The Only Champion Riot Has Ever Removed From League of Legends - An Aatrox Documentary
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Today, let's talk about a league of legends champion that has a very interesting history, Aatrox. He is really the only champion that was ever removed or deleted from league of legends. Even though he was broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, that doesn't mean he deserves the treatment to be removed. I love the aatrox rework and I think aatrox is one of the best top laners to climb with in season 10, but not everyone feels that way in league of legends...

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  • Cromv ill
    Cromv ill

    "And now finds himself in a bit of a wierd spot." - stands in Alcove ^^

    • Lai Sensei
      Lai Sensei

      @potterinhe11 What can you do. These meta changes and champ reworks only ever serves the need of the pro field, not the need of general players. Even if just one player making the champ look too OP, it could cause nerfs or rework. (Such as Faker causing season 5 version of Ryze getting reworked because of his insane perma snare combo)

    • potterinhe11

      I would have been happy if they left him alone after the mini rework, I was just starting to enjoy playing him after years of him being un-fun. They completely upended the player base of the champion.

    • Adriel

      Same here, Aatrox and kayle main. Quit and tried to go back but they have butchered him. Dont play anymore and wont unless they revert him back to the REAL Aatrox

    • Lai Sensei
      Lai Sensei

      @Acidgolem213 It still falls off late right? That's why AD build is still the preferred build for many. AP Aatrox sounds more fitting for URFs.

    • Acidgolem213

      @Lai Sensei back in the days people actually uses the ult as a pseudo burst because remember back then aatrox E used to deal magic damage but scale with AD that means he could be an AP poke burst mage early game and the ult +E base damage would delete a guy

  • VR Isaac
    VR Isaac

    what if they make his ult revert him to it's old form and set of abilities briefly ... like his true darken self for a moment

  • the dezzy dez
    the dezzy dez

    aatrox is pretty good now

  • Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim
    Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim

    Do not let nostalgia blind you. Old Aatrox was a badly designed champion. New Aatrox is much more reasonable.



  • Tiago Valente
    Tiago Valente

    FK Riot.

  • Алекса Додић
    Алекса Додић

    I will never forget when Aatrox came out. I was playing him all day, full crit, attack spead and lifesteal😂. Those were good days. From time to time I come here to watch this video and remember pre-reworked Aatrox :/

  • Rogar Rabalivax
    Rogar Rabalivax

    The think that probably makes me more sad about aatrox that no one else says is his quotes. Every time the new aatrox speaks he sounds like an edge lord instead of the older, more suave and subtle old self. I really hate how the old aatrox had a different personality when compared to rhaast, but now they sound alike so much is not even funny.

  • Arin S
    Arin S

    What if there was a game mode where we could play just these all old champions? It would be awesome just for chill n fun since a lot of people have been playing for so long (including me) and they sure miss them and the old LoL essence. Damn.

  • Just A Human
    Just A Human

    lets talk also about graves adc and how they shot down my favor adc without even asking us the community of the players it would be much respectful if they did a pull to ask the community about any change before they apply it

  • Yog The Barbarian
    Yog The Barbarian

    I actually really really like new aatrox

  • topple

    They ruined the whole darkin thing anyway

  • Danny Goats
    Danny Goats

    I think hes more fun and better.

  • ExOTrOn

    I think graves is kinda the Same state tbh. I remember back in the day He got reworked a lot of ppl including me were sad, because we lost a adc on bot and the old Version was totally fine

  • G. G.
    G. G.

    clickbait so f off!!

  • Bernie1o1

    yea i almost had mastery 7 on the aatrox before the rework and i cant even play the guy anymore

  • chaton roux
    chaton roux

    ArE YoU gEtTiNg GanKeD iN yOuR oWn lAnE? ConStAnTly DemoLIshEd? while playing darius mid...

  • Being Kevin
    Being Kevin

    They didn't delete him. You are a liar.

  • ᴘᴀɪɴᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ

    If you're sad that your main is dead,just don't play the game

  • The Sandwich Guardian
    The Sandwich Guardian

    I came back to league recently. Lost my old profile and wanted to start off aatrox. I was there when he still had the revive on his ult. He feels completely different now. Shit sucks so bad.

    • The Sandwich Guardian
      The Sandwich Guardian

      Old aatrox looked cooler.

  • arvin ian hernandez
    arvin ian hernandez

    i quit league coz they reworked him miss his q shock like malphite ss....

  • Anonimowy

    hasheensheen champion

  • Ash :P
    Ash :P

    I perma ban Aatrox because I hate him

  • Jay

    mordekaiser would like to have a word

  • Daniel Brodesser
    Daniel Brodesser

    How come no one ever talks about old Sion ? He doesnt even look like the new sion anymore. I think sion changes are way bigger than aatrox changes.

  • Alfiriel Shi
    Alfiriel Shi

    Just wanna say this shit happend to my karma ages before atrox

  • zeromechdragon700

    I am going to say this; old aatrox better than current. His old e is much more useful than the chains. Not mention his voice actor was so much better and a better fit. His current voice is like someone who should be like swainn not a darkin.

  • dark knight12
    dark knight12

    Man screw riot for this

  • Mário Podolan
    Mário Podolan

    I feek this. Aatrox was one of my favourite champs despite not playing him barely at all. Graves ADC was my main in S5. Then came S6 and I just quit for a long time.

  • Kuze Y
    Kuze Y

    And that video make me sad

  • Shiro

    Realy?! Please, the old Aatrox was one of the worst lol champions ever. He work only for 6 monts for a stupid broken combo and no other times.

  • Nicolás Reveck
    Nicolás Reveck

    dont forget about old mordekaiser :(

  • BigChungus

    I want old Aatrox.

  • Kelvin C
    Kelvin C

    Yeah I literally quit league for almost 2 years because they deleted Aatrox

  • Lucid

    to this day I still miss the old aatrox

  • Ban ana
    Ban ana

    Riot please delete Seraphine, She's a parasite in everything lore,gameplay,design etc. she deserve it more than my boy Aatrox

  • N O Videos
    N O Videos

    Wait they got rid of aatrox?? 😭

  • Nando Garcia
    Nando Garcia

    I still remember making an Aatrox kill himself with my Rammus, now it will never happen again :,(

  • shadowlord 17762
    shadowlord 17762

    I loved old aatrox. I actually played him and liked him. Now he is just awful for me to play.

  • Zurulian Group
    Zurulian Group

    what they did to my poor Xin... made me quit League for a good while...

  • Bring Back Aatrox
    Bring Back Aatrox


  • Papa Lollipop
    Papa Lollipop

    Wasn't there urf too?

  • GameMaster00744

    Even with how strong new aatrox currently is, he still feels bad to me. Everything he does feels slow and uninteresting. I still wish old aatrox would come back in some way, since we have so few darkin as it is.

  • flamedragon95

    to this day trox is missed, rivox needed to be a different champion

  • SoundWave

    Anyway i will find how to play Riven 2.0 with Atack speed

  • CeruleanAether

    Gali I prerework was an entirely different champion :(

  • MEE5

    4:11 correct me if im wrong but didnt Varus release before aatrox?

  • Jim

    Clickbait title

  • Lonnin

    At least, I discovered that have a Risk of Rain 2 mod that brings the old Aatrox to the game, only way to play with him, it isn't LoL, but it's nice

  • João Fernando
    João Fernando

    I have played with Aatrox before the rework an honestly the rework is better than old one, even with the mini reworks he had recived, his actual play style it's better, more funny to play, all players left him in the oblivian in the past even with his old kit, and just decide to be main after of mini changes, i like to play with him before, but i like to much more the new Aatrox than the old, his a bruiser now a really unstopable fall god, who's hate anything and anyone, consistent in the history and gameplay, i really fells bad when they removed the revive of R and other changes in the New, but even this not make me stop to play with him, after all of this i think If you play like you imagin yourself been Aatrox his still strong. By me playing Aatrox in 11.6 patch!

