When Lucian Broke League of Legends... 6 Years Later | URF in Solo Queue
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Today, let's talk about one of the most broken champions to ever exist in league of legends..., the patch where lucian played urf in solo queue, and his place in league of legends history. From a champion who was quite strong and was looking to be nerfed, to now being one of the most exciting and best champions in the game. Lucian's combos, abilities, and mechanics are some of the best things in league of legends. This is a video covering the history of lucian, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.12 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    I finally made a new discord server. Come join! discord.gg/JsukP94

    • LCDC Azuralie
      LCDC Azuralie

      How about you do a video about adcs ? And why it's the worst role in everyone's opinion. Also maybe the really low winrate of Kai'sa who's a really good champion, and maybe the low play rate and winrate of Xayah. Giving some ideas, if you don't know what to talk about. Good videos btw ! I always like to know things about league before I started playing it.

    • Exil

      @Kaleb the cool kig yes!

    • Gabriel Hernandez
      Gabriel Hernandez

      Can you make a video about shaco please?

    • Kaleb the cool kig
      Kaleb the cool kig

      Are you the guy from proguides ??

    • Exil

      @Jeff Boyardee rsloft.info/loft/video/Z8ejtoStzpiWppg should be this one my friend

  • dankdungeon

    The lonely anatomy appropriately squash because evening booly attach versus a lumpy statistic. disillusioned, tiny steven

  • Jasper Vermeer
    Jasper Vermeer

    Guess I'm an outlier, I hate him

  • a ward
    a ward

    This actually is an issue today

  • Lipter Aqw
    Lipter Aqw

    I thought the video is about the spear of shojin xD

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson

    I played during this time A LOT. When lucy was released he was DDOGSHIT! they buffed him right after launch and when the pros picked him up he then go popular. he got buffed SO HARD! then he got nerfed to shit tier for a long time.

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson

    they had to make that black champ tho!!! OBAMA DEMANDS IT!!

  • Rath

    I still think urf sould be a permanent gamemode

  • Atze Datze
    Atze Datze

    Whenever playing URF i suck hard because of the fast paced game I am not used to play. I dont like it at all

  • Erebus

    How about you actually list the tracks used with s timestamp? Poor production until fixed

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt

    Lucian is absolutely broke in urf. You'd think he wouldn't be, but you'd be dead wrong. Also, I love playing URF!!!

  • TravagGames

    Oh hey! It's me! Wish I saw this video when it came out but this is really cool to see. Happy to see it helped provided some data and footage for this video.

  • Satan

    *Looks at season 11* Oh no... *looks at navory quickblades* Oh noooo...IT'S HAPPENING again!

  • Ninjippo

    Break? if URF isnt in the game I don't play

  • Wectyler

    Now navori quickblades is here that helps reset his E Even more plus other spells on crit! Love it

  • Jesse Raphael
    Jesse Raphael

    Ngl I kinda hate urf

  • Soosen Krieger
    Soosen Krieger

    On s11 you can you navori quick blades to be Lucian urf :)

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit

    Oh sh*t it's been 6 years since Essence Reaver was released?

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit

    Technically speaking, they increased his Q-damage on minions by 33%, not 25%.

  • Everrest

    What a journey; first we had URF lucian, now on PBE we have URF Senna. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  • Kostas Kazama
    Kostas Kazama

    the reason why he and the other 3 champs in the game that are so broken is bcs they are nighas

  • Carmen

    season 11 be like

  • Games Games Games
    Games Games Games

    Ngl, ive played 9 straight games in urf with only lucian, i won all of them with an average of 15-20+ kills

    • -Gabriel K.
      -Gabriel K.

      When I want to win on urf, I always play Lucian.

  • Kraft Lawrence
    Kraft Lawrence

    Got a Lucian token while watching in the background, guess I'm gonna be a Lucian main now.

  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo

    just bring back nexus blitz

  • shine

    Damm, maybe im a no fun allowed guy, but Holy hell, i hate urf, and all of the alternative game modes, so boring

  • Questionable Object
    Questionable Object

    NGL I never found URF fun.

  • Troy JustTroy
    Troy JustTroy

    Combos and spell weave Yeah... Not like there's any other adc like that...


