[Tutorials] Riven Top 10 Combos YOU Should Learn And Master!
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  • Florin Bratu
    Florin Bratu

    i use Q-E-W-Q-AA-Q

  • Gram Gaming
    Gram Gaming

    Nobody : Exil : 3:06 KS REPORTED

  • Word Master
    Word Master

    This has eluded me for so long, and I could never understand what I was doing wrong.... on your combo against Vayne, I think you meant to say it ends with Tiamat Q. For example, Vayne combo is: E - R - Q - F - W - AA - R - Tia - Q. Doing the combo like that, causes me to do the tiamat and 2nd Q at the same time. let me know if I am correct.

  • Omen09

    I can watch it with a straight face. 2020, still not patched, ppl still running around thinking it's a feature, not a bug/oversight from developers... I am so glad i left this game

  • Geo C
    Geo C

    E-R-F-3rd Q is hard

  • Patrick Starfish
    Patrick Starfish

    Ahhh good old exil yelling into a clipping mic

  • Yeb Garge
    Yeb Garge

    Filipino kids: look at this combo dudes *spams keyboard*

  • Sylas Oce
    Sylas Oce

    gotta love how hes like. its sucks how it locks you inplace. laughs in every aatrox q and you can animation cancel them

  • Hayden Russell
    Hayden Russell

    so your fast combo tutorial doesnt exist anymore. is it no longer up to date or did the youtube take it down??

  • Iordan Chis
    Iordan Chis

    Is the fast q combo still online. If yes where can find it?

  • Chomper

    I miss this riven

  • Boundless Gaming
    Boundless Gaming

    1:22 sir im having trouble finding you "guide"

    • Cortex101

      This one is decent rsloft.info/loft/video/lpZisbCrz2bQfpQ

  • A.B.

    Simple Riven Combos Lane Trade : (Q1 to gap close) AA-Q2-AA-W-Q3-E away All-In : (R1) E-AA-Q1-Q2-AA-W-Tiamat-Q3-AA-R2 Save ultimate during combo for the execute passive or use it early to catch runners.


    We’re the fast combo

  • Tantaro

    Thanks your tutorial helped me a lot :)

  • I Want Lee
    I Want Lee

    How the hell could it be scary or hard to R --> F? People's grandmothers are able to R --> F fast enough.

  • Trajče Donev
    Trajče Donev

    Did u delte videos?

    • Coldtea7

      He deleted videos he felt were unnecessary and videos that didn't fit his new channel picture.

  • BieneMajaHD

    so just press e and then spam, ty

  • Tunguska Boost
    Tunguska Boost

    But does smashing the keyboard after you flash Q on someone works too ? Because that's how I'd do it

  • Mateja Trninic
    Mateja Trninic

    Report ks

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb

    holy shit just realized this is exil xD

  • Isollated RYR
    Isollated RYR

    i have always known that here basic attack is her strongest

    • Coldtea7

      Well without her passive her basic attacks aren't that much.

  • Yahya

    sorry what is meaning of (Tia) how can i do it?

    • Coldtea7


  • Ahmed Taie
    Ahmed Taie

    Did he remove the fast combo tutorial he is talking about at 1:15 ?

    • Coldtea7

      He removed a lot of out dated videos and videos that didn't fit his current style as much.

  • Unknown.

    In the 8th combo you can actually do E-R2-W-Q it is much better tho.

  • KFP

    for last combo you can use ERflash QW aa R tiamat Q

  • Ulf Heitzmann
    Ulf Heitzmann

    Hh riven plebs. Just admit that you just faceroll over the keyboard and pretend it is mechanics and animation cancel. How about you just take my veigar R into the face and go back to the fountain. LoL. There should be a trash can placed by riot at the fountain. Where all the rivens get put into while they are dead. Git Gud.

