The Story Of The League of Legends SUPERSTAR You Forgot - MikeYeung
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Today, let's talk about the jungler whos LCS career could not have started better, MikeYeung, and his story in league of legends history. From a star who was known for outplaying his opponents in challenger at just 13 years old, to now being in academy LCS. This is a video covering the history of MikeYeung, the history of LCS and TSM, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4, Patch 10.5, Patch 10.6
Editing, Research, Production, Writing, and Voice Over done by Exil
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Focus on Myself - Gloria Tells
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Let Me Feel - Killrude
Lose My Mind - Snake City
Pictures of a Floating World - Chaxti
Paradigm Shift - Gavin Luke
Spying Game - Ingrid Witt
Take on the World - Know Tomorrow
The Stakeout - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Through the Snow - Kikoru
Wasted Silence - Max Anson
Where I Left - Emily Rubye
Patch 10.5 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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Patch 10.5 is a GIGANTIC patch with changes to champions like Kayn, Ornn, Sett, Kai'sa, Sivir, Twisted Fate, Blitzcrank, Darius, and many others.
Concepts: Ornn nerfs 10.5, Sett nerfs 10.5, Rammus nerfs 10.5, Amumu nerfs 10.5, Blitzcrank nerfs 10.5, Bard nerfs 10.5, Kayn buffs 10.5, Graves buffs 10.5, Lissandra buffs 10.5, Neeko buffs 10.5, Twisted fate buffs 10.5, Sivir buffs 10.5, Kai'sa buffs 10.5, Alistar buffs 10.5, Sona buffs 10.5, Darius buffs 10.5, Mordekaiser buffs 10.5, Poppy buffs 10.5, Brand buffs 10.5, Titanic hydra buffs 10.5, Ravenous hydra buff 10.5, Blade of the ruined king buff 10.5, Turret plate buffs 10.5, Turret plate nerfs 10.5, Spelltheifs edge nerfs 10.5, Spectral sickle nerfs 10.5, Boots of mobility nerfs 10.5, Boots of swiftness buff 10.5, Tiamat buff 10.5,
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  • Exil

    Hope you guys enjoyed this little movie/documentary about MikeYeung and his amazing story. If it wasn't abundantly clear from the tone and writing of this video, I just want to say there are no ill intentions towards him. I wanted to bring light to his story only to say that I wish the best for him. I want to see him succeed! Thanks for watching and let me know your thoughts :)

    • marvin metellus
      marvin metellus

      I hope you make a part 2 i cant wait to know what mike does next

    • Kevin Arevalo
      Kevin Arevalo

      Dallas cowboys are ass my guy

    • Lucien DeJule
      Lucien DeJule

      I just wanted to say that I love your videos. They are always engaging, interesting, and a blast to watch. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Oscar meldgaard
      Oscar meldgaard

      My thoughts is that he was born in the wrong region if he was born in a region like EU where their junglers are put on high micro champs like lee and so on. He would probably still be on a pro team.

    • Khaled Didi
      Khaled Didi

      Hey dude , big fan of your videos , watched them , im really hyped to see more champion videos , and i would love to see the story of singed which was one of the first champions in the game and maybe a gangplank one the salt water scourge ! Keep up the clean work and good luck

  • GHKiwi

    I mean who would have thought that playing for a shit team in a shit region would ruin players right ?

  • Iznikroc

    Good Mental NA: where talent goes to die

  • PM_R34_PLS

    One of the most overrated players to ever be hyped by the community lmao

  • Vex

    P1 MikeYeung was crazy

  • Luis Dominguez
    Luis Dominguez

    Played football w Mike he hit that max squat of 275 and we were all shook 😂

  • Labeeb Al-Juneidi
    Labeeb Al-Juneidi

    Mans said the dallas cowboys lmaoooooo

    • Labeeb Al-Juneidi
      Labeeb Al-Juneidi

      love your content tho

  • IceFrosterz

    The Linsanity of League of Legends

  • Random Task
    Random Task

    He even plays with his fans on twitch/discord. He's pretty awesome.

  • Staka Duggan
    Staka Duggan

    almost as good as mike awk

  • dARTh

    Maybe The First Blood Joker next?

