What Exactly Makes Korea So Much Better Than Other Regions
Hello guys I thank you for clicking on todays video. This video is about not only what makes korea so good at league of legends, but also why korea is so good at league of legends. Korea is the most dominant region, winning the last 4 world championships. And I wanted to go into detail as to why Korea really is so good at league.
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Why korea is so good at league

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  • 소드오라토리아

    한국이 그렇게 겜을 잘하는건가..?

  • Grace Soyemi
    Grace Soyemi

    1000th comment

  • Diamond XxX
    Diamond XxX


  • Hit or Miss
    Hit or Miss

    Yes Chinese player too There was 3 Chinese players in my team and they told me to go to in front of the enemy like they want me to scarify, yes that was so mean and I was like ok and I sacrificed then they clean the whole lane and push and we won. I was so suprised like they are so amazing and reaction is so fast 👁👄👁 so when I saw Korean or Chinese guy in enemy team I’m sure I’m gonna be lost 😞✌🏼 Good Luck guys

    • abc2390986

      Chinese gamers are no where as try hard/dominating as Korean players. Yup they are good and very strong in online matchmaking but due to economic reasons most of the gamer based can’t take competitive gaming as a job as they have way too many things in real life to take care of. Korean players have better chance and have more time to dig into the game and most importantly they can feed themselves for real with all these prize money. Chinese players are usually more of just mini try hards, they know the game a bit better than most people and that is enough for them to dominate in online ranked. Korean players well they just play the game like a state-of-art. They plays so clean and perfect. Even Chinese tournament players will play on Korean server since these players are so good that they actually look like a nobody and playing against Korean players allow them to learn the game even further despite they are probably top 10 in their own country.

  • 악플용계정

    In korea, if you doing mistake in the game, you may take some crazy bad word like your mom and dad. that's why Korean gamers are always angry and play hard. Lol

  • Auto K
    Auto K

    It depend on IQ

  • Auto K
    Auto K

    Just high iq

  • zzTop

    fast internet . pc cafe everywhere . high pride .

  • 불사조Phoenix YT
    불사조Phoenix YT

    i say this guys don,t go to korea server


    Its like we’re better at sport because it’s very supported here

  • 체리카드값줘

    I'm a Korean. Thank you for praising Korea. I think you guys are so cool

  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    So it's basically because they play more, so the overall server level increases a lot, and by playing with better people you get better yourself. As I always say: if you will play 2 games per day there's no reason to play ranked. Ranked is for those who want to play 7 hours straigth and spend the rest of the day studing about the game.

  • sy p
    sy p

    Foreigner: Why are Koreans so good at games? Korean: cuz our parents' safety depends on the game. (There is a swear word in Korea that belittles the other person's parents. So if you're not good at games, you're told that.)

    • abc2390986

      Oh heck it takes me a minute to understand

  • sugagirl _bts
    sugagirl _bts

    What does flash mean?

  • 감성전달프로젝트

    한국인 손들어라

  • zaluman

    I would like to move there. But thats pretty much just a distant dream. Mostly i just want to escape from the western indoctrination and extreme propaganda and its dystopian nigthmare for anyone who doesnt have his head up his ass! Kabbalah hollywood is gone. Transgender moorish paradise without the 72 virgins..how is that not obvious that the oil sultans own the shit of our western regimes. We are deeper down the propaganda hole than alice is down on her LSD blotters. Fuck this shit. Hit me up with somw good language course. Rip democracy and western civilzation. Rome has beeen pillaged and, raped ... shit might aswell make the population into the mindless slaves that we all are. Because free speech sure as hell doesnt exist anymore. Imean ffs hong kong is fucking gone. That was the fucking bridge.....

  • Michael Bae
    Michael Bae

    Koreans are rlly competitive and yell at each other a lot even at home

    • Aiden Hong
      Aiden Hong

      Doesn't every countries do that. Now don't try to be racist here

  • 0 burdincake
    0 burdincake

    We Koreans should do the best in league of legend to protect our parents.

  • Harvey the Immortal
    Harvey the Immortal

    you can play in korean sever using script code

  • 이서준

    Korean play game for their parent because when you are noob they say'You don't have mom!'

  • Wentian Cai
    Wentian Cai

    now it's lpl

  • 평범한 티모
    평범한 티모

    한국은 부모님을 지켜야하기 때문에 잘한다.

  • Liokardo



    Have fun telling Christianity, Islam, and Judaism about that.

  • tkd_sumira

    Chinese teams won worlds 2018 and worlds 2019, new dynasty?

  • 1못참는 사람 보면 빡치는 사람
    1못참는 사람 보면 빡치는 사람

    Im a korean and Korean fight to save their own mother Ex)after Leesin dies Riven" our team Leesin's mother died yesterday"

  • 50,000 Subscribers without videos
    50,000 Subscribers without videos

    Joining Korean lobby: Ok guys let's discuss gameplan Joining NA lobby: Haha fuck you black kids im running it down ap garen and i dont even scale with ap

  • Somebodies

    i was over here thinking the title said religion and I was laughing so hard, but then I realizd-

  • AloneTimeIsPeaceMind

    just like g2 agressive plays however c9 eliminated AF 3-0, so we can say the gap has closen.

