The REAL Reasons For The Fall of League of Legends
Today, let's talk about the fall of league of legends. Is league of legends dying? Is League of Legends going to die? What can Riot do to fix their game? With Worlds 2020 coming up, an item rework in season 11 and 2021, mythic items, Samira and Seraphine, KDA, and Take Over... what about ranked and solo queue?
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Jinx Montage -
Spear of Shojin -
Stonewall -
Old BETA Videos -
Aethelthryth - Bulgarian LoL RSloftr Season 4 video

  • Exil

    Join my discord to never miss an upload + talk with me! I am super active in there

    • sesebon

      I actually watched from start to end. This is spot on. :)

    • Michael Phillips
      Michael Phillips

      @Parthanax Fifteen ¹

    • Helzagore

      Want to bet that The "paradise island" thing riot cooked up as a response for voyboys video, its meant to just cherrypick their chosen streamers into a place where they have no reason to complain while rest of the playerbase will be left into mud. Instead of doing the opposite, "the dungeon queue" which is implemented in dota and where toxic players end up to ruin eachothers games... riots chosen path is to create a circle jerking club completely separated form rest of the playerbase. I dare to say that within a year state of league of legends is even worse than what it is now. Because riot games in its hubris abandoned 99,99% of their playerbase. Its players who buy skins, participate events etc. who are injecting money to the company.. and they are abandoned.

    • Taekwon

      Disappointed on you not mentioning the physics changes riot made in dashes knock ups and hard cc's interactions, minion extra large hitboxes that no one likes and atk speed directly affecting auto attack wind ups

    • Good Reason
      Good Reason

      This season is also for me when I just gave up on climb even if I troll or dont give a shit about winning I am same elo so why should I even stress about it. Dont think power creep is problem thou. If power was same as season 2. This game would be dead already. I play league because of cool outplay champs like samira or zed is.

  • Sepster

    im sorry but this is just false on way too many levels. New people are born every second. New people are at an age of gaming every second. New people are in a position to buy a pc and play pc games and by extension league of legends. League in fact IS at its all-time high now. It still tops twitch viewership in gaming DAILY. it rivals the top 3 games of today like Fortnite and among us and warzone. whenever there is a LCS/LCK match, it has 400k+ viewers just on twitch and not counting youtube. At the time of writing this comment in preseason on December 1st which is when finals are coming up for people in school where no buddy plays it is number 3 in ALL of twitch, not just gaming section, behind Fortnite which is dropping the new season in 1h and just chatting. Just because to the veterans the game has lost its initial charm and appeal and your friends who you grew up with playing the game for 10 years are now 30 with kids and wives and don't play the game, doesn't mean the game is dying or dead. If anything it is soaring in popularity even though riot has put out 3 other games and the fan base is split between all 4 games.

  • Daniel Andersen
    Daniel Andersen

    It's so ironic how he uses the new ADC items as an example of how broken the new items are, when ADC is the weakest role this preseason.

  • Wukong

    You are not talking about the toxic unbearable community? I dumped this bi ch because trolls and jerks

  • caglar togan
    caglar togan


  • Bites Dust
    Bites Dust

    I dont like how you think the esport scene got better. I think we all miss the pro scene being held in a closet with 5 computers jammed into it.

  • caglar togan
    caglar togan

    i always get useless team.i tried to solo carry but it s so diffucult.i always achieve s but loose the lp.I think that s not fair.every player should calculate separately . Loosing the game ,makes me feel depressed and not play anymore.Please Riot ,change the system

  • Electrifying 3:16
    Electrifying 3:16

    Since season 3 when I started playing I've been listening everyone saying "League used to be so much better before". To me the peak of League was Season 5 during the Bilgewater event. That's when I had the most fun with the game. Some of the changes they made are good. I love most of the reworks, especially Aatrox, Pantheon and Volibear, but what I miss are old champions. Old Katarina, Warwick, Talon, Ryze...I watched a random Hashinshin video the other day and he played with some guy that was playing Malphite mid and all they were talking about the whole time was how easy Malphite is to play. And then literally the next day hashinshin talks about how the game gets ruined by every champion having a kit that is too complex. And this is why League is "dying". Because the community sucks ass. There is no pleasing this community. No matter what Riot does, no matter who they buff, nerf, rework or revert they will NEVER give them any credit for anything because for every assassin they buff there will always be a butthurt adc crying about his role being useless now. Nobody ever shuts the hell up and plays the game. In season 20 I guarrantee someone will say "remember how fun League was 10 years ago?".

