What It ACTUALLY Takes To Be Good At League Of Legends
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  • Itachi Kun
    Itachi Kun

    im tired of people calling me trash

  • Aurea Calubaquib
    Aurea Calubaquib

    How to be good a pro one day in LoL: suck it up

  • CryoStatis

    just quit school to play League. Now I'm homeless

  • Ryan Toth
    Ryan Toth

    I can't beat bots. soooo help? I understand all of the mechanics and how the game works but I can not kill the bots. Like I will get 1-0/20/1.

  • Kaonaedy Gamaliel
    Kaonaedy Gamaliel


  • silkr

    lol i play 10 hour per day and started 3 months ago and im in gold 3 and i always think im gonna be stuck in gold :)

  • XXJack the PandaXX
    XXJack the PandaXX

    can u help me in the game i need help user:XXJackthePandaXX and i need a friend to play

  • Aadityan

    what is the hero that you are playing in the begining?

  • Waido


    • Waido

      no problem man

  • marnelli cordis
    marnelli cordis

    Thank you!this is a effective tip!!

  • Drum Therapy
    Drum Therapy

    All of the dislikes were ppl who can't face reality that they have to actually put in time to get good at something XD

  • SubliminalDrew

    honestly if your gonna get good like pro level you gotta join a team thats it man and practice as much as you can

  • FruTexX

    1:12 the nexus was not full hp ???

  • The EllaFant
    The EllaFant

    "Shockingly, money is a big incentive in the real world" -Exil

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson

    It's weird how people keep saying that they just want to hit diamond and shit but he's making direct comparisons to challenger. I just got back into the game and I come from overwatch where you directly can't get past master rank without taking the game as a job putting in 8+ hours a day. Basically putting in the effort can help you climb faster, and get you into elo's that require it. Really just adapt 3head. P.S. This is good advice for everyone. Though you need to filter it and apply it to what you want out of the game

  • Hoofstoo

    Yo I feel the support main, I started Soraka 😂

  • Spekki

    Dont whine how other chanpions are unbalanced and broken you can use that same time to make up a strategy and fight without being tilted

  • Kisuke323

    omg, 200 minions in 30th minute... I don´t have it since S1 o.O But i understand. What does it take to be good at League? Your life.

  • karrass

    im a proud iron 4 player.

  • HintOfLime Gaming
    HintOfLime Gaming

    Bruh I’m just tryna climb out of bronze not fucking kill myself tf

  • Griseous

    Honestly. The best way to climb is simple. “Play over powered champions” seriously, spam Pyke and Master Yi and you’ll climb to plat in like a day.

  • Dylan Alexander
    Dylan Alexander

    thanks i needed to give this to my friend hes dog shit at the game

  • Single Housing Unit
    Single Housing Unit

    I can't get into this game. I've tried very hard and the game feels like it goes on for-fucking-ever and just gets tedious imo. For me I feel like the game doesn't ease you in and I tried playing solo-queue unranked and just felt like I was just dying anyways. The skill curve feels like a 90 degree angle and don't get me wrong, I like challenging games. But League just doesn't make sense to me.

  • Benne MY
    Benne MY

    LOL is the worst game you could use here. Not many people enjoy lol for over an hour if the play seriously because you have a team and cannot really do much against a bad team. most games can be bad because you play bad but LOL is a whole nother level of fuck up. Many LOL youtubers quit now because the dont enjoy the game as much as they thought and telling people that they have to play more of such a toxic game to get better is just redundant. The first tip I would give people is to play every hero they possibly can. At first I tried tanks and whatever the fuck darius is supposed to be and it was fun but one day I just played Shaco for one game and completely fell in love with that champ although we lost that game. Played him now for over 100 games and I am starting to carry some rounds and it feels awesome because I watch many tutorials and gameplays from different youtubers (Like Pinkward and other Korean ones) and its just good to take every possible playstyle into your gameplay and take the most out of my champ to extend my awareness of my skills and flaws. I am starting ranked now and will se if I can get at least silverxD Wish me luck

  • Sp3cko Gaming
    Sp3cko Gaming

    This is disappointing. There goes my hopes of one day being challenger

  • jrpr jas
    jrpr jas

    150cs? I only got 90 as a top laner

  • dTerror

    I already know all this stuff and implement it and always win my damn lane but its just not enough when you have monkey teamates each game

  • Itanchiro Kamachiha
    Itanchiro Kamachiha

    Today is the 3rd day since I play Lol and, so some minutes ago I played 5pvp and in an hour I destroyed one turrent and killed only one enemy and I died so many times that I had to wait for 42 seconds. My question is this. Is it normal for someone like me who have played this game only three times by now?

