The Only Champion Riot Has Ever Removed From League of Legends - An Aatrox Documentary
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Today, let's talk about a league of legends champion that has a very interesting history, Aatrox. He is really the only champion that was ever removed or deleted from league of legends. Even though he was broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, that doesn't mean he deserves the treatment to be removed. I love the aatrox rework and I think aatrox is one of the best top laners to climb with in season 10, but not everyone feels that way in league of legends...

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  • Cromv ill
    Cromv ill

    "And now finds himself in a bit of a wierd spot." - stands in Alcove ^^

    • Lai Sensei
      Lai Sensei

      @potterinhe11 What can you do. These meta changes and champ reworks only ever serves the need of the pro field, not the need of general players. Even if just one player making the champ look too OP, it could cause nerfs or rework. (Such as Faker causing season 5 version of Ryze getting reworked because of his insane perma snare combo)

    • potterinhe11

      I would have been happy if they left him alone after the mini rework, I was just starting to enjoy playing him after years of him being un-fun. They completely upended the player base of the champion.

    • Adriel

      Same here, Aatrox and kayle main. Quit and tried to go back but they have butchered him. Dont play anymore and wont unless they revert him back to the REAL Aatrox

    • Lai Sensei
      Lai Sensei

      @Acidgolem213 It still falls off late right? That's why AD build is still the preferred build for many. AP Aatrox sounds more fitting for URFs.

    • Acidgolem213

      @Lai Sensei back in the days people actually uses the ult as a pseudo burst because remember back then aatrox E used to deal magic damage but scale with AD that means he could be an AP poke burst mage early game and the ult +E base damage would delete a guy

  • Let's Rank
    Let's Rank

    This is like the classic Boat of Thesaurus. He was changed little by little till there is nothing left.

  • jobowisheshewasnomo

    what a dramatic title.

  • Paora Hekenui
    Paora Hekenui

    Amazing intro


    Hehe goredrinker aatroz goes brrrr


    What i hate is Irelia mains couldnt see the Butt on one skin they went mad they listened when chromas released a lot hated it they listened When Aatrox mains cried they ignored it.


    He was Neglected Pushed aside. But all i know i dont have fun with league anymore all i remember. I was still laughing playing him. Well used to.

  • Blutseuche

    I still like the new Aatrox way more. Riot messed up, aint arguing that tho. Lets see, maybe the Ruined King will be very like old Aatrox.

  • prod. nightchild
    prod. nightchild

    2:45 report aatrox for int


    its sad even though he was terrible i love him and only played him for a year

  • Corbin Jasper Dela Torre
    Corbin Jasper Dela Torre

    Aatrox is one of my main champs. I miss myold aatrox :'(

  • Kristina


  • Ike U
    Ike U

    A rioter went on to hashinshins stream and talked about it. Aatrox was shit for a really long time, they changed him to hold him over until his rework, that made him busted but they didn't bother nerfing him because he was getting reworked. If it weren't for him getting reworked they would've nerfed him and he would've been shit and everyone would've wanted the rework.

  • Moises Salvador
    Moises Salvador

    You know my friends were playing league and I was the only one that wasnt then when they invited me to play I saw him and was like "oh he looks cool" and played him a bit but still lost then I decided when I could get a pc i'd main him but I just found this out now. :(

  • luka pakhuridze
    luka pakhuridze

    I am aatrox main.

  • Ralph Flores
    Ralph Flores

    Urf: "newbie?"

  • Bruno Maples
    Bruno Maples

    People forget about old Karma being completely blasted from the face of the game. She had an aoe heal and a her most damaging attack was her shield. not a day goes by that I don't miss her.

  • Mark Emmanuel Quiña
    Mark Emmanuel Quiña

    nobody wants someone stronger than them. I haven't played LoL but i feel hate on this one.

  • Mark John GAMING
    Mark John GAMING

    Help me bro

  • chisito

    i prefer the reworked version, the old Aatrox was boring, easy, and lacked expression of skill. The only thing I miss about old Aatrox is its character design. This is just my opinion and I understand that many people think differently.

  • Grady Sale
    Grady Sale

    I was an old Aatrox main, started playing him at his release and for years he was the only champion I would ever play. There was not a single champion that I was as good at or had the same level of knowledge for and there never will be. Through thick and thin, before his mini-rework even when he was regarded as a troll pick, I would play him. I had almost a 90% winrate on him and I would just play him into any matchup without having to worry about it. He's still my highest mastery champ but I don't really ever play him anymore because I don't care for the rework. I still play league but nowhere near as much or as seriously as I did when I still had my main. Ever since there has never been a champion that caught my eye to main and I still don't really have a main because nothing feels the same.

  • GusterasH Lala
    GusterasH Lala

    Bad content !!

  • Dwyt Alger Loo
    Dwyt Alger Loo


  • Shad Dow
    Shad Dow

    Im horrified what these idiots will do to my singed and Udyr

  • Gajbica !
    Gajbica !

