeBlanc would be as bad as cancer

  • Luuk van Krugten
    Luuk van Krugten

    Old malzahar will always be one of my favourite champions of all time. I just miss the strong ulty 😭

  • Baron Pyke
    Baron Pyke

    Revert Mordekaiser, his new R is bullshit and his old one was more fun imo

  • mkr_

    27:19 i think this twitch is a bit edgy

  • Jordan Mann
    Jordan Mann

    I use to main lb and loved her reworke I'm sad they reverted it

  • widowmaker edits
    widowmaker edits

    you say "hes single handedly responsible for lee sin" as if thats a good thing.

  • Victor Yang
    Victor Yang

    Where half of the rework gets reverted.

  • ClaytoniusDoesThings

    The real kneebuster for her was when they offed Deathfire Grasp.

  • RodexYTP

    I liked her rewoerked passive very good

  • Sven Wildhaber
    Sven Wildhaber

    what about GP next - hes kind of forgotten

  • Wagner Voss
    Wagner Voss

    Nope nope nope. Reworked lb was way better.

  • Zak Obeidat
    Zak Obeidat

    Please anybody. Song name?

  • Matias Moreno
    Matias Moreno

    Firstni tought it was crap, until forgotten mucular memory of the old lb then i loved the rework, and then was forced to memorize old lb again. And i miss her rework.

  • Divine Presence
    Divine Presence

    People saying you cant do shit agaisnt her and its unfair unless you counter pick and make her useless and yet they let malzahar exist.

  • funa

    reworked lb was so fun man... i miss it

  • cornmix mell
    cornmix mell

    Anyone know the song at 20:00?

  • Zvekete zviz
    Zvekete zviz

    I would have kept the old LB, made her silence on Q last like 0.25s and made it a skillshot that can hit minions. That's it.

  • Renan Santana
    Renan Santana

    I know how u feel i love the old tristana but i understand why she was changed

  • Toasted

    Idk why I loved the reworked Leblanc. It was so fun to play with and you could one shot everyone if you timed all of your skills with her passive (also farming was way easier). The Leblanc we know now a days is really dependent on her Q. Most ppl prefer this Leblanc but god damn I loved the reworked version

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor


  • Michael Flatt
    Michael Flatt

    The title should have been "the most mispronounced name in league".

  • Joey Zamora
    Joey Zamora

    I had a 70% winrate with the reworked leblanc back then

  • LadyShiver

    I'm one of those people who would still love to have the pre rework Katarina back. Having played her since season 1 I still find myself hating the delay that the dagger mechanic causes. I don't necessarily hate the new Katarina and I guess I can play fine on her now. But before she was just perfect for me and it's sad that I'll never get to play that again.

  • Chung Hoàng Thái
    Chung Hoàng Thái

    One day I'd like a video about those tower laser beam

  • drkmgic

    It's weird how they reverted her rework.

  • VengfulDarkness

    The weird thing about the Leblanc rework that was reverted is it felt like each one of the changes made sense, but together they didn't mix well with each other. Giving LeBlanc wave clear is cool, but then letting her pick her ult meant She was actually impossible to gank post 6. The ult change with the ghost, and Her new Wave clear mixed for making her a split pusher, but her pick your ability ult wanted you to team fight since you had more ways to help your team by weaving in and out while still casting your other spells.

  • Xerrwas

    5:00 I feel offended. Tbh I hate the reworked poppy, and I really enjoyed her before the rework.

  • Pepe

    They ruined evelyn

  • borgresearcher

    rework ? leblanc had a massive nerf, not even a rework lol now your q deals less damage than your autos and your average cs is one of the lowest in the game

  • ET_Forever V1
    ET_Forever V1

    Honestly the reworked lb is the best lb. I got mastery 7 from her during that period and find her extremely fun even though i did play the old lb. Sadly the community hated it thus reverting it into this more useless edition in the new meta as her aoe burst can only be done by w r q e w r or something similar, thus reducing one of the dashes compare to the reworked leblanc that u can do w q e rw w and many different combos. Sigh hope she gets reworked again.

  • hi im mimic
    hi im mimic

    As someone who has almost 2M mastery points on LB I can say that the reworked version was fun...but only at first. The main issue was that the W damage became TREMENDOUSLY problematic. In fact, on release she was actually broken with new passive and W dmg...not an exaggeration...her damage was broken. So they nerfed the W dmg to be ABYSMAL. And that's when she became unfun to play; because her "infinite potential" in being to choose your ultimate was negated. There were only a couple combos that made sense because your W was used simply as a way to gap close and apply passive. You could never reliably use W to finish a kill. So you basically turned into W forward, E, Gunblade, Kill.....over and over and over. It was boring and worked really well. I'd like to see Riot rework her in the future because I think she is unhealthy for the game. She is fantastic in pro play but terrible in SoloQ. She will therefore never see buffs despite having one of the worst win rates amongst mid laners. Idk something needs to change

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    Not tryna sound all high and mighty but anyone who thinks that the original LeBlanc didn't fit a "trickster" theme, doesn't know how to play the champion.