    • Itanchiro Kamachiha
      Itanchiro Kamachiha

      @ThatMemeBoiz Oh so it depends on the time not the number, ok. Well thank you TheMemeBoiz, now I am relieved

    • ThatMemeBoiz

      You was able to take down a tower and kill a enemy. I think that is pretty good for a beginner but let me clarify something, The reason you had to wait 42 seconds to respawn is because the longer the game is, the longer the death timer is. You can have zero deaths but if you died in a match that is 30+ minutes, you will have a long death timer. To answer your question, I think it’s pretty normal

  • Rivia

    Title: How to be good Video: "If you want to get challenger..." My my

  • Cennix

    I had a kayn in my game a few days ago. You literally could not kill him. You barely did ANY damage to him and then after he would just regen all of it. In the end he got like 34 kills. Can someone explain why this was???? Because I can't

  • Mori Yorozu-Miller
    Mori Yorozu-Miller

    i play on a macbook but i will get good my brother is a high diamond playwe

  • Tiny Megazell
    Tiny Megazell

    you know i want to play ranked but im not a fan of crying

  • Acey Gaming
    Acey Gaming

    uhm.. wats cs.?

  • S.Slayer 01
    S.Slayer 01

    Yea probably i am a gamer but hey i have a life away of some screen and lol sacrifice your time for a game? I didn't do that for my for my better future why would i do for a game? Enjoy your day

  • Alex

    I was expecting some tips lmao I just wanna be gold

  • Jack & Cola
    Jack & Cola

    Mute all every game

  • HeroMystic

    This video is still pretty active despite the three year gap so I feel the need to say this: Suggesting to play 15 hours a day is terrible advice on multiple levels. Even to become pro. It is an objective fact that the body reaches diminishing returns after a certain point and you must rest in order to intake information at a normal rate. There are numerous studies on this, but I'll just post one video: rsloft.info/loft/video/dape1X3UrJPArJg Long story short, the mind literally cannot keep up with all of the information it goes on throughout a game. You are shooting yourself in the foot thinking you can just grind game after game as your main source of improvement. This is "mindless" practice. You do not want this. What you want instead is "applied" practice. This requires you to step back, analyze your games, pick up on a few key notes, commit it to memory, and go into your next session of games with the goal of utilizing what you learned. While mindless practice can work, I guarantee you that no pro player just spends 15 hours a day grinding games. They're analyzing their replays, taking breaks, talking to teammates and coming up with strategies.

    • Zagi Productions
      Zagi Productions

      League of Legends is a video game (to me). I play it to have fun, rank or no. If I play too much I start raging, and that doesn't help anyone.

  • Klairy

    Im on the level of e-girl.

  • fLaming

    This video is 3 years ago, but yeah I wanted to write this. There are 2 type of league players. 1)Casual - just want to enjoy, have fun with friends, don't get mad and just try to play for fun... 2)Try to improve, and go pro - This is hard, and this hit bad emotional at the start of the grind. Just imagine trying to be good, spending so much time in the game, and there are always going to be games where your adc is feeding and you lose... It's okay to get mad, it's okay to be sad of this because you are trying so hard, but at the end this is going to be worth and maybe if you become good.. One day, esports professional league player can become your job. I think it's okay spending time on games if that is your dream. Isn't it worth, spending time, working on your dream? Think about that... 🤔

  • Typical Yasuo Main
    Typical Yasuo Main

    ok im sorry but i am not gonna waste 15 hours a day playing a video game just to get good

  • Dragonia Divine
    Dragonia Divine

    2:26 yo those are some professionally high numbers geez what a bot lane cs god

  • Mr tacoboy
    Mr tacoboy

    I play league and I know I'm not really good enough to go against competitive players so do I keep playing normal games and then start playing ranked or should I start?

  • Marin Stephanie
    Marin Stephanie

    Pretty much, work hard and hustle.

  • Nathan24-_-

    8:12 When an asian spends less time than you but still gets better than you

  • Marc Abelha
    Marc Abelha

    www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/2mlzuy/how_to_really_improve_at_league_of_legends_not/ try this

  • Tom Chard
    Tom Chard

    TLDR - if you cant play full time, just stick to unranked.... kthnx, saved me the grind.

  • JambaYCS

    Me: just trying to get out of bronze Vid: *YOU WILL NEVER BE CHALLENGER IF YOU DONT GIVE UP YOUR LIFE*

  • Alvin Sanchez
    Alvin Sanchez

    yo you suck 1v1 me bitch

  • Wiell Nyan
    Wiell Nyan

    Skip league and play Valorant, aha jk.