  • santiago rodriguez
    santiago rodriguez

    I love how he says that 60 ping is jo good, and i thank good when i have 100 in LAS

  • 이름을 정확하게 입력하셨습니까?
    이름을 정확하게 입력하셨습니까?

    Junior Naver. KidsZzang. Zuzunja.com. Choux games. Hangames flash. Flash365. These made the children good at games.

  • Alex Wongalong
    Alex Wongalong

    *Kim jong un has left the chat*

  • Miserere _me
    Miserere _me

    NA is a joke

  • 파파야

    Wow getting compliment for just playing game.. Y thank ouU Actually, there are hardly new players at all. Despite having the best players, there are terribly good trolls too. (For example nunu would keep you from eating any mobs with its skills. Or Anivia uses its walls to keep you from going anywhere.) They keep you from playing anything. literally.

  • Halpy

    As a Korean myself lemme give my OPINION: Koreans are good at using their brains. Which is why they are good at game like Starcraft, LoL, but bad at using their wrists(or the good people went to use their brain) which would explain why they aren’t that good at shooters(overwatch is an exception)

    • King Penguin
      King Penguin

      Ah, so that's why most of battle royale player hate their korean teammates

  • rang keife
    rang keife

    왜냐면 못하면 부모님 안부부터 묻거든

    • Auto K
      Auto K

      외국애들도 묻더라구요

  • VX_IXA

    Simple. Korean master race.

  • Swen

    It's because they usually play a low-risk low/medium award and they use vision very well as well as the pace is adjustable based on how you play, now we're in a meta where it's about making very High Risk plays and fights and vision is scarce and the game being high pace which threw them off as well as champions pretty much being played anywhere. This benefited EU and China because those regions are willing to take those in order to have an advantage while Korea aren't willing to do so.

  • Sr Bolainas
    Sr Bolainas

    It's all about Better ping. probably also because the Asian culture compared to American, we have different taste in video games, NA likes guns more that anything else, therefore we like shooters more.

  • jax rammus
    jax rammus

    In the end koreans really aren't better per se, they're much more aggressive and anti farm, when the west is farm based so they can have a big blowout in the late game. A supposed 'fair fight' the koreans just want it to end immediately, another big fact as you mentions is ping, american internet is pretty shit, even though we made it. So the farm game is probably a spawn of that. I'd wager that americans at least would love to jump into the insane aggressive style but the ping prohibits the availability.

  • Jäger 072
    Jäger 072

    Why did you show us windows scripts in Chrome downloads?

  • Bouja

    Do a vid why is euw is the best server rn plzz

  • 헌혈해라두번해라

    because when they go home they only play games. so bad.

  • Sander

    >the amount of asians


    dont mess with a team of asians of league of legends

  • 민국대일

    because the east asia culture。and near a big economic

  • Gang Shitz
    Gang Shitz

    And the fact USA and Europe have way more population than South Korea is just insane 😯

  • Thomas Lin
    Thomas Lin

    Honestly a lot of people only put there focus on the Korean server cause the Korean teams are one of the most dominant team in the world. Here’s the thing though. If u guys are interested u can also get a vpn and go try out the Chinese and Taiwanese servers. Y’all realize that players in those servers also had better mechanics and skills compare to the rest of the world (except Korea thought). Anyone that wants to challenge the Korean server can prepare them selves to the faster and more aggressive play on the Chinese or Taiwanese server.

  • Wherearemyjamjams ?
    Wherearemyjamjams ?

    Metal chopsticks give us Dexterity +10, accuracy +7, Agility +5

  • Escher Seo
    Escher Seo

    I'm korean

  • BsT Darksider
    BsT Darksider

    What Exactly Makes Korea So Much Better Than Other Regions: well they have no fucking life I mean wtf do u expect '' koreans'' lol =))))....

  • Moonlight Sonata
    Moonlight Sonata

    I’m Korean and if u want to be good at games then just use metal chopsticks

  • Bongsule Raffaellu
    Bongsule Raffaellu

    welcome to korea server

  • The Caring Adolf Hitler
    The Caring Adolf Hitler

    *i mean they even have schools and teachers for gaming and gamers. so what do you expect?lol*

  • TheBattleNetwork

    Its simply just their culture. In most countries, video games are on the side. Important for pros, but on the side for most. Korea on the other hand, Video games are LIFE. And when a culture is literally based on that, they are bound to dominate.

  • Miki Mevo
    Miki Mevo

    Video starts @ 3:27

  • Nick Bouwman
    Nick Bouwman

    This video didnt age well LUL

  • idonknow

    Why us Koreans are good at playing games? If you lose, they will say shit about your parents. Simple as that. Therefore, we MUST win, to protect our own parents. All the Koreans will agree with me.

