What I learned Climbing From Silver To Platinum + Tips For Climbing | Monday Mastery 2
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  • Jordan V
    Jordan V

    Yeah if you’re diamond+ level you can climb out of silver. Makes so much sense. You’ve really proved everyone wrong.

  • PineappleSmash808

    Plus was a good video

  • PineappleSmash808

    I dropped that like cuz the osrs music G

  • Daniel Baldaia
    Daniel Baldaia

    Talks shit, plays Riven. “Silver noobs, learn from the plat guy!” Lel...

  • KeepitRazzy

    ah yasuo main .. next video

  • Vilius Ba
    Vilius Ba

    3 wins 7 losses and silver? I got 8 wins 2 losses and bronze 1

  • rmyroust

    Last season i was gold 4 and now im hardstuck in s3...

  • Lazlum

    Man im playin since season 4 Season 5 i became ranked my rock bottom was bronze v -3 lp (finished bronze 2) Season 6 ,7,8,:Silver all the way gold at preaseasons Season 9:Managed to finish gold 2 Season 10: I was gold 1 at flex then fall gold iv then gold 2 now gold 4 again on 600 games it feels like im never gonna go plat :/

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise

    'flash on their ADC and kill them', as an ADC how do you stop this? it happens even under tower, and far too often the assassin or fighter in question is so fed they can oneshot you, even if you have flash. Is the only option to give up on the tower even in a 2v3?

  • Mannerless Entertainment
    Mannerless Entertainment

    I played Riven & Yasuo... how are you not dead from toxic shock?

  • wolflink9000

    anyone who mains riven and yasuo doesn't deserve my respect

  • Cosmic Draconian
    Cosmic Draconian

    Im in Iron...

  • Rk9

    I gotta start learning my ability ranges and positioning

  • Yuri Lopes
    Yuri Lopes

    1:16 yo that walljump is tricky. those thicc walls always get me stuck. other than e'ing into it, what tip do you have to not faceplant into those walls?

  • AlumRadke

    he said riven and yasuo unsubscribe

  • iDie2 Game
    iDie2 Game

    IT's RUNON NO't RUNAN you best remember that!

  • Eat Hotdog
    Eat Hotdog

    9:45 Play around cheese, now this is some advice I can get behind.

  • S3mpx

    If you're a midlaner and feed, you basically can 1v5. I'm a Lux/Xerath main. Whenever I get fed. I can just CC someone who is dumb enough to follow me and then combo him away, when you're to strong they will come together 3+ people or so. Since you're feed. You only need 2 abilities to an Enemy(Lil bonus= stealing drakes is easy with that. They try doing to drake? Wait until its at around 1000HP and then Ult it. [at least as Lux) if you're fed, the dragon is yours

  • yikes

    the one in a million game for you, is every game for me lol

  • nicholas Toxopeus
    nicholas Toxopeus

    Would love to see more or your journey stuff also love your vids man keep up the great work

  • tome jason
    tome jason

    use riven for win hahahah

  • Philip Kim
    Philip Kim

    This video is actually very accurate, I’m d2 myself and the levels of toxicity that he talks about are spot on. In d2, people will still flame. HARD.

  • halfhappy117

    He wasnt in elo hell, mmr at that point is still good and you can easily climb out with good mmr. My main account has been cursed and have had THE worst luck ever and cant get out of silver 4 constantly being stuck with people that feed 10 plus kills in the early game. I gave up on that and bought a lvl 30 account and within 50 games im gold 3. The new account stuck me in silver 4 to start but i was playing with gold players the whole time. In my original account i was constantly placed with bronze and low silver players, thats where it gets challenging to climb, especially when you lose more lp per loss than you gain per win.

  • Shūryū

    I climbed from silver to plat once I realized I was not good, just like everyone else. Even in the top 1% most people aren't that good. Then once I got to plat I realized I didn't like the game anymore and stopped playing the game, 4 years stuck in silver and frustration killed me.

