The Story Of How AP Ezreal With Smite Destroyed League of Legends For 1 Month
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Season 10, 10.1, 10.2, Patch 10.1, Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4
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Ezreal Nerfs Patch 10.14
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Intro Song: They Don't Alder feat. King Sis
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Patch 10.14 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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    6:40 why is he calling shyvanna and hecarim top laners they are both junglers???

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    Talking about Ap ez real but youre not gonna mention the ap ezereal god himself ... SivHD

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    That first clip was not AP

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    Pompy Jr. Dela Ostia

    smite meta gotta be the dumbest broken shit in the game backthen

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    i havent played lol in years and i still remember runeglaive ezreal

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    Do cinderhulk Fizz next

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    Kog'Maws Tv Show

    RIP AP Ezrael.

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    I remember that meta it was so fckn annoying but fun to play ez on mid

  • Christopher Sabados
    Christopher Sabados

    I hate ez so much rn on this patch 11.14 at lvl 4 with sheen his q does 290 dmg makes 0 sense needs a nerf

  • Annonymous 707
    Annonymous 707

    At the beginning i was like "wasnt ezreal reworked?" Glad the video reminded me god ive spent more hours in the rift trashtalking people than i have spent outside socializing to think league of legends is already that old where lots of changes have been made to the game time really does fly huh remember when the side lanes had no pocket and summoners rift had a christmas map the game mode ascent? When we had twisted tree line with the big spider remember when rengar was reworked? Remember that time leblanc worked like ryze with her sigil damn not too mention remember when u had to buy runes max lvl 30? Needed max lvl to unlock mastery points league of thunder lords the old dark harvest where u can get stacks from jg monsters and cannon

  • Thendar

    Cinderhulk (and Spirit of the Ancient Golem) killed my Jungle Nautilus even tho it wasnt his fault :c

  • PerversePoster

    How much does it frustrate you as content makers that the game keeps changing so much? I mean you guys spend so long on these vids and then the items or build or champ it is all about becomes irrelevant.

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    Damn this Ezreal model looks more like a girl than I remember. It feels so weird.

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    Oh Bjgersen. My favorite player forever I’m pretty sure. Made me love TeamSoloMid.

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    Wtf is that wolf thing at 9:24

  • Wxrrior OG
    Wxrrior OG

    I play ap ezreal mid and there is not 1 game I have not get fed that is my skill and he's scaling

  • VolTorian - Minecraft
    VolTorian - Minecraft

    i remember playing runeglaive ezreal for a bit back when i had no idea what to main

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    Song name at 3:20 please god I can’t find it but it sounds so familiar

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    No one remembers tear kha on mid 😀

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    The name of this Ezreal - Runglaive Ezreal. I played with him and that was insane times... I miss you, Ezreal...

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    You take three times as long as necessary to make a point

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    E is a skill shot?

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    wait that was 5 years ago ? damn..

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    Thought this was about the blue build

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    League normal match = abnormal match

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    Lucas Cusanelli

    Rip Runic echos and all other jg items

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    Space Manifest Destiny

    Runglaive actually made midlane Sona not as niche and abysmal as usual. Season 5 was an interesting time.

  • Jake Sauble
    Jake Sauble

    Blue Ezreal mid was the most fun build EVER in LoL history!

  • Reigne Baylon
    Reigne Baylon

    Siv HD brought me to love ezreal

  • Tazotazi Tazotazi
    Tazotazi Tazotazi

    Ok i have this absolute theory in mind about nocturne.... Sooo if we say that max atk speed is capped at 5.00(with lethal tempo) what will happen to nocs passive cuz every 2 nd or. 3 rd atk he heals if we calculate roughly every second noc heals twice from his auto atacks and also deals aoe dmg to enemy champs 1 or 2 times . If we add spear of shojing to his build then well have his abolities reduced by 1 sec right ?? Which means for 6 sec hell be able to have 5.00 ideal atk speed and every 2 atk he will heal and deal 5x dmg to. All the enemy champs and if we add this absurd to calculator somehow we get 2x5x5(passive hits to other champs)+ 3x5 that is equal tooo 65 auto atacks in 5 secs and if we at least give noc base ad then hell do at least 50 ad dmg to target em i wrong ?? Soo 65x50 =3225 with only base ad im not counting passive dmg from q and item buffs soo if we give him bork that will give him minimum of 60 ad and +40ad other item bonuses and +60 ad from passive and + at least 10 ad from runes what the fk do we get ?? 65x220=14300..... 14 k dmg from 5 sec free and ideal situation... Even if we devide this 14 k dmg that was alredy devided then he will still be able to take down adc squishy sup mage and jg ... Think about that ...

  • Reydel Mailla
    Reydel Mailla

    I remember those days. Good times. Gooooodtimes.

  • Daniel Dorobat
    Daniel Dorobat

    l just won a game ap ezreal (mld) 20/10/20 :v

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    ezreal smite yeah wkwkw lol

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    What's the song of 0:36 i've been searching its name so long.

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    damn... how was this 5 years ago? Times flies.

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    Fun fact is that the pentakill is made by ad ezreal

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    esreal was the first champ i mained

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    please for the love of god tell me whats the name of the song and version starting around 1:00

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    what’s with the stupid ass music drawing you out

  • Cameron Self
    Cameron Self

    I'm new to league, and watching these is really interesting as a game development history resource. I'm confused to why this worked - the spellblade clause is "after you use an ability, the next *basic attack*...", and Ezreal's Q ability is an ability, not a basic attack. Is it just treated as a basic attack because it deals physical damage?