  • [Ɖeceive]

    I think that instead of going E > R > F > 3rd Q, I prefer putting a W in the weave so it goes E > R > F > W > 3rd Q

  • Kamishininoyari

    The number 8 combo can be improved alot by doing R1 - E-R2 (wait 0.25 sek) W-Q (so W before Q not the other way around). Its not only faster but way more fluent to follow up on with other combos. Can be combined with F to finish someone off from range: R1 - E-R2-F-W-Q. Try it out for yourself. The combo you present sometimes bug where the cast sequence wont be the one you intended making the slow and ineffecient.

  • Mutian Zhang
    Mutian Zhang

    tbh this is great

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    Have you tried doing E-R2-F-Tiamat-W-Q?

  • Riven FanBoi
    Riven FanBoi

    I've been maining riven for 1 1/2 years now and this video is the reason why i got good 😊

  • diego villavicencio
    diego villavicencio

    Shy combo and E R1 (0.2) F A W Q R2 Q

  • Fabrício Braga
    Fabrício Braga

    Why you talk with bots?

  • Zoe Bot
    Zoe Bot

    still the best riven guide on youtube

  • CalmDown BigBrother
    CalmDown BigBrother


  • Ardit Dafku
    Ardit Dafku

    you forgot to mention the F-U-C-K combo because yall damn know you aint learning this shit.

  • Lolemao

    Uh i know this video is made long ago but i found out that i can E R1 Q W but i cant seem to do E R2 Q W any tips?

  • Xiayu

    how do you mess up combo 9 lmao

  • Emil Jensen
    Emil Jensen

    Rly good toutrial on The combos helps alot

  • Abbe M.
    Abbe M.

    what is tia

  • Caio

    miss you

  • Jere

    i learned the fast combo but i cant use it on the lanin, some help please

  • Shen Yang
    Shen Yang

    You know what... I'll stick with annie

    • I love kittens
      I love kittens


    • D4V1D

      LS knew it already! :D

  • Blink_TV

    What does tia means ?

  • moLeOnPoT

    Please, do not RQ tho.

  • michaelb boardman
    michaelb boardman

    The last combo should be E-R-F-Q-W, that way you get the q damage. They wont have time to flash away from it so dont worry.

  • Pizza Shadows
    Pizza Shadows

    please help me iam still cant do the combo of the MS

  • Combo4Life

    how do i use rivens ult without pressing r and aiming it

  • Daniele Ventriglia
    Daniele Ventriglia

    Timestamps: 0:40 Fast combo 1:34 E-W-Q Double cast combo 2:32 E-R-Q Double cast combo 3:21 R-W / E-R-W 3:56 Tia-W / E-Tia / Tia-Q 4:31 R-F combo 5:05 Q-E-Q 5:27 R1 E R2 Q W (Tia-Q-AA-Q-AA) 6:25 E-R-F-3rd Q 7:07 E-R-Q-F-W-AA-R-Q-Tia

    • Yahya

      what is meaning of (Tia) how can i do it?

  • Elijah Cruz
    Elijah Cruz


  • Tiger Gepard
    Tiger Gepard

    Where is the E-R-F-W-Q- One shoot comb?

  • Garrett Neumann
    Garrett Neumann

    Thank you.

  • AsTKNaN Shyo5
    AsTKNaN Shyo5

    i think i will cansel be riven main

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban

    Am I wrong, or wouldn´t it be faster, if you would use Tiamat before the W?

  • Nero Esparda
    Nero Esparda

    What is a TIA? Just trying Riven never use it before..

  • FabioSxO

    3:10 report ks

  • 100,000 Subcribers with no Videos
    100,000 Subcribers with no Videos

    (R1, Q1) Q E Q R2 W

  • 100,000 Subcribers with no Videos
    100,000 Subcribers with no Videos

    Can I do E R2 W Tia Q?

  • Belhaj Mahmoud
    Belhaj Mahmoud

    thanks for this great video. I enjoyed watching and learning at the same time

  • Joku Ukko
    Joku Ukko


  • james bartana
    james bartana

    i have perfect timing with the auto but i move mouse away from target too soon or something. any tips? when i Q it does the full animation sometimes. but i cancle the auto perfectly.