    They need to bring back twisted treeline as a permanent gamemode Much more fun than nexus blitz

  • Filipe Gomes
    Filipe Gomes

    "4d chess" AHHAHAHAHAHA amaaazing

  • Dragon ologist
    Dragon ologist

    Lucian my favorite champ

  • Jared

    Dude, I'd take a hammer to regular LoL if I could just have perma URF Screw it, lets get more URF types: SURF: Only aquatic champs like Nami, Fizz, and Naut TURF: KotH style game NURF: URF but champs have reduced stats to make ganks more important

  • Broseph Stinson
    Broseph Stinson

    Unpopular opinion, I fucking hate urf, too much facerolling, too much stupid shit happening. Sorry I like normal League. I even hate the URF deathmatch in Nexus blitz.

  • Jako b
    Jako b

    I play urf for 10-20 games and then I go back to normals because urf feels boring after a while

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf

    Or maybe kept shit in the game and not make them seasonal bring back twisted treeline bring back urf bring back the gaurdian game bring all that shit and just leave it GAURENTEE with more variety you'll keep more players-_-

  • Dominiorrr

    6:20 not 25% more damage to minions, but 33⅓%. It's a little mistake though, nice vid anyways :)

  • Rodrigo Silva
    Rodrigo Silva


  • Up Down
    Up Down

    "We will never be able to see a champion play like Urf in ranked... well that's 99% true, let's talk about this guy" *Shows Lucian* Yasuo: Sad noise

  • Flatface Puggo
    Flatface Puggo

    League needs a TURBO MODE just like Dota2 so you can do a 15min normal game when you don't really have time to jump into a 45min normal game.

  • satyrixal

    not all of us, urf is dumb AF

  • DIO

    So Huni did NOT create top Lucian. Heh

  • Francis Bédard
    Francis Bédard

    So are we not going to talk about Spear of Shojin Lucian?

  • littlexddlol

    Nice 7 min intro and 1 minute outro.

  • Y C
    Y C

    i love how rito was oh this champion is a jack of all trades lets nerf him, 6 years later rito games overloads all champions with heals shields dashes..

  • Espectral99

    "lucian RIP in peace"

  • Dominic Thomas
    Dominic Thomas

    I honestly don’t know how anybody back in the day didn’t see that was a fat buff. If you came from games like WoW you fully understood

  • ヨリヌ

    The only champ closest to DMC for me

  • william nebe
    william nebe

    Ngl Would be playing alot more if they fixed all their crap , not gonna list it , you know what i meam

  • Enhancer_Senpai

    lucian combos are very far away from the most iconic things in this game. Very far.

  • Wouter S
    Wouter S

    Yea no I don't like lucian I think he's extremely strong and I also play him myself he feels very easy just auto E auto q (obv situational too but most of the time you can get away with this since rarely any adc beats you early) and someone literally dies it's pretty braindead easy to get a lead on him lol..

  • Sanguine Aurora
    Sanguine Aurora

    6:30 Good math tho. But increasing %75 to 100% is not "25% buff" it is 33.3% 25 is 1/3 of 75

  • xRevTheoryx

    And you'd think they learned from their mistakes... Then they release Akali

  • i am groot
    i am groot

    And now he is getting a buff on his q good shit

  • Micas Reynhamar
    Micas Reynhamar

    URF is literly the eorst game mode the only thing it do is higelight the big problems whit all the champs

  • ssbbSephi

    Nobody? wrong.

  • Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter
    Gilgamesh ,the treasure hunter

    URF is fun when you're winning really

  • hunter in the moonlight
    hunter in the moonlight

    "you like lucian" >go against lucian in bot, lets him get 30 cs behind, no kills, only deaths >he finishes first item >SOMEHOW STILL MANAGES TO KILL OTHERS WITH EASE yeah i dont really like this champ exil,,,

    • Pee Noice
      Pee Noice

      By ease you mean dodged all your skillshots and killed you on the turret with his ultimate

    • nguyen ba giap
      nguyen ba giap

      the problem is he get double gold efficency just by existing because of his passive. MF has similar passive but she isn't that stupid.

  • Jvc

    so riot has no good playtesting? you literally only need to Play this Version of lucian for 20 seconds and you would know it was broken at the time hahaha. I bet there's not a single person at riot higher than silver

  • Mistah J's Funhouse
    Mistah J's Funhouse

    Let's not forget when Spear of Shojin Lucian was a thing.

  • ArmaZonia

    All your lol essays are highly entertaining and informative :)

  • Secret

    was lucian change (lower range independent of the dash change) necessary? like was he broken even before the rework?

  • Dokusei

    This video gave me horrible flashbacks. I hated that patch.

