The REAL Reasons For The Fall of League of Legends
Today, let's talk about the fall of league of legends. Is league of legends dying? Is League of Legends going to die? What can Riot do to fix their game? With Worlds 2020 coming up, an item rework in season 11 and 2021, mythic items, Samira and Seraphine, KDA, and Take Over... what about ranked and solo queue?
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Hecarim Yuumi -
Riot Office Tour -
Jinx Montage -
Spear of Shojin -
Stonewall -
Old BETA Videos -
Aethelthryth - Bulgarian LoL RSloftr Season 4 video

  • Exil

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    • Bêta Cast
      Bêta Cast

      I am an only ARAM player now because "normal"league became boring You get 14min penalty for dodging an ARAM game But 0 in normal FUN

    • Deshawn Dexter
      Deshawn Dexter

      dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :D

    • Bo bo
      Bo bo

      You even failed to define what a champ select troll is.

    • Bo bo
      Bo bo

      Nah, you missed me, old rune pages were better in the long run.

    • The communist successor
      The communist successor

      so blame china is ur ultimate case, good idea. tho the chinese lol report system response in the matter of minutes.

  • Steven Stevenson
    Steven Stevenson

    On power creep, there’s no reason to powercreep the game when it is trying to be a serious e-sport and is entirely a pvp game regardless. With games like WoW, they obviously have to up the ante every expansion for the reason you mentioned, but in League’s case there’s no need. Powercreeping just to sell skins is just crap. They’re going to sell skins anyway. Riot are a bunch of hacks that can’t think of ways to properly add interesting and deep gameplay to the game, instead they constantly try to one-up themselves. Ultimately, the problem is they have their heads up their asses.

  • noiz

    soo more simple for this re...dard means bettter ok.........u are stupid

  • Marios Erodotou
    Marios Erodotou

    I really believe that putting the tribunal back and reducing damage from all items and champions will make this game great again.

  • Alief Rezki
    Alief Rezki

    It's funny that lol become more competitive yet dota become more casual. Just give up on ranking, what is the point of chasing fake number The reason you play game is to have fun, not to play better. You are not pro player, don't waste time to play better

  • Pedro Dot
    Pedro Dot

    Unpopular opinion but ranked roles should only be available at masters or higher. Until masters you don't need to know every match up perfectly and execute it well, you just gotta play your lane to your strengths and play macro. You should have a basic understanding of EVERY role before you can focus on one of them and specialize in it to climb higher. I miss the times that we had pick order instead of role select.

  • K K
    K K

    Nobody can tell me TFT was worth adding to league of legends. WASTE OF TIME.

  • Louis Isles
    Louis Isles

    Riot is not done yet

  • Carlos Nathaniel Jann Juson Alicea
    Carlos Nathaniel Jann Juson Alicea

    League PC: *dies due to toxicity* Wild rift: the world shall know TOXIC

  • Why You Heff to be Mad?
    Why You Heff to be Mad?

    tencent killed this game

  • Farbod Maleki
    Farbod Maleki

    I play lol for 6 years this game never became bad just peaple khow how to play it if you play ranked you should be serius first years was my best years becouse i started this game with my friends right now we dont play echother becouse of ranked and we are very try hard. normal and troll game is not fun anymore

  • dat guy Zarathustra founder of Noodles with Ketchup
    dat guy Zarathustra founder of Noodles with Ketchup

    I wrote Support a Wall of Text about what is wrong with their game and all they responded were about 250 words that they are sorry. Like... a pre printed text.. GG

  • Todd Long
    Todd Long

    I actually prefer getting called a faggot than having to play through a game with a troller, feeder, leaver, afker. They straight up banned all the good people that made the game fun and actually tried to win for typing out some dumbass shit. I’d rather play with an asshole I can mute than an asshole I can’t do anything about.