  • Crayze Lyfe
    Crayze Lyfe

    I actually loved the og. The "new" aatrox is good but could have just been an all new champ.

  • Leonidas

    Even after all these years I still miss my old AA grinding machine

  • Rush B oi
    Rush B oi

    I can hear pantheon's celestial laughter a miles away..

  • Hi & Goodbye
    Hi & Goodbye

    I miss old aatrox

  • sey king
    sey king

    I love reading about how old aatrox point and click was cool and not the dopamine alpha male new one

  • Blazer Prime
    Blazer Prime

    Who here after the skarner rework page were fucked

  • SiNiSTeR MiNDS
    SiNiSTeR MiNDS

    2 words "fuck riot"

  • Night

    15:11 is that also malzahar guide?

  • H Arz
    H Arz

    Aatrox didn't die, he was murdered

  • Quest Hunter
    Quest Hunter

    Aatrox was broken thats why.

  • rx7what

    I loved the old aatrox right before the rework. He was my main for a few months. Same with swain he was just getting good and worked kinda like heimer does now then they removed him from the game.

  • Felix Mathison
    Felix Mathison

    Mordekaiser is the new aatrox

  • Αρμεν Μανουτσαριαν
    Αρμεν Μανουτσαριαν

    Bring back the real aa

  • Rengar The Pridestalker
    Rengar The Pridestalker

    And now . aatrox holds almost the worst winrate in toplane . a champ that cant carry . a champ that loses lane automatically once the ennemy laner buys bramble / executioner . i guess my boy will remain in darkness for now

  • nv

    They’ve removed several, sadly. You’re too focused on wording, Yorick, Poppy, Urgot, Swain. All play nothing like their pre rework forms, despite the use of “preserve”.

  • V1lemin

    Aathrox would just press R and have revive and being immortall it was imposible to gank Tryndamere: that f*cking COPYCAT

  • Can. Comp
    Can. Comp

    I hope that my mains won't get reworked too fast 😂 they are old af

  • Tenderfox

    Viego 2021: Hold my Beer.

  • Neko Sempai
    Neko Sempai

    I miss aatrox :.( s11 aatrox Might be op

  • Zeds Dead LOL
    Zeds Dead LOL

    I loved his release form. Especially the blood pool passive. was kinda like a free guardian angel, with swapping his blade from heal to damage it was really fun. now its a worse version of riven :/

  • Fetdebeli Thinmrsavi
    Fetdebeli Thinmrsavi

    Aatrox was bad back then and now he is one of the best top laners so yea great rework

  • quantum helix
    quantum helix

    would play LoL again if they bring sivir season 1 back.

  • Michael BlueKnight
    Michael BlueKnight

    From a cool Deity of War with a deep meaning over the tragic poetry of conflict... to an edgy demon capable only of screaming.

    • Yuri Brandi
      Yuri Brandi

      Same with Swain, from " Military captain " to edgy bird man. I hate the new lore for him, same for my old crab man Urgot.

  • I'm A Garlic
    I'm A Garlic

    In the words of brickyorcbid8; “ we all knew you were be useless"

  • Mudkip Katana
    Mudkip Katana

    **Glances at Galio** "Look at how they massacred my boy..."

  • Ammuze

    Reminds me of Sion's rework. I miss old Sion.