  • Jonas B
    Jonas B

    It's true you have to put in time but there are pro prospects both within moba and fps world who has managed to balance work/school and gaming before going full pro

  • SilentRage X7
    SilentRage X7

    easy living, fallout songs

  • Felix

    Damn lol players are having girlfriend’s?

  • Olivia Poeschl
    Olivia Poeschl

    i love being suport like morgana or just ranged characters and this helped me a loooooot

  • JustAGirlOnYoutube

    Welp RIP me ever getting to high elo. I have a life so I usually play like two-three games in the morning and like two at night. (Note: I'm only level 27 so I hadn't done ranked yet) But hey I'll just keep doing my best to improve. The only advantage I had coming into LoL was my prior experience on AOV. I managed to get up to high diamond on that game and so I had basic knowledge of how roles worked in general and to do things like keep an eye on invades or try to get objectives such as dragons.

  • MrNoob994

    man i just wanna have fun man

  • Gladiator Gaming
    Gladiator Gaming

    I just started playing and I get 30fps and I'm happy with that but I always gets completely annihalted (can't spell lol) by this like grim reaper type girl and their ult just destroys me as a newbie

  • Elis Rumenova
    Elis Rumenova

    You can't improve playing 2 to 3 ranked games a day? :D Tell this to my friend who played Dota since 10 years old and then decided to join and play some league.... Well just in a week he was diamond 2 :X I'm playing 3 years already and i'm gold 2 :D

  • The Eternal Drake
    The Eternal Drake

    I like Teemo

  • Kekashi69 Oyakuniju
    Kekashi69 Oyakuniju

    dude thats just like my life and studying and doing things i was taught how to be a support and how to support only and not how to farm and do repeatable tasks for sucess also support main since i started playing and nobody taught me how to farm and i was discouraged from farming since the beggining because that was my role i didnt understand roles at the time , but now i have a littel more of an understanding about roles, about what are roles, about how being taugh influences your playstyle/life, how being taught a specific role changes how you play / and who you are, being taugh that when you play the support role in game and in real life you are expected to lose (your farm *ingame)/ and you are expected to lose your life for the sake of others, mabye a little dramatic but real none the less, i was taught to funnel resources into players with more resources than me so if someone could carry it was the one with the most recourses to begin with. But WHAT I did not understand is that You/I can carry any game just by accumulating resources and becoming stronger with the addition of those resources to your resource accumulation place you can use them / use them and buy items/ use resources to progress in life/ use resources to achieve in life and / use resources to achieve your goals

    • Kekashi69 Oyakuniju
      Kekashi69 Oyakuniju

      and ranked 15 hours a day not likely , at least not in my case, i played league 7 games a day for 10 years and no improvement, i played 2 games a day and really focused on learning the skills like last hitting farming , pushing, friezing, slow push, stall a lane, contesting , objectives, dragon , baron mechanics and i kurb stomped diamonds

  • Zachary Collado
    Zachary Collado

    quit job, quit school, and watch Koreans. Thank you for that

  • nasim tahsin
    nasim tahsin

    Who the fuck tries to take this game seriously, just play for fun.just play for fun nothing good comes out of taking lol seriously

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Damn I’ve never focus on my minion kills just reading and killing my enemy always won lane tho even with bad minion kills

  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    I love how people complain about begin bad but thing it's excessive to play more than 2 hours per day. It's not about adiction, it's about effort. It's up to you on how much of your free time you want to spend in the game(or studing about it outside of it), even if it's bad for your health, the choise is YOURS. If you just want to play league casually go play Aram wich is 3x more fun or normal game(or be happy with Iron-Gold). And even if you play 15 hours per day you will probally not became a pro, face it(maybe in 10 years but still unlikely)!

  • Renzo Osuna
    Renzo Osuna


  • Renzo Osuna
    Renzo Osuna

    How to become better at League Of Legends 1. Accept your mistakes. 2. Learn from your mistakes. 3. Stop flaming. 4. Focus on how you can win the game 5. Get advice from people that plays better than you. 6. Don't play when you are not in mood. 7. When you are losing figure out why you lose what your mistakes are. 8. Take a rest. Being tired affects your performance.

  • Bred

    I'm the worst Player ever. I've never made a kill

  • SilverRain

    Coming from someone who has played a bit of Dota 2 and just one game of League, what is Riven's main role? I played Riven when I played league, with my sister and seemed to like playing.