  • Kyle Robbins
    Kyle Robbins

    I went to high school with Mike, we played freshmen football together and took a food service cooking class! Glad to see he's putting Wallingford on the map

  • Disser ™
    Disser ™

    Man cool story but pretty cringe with those sad songs and slow motions

  • Ozan Akyıldız
    Ozan Akyıldız

    Mikeyeung subs here

  • Wyatt

    15:37 zven is 0/5/1 /ff

  • adrian dziejma
    adrian dziejma

    Superstar lol, more like Superinter

  • Mpilisxaloumi 7
    Mpilisxaloumi 7

    It’s very hard after my mother died I played league as an escape but am a noob gold yas main 😂

  • Hahu Hihu
    Hahu Hihu

    So pretty much Andrew Wiggins of League of Legends

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    I barely notice that he was the jungle in yassou's team on twitch rivals.

  • NaelaNightshade

    The internal struggle in Mike just goes to show that Pro League and League (for us normies) are drastically different....

  • Exoji


  • Tiga Wu
    Tiga Wu

    wish the very best, hope changing hair color helps

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes

    Xpeke documentary plz

  • Conor Ahern
    Conor Ahern

    Been 5 months and im lazy what happened to him after

  • Rañel BelanoYT
    Rañel BelanoYT

    We all know the Talent suppression machine is cancer org.

  • Rythm

    i just heard of him few minutes ago and now i think he was a legend shouldn't be forgotten

  • Haru CanRead
    Haru CanRead

    I hope his story will be like that of the Pro Dota 2 Player Ana. Who was an amazing rookie, but had almost no confidence. And would fall on hard times because of it. But then he came back, stronger than ever, as part of OG.

  • Yusei Fudo
    Yusei Fudo

    15:34 i truly Believe that was sabotage like why would you back line with a skaner

  • Xeakpress


  • georg kroux
    georg kroux

    It's not about winning or losing is about rising up when others are down

  • mr.H4ndzum

    "superstar" lmao okay

  • lol nofanz
    lol nofanz

    Bro your videos are so fucking chilling

  • Skeleton

    Anyone know the song right at the end? I've checked all the songs Exil has listed in the description but I can't seem to find it.


    meanwhile im in bronze.....

  • Bob Thorton
    Bob Thorton

    ? MikeYeung is a toxic loser.

  • ross

    Hes a great soloQ player but man was legit like a 3 trick pony or something, i don't know what TSM were thinking by signing him, maybe shortsightedness by failing to see League evolving towards a more flexible draft focused game? I dunno

  • Weebfox

    The four Es and overall presentation was great as always

  • GregInTechnicolor


  • ShawnBlaque

    Why the hell would a promising young aggressive jungler go to TSM.... You'd be better off going to play in Brazil or Oceania lol TSM is the type of team to get Tian of Clid and tell them to just ward

  • Placeboプラセボ

    Wait at competitive they use junglers as supports? Nani?

  • Tommaso Chiesa
    Tommaso Chiesa

    Tsm has a toxic environment and Regi doesn't help. And I'm sure the ruined Mike

  • ImTooxxiic x
    ImTooxxiic x

    Swear to god tsm Management needs to be locked up

  • xt1an3

    TSM: Where junglers go to die.

  • kang lee
    kang lee

    He should role swap to mid

  • Vlad Rep
    Vlad Rep

    I think the problem with TSM junglers is that they are probably told to play, but without making it look like Bjergsen needs help. It's kinda like Messi in soccer. Everyone needs to play to make Messi look good, and that is bad for the other players.

  • Phsycres Conquest
    Phsycres Conquest

    I think that having Ryu, one of the most stable(as in consistent) mids throughout his career. Where as Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg is a midlaner that needs to be babyied. Mikeyeung in my opinion works a lot better with the consistent midlaner that doesn’t need to be babyied. A recent Example if this is Akaadian. Akaadian is very much the same and look where he is now. TSM refuse to use SoloQ style Carry junglers. They want to be like Faker and Bengi. The problem is that Faker till about 2018 was very consistent and could get ahead off of a cancelled auto attack. Which allowed bengi to thrive on champs like Lee and that One hit wonder of a Nidalee game

  • L. V.
    L. V.

    "Potentially listed as on of the best junglers ever." We're talking NA here right?