  • JasperDONOTHACK123

    Another one is its over advertised

  • Lóránt Kolarics
    Lóránt Kolarics

    Me whatching this while in a soloq q for 18 and a half minutes now

    • Alvaro Herencia
      Alvaro Herencia

      U r the problem

  • Matteo Calisti
    Matteo Calisti

    I feel like that the item changes seem politically correct applied to lol: Galeforce, Stridebreaker, Everfrost and Moonstone, like ADCs and juggernauts with dashes, Kassafin and Sylas with snares or every enchanter is like Soraka. It seems like everyone can do everything that everyone else so, killing the uniqueness (and remember also the fact that Kraken Slayer makes everyone like Vayne). Worst part is that those items completely destroys the lack of weaknesses of some champions, like immobility for example. That's what I don't like in all of this.

  • Xanny Den
    Xanny Den

    Well the video was amazing until the ending....I legit had to pause because having any sort of optimism killed by riots lack of giving a fuck made it to where anyone ever giving them credit for anything now days causes pure rage.....the tweets from their employees.....the refusal to deal with trolls and ints....the just pure lack of care for such a good game hurts like hell...I remember hitting plat for the first time I still remember my first game....I recently had to give any ambition I had uo because of the greifs ints and trolls

  • TheStrongVirus

    League of Legends needs to make a PvE game mode within the game where you get a full champion select and you go through some story related dungeon crawl. Characters are only available through free rotation, unless you have Mastery 2 on that champion in the original game and if you play the game mode enough as that 1 champion you unlock that champion permanently for that game mode. I feel if they do this right, then it would improve team play by osmosis as you help allies together as if it’s one big team fight. I’m sure they could figure out a way to do this, it would also give me a reason to play Champions I like instead of champions I need to play to counter pick, win or that are pretty good this patch.

  • Crayon Mellow
    Crayon Mellow

    Imagine calling old Taric & Poppy dead, I played both of these champions. I liked old Taric when you could go full ap & smash adcs, but then Riot nerfed him & made him only viable as a support which sucked. Then they reworked him into being only good as a support, yikes 😬 Also, old Poppy was awesome. I used to go full ap with her, but one time I went hybrid Poppy & destroyed enemy team's Vayne

  • Mr. Hochrath
    Mr. Hochrath

    Dodging doesnt lower your MMR - just the overlay of it. Dodge when ever you feel like it, even in your promotion games, because you will get your lp back in the long term, if you keep playing as you were before

  • Pria

    This makes me really miss the early 2010s league days

  • koffi

    Yeah. It takes a long time to get in to a game, but if you think about it. The more you wait, the greater the reward is. League has mastered the dopamine control, so could this waiting too long for a game be some kind of dopamine control?

  • cadmus ng
    cadmus ng

    Imagine you are a jungler and your bottom lane loses like 2 level behind. they hard ping you for help and you go helping and results in 3 deaths and 0 kill. Your bottom lane be like angry and sad :(. but Imagine if you didnt go helping them, they keep spamming useless jungler, why not even fight for Dragan bah bah bah bah in chat for the entire game and give up playing. so you know why this game becomes a fall.

    • drukenhobo

      the issue with jg is that they have consistently nerfed the role, it feels like your playing a second support if your doing bad and like the whole game depends on you if your doing good.

    • Fred Oz
      Fred Oz

      Dude, don't play jungle, for real. The best way to climb this game is playing as a "second jungler", be as mid laner, support, even adc, but don't you play jungle. Jungle is only good if one lane wins, and you are putting yourself relying on that lane all the way, it is only good at high elo, low elo it sucks... Or play master yi/kha zix, choose a good team and play jg, other jungler? Is bad, you rely on your team

  • KingSpoderMan

    You know what i think would be better. If we could swear at eachother and not get banned. Because for real now. If you get angry at your bard top who lost your promos what better way of getting that anger away than swearing at him and after that muting them. In league at the moment you can have a player fuck the match for 4 people make them all angry, but the 4 people are the ones which get a bigger chance of getting banned for calling that dude a fgt. The single reason why somebody would get banned is if he would be racist, sexist or have a huge problem with people from other countries. This would be awesome. But even today i think you have a higher chance of getting banned by saying fgt than being sexist, racist towards other nationalities or even (this shit happening to me) telling that you know where the dude lives and you are gonna kill him.