  • _HyperV

    ok so I came here cause I wanted to learn how to get out of bronze, not how to be a challenger or professional esports player ...but i guess ill just accept my skill level cause I cant play 15 hours a day lmao (that was a joke pls dont lecture me on how i didnt understand the vid thanks :c)

  • Quantum Araa
    Quantum Araa

    can you coach me?

  • Yolo Forlife
    Yolo Forlife

    5:17 beiber said it Best

  • Zümiii

    I just want to find a champion im good with.... :c


    Refreshing to have actual meaningful league of legends content bravo

  • Mr. Pancake
    Mr. Pancake


  • spidey

    Out of all the LoL guides you can find on youtube on "how to climb fast/how to leave bronze-silver etc.", this guy says one thing that convinced me. If you want to become diamond (or higher elo), you have to play an insanely high amount of hours per day to achieve it. And this convinced me. This convinced me that I don't want to spend so much time on a video game. I think I will just accept my gold rank and focus more on other more important aspects of my life. I hope other people also realize it.

  • Raquzalthe best kop
    Raquzalthe best kop

    Let me tell you why 30% is ranked in every region Make one mistake everybody flames on you You Get dozens of report And you are not skilled yet

  • DarkAaron 2005
    DarkAaron 2005

    I need you too explain everything what are the things you're talking about

  • Nalex

    Small tip Buy cull to trick your brain. This item will constabtly remember you to farm and get to 100 cs as fast as possible. Somehow it helped me to get my enemy ahead in cs after a while

  • Bangtan is my lifeu
    Bangtan is my lifeu

    how to play better: mute the fucking chat! so much toxicity 🙄

  • Smuglator

    professional players don't spend 15 hours on the game. at some point they did, and they found out that made them worse than if they practiced properly and took time to unwind and live a healthy life. The one good thing people can take from this is to know your level/limits. But it was missed to accompany that with "and make plays within that realm".

  • Bastian Briceño
    Bastian Briceño

    1 lots of time to gain experience on every champ and map. 2 mute chat. 3 only ping communication. 4 profit.

  • Toll Moose
    Toll Moose

    I may or may not have been pausing this regularly to figure out what the different terms mean....OOOOF


    Nah im good I'll just enjoy the game that wil be too much stress tho

  • Andrew Creed
    Andrew Creed

    Can u coach me??

  • Terra

    There freaking is Nothing below my skilllevel a damn Donkey could beat me at any role in league

  • Justin Shape
    Justin Shape

    "to get diamond you need to play at least 8+ hours a day" Lmao wtf

    • R C
      R C

      Ive done that a few times and it only got me tilted and demoted to silver 4

  • RG Bobson
    RG Bobson

    your not going to be good rly i have iron 1 and i play with gold2

  • Yahya Bilir
    Yahya Bilir

    After watching this vid I quitted playing the game for more than 1 year. Knowing that I would never be a high elo player with 1-2 hours made me quit the game.

  • Divyansh Goel
    Divyansh Goel

    2:25 I feel personally attacked

  • Solo

    I have the same problem, i was support main and im always behind with farm

  • rellik009

    This video is excessive about the number of hours you need to play, 8 hours is actually the maximum IMO, and even high-elo players don't play more than 10 hours. Plus, you're forgetting that playing a lot is not everything, watching guides or watching someone play or even just establishing your own tactics/guiding outside of League is just as important as playing(ANALYZING and THINKING, in other terms), it feeds your playing actually, and again, high-elo players understand that. I'd go as far as to say that sometimes, if not often, you need to rest and do other things in your life(variety is the spice of life, remember?) in order to get better at League, and also everything else. In all fairness, this video is pretty bad and misleading.

  • T1AOCh'iKi

    Him : “Never say Never” Me: You just did twice. Also how did you have the time to make this video playing league 15 hours a day.

  • Shungarui

    At my best I was plat 2 and currently im stuck at gold 3. I feel im only getting worse at the game. Next year im probably going be silver something.

  • Zem

    i put in a solid 25 minutes a day

  • cooolloooll

    "Accept your personal skill level" Me who imitates jotaro: I have pretty much learned how to use kha zin as a long range attacker

  • Vedansh

    A good gaming chair duh.

  • Darduel

    wow way to waste 13 minutes not really saying anything

  • Anixzty

    Bruh i’m a beginner at LOL and i’m absolute trash 😭

  • Overpowered Jelly
    Overpowered Jelly

    I used to play 8 hours a day and now Riot permabanned me. Well played

  • Philip Salazar
    Philip Salazar

    "april 7th today" me: thats today 🤯

  • 준서 팍준서
    준서 팍준서

    just one thing you need before watching this video: a new wifi router xd