  • The Cheesy Caveman
    The Cheesy Caveman

    Tsm is the only team that consistently has the talent to make it to worlds but would rather shoot themselves in the foot because they don't understand where there success comes from

  • ultear milkojohn
    ultear milkojohn

    In what way TSM a slightly below average team playoffs all 5 splits, 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 5th, a single game off of making 3/4 international tournaments? Also blaming TSM for misusing him when Mithy had to learn jungle to teach him how to play the game? yikes

  • Siras Les
    Siras Les

    Playing a different playstyle especially on a professional level must be super difficult. It's already hard enough that's why most pros are only good in 1 or 2 roles and 2 or 3 champs. Playing lee as a carry is not the same as playing tank zac

  • Siras Les
    Siras Les

    Playing a different playstyle especially on a professional level must be super difficult. It's already hard enough that's why most pros are only good in 1 or 2 roles and 2 or 3 champs. Playing lee as a carry is not the same as playing tank zac

  • Rafael Jimenez
    Rafael Jimenez

    Talent Suppression Machine

  • jon adams
    jon adams

    I looked through the song list that was in the video information, but I tried to find the one that was play as the video ended. Can anyone help me? None of the songs on the compiled list sounded like they were it.

  • Владица Алексић
    Владица Алексић

    Don't work and plays video games the whole life.

  • PyrdePvP

    Amazing video as aleays keep up the good work man!

  • Iftime Robert
    Iftime Robert

    at 13 challenger, im almost 18 and still stuck in silver what the fuck???

  • Vaal Inc.
    Vaal Inc.

    Hey Exil, would you do a video on Talon? love the indepthness

  • The Ryoka
    The Ryoka

    Mikeyeung is a respectable guy. Nobody would tell you other wise. *glances at IWDominate*

  • SoshiPlayZ

    Mike Young will be Mike Old soon

  • pflaumi

    20:49 I dont follow LCS very much. But just watching this here there is clearly a determining factor. - Metachanges and how certain players fit in the team with their playstyle. Let me clarify. First the metachanges. Remember the time when ADCs were not viable botlane? Rekkles benched himself because he himself said he was not on par with his competition when playing mages. Or the time when the tank meta ended and carry junglers and/or toplaners were the thing? Suddenly a lot of established former pros struggle if its not their style/champpool. Or when Ardent meta ended? - Such big Metachanges can hit the pros hard and there are only two routes if this applies. Adapt to fit in the meta, which takes time and have a even wider chapionpool if u prevail. Or be rdy to be a substitute til either your expertise is needed or u managed to adapt. The thing is having a substitude with a alternative expertise is not even a bad thing and can be utilized in Bo5s. SKT with Faker was completely different than SKT with Easyhoon. Another example is Fnatic with Rekkles. Now the second point. Some teams have a main style of play. Like put most resources to certain players/roles and let them carry the game. Lets say u had such a team together and your main carry is the midlaner. Next season u swap one player in a different role that excels at also beeing the carry. Assuming the meta stayed the same, u created a problem in the playstyle ur team utilized so far. And to fix such problems needs adaptability of the complete team and most importantly ... time. Like i said, i dont watch LCS but maybe this also applied to MikeYoung. The reddit post at 8:30 lets me assume Bjergsen had said carry position in the team, which is why i told the story before the way i did. The thing is overcoming and working out these problems can create great flexibilities. It widens the championpools of the players and the playstyles of the team as a whole. G2 is a great example for this. It feels like everyone can play anything. I especially like it when Wonder fucked up with a carry toplane and next game he got put on "Orn-duty" like they joke about. Same thing with Jankos and Seju. Their style of play was so unpredictable and at the same time dominant in their league. It freshened up the current metaplaystyle/-game and led to other teams also utilizing a greater variety of championpools. To conclude this, i wanna say ur league content is one of my favourites with that kind of style and im looking forward to the next vid.

  • Rajon Chriss
    Rajon Chriss

    if d-rose played league

  • Dorimi Prism
    Dorimi Prism

    19:10 I know I'm supposed to be looking at Nidalee and thinking about Mike, but that Wukong is just having such a good time up there...

  • Romnys Gonzalez
    Romnys Gonzalez

    MikeYeung on a team who allow him to play his hyper agressive style. Blaber is like him. Mechanical god who play on his feeeling. Who make actions happens though his instinct. TSM probably destroyed MIke confidence so hard and make him feel like shit he touched bottom and lose himself in the process. Now he doesn't understand or know how to play the game anymore. He lost his mental edge and now doubt about every single action he makes. He look scare of what his teammates will say to him if one play doesn't work. So trying to avoid that situation he turned into a stale player, invisible ward with legs. He reached that point at TSM and TSM just abandon him without teaching him how to get out, or how to properly play tanks without pushing him into the ground with criticism. They didn't want to help his development

  • Romnys Gonzalez
    Romnys Gonzalez

    TSM ruined him

  • Geomenda

    He did nothing in TSM xD

  • Piper Free
    Piper Free

    "Sorry for talking your job"

  • IZ

    Mike is simply a Nidalee, not a Gragas, not a Zac but a Nidalee. So is a cow a cow and not a horse despite having 4 legs

  • Kc123

    bro the production quality on these put the score esports to shame

  • Karl Liebknecht
    Karl Liebknecht

    Wait... Good documentary, but you said that everybody wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys, who haven't been relevant for 20 years.