  • Victuss

    This game is way to complex to be altered as much as it is before giving the meta a chance to settle. in 2 weeks, we might see for instance that tanks are really strong. Riot then nerfs them before we can really see HOW broken they are. Maybe they counter the current meta. then again, maybe some previously off meta champs wreck them. Kog'maw for example wrecks tanks as a general rule. but the tank nerf happened so fast that champions that would be given a time to shine don't get their chance. because riot balances based on the current meta, instead of letting players adapt. its the reason the game feels stale. cliche as it may be, the more the game changes, the more it stays the same.

  • Seung Hyuk Choi
    Seung Hyuk Choi

    Nah League SUCKS China owns LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and YOUR INFO will be hacked by chinese

  • Mad Troll
    Mad Troll

    Also, the only way league can climb is by creating a tv series or a movie. Trust me that will go big

  • Mad Troll
    Mad Troll

    I literally got 3 afks in the past 8 games

  • Panu

    I would be happy if they simply introduced much harder punishment for leaving the game.

  • Leeroys CS:GO Adventures
    Leeroys CS:GO Adventures

    ey yo exil, it´s pointless tos say something like "the game got better, for example the auto fill or champ select, because it was way worse years ago." the champ select for example was obv a horror back in the days and it is not a improvement that they fixed it- its just something that should have happened naturally. but we cant say now look at the old days, some things got better. yeah great... we also dont say today to people of color that "todays its all fine, look at the old days when poc were enslaved" thats simply stupid. sorry, but not sorry. aside from that, nice videos man! :)

  • Gaba Trio
    Gaba Trio

    Odd how riot responds to feedback. At least at Blizzard (who aren’t the best by ANY means!) understand that when people are angry, it’s because they are passionate. They wouldn’t be angry if they didn’t care. Hell, the current VP of Blizzard got hired Bc he posted an angry rant on the Everquest forums back in the day (no joke. Search “Tigole Bitties Rant”)

  • Silent Streamer
    Silent Streamer

    I am the only person that still play lol All my friend is stopped and go it is really sad... and me myself rarely play lol pc and most of the time play ML but now with LOL WR, I hope I can play with them again.

  • Louis Clark
    Louis Clark

    poppy may have been dead popularity wise but damn do i miss old poppy specially that q

  • Stone7C1

    i think the worst part about the game is some of the inconsistency in mechanics. while learning it, youre conditioned by the game, that certain mechanics work in a certain way. like all channeled abilities are recognizable by their channel bar, and are interruptable by cc during their channel, right? wrong. irelias w for some godforsaken reason has a channel bar, but is an uninterruptable ability. to my knowledge its the only ability in the game, that works in that way. so all your experience with other champions, like fiddles ult and w, karthus ultimate, and all channeled abilities that youre used to being able to cancel, fool you into thinking you would be able to interrupt irelias w with cc, because the ability also has a channel bar. something similar also happened to me with mordekaisers ultimate. upon ulting an akali, her shroud FOLLOWED her into the death realm. its the only ability that is a skillshot, or some sort of object that a champion can place, that works in that fashion. gangplank barrels, illaoi tentacles, anivia ultimate. all those abilities dont carry over into the death realm, but for some reason that one mechanic works entirely different. like its cool that every champion has something thats very unique to him. azir placing turrets. garen being able to stack conqueror with a single ability. nasus being able to infinitely stacking his q. but the difference is, that those abilites dont break your expectation how a fight is supposed to play out. they dont suddently break fundamental game rules that you have been conditioned to expect to work in a specific way. they are unique abilities that still behave the exact same way you would them expect to behave. just because garens spin can stack conqueror for example, it might deal a little bit more damage. but there is no reason to expect that cc would stop it, because its not a channeled ability and behaves more like singed q or shyvana w.