  • Kheriga

    Everytime, I comeback to the game after 3 month of not playing the game, I try my best, I try to improve, but then I just play vs Irelia smurf two times in a row, while having a REAL silver on my team. And then I just hate the game back again, because if you don't play meta, if you want to have fun with the champion you like then you have to wait for the right time of the year. 75% of the skins are just blonde girl having the same face on the same body. Fuck this game. Really. I have the worst winrate I've ever had, and I bet it will be even worse next year. I hope this game will die eventually and my friends are gonna ask me to play something else.

  • Namielle

    I dont work at riot but. Do thay really need to sell skins for EVERY broken champ thay release? Not ignoring the fact that thay can simply keep making skins for champs that are already in the game.

  • Eduardo Martins
    Eduardo Martins

    Its the community. Just to think about it makes me want to stay far away from lol

  • mr cringe
    mr cringe

    9:07 gledai ti

  • Daniel Friday
    Daniel Friday

    The game is bad because riot focus on profit rather than gameplay. All these released champs from about 2014 onwards are what's ruined this game. They also cater to call of duty fanboys by inventing champions that literally can't die but do a massive amount of damage. You're legit playing against people who do not need to think about what they are doing nearly every game... Call this a low elo view point but I got dia 3 which I'm happy with considering amount of time I'm able to put into the game.

  • 604 Bear Spray
    604 Bear Spray

    bro it does not take 20 mins to queue unless ur like top 300 Lol

  • Ebba Holmgren
    Ebba Holmgren

    I miss team builder and dominion...

  • Bier Muschi
    Bier Muschi

    I feel like LoL Community is full of Antifa.

  • Mário Podolan
    Mário Podolan

    What people wanted: Make the runes free What Rito games did: They overhauled the whole damn rune system and killed off meta picks and viable troll picks that could stomp games

  • josh engemoen
    josh engemoen

    I actually got a leavers penalty even I stayed the whole match lol is so bad 🤣 at this point hero's of the storm is better

  • Bithynian

    The game is dying like any other multiplayer game. Let go and move on with your good memories.

  • Mike Paulus
    Mike Paulus

    I used to run AD Shen for his passive and gold/time. They eliminated Heart Of Gold and I never found a new build. Haven't played since 2014.

  • Michael Jayden Sedano
    Michael Jayden Sedano

    ngl looking at this video and looking at the state of league now I believe he's overexaggerating about the mythic items. back when it first came out and even now some characters didn't even rush mythic items early. You normally see Jax, Irelia or even Sett building BORK first. however shieldbow when it first came out was broken and we can all agree on that.

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S.

    Its simple. You cannot improve a system over 10 years. Even though Riot is trying to improve stuff they cannot since new content HAS to be better or no one plays it. Two years ago i stopped ranked mainly because of champions like Kaisa and Yuumi, like he said they dont fit into their role anymore. I dont have a problem with an assasin adc who oneshots you or an untargetable hyperscaling enchanter which you cannot shutdown in lane. But what do the other champions offer in return? The only "solution" is reworking everything after and after. The end of this is a game that is just a Nonsense arcade mode. Whether you like it or not, this will be the future. Well i made my decision. There wont be a Season 4 or 5 anymore. The most absurd thing of riots punishment system that they dont fight against the reason of toxicity rather than the symptoms. From my experience people start to get toxic in chat when things go wrong and this is usually because people troll. So aslong as you troll and play poorly but dont chat you are fine. But if you type something in chat because you are upset you will get punished. Good Stuff.