  • Shoryu


  • slashN

    Came to this vid but kinda sad Exil didnt at least give a call out to the Sion update - that was by far the most identity breaking rework. From AP mage with 100% lifesteal to full tank. Feelsbadman

  • Rukato PH
    Rukato PH

    why i dislike this video wtf...i haven't watch this video

  • Leonoy Douglas
    Leonoy Douglas

    Dude do people really care that much. Damn so much passion went into this

  • Bucket-Guy

    That moment, when even Riven-Mains can't find more good points on the Aatrox-Deletion, than bad ones... sorre, if I did just assume falsely, you're a Riven-Main, btw. Your channel name is, kind of, insinuating that, though ^^ But on a serious note, this is truly a documentary, Aatrox deserves. This champion defined an entire playstyle much moreso, than the champions, whomst he was modeled after (Tryndamere, mainly, who is more of an "I kill you in 2 seconds, but can't die for 6... go figure" champion these days). And now... all, we have left, is Full-AP Xin, to feel even a little bit, like what Aatrox used to be. I want to offer my sincerest gratitude towards you, as this video made me finally also make my own Podcast about this and design a potential "actual Rework" for this champion. I will continue to try and bring him back, to where he belongs: onto the Rift!

  • Becka Cheishvili
    Becka Cheishvili

    Akali was deleted as well.

  • Metalhead0303sp

    They did same thing with Akali... Stoped playing her afterwards... Tho, it might be bcos she is harder to play now... :)

  • 7r3x1992

    Rip my first main

  • bikersarebirds

    please never again do that cringe intro

  • Tyran McGrath
    Tyran McGrath

    I miss the old W. That was an awesome ability. The Q would always get interrupted 😡. E poke. R was great, could even use it after you revive. Rageblade was amazing for his W. My first champion I bought and who I got my first penta with. Seeing him played reminds me of good LOL times for me.

  • Multi Vitamin
    Multi Vitamin

    I dont know why "not having changes" is bad, it just proves how perfect he was

  • Poopbutt101

    AP Sion players disagree.

  • Marcus Reiner B. Mugas
    Marcus Reiner B. Mugas

    The first champ I main became the last champ I want to play

  • Damon Snow
    Damon Snow

    I kinda think VIego is the 'new' old aatrox, anyone else feel the same?

  • Clarence Munsayac
    Clarence Munsayac

    I remember back then when old aatrox procs his passive me and my friends always laugh at it. It always gives us an impression that attrox shouted: " Wait! Stop! My shoe lace is untied! Lemme fix it!" . .. ... "Okay! Now Die!"

  • Therion

    I remember playing and loving Aatrox before he ever hit his sweet spot in the meta and was absolutely enraged when he was reworked into a knockoff riven. RIP fun attack speed Aatrox.

    • Therion

      @Tyran McGrath YESSIR AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. I remember none of my friends even knew aatrox was strong and were making fun of me for Aatrox jung. Suddenly I get "Hey dude play Aatrox I wanna see another 1v4" and honestly after being laughed at for so long I finally had the champion doing what I always think he should've.

    • Tyran McGrath
      Tyran McGrath

      Attack speed! Do you remember how often his W would make noise with guinsoos 😂??

  • Matthew Rankin
    Matthew Rankin

    *Pours one out for the Fallen Darkin Aatrox* Also this makes me think this is Riots interpretation of the Ship of Theseus, saying the only true Ship of Theseus is the one called it 🤣

  • Commie-Sama

    *cough* karma *cough* literally changed her lore, art, weapons, every ability, voice actress, her entire playstyle. though her old kit absolutely would make an endless tank meta or get gutted anyways.

  • JetsetterAustin

    They removed yorick

  • Shadows Star
    Shadows Star

    He's so bland in design now too.

  • Shadows Star
    Shadows Star

    What hurts to me the most, was the lie. They stated they were simply going to change his e and q and perhaps give him a better model...and then they changed his entire gameplay loop and his voice and everything...this was stated on the forum.

  • Shadows Star
    Shadows Star

    They recently apologized for their mistake in the most recent Ask Riot. It won't make me forgive them, but it was nice to hear. Supposedly, their choice in doing Aatrox wrong and the backlash is why they've changed so hard on preservation in the later reworks like we saw.

  • Crazy trigger
    Crazy trigger

    just wanted to be the 9600 comment.

  • Pfinks

    Reading title. What about Sion?