    Retards at riot revert fking mordekaiser ty

  • Bun Buns
    Bun Buns

    The old Aatrox pre mini rework was the first champion I got a Penta with in ranked. He was also who carried me all the way to Platinum. Then when urf came around, his ultimate was really fun to play with. All you had to do was press Q and then R. You one shot everything around you.

  • Nayeonz

    aatrox is my first penta damn i really love the old one

  • Andrew Byrnes
    Andrew Byrnes

    Can they do this for seraphine and that deer thing?

  • h

    this champ was reworked more than ryze

  • Donny

    we not gonna talk about the guy using aatrox ultimate to fight red buff at 2:52?

  • Venus Momo
    Venus Momo

    Aatrox is no longer Aatrox without the reviving skill.

  • Kormit The Frag
    Kormit The Frag

    Haha aurelion sol go brrr. Seriously, I mained Volibear and Mordekaiser, and they got changed. Voli lost his healing and his flip, and is no longer fun anymore - just a meta slave champion. Mordekaiser lost the feel of 1v9 and press R to 1 shot someone to become easier than garen and the most obnoxious broken shit in the game. Every time they rework a champion, that champion is ruined and becomes giga op. Except ASol, because they don't care about us asol mains so they just rework him without warning and pretend like it never happened. Champ is useless, riot, do something.

  • AniGames Mania
    AniGames Mania

    RIP old pal😭😭😭 What have they done to you..😭😭😭😭

  • Aziz Abdul
    Aziz Abdul

    Remember when the battle used to be his masterpiece?

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    A year after aatrox is still unplayable

  • Zul278

    Why does this not applies to morde? Mordekaiser literally has 0 resemblance to his old kit

  • EliteKaktus7

    what about sion whats left from his old kit?

  • succubitits

    the darkin lore was the reason i started playing this game i'm so upset for him

  • Siegefried 666
    Siegefried 666

    Aatrox annihilating everybody turns out to be annihilated by his own creator, Riot sad I was a fan of old aatrox, then he got reowrked then nerfed to the ground

  • C.A. Dedmon Non-profit Private Investigator
    C.A. Dedmon Non-profit Private Investigator

    So was he actually removed or not? I feel like I just wasted so much time.

    • O Primeiro Kemuri
      O Primeiro Kemuri

      Yea he does actually

  • 10A1 Vi Đinh Mạng Cường
    10A1 Vi Đinh Mạng Cường


  • Stanislav Dimitrov
    Stanislav Dimitrov

    Sad old Yorick noices 😪

  • Ez win
    Ez win

    Most iconic thing on Aatrox has been removed :((( ( We want revive back)

  • Noodles

    Aatrox is still good tho, might not be the same Aatrox but he’s still good to me atleast

  • x tream
    x tream

    You're storytelling is boring...

  • Gilad Fadel
    Gilad Fadel

    No one understands me.. They call my work a hack job!😠

  • Braxton B.
    Braxton B.

    I feel for the Aatrox fans. I felt this way when Mordekaiser got reworked. I miss the ghost dragon to this day

  • Lon Wolf
    Lon Wolf

    And this is why aartrox is sad and angry. He currently fights to die.

  • LeeJamesShaw

    Swap his Q back to what it was. Simple.

  • TrynTrox

    i have it on good authority that the first season 11 champion " the ruined king " will play like Old Aatrox. shush i was never here

  • Yoda1285

    I suggest they rename Aatrox as well. "Bouncy Castle" would be a fitting name, cause that is what it looks like when he uses any of his abilities. It is just so bad...

  • nicu u
    nicu u

    This broke me as a aatrox main

  • Aki

    Nah, bunny fufu is fake af

  • Tiberian Fiend
    Tiberian Fiend

    I guess you never played the original Sion. I don't blame you. He was terrible. Completely different appearance, color scheme, theme, voice acting, build, abilities, play style. Only thing that stayed the same was the name.

  • Alyssa Richardson
    Alyssa Richardson

    Sion was removed too. Aatrox's rework was FAR less shit than the Sion rework, old Sion was actually fun...



  • Jestem Łukasz
    Jestem Łukasz

    0.57 video starts

  • Nour Mia
    Nour Mia

    Aatrox almost looks like Argus from mlbb

  • Iko Espinoza
    Iko Espinoza

    • Iko Espinoza
      Iko Espinoza

      Check this out guys HAHAHAHA caption: *"is it finished yet?"*

  • KaloKross

    why wont they rework that trash tryndamere

  • Valko90

    Stupid ass i just played him yesterday

  • Mr. Grifter
    Mr. Grifter

    Here's my personal fan-theory: Aatrox himself wasn't erased; just his old host. You see, as a member of the Darkin race, Aatrox is forced to be little more than a living weapon, who can only act on his own by possessing the bodies of those who wield him. If my guess is correct, every time he possesses a new host, he mixes some of his martial prowess with the techniques of whoever he's in control of. If that's the case, what we're seeing isn't an erased champion, but one simply wielding a new body.

