The Rise of Aatrox on Patch 9.10 - An Adjustment of Power Budget In League of Legends
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Today, let's talk about Aatrox. With Aatrox's recent rework and changes on patch 9.10, let's discuss what makes Aatrox overpowered now. Aatrox runes and Aatrox builds have all been changed with the new Aatrox changes, and even hashinshin has been enjoying playing him again. Is Aatrox overpowered? Is Aatrox the new best top laner? Is he S tier on the league of legends patch 9.10 and 9.11 tier list? Thats the question we will answer in todays league of legends documentary video.
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Patch 9.11 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
Hashinshins thoughts on Aatrox:
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  • Exil

    Will NA Aatrox or EU Aatrox be better?

    • hashakah the ass eater
      hashakah the ass eater

      This is so sad now

    • TheFisher Guy
      TheFisher Guy

      None....anymore at least

    • Alija

      @Qbito10pl i played in eu and na. in eu they are focused more and are more serious about the game, thats why they play better and thats why they are more toxic. simple as that. it is a zoo, i agree, but its not what we are talking about. im personaly from eu and im a decent player but im not like other players. i keep cool and calm

    • Qbito10pl

      @Alija u forgot about eune 8) (its basically a zoo)

    • qiyanturne

      "quote me on this eu is garbage" -imaqtpie, twitch chat

  • BlackGlitch

    and now he's dead again

  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw

    The only reason they haven’t bumped him back up to place is the people who are great with him, He’s so fun to play though...

  • TinySkeleton

    Tfw no more revive

  • my name is untitled
    my name is untitled

    who's here after he got -yet again- gutted and left to rot?

  • Chessylex

    well this aged well

  • Crazy Mai
    Crazy Mai

    doen't this contradict your other aatrox video?

  • TonyTone

    Ah ! If only they kept it this way:( The world ender revive mechanic on kill ONLY is so balanced tbh they ruined his teamfighting and late game by removing it.

  • Henti Kirby
    Henti Kirby

    give me back my aatrox

  • Bouja

    Nice revive :)

  • Ashitaka Elric
    Ashitaka Elric

    fk nightblue lol

  • Malygonis

    i still miss old aatrox

  • Anon 24
    Anon 24

    i dont play lol anymore, haven't played in years and dont plan to play it anytime in the future, so why did i click on this video? because when i quitted the game Atrox was so bad that we used to call him Anthrax, so yeah, i wanted to see how an unsalvageable mess rose to power.

  • ヨリヌ

    From his rise before his rework and downfall, to another decimating revive of all time. Aatrox is revive himself!

    • ヨリヌ

      May his Revive be remembered

  • Απολλων Σαμπρακος
    Απολλων Σαμπρακος

    Rest in peace,like you always wanted aatrox...may we see eachother again in the new season.


    That yuumi kill was sad, reminiscent of watching Animal Planet when you know a prey is screwed but you're hoping they make it out somehow... and they dont 😭😅

  • Nova Crus
    Nova Crus

    but hashshinshin

  • Ben 87
    Ben 87

    Fizz has one ability that is a movement, intangibility, high aoe damage, and a slow.

  • Dick Borbon
    Dick Borbon


  • fishing for tuna
    fishing for tuna

    And now a doo doo victorious skin.

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell

    Yeah, this is still relevant...

  • Monotari

    Lol and now he’s gutted :c right after I got the prestige skin for him

  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    Thomas the Tank Engine

    And now he has 43% win rate. Thank you riot.

  • NotoriousMinded

    Fuck nightblue

  • Audairevonetta

    Riot deserves NOTHING for this change. Riot put 0 thought into making Aatrox good at all. Everything should be credited to Hashinshin for his big dick intellect.

  • gibarel

    my main problem with the reworked aatrox is that he went from an AA chamo with utility skills to an riven 2.0 caster champ

  • Jean-Benoît Volders
    Jean-Benoît Volders


  • Ricardo Melos
    Ricardo Melos

    Riot:wait thats illegal... *NERFFFFF*


    "like a pro" Nightblue's jungle course P I C K O N E

    • Thomas the Tank Engine
      Thomas the Tank Engine

      Hey don't disrespect my soraka jungle.