  • death taco
    death taco

    what league needs is custom maps like war craft or tf2 those game stay alive form fun community content

  • henry set
    henry set

    "0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ.ᴄᴏᴍ* and it worked perfectly for me

  • Celinda Spangler
    Celinda Spangler

    "0:23"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *INJAPP.C0M* and it worked perfectly for me

  • raju rijon
    raju rijon

    "00:24" 😂 Your choice but only *INJAPP.COM* 📌

  • karim jahid
    karim jahid

    "00:27" Why don't people use: *𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚊𝚙𝚙.𝚌𝚘𝚖* 📌 instead of wasting their time here

  • inten irina
    inten irina

    "00:40"😂 Greetings! But it's much easier with *Injapp.C0M* 📌 as I know

  • Canadian CanuckleHead
    Canadian CanuckleHead

    Thanks for addressing the toxic community. Lord knows that we needed you to ignore it and just talk about ranked.

  • Thomas Novati
    Thomas Novati

    falling? the fact that when I click on this video, there is the advertisement of LOL before the video starts is kinda hilarious

  • Francois Desmarais
    Francois Desmarais

    Because its the worse gaming community around

  • parabel

    *R E S P E C T T H E P I C K O R D E R* god do i love the shenanigans you could do with that system in place :D also i dont really know if the tribunal system really worked THAT well. me and a friend trolled us down from high gold to bronze 5 in a row and some point we even had a strategy on how to effectively cut gold and exp from our team. granted here and there we had a few normal games where we tried and won but those were the exception. within more than 50-60 games i was banned ONCE. this company is just really bad at putting systems in place that prevent soft inting.


    i feel bad for new players. yall never got to see riot at their best and most creative

  • Levi Elric
    Levi Elric

    "this game is dying i dont want o anymore i want to live in the past not the present wtf is wrong with the me, i mean the game. I will continue to make negative videos about the game because i know its crowdpleasing to do so."

  • Queto

    League used to be soo fun

  • Ryushte

    This part almost made me cry 12:20 I miss this time

  • DrewPicklesTheDark

    As a washed up 30-something year old gamer, I can say, it just happens. Eventually genres get outdated and the new kids don't have interest in them. It's happened to some of my favorites like RTS and MMOs, and such. Companies which go after money seek whatever the latest fad is, so your favorite genre will be neglected unless it's company that has built itself around a very niche audience, which are kind of rare since once companies get a taste of money, they usually corporatize. It will in some years happen to battle royals and those survival games. This is in stark contrast to "back in the day" when gaming as a whole was niche, so it wasn't full of corporate bloat and there was a lot of experimentation and why instead of seeing a new genre every couple years, you would see a couple new genres yearly. Companies who run these games are left with a catch 22, do you change the game(s) to adopt aspects of the latest fads in hopes of recapturing players? Or do you stick true and keep your core audience. Most of them go with the former as for many games, while the core audience is extremely dedicated, their numbers are not high enough to be profitable, or at the least profitable to the point it's worth it. Unlike games on old consoles, where the game was a done and finished game and you can dust it off and play whenever you want, games from the mid-2000s onward have a large online multiplayer emphasis, which while makes fun games, also means they are at the whim of fads and have a lifespan. You can still play Super Mario Bros. as it was designed 35 years later, you can't do that with most modern games. I am not a business person, so maybe this would suck from a business standpoint, but after a game is shut down, I think the creator should license the game to private servers so that core fanbase can keep playing, while said company did not have to concern itself with development or server upkeep, and still make a profit, a small one, but if they do not have to concern themselves with maintenance costs, it's cheaper than pirate hunting.

  • nah man
    nah man

    Imo the game just got boring played it for 4 years. It was fun still is fun. But you can't even play unranked for fun. Try hard just make it less enjoyable.

  • Fist of Ram
    Fist of Ram

    There was never a Fall in League. The game will never die, not very soon anyway.

  • Hunter Fest
    Hunter Fest

    lol wut you dont get anything from afk? even mobile legends that's plays on phones still ban people from matchmaking from afk hahahaha

  • Kota Shitting Punta The Six Paths Of Down Bad
    Kota Shitting Punta The Six Paths Of Down Bad

    Maybe cause seraphine

  • Vojin V Milojkovic
    Vojin V Milojkovic

    Why I stopped playing Its not a "i am going to have some fun" game. I lose?! Oh, another one, no big deal its "live or die" frustrating thing, where no matter how "fun" i have someone tries to ruin your mood, its i lose, i cry. I win, lets stop there while i am "happy" and yeah i am filthy casual and thats why best game of this kind for me is HOTS xd

  • Vasilis K.
    Vasilis K.