  • Build a WALL
    Build a WALL

    What about mordekaiser and his old kit can u make a video about it plz


    Everything I used to main got reworked, It's not the game I enjoyed anymore.

  • theo allard
    theo allard

    Avec le rework d'Aatrox j'ai l'impression d'avoir subi la plus grosse enculade de toute ma vie, cette vidéo me fait remonter des souvenirs de joies avec l'ancien Aatrox ....

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    His lore was really cool before the rework

  • Puma Pumelor
    Puma Pumelor

    old aatrox was better than this one. i loved the old one


    Aatrox: why only me alone in this darkness while suffering for 7 years 7 YEARSS!!!! OF SUFFERING you don't want to feel that too right but i do. Always alone.


    Seraphine is next


    Seraphine is next

  • Ismel Ariosa
    Ismel Ariosa

    Aatrox and kha zix where the first championships I ever bought on here way back in season 3 I used to love him even before the rework , it just feels odd to me how the rework changed him it feel like there was better ways to modernize him then changing him entirely some of his old skills where still good like the old q and e >.> E was his blades of torment right not his w? Idk but yeah he's so different now his q feels like something that would have worked for like a riven rework not aatrox.

  • v1asec

    I used to play Ryze before one of his many reworks. I think I felt similarly about the changes. While I understand why targeted spells are being removed in favor of skillshots, it wasn't the same champion anymore. I have a few skins for Ryze, but I don't play him anymore, and I have no plans to do so, either.

  • Saya Luthfan
    Saya Luthfan

    My first skin is aatrox skin

  • myfoodexperiments


  • Dingus

    You can add Mordekaiser to the list of removed champions

  • Mr Pupp
    Mr Pupp

    lets delete sapherine

  • Videnz


  • Vnagfighter Gaming
    Vnagfighter Gaming

    "Aatrox the only champion riot has ever removed" Galio: i'm joke to you

    • Thomas alberto
      Thomas alberto

      not really; they still kept his "anti-magic" theme, his Q is similar to his old one, the old R went into his W, and the E used to give movement speed in one direction and now it's a dash.

  • Destin Finkbiner
    Destin Finkbiner

    I desperately wished that the full vgu had just been a new darkin champ being released. Flesh out the darkin lore, maybe give him something other then a massive sword, and just make a new champ. Aatrox was finally in a good spot, had an interesting build, and was a blast to play. I miss him dearly

  • marcus

    They deleted Akali and Poppy too and Volibear and Fiddlesticks

  • Fernando González
    Fernando González

    Have always love the clickbait titles

  • Predarap

    I main aatrox and i never knew this, i feel bad for him. Hes probably happy that someone mains him

  • Vortextremo

    Nobody talking about taric when they completely changed his whole Kiy

  • moonshadow941

    same story with Kayle. I mained her pre-rework then quit league post-rework for a while cause of her changes.

  • Allegretto Crescendo
    Allegretto Crescendo

    I feel like ADC Graves comes as a close runner up. He literally hopped roles.

  • P4

    Quinn graves popy voli

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis

    Stares blankly at morde

  • E Cho
    E Cho

    it's not rework, its new champion btw old attrox it's so good

  • Мартин Грозев
    Мартин Грозев

    So basically the next level of the Gangplank rework

  • Raptorsified

    We all know the first deleted champ was graves. Real graves hasn't been around for such a long time, I'd give anything just to feel those smooth autoes with the Mafia skin one more time.

  • Evelyn Booth
    Evelyn Booth

    Karma though?

  • Stuffystufferfield

    I actually liked and subscribed

  • Luzivras

    lets us talk about kayle...

  • Zenolegor

    Mordekaiser says hi.

  • Kiba Woof
    Kiba Woof

    Haven't played since 2017 and then I got back to LoL during the pandemic. Got Aatrox in ARAM and I was like: "Boy this is going to be easy". Reality: "Why doesn't my ult deal damage?", "Why am I not reviving?", "Where's my batman jump?" Needless to say I a lot.

  • Nate Cause
    Nate Cause

    I used to have a 3 days full of wins with the old aatrox......

  • Rando funny
    Rando funny

    I was so sad when swain was reworked :*(

  • Teo Pilato Cox
    Teo Pilato Cox

    Watches video about Aatrox being neglected, see's Aatrox skins. Proceeds to "Laugh in Ornn".

  • StarfieldDisarray

    I will always miss old Aatrox's war-banner wings. Probably the best part of his design.

  • George Kaloudakis
    George Kaloudakis

    Well all the enemy needs to do is get close to Aatrox and make his q useless since he cant hit them from close. Like seriously. He is seen as the god of war, a scary darkin that will destroy you..but get too close to him and you will be fine. I played against riven and that's exactly what happens..she close distance and destroys me.