  • Dang Diggity
    Dang Diggity


  • RV

    Rip Aatrox revive

  • King Ryujin
    King Ryujin

    and they took what made aatrox away in the next few patches now how is riven with more healing less moblity and no shield

  • Hadesver G
    Hadesver G

    And the revive was removed so fuck aatrox

  • NightmareGats

    I'll always miss the old and true Aatrox

  • Kenneth Ravanilla
    Kenneth Ravanilla

    and then there's me suffering how to learn him.

  • RetentiveCloud

    What about now? How much of this is still valid now that he's just a riven2.0?

  • Inky

    9:02 listen, and watch. Then laugh. *misses all Q, misses W, HITS IGNITE FAKER WHAT WAS THAT*

  • Dimitri

    yeyyyy 48% wr again

  • jhk655

    how they possibly be playing on zero ping? Even if they have a server on their local network, there'd still be some latency. and could be pretty high depending on how smart whoever set up their network was. My point is that There's no such thing as zero network latency. even when you spin up a virtual server on your own machine, and then ping it, it still shows at least 0.5ms of latency.

    • GeorgeAR_RD

      I think what he meant by "zero ping" is that they play on such a low latency that for the human, there is virtually no input lag nor delay in the commands you give into the game. Basically everything flows to such a smooth levels that the reaction times here are held back by how fast the player is at reacting.

  • TheLastAatroxMain

    nothing good about this aatrox rework hes weaker than before and even more useless now that his revive is getting completely gutted. he sucks dick againts auto attacking champs like jax yi and irelia. nothing rewarding about his Kit and its incredibly hard to hit moving running targets. once u waste ur 1 and only damage ability ur fucked and level 1 its 14 seconds long might as well never use it until level 5. old aatrox was never bad and can fight anything as long as u can kite well and get fed early. saying this rework is good is just taking a big shit on all of us aatrox mains.

  • Mr InvestiGator
    Mr InvestiGator

    1:55 "why does akali's e do very little damage?" Combine damage of both casts: 380 + 210% bonus ad 🤔🤔🤔

    • Zane Robbins
      Zane Robbins

      Compared to her other abilities, her E does little damage, and does not scale with AP, her main stat. This will be changed next patch.

  • Aront Gimeil
    Aront Gimeil

    Patch 9.14 -_-

  • Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
    Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin

    exil: hes pretty neat proguides: SS+

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb

    aatrox healing is so disguisting played a game where i got a bit fed in the early then coudlnt carry to vicotry early so the game took really long and i got full build and the lifesteal u have is so fking busted its actually insane i didnt even understand hoow i kept staying alive in teamfigts for so long its pretty fun to play

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb

    honestly aatrox right now seems balanced when i play against him he never seems like a real problem

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb

    3:15 dont know why but that tilted me so hard

  • Kata Player
    Kata Player

    "speaking of aatrox, this video today is brought to you by proguides" you did a damn good job at that transition

  • SadSquidward

    Old aatrox. 16 sec cooldown on all of his abilities New aatrox 4 sec cooldown on all abilities Yeah now there's more counterplay omegalul, before you could dive him after he used Q now you cant

  • Fantasma CSTRP
    Fantasma CSTRP

    fucking subtitles calling him a trucks

  • Adam0193

    Video officially starts at 1:46. Thank me later.

  • Clueless Gamer
    Clueless Gamer

    Best change ever made? LoL weeks later now it's funny asf, broken

  • BeKay

    yes praise riot for making a good 5v5 champ in to a op busted champ you either pick or ban

  • Nooo Disaster
    Nooo Disaster

    Aatrox needs to be hard gutted. You said in the video yourself, he's OP. In top, he's oppressive early game but still scales into a late game monster that will heal anything and revive

  • deathUSAGI

    These videos are always so useless and pointless. But I click anyways because its story time.

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson

    Fuck this champion.

  • Xirnatts

    4:20 that damn Warwick death sound

  • Vasilescu Andrei
    Vasilescu Andrei

    Riot should be praised by the comunity :)) They made him the most broken champion league has seen in a long while

  • Anton Andales
    Anton Andales

    Finally after years of neglect this is what Aatrox deserves.