  • psycho Killer
    psycho Killer

    DUDE u r full of it, but not completely

  • zemni houssem
    zemni houssem

    Greaaat greate video , as a league player from 2010 - 2015 and then returned 2019 to stop after few months , i totally agree with every word you say , it has become harder to play and energy consuming , i m just wondering how new players are playing this game with that huge number of champions and items , this game is not fun anymore and the community is getting worse me too as part of the community to be honest , because i don't want to play that much when i m pissed of in a game or even fail i can quit easily , the only reason is that i m not tryharding anymore and i m not bothered with loosing a game , in those few months league has become a way of wasting time nothing more , nothing less , another thing , those players like me who left the game just after the golden era when they come back they think they are Superior and play better than others while it s not true. i don't know if this is possible or not but to help the matchmaking riot can do another ranking based on behavior , it can detect bad behaviors from players and rank them , then while matchmaking , they can include that into account , at least the good behaving players will not interact with bad ones .

  • Dylan Baker’s Unsealed
    Dylan Baker’s Unsealed

    “IT SUCKED” boom video over send it

  • Shannymuffin

    I am gonna say this, I don't think it is dying, people are all too quick to say everyone should jump ship when a bad choice is made. Last season we had the most balance and fun out of any season yet, and we just went through a huge and refreshing change. once the meta stabilizes I guarantee people will flood back.

  • plasma2506

    People still play fortnite even tho it is full of try hards

  • kkomla

    If you wanna try out DOTA 2 and own a ps4/ps5, go download Genesis, a free to play Moba exclusive to playstation users at the moment 🙂

  • ItsMeAspara_Gus

    as a league player i hope this game fully dies

  • Layvee

    Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I am still enjoying nearly all aspects of the game and I have been playing actively since 2009.

  • Exared Asylym
    Exared Asylym

    shit game and community

  • Xplicit Soles
    Xplicit Soles

    I still love the game

  • Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj
    Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj

    they can balance the gameplay, so the game wont die out. this season 11 starts to get boring and the items start to feel fucked up. they should add at least some new game modes so that we can all have fun.

  • Shadow

    I’m a new player to LoL wr and everytime i play a game, i always get scared because if i do something wrong, i might get some heat

  • gummicanada

    this is whiney as shit ive decided

  • Jack Mana
    Jack Mana

    Worst audio recording I have ever heard...

  • Jawadul Abedin
    Jawadul Abedin

    Riot's balance issues are exactly why I momentarily stop playing the game whenever a new champion is released until that champ is less overpowered 3 patches later.

  • Matzzco

    this video is so gay

  • Adam

    Classic League when

  • Bryan Jordan
    Bryan Jordan

    I'm kind of glad for the new seasons items, honestly. It makes the game so much easier to quit now because it doesn't feel like, well, league. It really does suck though. I'm one of those dudes that reminisces on season 2 and 3. Game was super slow and clunky, but fun. I really don't like the new champion designs (since Jhin, maybe?), and the game is way too fast paced for me now, not only by game times but by skill level. I just cant keep up with the new champions or the META anymore. And you're right. The only reason I play is in search for that feeling I used to get when I was new to the game. Here's to my 20th attempt at quitting this game, hopefully this time for good! lol

  • Froot

    I spend all my money on runes but :)

  • gillis, marc
    gillis, marc

    i dont mind the mythics. i love what they did to ability haste and crit and jungle. this was best item patch. but the dmg and stats overall across the board on champion kits too need to be scaled back, ttk feels a bit too fast.

  • MP31040

    They should let you choose a season patch to play in.

  • Retro Ally
    Retro Ally

    As someone who played from S2 through to just about a season or 2 after they changes to the way you queued, the big problem has always been that its just too big. They should have just stopped and made "League of Legends 2.0" or a separate game. That way the older guys could have had their fun with the unbalanced champs(before the Kassa nerf, Kassa was literally impossible to deal with), then the new game could have had all the new tweeks and nerfs. They could have had the 100's of new champs, hell, maybe even a new map. It just got too much, it became a job, I had to play every day just to keep up with the changes. I had to cross my fingers my champ didnt get a nerf. I had to hope people wouldnt think i was trolling if i played something outside the meta. Nothing lasts forever, it needed to die a long time ago, but instead of frankensteining it onwards, they should have drawn a line under it, kept the servers going and made a new game.

  • Poporiii

    Don't wanna spend too much time on responding to this vid but ye you talking about new items that are op and all but here is the thing, first all items are op so it doesnt matter if adc items or bruiser items are op since they are all. Second, you are saying that its not balance and all but i mean, you show items of PBE and overall its preseason, its used to balance everything or most of it before the launch of the season HERSELF. Like keep hating on this game w/e but find others argument cause i cant stop laughing about this hater vid.