    • Cameron Self
      Cameron Self

      (Also 3 months late, who know's if I'll get a response)

  • Mark Panduro
    Mark Panduro

    Only thing i disagree with in this video is that part where he says "His W has been changed for a better version, " And that just seems stupidly wrong, The rest seemed true enough tho, But old Ez W was much better

  • kataz

    miss this

  • Viket

    i feel like lol will end like overwatch someday like blizzard forces everyone to play like they say ( banning champions each week and limit roles)

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    SlacKerZ1 zzz

    I loved watching this patch. Pawn played this mid and it was awesome.

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    Leoh music

    Kinda wish he would stop getting skins so i could stop buying them

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    more like gayzreal the most expressively homosexual champion

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    This just reminds me of the time when AP tryndamere just dominated everything

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    Mc Jethro Pov Tee

    @Exil you credited the wrong artist for your intro, it was Loving Caliber by Signs.

  • Xaeoxic

    7:00 I do this right now with sion, I bring grasp and overgrowth, then usually very healthy items so I can end a game with anywhere from 6-10k hp depending on the length of it.

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    Zaldhi Farenza

    personal. i really like runeglaive ezreal so much :(

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    Yo please does anyone know the music right After the intro it sounds so familiar

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    Chadwick Ho

    i used to spam ap ezreal. not because i was a smart futurist reading psych notes. i saw it on magikarpusedfly and thought it looked fun.

  • lolmanboss

    Ah i know when i played Ahri mid with runic ecco and frostqueen. So goldefficient that you got more gold than the enemy even if they outfarmed you and still had the stats to to deal the same amount of damage as the enemy. Freeelo for a long time

  • Duy Tran
    Duy Tran

    I like how now every spells in this game, even auto attack spells i.e GP's Q is coded to be dealing "0 spell damage", for the fact that Manaflow Band exists. So AP Ezreal pretty much could proc Luden's Echo with just the Q.

  • Somoko Animations
    Somoko Animations

    This is why Ezreal is a blue Star Guardian on Ahri's team. During the time he dominated jungle, SG season 2 came out.

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    Ahhh man I used to play this for a month straight it was fucking funnn maaan ahahahah

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    Just today I got the 3rd Mastery 7 token for him

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    Zac The Secret Weapon

    Runeglaive, sheen effect, not exciting for Gragas? mmm

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    Damn AP Ezreal i played it alot after i saw SivHD play it

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    What a stupid character with funny skills!

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    damn star guardian ezreals legs view is HOT

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    The stixxay Ezreal Penta never gets old

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    nunca me voy a olvidar de pepi vs fnatic

  • Uninteresting Bagel
    Uninteresting Bagel

    Remember the machine gun kog maw guys?

  • UwU 1234
    UwU 1234

    AP Ezreal with smite sounds like a build I would do in rankeds when my friend is in promos

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    I really miss your Riven content from 3 to 4 years ago. Happy you became massive on RSloft, but I miss my otp vids.

  • Llamuseq

    I wanna video about Qiyana. Her history is so sad, actually she is the worst champion on midlane but she is so young

  • zac zac
    zac zac

    I remembered this one. It really annoyed me because a midlaner taking a smite. I cannot go with the trend thats not what I used to play, a old league of legends gameplay. But i need to adapt, however I really miss the old lol

  • manatime66

    music at 3:10 nearly gave me a heartattack man wtf

  • Martin

    Only og's remeber who was the best ap ez in the world :)

  • Janderpp

    2015 AP EZ was the best

  • Nyuex

    Convinced me to give him a try 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Zevvv :D
    Zevvv :D

    So I used to play AP ezreal 2019-2020 then came his nerfs (kleptomancy mostly) where I dominated pretty hard, but when he got his buffs all the other ezreals that went ad So I did ad for a few games and I fell off really hard with ezreal :


    The season 11 item rework is just all Ezreal buffs

  • Chuck Chuk
    Chuck Chuk

    Lot players dont know that ap ezreal had the highest dps one time.

  • randomyoutubename002393

    great video as always. I think powerofevil deserved a shoutout for his role in bringing ap ez to pro play

  • Alec Sanabria
    Alec Sanabria

    I don't think you mentioned it, but since runeglaive converted the attack to magic damage it allowed ez to proc ludens echo on his q making his poke even bigger. Combined with the runeglaive aoe he now also had decent waceclear which is something he normally lacked.

  • Shannon Felini
    Shannon Felini

    Don't forget lethality jungle Ezreal, that was the most freelo shit in ranked

  • Andreas Sjögren
    Andreas Sjögren

    New link please :) For discord

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    you're telling me that was 5 years ago???? holy shit I'm getting old

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    Discor link broken for anyone else?

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    Not even 3 min in and I’ve watched a full minute of ads, holy

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    Love Yourself

    Can you do a video on the week that Attack Speed Neeko was broken af haha?? @exil

  • Osumazi meowisfromme
    Osumazi meowisfromme

    Runegleve Sona was much better to insult your enemy :D

  • inplane

    Kind of sad that Riot is constantly removing hybrid playstyles. Champs like Ez, Kayle, and Akali who can build hybrid are the most fun to experiment with because their potential is huge.