    Being a diamond veteran who has played with force of nature and jax's old passive and E (2011-2014) I say this: Everything gets easier and nicer for the incompetent sons of bitches who can't do shit on their own. Kisses!!!!

  • farouk darwiche
    farouk darwiche

    Can I just say. What made this game amazing to me was trying to have my own "pro" scene where I make friends then turn it into a team. Then as a team we improve to reach our goals. Maybe a tournament win here and there. Now it's so hard to make friends. Everyone is upset. Everyone is angry. Everyone is frustrated. Gone are the days where u put in 15 games of a champ because u had fun playing it and then it clicks and u play another 40 and go "wow I actually improved and look at my record" Now it's one bad story after another. I miss the good old days. I really do.

  • divinrth

    i've been playing league for 6 days now. i've heard lots about it, i understood the game, but never played it. it is by far the most toxic game i've ever played. i'm currently level 11, and there is nearly guaranteed at least 1 toxic person per game. just last game, i played cassiopeia, went 4/8, tryndamere went 1/5 and was flaming us the entire game, telling us to kill ourselves, that we have brain damage, that we are retarded animals. the funny thing is, i've only been playing blind pick so far, and these people get so upset and angry over blind pick? the worst yet funniest part is that they're smurfing. they are smurfing, upset in blind pick that new players aren't good at the game? i have encountered so many of these people already, it's astonishing. i've met 3 players already who have afk'ed at the slightest hint of an argument. they get angry, calling us retarded, a teammate retaliates and says he's dogshit, and all of a sudden they say "so you want me to afk?".

  • dat guy Zarathustra founder of Noodles with Ketchup
    dat guy Zarathustra founder of Noodles with Ketchup

    THE WORST thing for me is that actually EVERY PERSON who has 20 champions... can queue for Ranked. I ALWAYS play the Champions I can play... I have mastered... for sure 70% of the time the reason we lose is because I have a player in my team who sucks on a champion he barely plays! Like... 20 games in history.. first game Qiana... Orianna... or what ever... If you watch my history you will see 60% of the same champion and KDA like 20/2/2 .... how ever... if I have someone on my team who is 2/14 it doesn't means anything.

  • WatcherMovie008

    The problem with LoL is that it moved far away from it original goal, which was to be an easier Dota that didn't stress you as hard as Dota did. They way strayed far from that path and now find themselves being as complicated as Dota. The problem here is if I wanted to play Dota, I play Dota. I didn't play LoL to play Dota, I played LoL because it was LoL.

  • mike jim
    mike jim

    '3:16' The only working one is *𝗜𝗡𝗝𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝗖𝟬𝗠* ... 🗺️

  • Krahesticks

    Riot would rather make a new broken champ or a new youtube animation than fix their game

  • Freddy Frost
    Freddy Frost

    That champion pick music brings back so many memories!

  • Monkey D. Evanthie
    Monkey D. Evanthie

    ima just say , imagine how useless rito is by the fact that they removed the total invisibility , old twitch and eve , like in dota and hon there is even a perma stealth hero (rikimaru , nighthound) and still theres no problem about it , i freakin love invis / DoT champs and you simply cant have it in lol , lmao

  • epyon542

    I haven't played LoL since about 2015/2016 so learning that the golden era was when I started, 2012, to just before I stopped playing explains a lot. Personally I stopped playing because of the mobility creep and my group of playmates just slowly fracturing. I've looked back at the game to see if I wanted to get back into it and saw how they changed Akali and Swain which turned me off. They may fit better in the current meta but they are not who I used to play, Akali less so, but definitely Swain. Swain just feels like a completely different character, the energy has gone from lovecraftian to generic demonic and he went from a unique bald old man with a cane to a generic silver haired bad guy. I find myself reminiscing about the game from time to time and I recently pinpointed it that I don't miss the game, I miss the moments and how it used to play.