  • beef soup
    beef soup

    The only problem is that people will complain and use his top lane ranking to beg for nerfs. I don't think he's op since riot added some ways to counter him. Btw just play yasuo into Aatrox and e into him when he uses q

  • José Roberto
    José Roberto

    Unstoppable BTW

  • Stephen Chen
    Stephen Chen

    Bottom line, Riot can't make LoL a fun game for casual players without fking up competitive meta. At the rate ARAM is going, sooner or later they'll have to release another map or game mode to keep casual players interested. Or it may end up like Dota2.

  • Average Joe Bro
    Average Joe Bro

    Uhhh, I feel like this video missed the mark pretty severely. I think this is a terrible misjudgment of aatrox right now. He's probably one of the best and most broken champions currently. Every phase of the game he's great and if he's fed he's probably one of the biggest no counterplay champs to play against. It's great that he has a diverse range of options now... mid, top, etc. but it's also kind of a testament to how insane he is right now. It really doesn't matter where you play him currently since he can play into nearly anything and do well.

  • Jacob Kloberdanz
    Jacob Kloberdanz


  • lnox bilto
    lnox bilto

    I really hope akali gets aatrox treatment,what changes do you think will be good on her exil?

  • terry camp
    terry camp

    no revive.... no auto attacking... fucking hate riot now the only thing they think about aatrox is sustain...... im so done with league now

    • terry camp
      terry camp

      @Exil sorry man not meaning to swear got a little out of hand but it means im done with league content too so goodbye man

  • KingStix

    Another Banger

  • Oncem League Main
    Oncem League Main

    Exil called me a weeb at the end and that is why he got my like on this vid

  • Power Cosmic
    Power Cosmic

    Your videos are bad for the game and are part of LoL's decline.

  • marc vazquez
    marc vazquez

    You should talk about the Zed nerfs :d

  • GG WP
    GG WP

    an aatrox combo guide pls

  • Draco Rex
    Draco Rex

    oiii who u calling a weeb m8

  • Vastayashai'rei

    4:22 nice ww bug. (sound).

  • Tom

    Playing against aatrox as anything that doesn't have plenty of mobility is actual cancer at this point. Its one thing to be able to dodge his spells, but honestly, the MOMENT you miss a dodge one time, you are going to be hit with everything he's got. Combine that with his dash that he can use at any point during the q animations, and unless you've got yourself something that can either hold him down for a while or escape him, you're going to get chunked hard.

  • Red_Dragon_Scale

    @1:58 I don't understand. How is 380(+210% bonus AD) physical damage on a hybrid champion "very little damage?" That often ends up being almost 600 premitigation damage on top of being a high utility ability. Like, yeah the other parts of her kit are better damage-wise, so you use her E for utility, but it isn't like it is a weak ability.

  • Mike Canion
    Mike Canion

    Aatrox is too clunky for me, idk. Like, his Q is soooo slow, it's not my playstyle as an Assasin and mage main. When you get fed on him tho, he chunks a lot

  • MrNightmarekill

    0:54 look at that sexy old Akali, most skilled champ back in the day Kap

    • Sean Hellings
      Sean Hellings

      Nice joke she was more of a joke then than she is now

  • CantVoteFor SED
    CantVoteFor SED

    aatrox heal is obnoxious and should be nerfed... like 20% of the current value would be okayish

  • RoCk -StEpGuY
    RoCk -StEpGuY

    wait, was aatrox in a bad spot before 9.9? lol It was ok before, underrated champ, now is just a monster.

  • DeathZie

    My main is GOOD AGAIN

  • raoul herbord
    raoul herbord

    i want my good old aatrox back :((((

    • Halkem

      All we can do is hope my friend

  • Sean Lee Bush
    Sean Lee Bush

    LOOK AT HOW LOADED THAT KIT IS. Meanwhile you look at Zed, no unique passives anymore and scales with AD, that's it. It's just crazy to think how different some champs are. I wish they would give Zed a complete rework like this honestly; I don't think other Zed players would disagree. He is really fun to learn and play, but with how troublesome he is due to high ban rate and this linear kit, he wont ever get to see some unique play-ability like this. I just wish he had something more in his kit. Seeing that reset on Aatrox after being such a strong champ already compared to where Zed is right now, feels really cold man.