    • XiahouYuan111


  • Kagu Buras
    Kagu Buras

    People are overcomplicating it, people are just burnt out by the game, you can't play a game for 12 years, it just doesn't work like that.

    • Count Lieberkuhn
      Count Lieberkuhn

      I think it's partially that, but also the fact that the game has changed significantly over the years. Veteran players got into the game originally because it was more tactical than it is now, but now it's more geared towards giving people their dopamine rushes.

  • Fool

    That’s my profile pic in the thumbnail

  • Shiyanu Neko
    Shiyanu Neko

    99% league veterans are silver feefers lmao

  • Shiyanu Neko
    Shiyanu Neko

    dum silvwrs crying

  • Shiyanu Neko
    Shiyanu Neko

    im so tired of this " they broke the game" every pre season problem is silvers are 98% of the game and you guys are still silver and crying.

    • Shiyanu Neko
      Shiyanu Neko

      @Bryan Jordan i dont see anyone else except koreans win ? nothing new as usual ?

    • Bryan Jordan
      Bryan Jordan

      No lol they literally broke the game this time, though. Even the pro's are not having a good time on this update.

  • Tonji Doromal
    Tonji Doromal

    Copy cat Mobile Legends creators and developers watching this video and be like (^____^)

  • Nicholas Woel-Nogueira
    Nicholas Woel-Nogueira

    Your making me nostalgic the good olden days. I started playing this year

  • Fenrir

    love you included Presli (Aethelthryth) in the vid

  • Flash O77
    Flash O77

    If league of legends does fall let’s hope they can make new good games but I hope it dosent really fall I hate the game but it’s super fun for some reason

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill

    Great Video. I appreciate all the time you spent with it and the much needed clarity it provides. ALSO, the music is just amazing. Most videos have cancerous dub-step or pop music. You just have some chill background music. it made the video significantly better. I'm genuinely curious what songs you used. Thanks a bunch! LOL the music/sad story about Sol almost made me cry. RIP Sol

  • Nicolas DC
    Nicolas DC

    bring back twisted treeline!!!

  • Barnesofthenorth

    With the waiting part of it I honestly don't mind waiting longer if I get a good game, the problem comes when I spend ages waiting for a game, then get locked into the game for at least 20mins, only to find somebody trolling, or the matchmaking has either broken or decided you need to lose to get your win-loss ratio closer to 50% so you never stood a chance. I have no problem with losing a hard-fought game that went down to the wire, I do have a problem with being locked into a game for 20+ mins after queuing for 5mins to get into it only for it to have never been a real match to begin with. That is honestly THE major thing that stopped me playing, I play games for fun and I don't find having my time wasted fun. It's the same reason I didn't play Valorant much.

  • raayig

    I played league since season 2. Riot needs to understands a very key important thing about toxicity and raging in the chat , 90% of the time people flame in the chat not because they're jerks but because they actually CARE about the game yes it's wrong but if they didn't love the game so much they wouldn't get so angry you see. So giving them a permanent bann is absolutely wrong , and kills their passion for the game and cuts their audience. I've been uploading videos and promoting this game since 2012 and riot simply just perma banned my account for flaming which I have no way of getting back while someone like Tyler 1 who openly flames and is toxic live streaming gets a pass and becomes a riot announcer , what the hell did riot do to this game community.

    • frigate 2015
      frigate 2015

      you got right about tyler1 is a asshole , if the game is so toxic is because of him , every player try to be like him thats why the game have full toxic poeple

  • Matthew Ball
    Matthew Ball

    I love you talking about how the mythic will buff adc's

  • Gimemoa

    My english isn't the best but i try read what is bad in LoL: - Riot so much concetrate on champs whose are Assassins, in last years they got so many items with destruction. Now after preseason update that items are amazing unbalanced. - support role is not dying, it is dead. Now people main on this role champs like Pyke or Brand. I remember when supp mean "heal and protect". - a lot of champions is dead, because new are too mobility with big dmg. -

  • Dieser Jade
    Dieser Jade

    3 VS 3 was the best map ever!...hope it comes back

  • a a
    a a

    I just wanted to play old Ganplank Shaco and Urgot, nothing more

  • TheEmoTeemo

    Bring back classic LoL

  • Neveri

    If there'd be a possibility to make a LoL season 2 or 3 remastered version and balance that game, it'd be the only competitive game I'd like to play.