  • Arbor Kelmendi
    Arbor Kelmendi

    Still love it, but i don't like having to wait 2:30 minutes to join a lobby

  • Donald J. Drunk
    Donald J. Drunk

    They need to bring back Ip for every game...Instead of shards to collapse etc

  • iTechGaming GR
    iTechGaming GR

    Everybody complains about the old ranking system, even tho when i did play in seson 3 and 4 more seriously and went from gold to diamond 1, people back then were far less trolling, had a better grasp of the game and were communicating and far more friendly cause during the champion select you had to speak and try to find a solution of who is gonna go where. It was like an unwritten rule that people followed the higher you did climb but also allowed you to learn and play more characters without caring as much if you lost cause you werent on your main role. But now since everybody picks their role, if you get autofilled you gonna get mad most likely because you only play 1 role , few characters and on top of that you KNOW there is a system supposed to give you your role but in the end it didn't. Also the fact this game does not support voice chat is beyond me, i have no idea why riot cannot just provide us that simple thing why they use it in VALORANT, every game has it but for some reason league of legends doesn't want to, games could improve so much in quality but at the same time being more enjoyable. Obviously there gonna be people raging in vc but who cares, every game has that problem and you can always mute them. game has and still is going downhill, playing league feels more of a hassle to older players because it never changed while getting worse every year, bloating the champion select while forcing patches while there is a dedicated player base in PBE providing info of how things should be done.

  • snds GR
    snds GR

    crazy things : ap gragas

  • Scoutel


  • BirdFam

    I think the problem lies in the mentality of the community. The people making these complaints and videos are usually burnt out from the game, looking at it from a negative light. I am really having fun now improving and focusing on myself instead of my teammates. Everytime i find a troll or afker or flamer, I realise that I have been in the mindset to do that many, many times. All of those bad players have a reason for what they are doing. Also, I enjoy playing rotating game modes, and having fun with my friends. Taking breaks and playing a variety of games is super important for your mental.

  • Sr. Boi Olla
    Sr. Boi Olla

    The worst problem with League is that Riot's staff doesn't play the game anymore.

  • Skilliard

    We need a league of legends classic server that brings us back to season 1 or 2

    • T_Kups

      Imagine if Riot found "back ups of the game from year 2013", and released old school league as its separate title

  • TommyFanzFloppyDisk

    bruuuh i loved old taric, miss him so much

  • Robert Hurst
    Robert Hurst

    League is dying because I can't get a single game on a new account (perspective of a new player) without getting trolls. That being toxic player, griefing players that being inting or ruining other peoples lanes e.g adc stealing jungle farms because he didn't perma gank bot. and of course the afks and ff hostages. And those who give up too quickly ff 15 at fb. I made an account where I was ONLY going to play Ahri (my main) and go for as best a rank possible. and in the 20+ hours the 50ish games i've had they're been only ONE in all 50 where someone didn't go afk, run down, take troll picks, hostage or just outright ruin the fun/experience and the thing is this is on a brand new account, it's what a genuinely new player is introduced to; toxic "smurfs" and trolls on their team into platinum smurfs in a 3v5 while the two afks are 2 noing to ffing and making the game go on for nearly 72 minutes. ONE game in 50 has actually been a normal game on a new account. That is why league is dying. (It's not just the one account i've got a few new accounts for different stuff. for example my let's have fun account where i don't care about the mmr on it and literally will just play the game for fun off-meta champs and builds even that it's difficult to get a game where people aren't toxic/trolling)

  • Oved Appr
    Oved Appr

    If you are right ? It means thief in lol is missing (to steal the gold of the other team

  • Oved Appr
    Oved Appr

    So if you are right ? It would seem in the futur , lol will likely have their version of Mesmer a la guild wars 1

  • Oved Appr
    Oved Appr

    Weird champion? Should have seen Mesmer in guild wars one it was one hell of a system the Mesmer used in guild wars one !you can be sure of one thing , when gw2 hit they did away with a lot of the core stuff that made Mesmer interesting

  • Jan Verfaillie
    Jan Verfaillie

    That darkmane "whats wrong with league of legends?" is legit one of the most insightful and well thought video about the topic I have ever seen

    • Please bring back cookie syrup
      Please bring back cookie syrup

      Yeessssssss! You knows what's up!