  • Nicole VanderMeer
    Nicole VanderMeer

    I'm in silver and suck at adc how TF was there a plat Ashe with 54 CS at almost 20? Man I feel better about myself thx LoL but you were dead on about silver players, I'm playing with a-holes that, build the wrong shit, sometimes randomly jump out in front of minions to aggro and get killed, or ppl that don't ward. Like one game I bought an oracle, and didn't find one ward with my sweeper from the enemy. Don't get my wrong it was just as bad with my team. I'm consistently the only one who wards, but I'm a support do what do you expect. LoL

  • B Mike
    B Mike

    "just flash on the adcs and blow them up" lmaoooooo how adcs look now days

  • l

    smurf talking about low elo please stop

  • l

    It depends on your luck if you climb or not when you are in elo hell

  • Marci LOLs
    Marci LOLs

    *happy gold noise*

  • Alex Chang
    Alex Chang

    I play this game for 4 months. First time ranked I was put to play against gold players and just got stomped. I think lols balance is one of the worst I have ever seen... or maybe is just a bad luck experience. I literally got 40% winrate and cant have matches against other bronzes...

  • aunderis kerensky
    aunderis kerensky

    so what happens when you go 17-1 nocturne jungle, push all 3 lanes in, kill enemy jungler in their jungle, your jungle, doesn't matter. can basically 1v2 sometimes even 1v3 basically at will, give a huge lead and still lose? I'm not sure how to carry any harder..


    I fell you bro but ur playing solo carry champs. Some people like playing tanks or champs that are harder 2 clam with. Plz give your thoughts

  • uLukki

    literally playing runescape while watching this video jesus christ its 2019 i need to wake up

  • boongus

    what i got from this vid: abuse riven lol

  • Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
    Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin

    im currently stuck in plat 4 and i do mean stuck. i get a win spree, then a lose spree. every single day. I start at 0 lp and i end at 0 lp. ive been reviewing games and noticing small mistakes that could have had a large impact, but god is the ranked grind taxing on me

  • Jeoffrey Auscia
    Jeoffrey Auscia

    People watching this now will probably like, "What do you mean they don't own runes? Runes are free...?"

  • Peng L
    Peng L

    lol the background music is very funny and interesting

  • Trigger Random
    Trigger Random


  • Aawe Ewaa
    Aawe Ewaa

    "there humble" as ez steals his kill

  • Balthasar Irvine
    Balthasar Irvine

    Lmao at riven main smurf bragging about killing gp 4 times in lane

  • Ska

    ahh yes, the toplaner that abuses riven and boasts about her that she's a "high skill champion". ffs go in practice and do her combos for 30 mins a day and you'll learn the champ in a week.

  • Mr. Klein
    Mr. Klein

    Unranked to bronze

  • Nikos Vas
    Nikos Vas

    i learned that platinum is even worst than silver...

  • Bryan Gabbard
    Bryan Gabbard

    You really shouldn't flex about a hyper lead vs GP, he's freelo.

  • Zembay

    I recently climbed from S3 to G1 this season. I' just waiting for the victorious skin to come out.

  • Jess

    So I'm hardstuck Gold now but I'm winning alot because I found a no brain champ - Sona 🤣 0skill but its fine since you can focus more on objetives so gg. Wish me luck to get Plat 🥺

  • teodor serbezov
    teodor serbezov

    Tips if u are a soraka main?

    • Moehre

      @teodor serbezov ooh yeah Rakan is nice too

    • teodor serbezov
      teodor serbezov

      Thx, but i started rakan as my gf is playing xayah

    • Moehre

      A good tip: Play Nami

  • Hassen Alwaely
    Hassen Alwaely

    Half of the vid was him talking about how he got silver to plat

  • piccolo917

    any tips for support mains for climbing?

  • Denimo

    2019 ? someone? no? :(

  • AlarSenpu

    Don’t forget about those Jhin supports in Bronze

  • Sky Eco
    Sky Eco

    that soothing runescape music in the backround

  • bohan

    bro just tell us what u learned smh, wasted like 4 minutes just proving to us that u arent bad. ok cool

  • Dante Von Crowlley
    Dante Von Crowlley

    *Is the the same shit*

  • Rakan Rockstar
    Rakan Rockstar

    I were Silver in the start of this season , and now im Platinum and i need to say that , the only thing that really matters , Is to be the best at only ONE Champion , If you monochamp you will be good and clim easily.