  • ByMerch

    Season 3 is when I started and I’ll cherish the early day memories.

  • Shankins Bobankins
    Shankins Bobankins

    The s11 ADC items, unfortunately, did not age to well :/

  • Ayde77711

    Thanks for that video, honnestly. I think I needed that. That ''win is just a relief '' part just made me stop playing this game. I really hope Wild Rift will be better that the original. I do love league but the game seems to be broken now, too many characters, too many overpowered spells that can one shot you even if you're not bad. Even playing with my friends does not feel good. So thank you for opening my eyes about the state of that game.

  • ThatOneGirl !
    ThatOneGirl !

    The new items is also making it harder for new players as it makes it harder for friends who play the game to explain them on top of explaining how the game works. Also the money grabbing has gotten worse. League is being less enjoyable as a solo player and I’ve found that I can only stay on for hours if I’m with a friend.

  • HiiBillyMaysHere

    It's turning into League Of Weebs. No originality. Cringe skins/characters appealing to only one type of player/subculture. League has always had characters and lore etc that felt original. Now it's all weeb appeal. Feels generic and boring now.

  • Lumeo

    blame yasuo

  • Inujoshua

    I hate to say it but we are all getting old. It's not the game. The game has never died. Id argue it would never die, its player base will always be in the top 10. Its you. You are the reason league is dying. I'm not saying that this game will forever be at the position it is or that it isn't plateauing or getting worse or better, but to say that League is "dying" because of CHANGES in the game, buffs, nerfs, new items, reworks is wrong! What is happening is that the old player base is dying. The only way league dies out is if they don't address the reason why more players arent getting into it, "It seems too complicated" "I heard its too hard" "competitive, toxic community". But I think riot is smart and I think they will address these issues. Everything they are doing these days change the game to make it easier to novices, camp spawn times, the new shop. I'd be willing to bet that if you searched up "is league dying" you are an old player. LEAGUE IS NOT DYING, YOU ARE GETTING BORED OF THE GAME, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS, THINGS GET OLD. Additionally, there are newer, fresher competitive games out there making league seem like an expired sandwich. In my opinion, who tf cares if it is dying. It is a game, play it if you have fun, don't play it if you don't. It's simple.

  • Wagner Moreira
    Wagner Moreira

    only that it is not falling, it is rising.

  • Ronnie Moleman
    Ronnie Moleman

    The new shop is the reason xD

  • Grawers

    Guy made this video before Seraphine release

  • Pajeet Singh
    Pajeet Singh

    Because Tencent install becon.dll in your system and download all your files to China server.

    • XiahouYuan111

      why say dumb conspiracy shit

  • GitGud

    I got into LoL during s3 - s6, and came back in spurts during s8 and s10. It was very hard to even get into at s3 because there were so many champs and abilities but now it's actually impossible. I actually consider myself "new" because there's just so much shit that has changed with the map even that I can't see how anyone could keep up. Too many champs, abilities, effects on board, people to deal with, etc... Now and then I will think about playing but it's just a trap. Those "golden days" feelings run so deep they still want to believe...

  • blahniach

    If you've grown disgruntled with LoL come to Heroes of the Storm !!!

  • Buğrahan ÇAKMAK
    Buğrahan ÇAKMAK

    İ really get in deppression when i play this game. Tired of smurfs, eloboosters, and people that just have much more experience then me and my whole team.

  • frigate 2015
    frigate 2015

    Riot think 150+ champion is not enough, another new champion coming soon , wtf they thinking Riot ......-.-;

  • Aurustius

    I remember somewhere between S3-early S5 that riot employees were talking stuff like "yeah, we're going to slow down champion releases. 100 is way too much, maybe 1-2 yearly at most". Good times.

  • M K
    M K

    It's funny to look at this now in preseason. You were right arguablly, but those adc items are in fact so trashy that only lethality adcs and samira, lucian are good really.And the power creep wheel is starting all over again. Next champion got already announced. Tbh i still dont understand why they even have to edit so many new champs in a short period of time.