  • ArceusShaymin

    You know, I honestly dusted my Aatrox shard after the 9.9 changes because I figured he just wouldn't be playable and I wanted Yuumi. Kinda sad I did now, but what can you do; I'll get another eventually. Now let's just hope Riot can adjust poor Yuumi's power budget properly, too. Girl's got like a 38% winrate and it's sad because I like hopping between champs and being a funny little Jojo stand that spams Summoner Heal and getting to play "please walk towards the champ I'm trying to hit" every time I press Q.

  • TheFuriator

    >Riot listens to Hashinshin once >This is one of the best changes League has ever made

    • Kanan Animator
      Kanan Animator

      Ram RD his life steal is still real big,still fun to play

    • Ram RD
      Ram RD

      @Adukken yep.

    • Adukken

      @Ram RD And he is still fun and rewarding. So nothing changed really.

    • GeorgeAR_RD

      Ram RD And they just did.

    • Ram RD
      Ram RD

      Funny enough, one thing he said made a lot of people uncomfortable. They're going to erase the revive in his ult.

  • Liquid Water
    Liquid Water

    I don't usually watch ur vids but I stay subbed for champs I'm interested in. This is gr8

  • PapaFranku

    The first song in the video is by Adrian Von Ziegler since I don't see him being credited. Moonsong: ?v=LHvOGS3agVM

  • Steven Snippe
    Steven Snippe

    The change is good but the ratios are all over the place, it's beyond broken right now.

  • Zeny

    so u left mobalytics for pro guides ????????

  • Jim Adler
    Jim Adler

    3 minute mark before u even brought up aatrox, yeah down voting and closing the page

  • cursedshadow

    hes just a really better darius atm, outsustains/outdmgs tanks and gets shred from conq+BC, can deal with ranged champs and melees, both have insane level 1, has no mana, has 1v2 potential, relies less on team than darius, can split push to force 4v3s( his turret dmg is worse tho), has insane TFing and pseudo-engage, darius ult true dmg for like 1k true dmg max stacks, while 3rd hotspot aatrox does 600-700dmg at almost no cooldown during ult. I play both darius and aatrox, but i find myself not ever wanting to replace aatrox as hes superior in every aspect.

  • Pootrick

    I played aatrox and mastered him when he had his double e ability. He was so broken then. Now, he's more balanced since it rewards players who are really good at him. He's fun to play, now i've got a win rate of 70%.

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    i got bummed and i havent played him when they re did his ult lol ill try him again

  • Tomáš Řezáč
    Tomáš Řezáč

    what is that sound at 4:21 ? I get it in my games too and its so loud and obnoxious

  • Mokuto Media
    Mokuto Media

    Speaking of power budget, if this gets out of hand in pro play, Riot needs to REMOVE the heal increase on ult.

    • Seves

      Just change his ult to selfheal increase only

  • xSoulEateer

    I knew he was going to be OP after these buffs. Honestly Riot balance team are taking drugs, they are all so incompetent !!!

  • Cebul Cebula
    Cebul Cebula

    7:24 what was that?

  • Captain

    Fuck this beyond overtuned abomination and fuck conqueror, remove both

  • SOMEGUY Youknwo
    SOMEGUY Youknwo

    I love seeing more people talking about and play aatrox is aatrox mains only have each other and it’s nice to finally see him in the spotlight in a positive way

  • Luckywind

    just nerf aatrox already, that movement speed should be half. its not fair to see a fed aatrox chasing ur adc ass with over 600 movement speed, the single champ which can get huge movement speed is janna. this is just bad for riot games. as a supp main im dissapointed because riot buffs assasins, tanks, fighters but not buffing adc s (actual champ stats, not items because the items can be abused by other champs which are not adc) and bringing back ardent meta or atleast banner of command.

  • Mr Zed
    Mr Zed

    Why does akali's E do little dmg? 380+ 210% of bonus AD xDDDD

    • Claytor Yurnero
      Claytor Yurnero

      To be fair the standard Akali build only gets ~40 Bonus AD, so thats only around 450-500 damage when maxed, plus its a telegraphed spell that can endanger herself.

  • Erno Flügel
    Erno Flügel

    well is it really a good change if he is op?