  • Ain Klaus
    Ain Klaus

    I guess its fine for Talon huh

  • SCKentrol

    I'm late to this party, but im in the group of people that don't like the Katarina rework. It really feel clunky

  • Erik Yan
    Erik Yan

    I just loved the reworked leblanc, when they decided to revert, I felt so bad... It was incredible, so satisfying... I miss it badly af... Give it back :(

  • youtube name
    youtube name

    Poppy was lit LMAO. Fuck this poppy

  • firdaus gaara
    firdaus gaara

    Welp...I main lb when the rework is done but after the revert never touch her again.

  • marlon portillo
    marlon portillo

    I agree with exil on this one lol I loved the lb rework. And stop playing and never touch her after her revert. I don’t care for the current version. I don’t find her fun, I don’t find her rewarding to play. Nor do I find her to have style. Like with the old lb it was fun to see all the different ways to play. If they had nerf her in meanful ways, we would still have a champ that allow you to be as good as you can be by allowing so many choices. The current LB is just so linear. The only thing that’s “shows your style” is W and that is mainly when you juke players and even that doesn’t feel to good cuz is so easy to do on LB. overall I low key hate the LB community for for a lack of better term bitching about the rework. It was fine. It just need some balance changes

  • Olof Zetterström
    Olof Zetterström

    Katarina was the worst rework they ever did she is so fucking boring nowadays

  • Luke N
    Luke N

    As a leblanc main I enjoyed the rework. That being said I felt like the rework made her less of an assassin and more of a bursty mage like syndra or lux. Of course she still had a lot more mobility than either of those two champs which made her hard to play against.

  • Still LP
    Still LP

    uff CORONAch do you understand Corona ch

  • Josef Clemente
    Josef Clemente

    As a LeBlanc main, I kind of liked the reworked LeBlanc more than the current one. The Global deception with her mimic was the best for her kit. I used to juke everyone on high elo with the illusion roaming as a deception for the other lane instead. Especially the waveclear.

  • Falco Süßgott
    Falco Süßgott

    When new leblanc was there i missed the old one and when the old one got brought back i missed the reworked one lol

  • Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    15:57 where do you get that data?

  • HeavyMetalLink05

    I enjoy Fiora *Gets reworked to be unfun* Well ill play Mordekaiser then, he's fun *gets reworked to not even be the same champion* Well at least Aatrox is...oh...

  • KHfan0011

    Honestly just glad she's not the monster she used to be anymore. Good riddance LeBitch.

  • Jerry Carrion
    Jerry Carrion

    This is real quality content

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    Fun and innovateive is not what leauge is about.

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    you do not play this champion if you do not want to be ban. Fair warning.

  • Phantom Overlord
    Phantom Overlord

    The real shame is that they never deleted this creature from the game.

  • Loparex

    I think the perfect LB would be: -New Passive and Old Passive combined! (The mark and the clone when low health) -New Q, because the mark is on passive. -W don't matter that much. -E can't proc pass by itself. -Old R.

  • tomas

    Honestly I loved the reworked lb and I almost cried when they reverted her. She used to be a lot more fun in my opinion and with couple changes and nerfs she wouldnt be that overtuned.

  • Ragatokk

    New kat is chit

  • kristian bojinov
    kristian bojinov

    I remember how the assasin rework dropped and people started asking for nocturne and evelynn. They promised a rework for evelynn and we got it. They also promised a nocturne rework that then turned into a full "divers" class rework that never happened.

  • RaiUwU

    Reworked leblanc even tho she was kinda overtuned it was a fun champion, I despise the old/current leblanc gameplay, it feels so lame, reworked leblanc you could do so much fun stuff, I just feel like they could have kept the reworked leblanc but adjusted few stuff of her kit like her passive and the E problem, and still be a fun champion, the revert was very unecessary tbh, also old Aatrox and Old Kayle where WAY MORE fun to play than the reworked versions, hell I fucking miss so much old Kayle Riot skin, it was so fun hitting stuff with the E and hearing the skin sound effect, also aatrox was much cooler when it was a AA based champion.

  • Guilherme C.
    Guilherme C.

    26:47 So basicaly Reneketon Q

  • fratsou

    Zed:Blance is waekness Riot Games:I agree

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star

    Yes, I miss that lb ult.

  • Duelliste

    RIP my on hit jungle Fizz with that rework. Never got to plat 3 again ever 🤣

  • Dan Roslan ( Nails)
    Dan Roslan ( Nails)

    Old rework leblanc was my go to as she can be a tanker and deceiver

  • sloth 7
    sloth 7

    I dont understand why the reversed lb cause mains got mad but not aatrox

  • Cold Anime
    Cold Anime

    I agree with you I really enjoyed playing 2017 LB


    I regret buying all the skins on Leblanc i thought I would like her after revert but I didn’t 😭