  • 잉여프로필

    Cause if they do bad at it, Koreans say worse than f--k you. They curse their parent. So thats why Koreans are good at this lol

    • Charierok


    • Poiu Qwerty
      Poiu Qwerty

      맛이 가버린 아이큐 두자리의 병맛의 일라키YT Lol that’s so true. You no longer have your parents anymore. 부모님을 위한 싸움 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Catherine Le
    Catherine Le

    ... All this time I thought 60-70 ping was normal...

  • Jeffrey Lee
    Jeffrey Lee

    Korea lost 2018 worlds yeet

    • 현민

      brought the trophy back in 2020

  • 뫄뫄

    Koreans spend most of their time on internet cafes, so...;

  • Pauly

    And now after a year. There is not a single korean team in semi-finals, things change.

  • Skooma Guardian
    Skooma Guardian

    Faker is Light Yagami

  • Skooma Guardian
    Skooma Guardian

    Nooooo why u exposing their secrets 🤦‍♂️

  • Ninjakimm

    Pewdiepie played league ?

  • Callie

    Short answer, Asians have high concentration. You can't make an asian guy look away from the monitor. Btw im asian too so... Yeah

  • Moatassime Seghyar
    Moatassime Seghyar

    We are winnig worlds

  • Tristan Tuohy
    Tristan Tuohy

    Hearing you say na has no chance at worlds is funny now a year later as cloud 9 is in the semifinals

  • Kalavaza Palakaza
    Kalavaza Palakaza

    KR got eliminated by NA 2018 worlds xD

    • Kalavaza Palakaza
      Kalavaza Palakaza

      and won by aggressive play style xD

  • Dias Akhmet
    Dias Akhmet

    Best Region not even in semifinals of Worlds 2018. Next 5 years kr is the best?!

  • Psclly - LoL Coaching
    Psclly - LoL Coaching

    A year later, Korea is the most irrelevant region in worlds!

  • fernando Lopez
    fernando Lopez

    Nope, koreas out of worlds, you were wrong.

  • Oscar Whatmough
    Oscar Whatmough

    seriously, Exil is always talking about the players in NA with more than 30 ping, but he never mentions the amount of people we cant even tell are in Ranked in Australia because Australia doesn't even have 1 Server. So a player with relatively good internet in NA has like 30-120 Ping but... Players with relatively good internet in Australia have 100-200 Ping Wow

  • Michael Hoge
    Michael Hoge

    Korea sucks

  • H4rdy


  • Matthew Feldmeyer
    Matthew Feldmeyer

    Lol 10 ping, that shits a dream for me im consistently at 130-160

  • Pedro Leal
    Pedro Leal

    they have low ms, they play the game for 16 hours a day that's how they're better.

  • William Magee
    William Magee

    Its thier language it changes the way they think

  • b r o n
    b r o n

    Na riven is better than Korean riven though lmao

  • Hhnn2

    Not to forget, their gov. Support gaming Career

  • L L
    L L

    korean lol just lost, but they didn't want to show the videos lolol, they bought the video right, and took down all the videos, NOOOBs, narrow minded culture

  • stop_it_ ben
    stop_it_ ben

    I’ll give you that on communication. People are so dense when it comes to communication in NA. I gotta ping them 5-7 times and even type in all chat saying that the enemy is coming.

  • Marko

    Great, but I don't like ranked. Its too toxic + IF I play normal I have like a 70% S rate which means me having a good time IF I play ranked I have like a 5% S rate which means I will have 14x less fun. Oh and if I play Aram I have like a.... actually nearly 100% S rate, if I get a champ that I can even use.

  • David Kepka
    David Kepka

    man u r the best league youtuber

  • Be Dizzy
    Be Dizzy

    I feel like i was so dumb before this video

  • R

    In truth you must beat another in their own game.

  • Teemo

    Kim Jong-un gave them haxxx

  • SinisterDuck123

    its not just west coast with 60+ ping. I'm on the east coast and its the same here, compared to ~20 ping on every other competitive game I've played.

  • Sky

    2:03 nutty recall with Dragon getting slayed Visual

  • chilly chill
    chilly chill

    In Detroit my ping is 25-18 it's ok

  • Rwoo


  • 개냥이

    Even I am S.Korean, can't understand why Korean good at game.

  • 임시닉네임

    이해가 안돼ㅠ

  • Rom aissa
    Rom aissa

    Please what's the name of this game?

  • TheHawkEye PW
    TheHawkEye PW

    i play at PH server ping is 8 stable lol

  • Kieran

    They open mid cause pc bangs have limited time

  • Mygodzzz Rain
    Mygodzzz Rain

    I play with 80 ms and I thought it was good. don't blame your "bad 60 ping"

  • uros

    That they have no life ...