  • L. Dexter
    L. Dexter

    LOL you're playing Riven, she's ALWAYS BROKEN

  • I'm a Siontist
    I'm a Siontist

    My issue is largely with csing and knowledge of other champions. As well as some general lack of game knowledge. I make sure to always use the right keystones and builds (mainly using opgg due to the lack of my knowledge). There's also some general strategic stuff that I dont know yet.

  • Vlad

    2 years later and plat is not that bad anymore.

  • Goldlink567

    This may be 2 years old but I find it funny how everyone is complaining about him being (at this time at least) a Riven and Yasuo main, people that can play Riven are a monsters but only because they practice, and Yasuo well, okay that's fair but he can scale very well if you know how to play him. I see way to many people ult as Yasuo whenever they land a knock up and a little bit dies in me when that happens.

  • Laurent B
    Laurent B

    Nobody wants you to prove you can climb from bronze to plat with OP champs like Riven, Katarina, Talon etc..If someone can't do that, he is just busted. What's very hard today is going from plat to diamond 1 as a solo player when you don't play these type of champs..

  • Silver Raven
    Silver Raven

    2:45 every game in high silver, i play with a “gold” teammate who has bad cs and is 1/5

    • ᄋᄋ애요요요요

      the same happened to me w a pyke mid, he had 15 cs at 10 min and blamed us ??

  • HiImRawr

    Plat- diamond feels toxic for you because THAT IS YOUR ELO. You're hard stuck there so losses are annoying af. Same for every elo

  • Kirill Vishnyakov
    Kirill Vishnyakov

    No one cares about plat its even shittier than gold and silver ffs

  • Red Theo
    Red Theo

    Damn, now I understand why every single plat friend I have just hides the chat or mutes everybody, I couldn't know they would be worse than iron - silver because im gold and often fall with a silver-gold team/game.

  • bali balo
    bali balo

    A very informative and well made video as always but a question remains for me, how to differentiate then "good high end players" making calls (like you did for your team that listened in gold), and "bad ones who's opinions are law" (like you suffered in plat/diamond). How to know if what you said to those gold players wasn't receive as "I'm the chit listen to what I say" or if what those "secret NA gods in disguise" were saying wasn't actually truthful? When you're actually inside the elo, at the rank you deserve, how to know who to follow to get better? Because making a tons of CS or having a BIG k/d/r isn't always the sign of "actually knowing the game and being genuinely good at it"

  • Mr. D
    Mr. D

    Steraks th huh kdmddk

  • Csanàd Beke
    Csanàd Beke

    Smurfing with riven and yasou You are the embodiment of whats wrong with the community

    • Anton V
      Anton V

      I was going to write a longer reply but I realized that I would just waste my time by replying to someone who would try to defend yourself.

  • Texsoscz

    How did you manage to get 60% wr in silver/gold wtf :D i can be blindfolded and achieve 80% wr

  • hotburn21

    "My main champions, Riven and Yasuo." 70 games on riven and 6 on yas

  • SilverGold961

    So, what I'm getting from this is that I need to be playing like a Platinum+ player in order to climb. Is that about right?

  • Asian Contemplation
    Asian Contemplation

    I was disgusted when he said Riven and Yasuo, but I remembered that I climbed with LeBlanc when she first came out. (She had a silence if you dont know old LoL)

  • Sava Kirilov
    Sava Kirilov

    Im gold 4 Tell me how do you climb so ez i main Zed for mid and Lee sin for jungle im pretty good with both but it's not possible for me to climb

  • William Chadwick
    William Chadwick

    If you enjoyed this you'll be sure to love this guide aswell. rsloft.info/loft/video/fNt2kZ2vzobMjJQ

  • Tinnitusthenight

    I regularly have 25-3 Evelyn games in silver that i lose

  • Fate Wish
    Fate Wish

    when I hear this its seems to get easy Platinum haha

  • Samy Hussein
    Samy Hussein

    I can help anybody reach higher rank

  • satisfiedjelly

    I think my problem is that my champion pool isn’t great for solo carrying games. I typically play caster supports like Janna and soraka and if I play mid I play orianna. Since I started playing ori I went from bronze 3 to bronze 1 and it’s been less than 20 games so I think it’s going well. But it’s very difficult to solo carry as a caster support. Possible just harder than other things.