  • soulles 2019
    soulles 2019

    Holy shit dude how much Veigar did you play 8:35

  • Lone Maus
    Lone Maus

    Auto full would not be a problem if support was actually fun to play lol

  • Lone Maus
    Lone Maus

    The “ professional teams” are the main problem with the game along with twitch and RSloft

    • AnalFissures4Lyfe

      Can you elaborate? I'm interested in this viewpoint

  • Star Gun
    Star Gun

    League of legends will never die 🙂

  • Matheus William
    Matheus William


  • zack164

    yet silver gold lose games with yuumi in there team kind of sad

  • Φώτης Κορδατζής
    Φώτης Κορδατζής

    Exil: Can you imagine if spear of shujin was back Goredrinker: Say no more fam

  • Oxy

    I just It's just going to fucking fall, I love and hate this game so much at the same time.... So fucking frustrating. Tryharder faces, troll and people who play for fun in ranked, people who play for fun are flamed by tryharder, no one is happy and finally the only winner is the man who do not use the chat and can continue to troll, because if you do not say anything in a game you won't get ban... This game just sucks.

  • Kurt Rozentaun
    Kurt Rozentaun

    In Russia, League is not so popular, but i enjoyed it very much. I've played 4k hours of Dota 2, and after that it just bored me. I decided to try League and it just pulled me in. It's like "the basics are the same, but everything feels fresh and new". I think, League is not dying. It grows in other regions, like Russia and CIS countries.

  • ShadowD

    9:05 bulgari de ste

  • Eloy Rodier
    Eloy Rodier

    I think that Riot is doing better now, for example, in Wild rift, the community has been complaining about not having monster champions, and they added Kha'zix, Rengar, Rammus and other ones, so I think is an improvement, also Riot has been working to punish AFk and trolls, so I think Riot has been improving

  • GG GoKu
    GG GoKu

    darkmane had the best points

  • BlueGG99

    Honestly bro, those “crazy” adc’s items haven’t change a thing. If you go and play jinx, and you get matched with an auto filled support, or simply against a rammus, hecarim, pyke, or other 100 champions, trust me you will not be able to do a thing in the whole game exept for praying the game lasts long enough for you to scale. Playing as an adc feels like playing a totally different game ok? A normal adc would take 2-3 items, to be compared to a “normal” champion. I’ve seen like 3000 adc’s losing a 1v1 against a 0/3 irelia when they where 7/0, just cause she had tabi’s, and I don’t think I’m the only one who saw such a thing.

  • zhbuba

    this shlt with runes is the reason why so many trolls r everywhere, u just go and buy 100 30lvl accounts for 200 bucks and u r ready to ruin other people experience infinite times, coz u dont have to farm blue for runes u got em for free

  • Skr4ev


  • Trevward

    I'm confused as to how this game has lost the novelty factor or fell off giving how large this game still is. I played from 2012-2015, took a 5 year break, and got HOOKED back in June of 2020 with hundreds of games since. Sure, people can lose interest and the novelty falls off for some but the scene looks to be very strong still! Playing fighting games with the smallest scenes around is a lot more volatile in terms of a gaming falling off by literally not having enough people to host an online tournament for.

  • Dvir Green
    Dvir Green

    You talk for 17 minutes about the downfall of LOL, u just forgot to mention the game was never that seccesful, almost 8 m player base, peak of all time... The game isnt dying, he just changed in a way the "old" players didnt likedi believe 99.9% of riot major changes were extrenly good

  • 2Frog4You

    damn just recognized the guy from 9:10. Its preslav Aethelthryth

200 хиљ.