  • H. Hamza
    H. Hamza

    Talent Supression Machine stroke again

  • DKY

    I remember that Clutch series. That was the one where TSM just refused to ban Thresh even though Hakuho was red hot with it.

    • Kristos Negrón
      Kristos Negrón

      I remember watching this series with a couple of friends and the first thing I said was "TSM is outclassed in every lane and they'll be lucky if they take at least one game." I never really liked Mikeyeung, but I do think TSM did him dirty when it was clearly Mithy's fault that they lost as badly

  • GameWithAdam

    But what happens when he's older and still called Mike Young?

  • Air OK
    Air OK

    MikeYeung is the Michael Carter-Williams of LoL

    • Air OK
      Air OK

      Also, the whole Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung meme was a riff on the FGC meme of Mike “Mike Ross” Ross, whose name was memed for the same reasons as MikeYeung’s.

  • Błind

    do a documentary on ratirl and yamatos marriage

  • Frank c
    Frank c

    Please give us more content 🥺 its been too long since your last video.

  • Bouja

    Still waiting for another video 1month later

  • RichThe1Kid

    New Video Idea Teemo: Satan's Own It would explain why everyone hated teemo despite his weak gameplay and how it reached peak levels, even to the point where he got his own skin because of this meme.

  • carion

    I belive in Mike, he can do it!

  • David Andres
    David Andres

    When are you coming back? Nice video.

  • Sparkbag

    guys, Mike Yeung has started streaming on twitch recently, if you can read this comment then please go check him out

    • I Sena
      I Sena

      For those who are searching for his channel :

  • Ethan Scot
    Ethan Scot

    Can you do a video on Evelyne

  • Tsipoureiro 404
    Tsipoureiro 404

    Can you please make a documentary about Mordekaiser's history

    JAKII_II I've been watching a couple of your videoes now and hooooooolllllllyyyy fuck they are high effort. I don't think I've ever seen such high effort content before so plz just keep up the good work man!

    • Exil

      thank you so much!

  • drakLORDmike

    Ivern used in competitive to tank for the team -This Man

  • Tomltomm


  • church of the tea
    church of the tea

    So exil why did you pick riven as your main? My friend reason was because she has the battle bunny skin so she had to main riven

    • coldtea7

      I still wish he didn't delete a lot of videos

    • coldtea7

      He said in the past he started playing Riven because of fakers showcase in season 5

  • ian lam
    ian lam

    Very very entertaining video and I'm so impressed by the quality of it! League of legends should be lucky for having content creators like you!

  • sewerin stoqnow
    sewerin stoqnow

    You're a good guy Exil and an extremely good video/movie producer. I'm learning from you. Thanks for the inspiration and effort you put into your material!

  • luster 5
    luster 5

    I hope the people you prais give you a "shout out", otherwise it's kinda dumb....just saying

  • Kyrie Dunkelwasser
    Kyrie Dunkelwasser

    Should do a video on the history of Aurelion Sol, how he always has a high win rate, and why most of the people have quit him since the rework we never asked for.

  • Steve Griswald
    Steve Griswald

    I loved this video and i always loved yeung, but don't ever praise TSM. They're a trash org.

  • Geronimo Silva
    Geronimo Silva

    Yo, pleeeease make a league of Legends movie lmao I would definetly watch it

  • Awojky

    I would say that not mis usagebof talent as much as how meta shifted into tanky ardent cancer during those years, even if he was godlike on lee and nida, those champs were garbage duing those days since the meta was that way, and if u cant play those champs ure comfortable on and godlike on, u lose

  • Hom Tolland
    Hom Tolland

    I keep forgetting that Exil and Nicolai are different

  • Jeremy Stettner
    Jeremy Stettner

    Let’s all be real hear, these videos hit different, the intros especially. Low-key, Exil is one of the best league documentary style RSloftrs by far on this platform.

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    saqqa Man

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    Poop Ly

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    Guilherme Moyna

    I wish you would make one of those movies about a brazilian player or team. There are awesome stories here too (I could help with translation).