  • I Have No Son
    I Have No Son

    >talks about try-harding >try-hards from the fence-sitter position in the same video Dude, if most of your words are quotes from other people, why not leave it to them? YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY

  • Enrico

    Dota2 also dying but from heavy amount of smurfing

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy

    I played League a long time ago. I started around season 6 but things have changed, What I like about league back then is the simplicity of the game, easy to pick up but hard to master. Nowadays heroes need to do combo this skill in order to activate this skill, so many items and reworks. It's not the same league anymore. It's just my opinion though

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Mythic items is the "upgrade" nobody asked for and nobody will ever like yet they'll do it anyway

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    Many of these issues only have an effect on top-level players, which is a very small fraction of the actual player-pool.

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    The main problem is lack of new players. The game is no longer enjoyable for noobs. Every low-level game is won by the team with the biggest smurf

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    The game has gone from a strategy game to a mechanic-skill one

  • Blaise

    The game is bloated. Bloated with champions created for no other reason than to sell skins. Bloated with overpowered items and abilities that can't possibly ever be balanced because when you try to balance something you unbalance something else. Riot keeps adding and adding instead of fixing what is already there. There really, really needs to be a classic mode for people who don't want to deal with this never ending sea of bullshit.

  • O Fenómeno
    O Fenómeno

    The REAL reason is that the game is 10+ years old

  • Maestro KoB
    Maestro KoB

    it's been like 2 years since Exil said league was falling lol.

  • RealPsycho


  • thunfisch

    After 5 years or so I started over with LoL 2 months ago. I quickly realized that everything was too overpowered. One-hitting an equally levelled and equipped champion should not be possible! This game is too fast paced and everything is just too powerful. There's almost no strategy involved. The one who gets his mythic or legendary item first, just blasts away the entire team in mere seconds and then can even buy the next item and blast away the enemy team again and again and again. The game would possibly be great, if items wouldn't exist or be only 10% effective as they are now. Only then the game would really be a skill- and strategy game. I quit it for good.

  • MrChuck12

    i'm usually high elo player (GM/challenger) i mostly agree with the video, i think it sucks that everything is overtuned expecially new things (i did challenger with skarner this season for example which was way undertuned compared to others) but i think that can still be a challenging and fun experience, i mean the game has ALWAYS been unbalanced, sometimes more sometimes less, but what games the game so shit and not fun to play at the moment is the queue time compared to quality of the game. I usually stream 5/6 hours a day and everyday 2 hours of it it's me waiting for queue 10mins each time, people dodging a couple of time last second making me waste 30/40 mins for a single game and after all this waiting what do i get? somebody dies at lvl 2 and starts trolling/quit the game EVEN NOW IN PRESEASON, and i'm not talking about a bronze tier game, a game on a smurf at 200lp, pro's are getting at the point that it is funnier to just play for fun a low elo with people who afk/trolls less game compared to high elo, not even to say that the queue time is 100x lower than high elo.

  • bts lover
    bts lover

    the new items honestly forced me to quit the game. they just change it way too damn much and for the most part they don't even change it for the better. I don't even know what they're doing with their game anymore

  • Xelaranger

    I actually remember I started playing in season 2 sometime around fizz release pretty much leveling to 30 with minor runes on TT, SR was so much harder back then... you didnt even have a full rune page until level 30 not as beginner friendly as today's league.

  • thalrasha02

    Fall of scuffed dota

  • Dominik Lehocký
    Dominik Lehocký

    I stopped playing for years until I have learned to control my temper and emotions. The game is more fun then ever.

  • Cee

    People keep complaining about the game being imbalance while here I am wondering how Dopa always got it to challenger before whenever he feels like it. He'd be like, yay im now challenger, time to play pubg. Like wtf is that bruhhh. ppl here be complaining not to mention Dopa is playing against 5 enemies +1(Riot) every damn game. Idk man but I love this game even if i keep inting using Yasuo 😆😆😆

  • itchin4scratches

    release classic servers or die lol

  • Bane

    Im forever gonna think that league of legends has too many champions

  • Dark Kingster
    Dark Kingster

    I enjoy playing with AI and playing Game Modes more than the Casual Games and Rank.

    • Octavio Zaragoza
      Octavio Zaragoza

      Same i play vs the AI

  • Requiem

    They should remove duplicate bans honestly...

  • Requiem

    They should honestly stop making new champions for a while tbh, the new champs get ridiculous and more ridiculous...just focusing on old champs is equally fun.

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