  • Goopy-Amethyst

    >Yasuo/Riven main >Makes carrying sound easy as fuck >Honestly mostly 11 minutes of bragging His point is p much "git gud and make the enemy tilt in almost all situations" which is okay I guess but explaining HOW to git gud would be nice. >Carrying as a tank/support main btw

  • Mario Gorgees
    Mario Gorgees

    Riven DOES NEED NERFS, the fact that her scaling hasn't taken hits on either her Q or E shielding is more than enough reason to discredit this video

    • Cheetahofthewind13

      Play teemo, darius, kennen, or renekton and you just stomp out riven early game, that's if you're smart and have a good idea where jg started and or is

  • kingrien

    talks about people in gold maining champs meanwhille i first time champs first time in gold 4 and win😅

  • AnIh LoL
    AnIh LoL

    low plat atm, pretty much 99% of players have 0 clue how to actualy win a game when ahead, they chase kill allowing enemies to come back, totaly ignore objective or farm

  • baten kaitos
    baten kaitos

    Game knowledge is key If you have alot of it and feel stuck then you may as well "practice" then wait for the seasonal reset :)

  • Alice Trinh
    Alice Trinh

    Yes please transitioning roles while climbing would be helpful. I’ve wonder how I would be able to get on same level as my current role for a new role but at higher rank cuz frankly there will be an internal gap in experience and skill for new role

  • Βασιλης Κατσντας
    Βασιλης Κατσντας

    If you cloud check my account in eu north east klatsadas jinx main and if you have time take a look in my play stile ty man

  • Daniel Brodesser
    Daniel Brodesser

    I climbed from Bronze to low Platin, and sadly in my Opinion … i see absolutly no difference

    • Ралица Митева8aN22
      Ралица Митева8aN22

      It's just the team that ints less wins T-T

  • Z Chavez
    Z Chavez

    I haven't had /all chat enabled since I started playing in season 4 and I still don't think I've missed out on anything.

  • Cameron Perry
    Cameron Perry

    I dont get why people hate yasuo / riven... even if you are ok with every champion and you play yasuo people still hate..

  • Kyriacos Omerou
    Kyriacos Omerou

    Bronze 1 . The only bracket where I'm playing Yorick Against Renekton AND Yumi top , while my bot Janna and Sivir CAN'T push the fuck out of a single , lonely Ashe because " Ashe is a counter to sivir , learn your matchups bro I can't just push Ashe. "

  • Silver SK
    Silver SK

    i also change to mid because is basically imposible to carry platinum games as a top laner, especially when mids usually pick horrible champs for the composition

  • Emil Matthiesen
    Emil Matthiesen

    Im plat lol

  • Emil Matthiesen
    Emil Matthiesen

    Sry but yas and riven really😔

  • Barnesofthenorth

    as somebody around low gold that one actually sounds true to me, I can do well early and got pretty damn good 1 tricking Hecarim but I have no clue how to transfer that into a good mid game as when the laning ends theres so many options and even if you can identify the right one your team won't always play ball so it can often become like herding cats and whichever group of cats outnumber the other most wins.

  • Georgi Velev
    Georgi Velev

    fucking trashed game... BANKRUPT ALREADY

  • viera

    So basically I should strive for Gold and not Diamond.

  • Teneos

    You really are a riven main

  • Basel Billeh
    Basel Billeh

    0:1 i thought my headphone was broken

  • Kinkoe

    yasuo main* have 6 games played.

  • Callum O'Brien
    Callum O'Brien

    its a cool video dude, but i feel its too much ego and it just made me cringe at the start, solid plat mental

  • Jayvee Coteng
    Jayvee Coteng

    your so NUB fvck

  • Death Throne
    Death Throne

    Great job on the video, don't listen to toxic people dude, majority of them say bad stuff but the things they say sometimes reflect on themselves.

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