  • Left Vassis
    Left Vassis

    Riven feels very underwhelming compared to other top laners

  • Ken Q
    Ken Q

    R1 E+R2 F W+Q best combo.

  • Nikiforos Kliafas
    Nikiforos Kliafas

    After the q-e-q you then can w-r-q (this is my personal favorite combo). And man this is a great video.

  • aerovic

    Thanks the great guide it was very informative it helped me a lot cause im still a bit new to riven

  • Julie Porter
    Julie Porter

    whats a tiamat?

    • Crystal Brooks
      Crystal Brooks

      Julie Porter Tiamat is an item in game that gives you an ability

  • tqad123

    try to do R(1) E AUTO HYDRA R(2) W Q, or E R(1) W Q FLASH and back ult for cancel animation.

  • pssst its me Cybr3
    pssst its me Cybr3

    9. Depends on the keyboard

  • Grimix

    Is this still relevant?

  • //PROJECT JT314
    //PROJECT JT314

    I'm not that familiar with Riven, but I am quite comfortable with Lucian. Are there playstyles, in terms of animation cancelling and not utility, similar?

  • Earl Anthony Labitigan
    Earl Anthony Labitigan

    Where is the "shy combo"???

  • johnlloydcfs mondol
    johnlloydcfs mondol

    oh so hard

  • Shravan Pradeep
    Shravan Pradeep

    Great video best animation cancel video i've watched (for riven) and super helpful. I tried using flash with f for the combos and now i always use f just a little more convenient.

  • Mejay

    do this combos work in 2018?

  • Gemon

    Wtf is Tia

  • Teenytiger Gaming
    Teenytiger Gaming

    3:09 KSSSS!! LOL

  • Varun

    you can also do E R W Q instead of E R Q W which i find is more effective

  • CookieS TV
    CookieS TV

    Thank you man, Best riven tutorial that i've ever seen, it helped me master riven quickly.

  • Tanuki159

    Thank u man...

  • MoxieInside

    what it tia?

  • albino teror
    albino teror


  • Alexandr Melichar
    Alexandr Melichar

    imposibru that last combo

  • Yas uo
    Yas uo

    Hi ur explaination are good, hope u will get more subscriber

  • Unity

    Whats a Tia?

  • Alex Acatrinei
    Alex Acatrinei

    Pls say what is tia combo

  • Beata Bukowska
    Beata Bukowska

    its so hard to play riven and what does the tia mean

  • KysZ1x

    why wrote ks u was playing against bots 😂

  • Kiyomei

    youtube should allow me to block users, i don't understand how this keeps showing up in my feed for me to have to dislike this... when trying chill and watch some proper guides and better coaching...

  • Sava Stevic
    Sava Stevic

    U suckk

  • cloa

    Wtf does tia mean!????? Fuuuck tell me plzz someone!!!

    • Viole


  • Avi Benz
    Avi Benz

    hahaha the exiled combo... hahaha keep dreaming bro

  • Ziyi Jin
    Ziyi Jin

    would like to 1v1 you !

  • a

    Isn't it better to E-R2-W-Q? It unlocks you faster. o.o

  • ExpateSy

    why dont you do e-r-q-f-w-aa-tia-r-q?

  • Riven Specifically
    Riven Specifically

    The werhli combo tutorial! more advanced than these combos rsloft.info/loft/video/as9ktX3TxImRenI

  • Hwaryun

    When you can do any combo but you can't do the fast combo.... (my story)

  • LoLNebula

    my favorite thing to do is have my windslash ready to go, then e r flash w q, then use my q's and autos after that if the squishy isn't dead. it's an extremely fast burst combo

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    i really don't like your guide too much tbh... there are alot of important aspects you missed out on for example u coul have explained when to use your before even starting a combo when u do an ambush or smth like u could've in the vayne oneshot clip. Out of the "triple cast" u can even squeeze out some more damage by doing : e aa tiamat r2 q w aa q

  • Monkey D.Luffy
    Monkey D.Luffy

    So helpful thanks a lot