  • Se7entynet

    Hey, thanks for using one of my clips in your documentary. I am a small size streamer / youtuber. And if you can add my video to your source list, I will be very thankful. %40 cdr lucian vs. Nasus : rsloft.info/loft/video/p5BokW7Rx5qiqoo

  • Candy Gore
    Candy Gore


  • Zaihao Lightsbane
    Zaihao Lightsbane

    "everyone likes Lucian * ...*stares in Jhin *

  • VNCA Tech info
    VNCA Tech info

    Its not broken as old E Lucian while his E was used to remove any debuff he got even Nasus W cant effect him much longer than 1s just E dash and then bump Lucian removed debuff

  • Sebastian Peralta
    Sebastian Peralta

    The first black champ with a drive by

  • João Pedro Almeida Caetano
    João Pedro Almeida Caetano

    I used to love playing Lucian before this shit happened. And also loved playing him while he was busted. But now it just isn't the same...

  • Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin
    Phylippe Zimmermann Paquin

    ngl, i completly forgot about my man curios

  • Loga Levaard
    Loga Levaard

    i mean are we not going to talk about how spear of shojin lucian was the same thing?

  • idonotmakevidsyet

    Actually a lot of people including me hate urf. If you play enough of urf it devolves into a tryhard gamemode where no one plays "for fun" champions. Instead you camp under your own tower only to get killed over and over again because you tried to play ap gp.

  • Golem Golden
    Golem Golden

    "you like lucian" me who thinks lucian is the 3rd most anoying champ in league *aha*

  • Adrian Ceja
    Adrian Ceja

    stopped watching when footage was reused

  • Karlo Milovic
    Karlo Milovic

    Boring and hard things about this game is what makes it fun for me

  • Kevin Thang
    Kevin Thang

    You made this video w/o an honorable mention towards King Nidhogg's Spear of Shojin Lucian top, which looked like the actual fantasy of lucian as shown in lucian's trailer.

  • Choi Wonjae
    Choi Wonjae

    „We would never be able to see a champion played like urf in ranked“ Yasuo wants to know your location

  • Pandi Çunoti
    Pandi Çunoti

    Seriously now lucian is in a pretty good spot. A good Lucian player can get out of any lane and crush mid game nonetheless. (late he is a bit weaker cause u need perfect positioning all the time otherwise ull just get nuked by a LB or sth similar)

  • Wahka Maka
    Wahka Maka

    You think Urf Lucian is broken??? HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED AGAINST URF SYLAS?!?

  • Timothy

    Remember when Ryze had perma root? That was urf in soloQ

  • AlwaysJarron

    am i the only one who doesnt like earth?

  • Mohammad almutairi
    Mohammad almutairi


  • Joe Crawford
    Joe Crawford

    The diffrence between 10 seconds and 14 seconds at 45% since really play to a champs strengths really is nit a huge change since that is a 1 ability addition to the combo since E is -2 seconds, and Q is, and W is all when passive is proced that is still 6 seconds off of an ability that is a flash and gives a bunch of damage with movespeed alongside a slow, what really is a problem is tge fact that a champ like this is fine in the current meta like, can we just delete aphelios please what the hell is that thing even or quiana mass cc on an assassin yep sure thats fine

  • Jan Schneider
    Jan Schneider

    Urf is boring all you do is faceroll qwer

  • Mr Eccentricities
    Mr Eccentricities

    hate urf disorganized and longer

  • DukkSauze

    I really really dont like urf, i play it for fast xp and missions but i despise what the mode has become

  • John Grimm
    John Grimm

    As a MOBA player, mainly LOL and Dota 2. I laugh at you, for thinking Lol is slow.

  • Aki Kino
    Aki Kino

    I don't like Lucian, but he's okay.



  • Valentin Krasotin
    Valentin Krasotin


  • chaton roux
    chaton roux

    i got a S and i lose lp...common, riot

  • Whitemage Jake
    Whitemage Jake

    Anyone else think this video was gonna be about old essence reaver Lucian?

  • Pounya

    remember when essence river used to give basic abilities cd reset after using ult? yea... Lucian was abusin the f out of it

  • George Nicolson
    George Nicolson

    People love URF? Somehow I despise it, myself :/

  • S real-iron
    S real-iron

    arent we going to talk about top lane kleptomancy lucian? like : Press E --> ka-ching ka-ching --> Q --> ka-ching ka-ching.. thats the sound of the money

  • Rushly Reacts
    Rushly Reacts

    Bring back old Graves!!

  • Stephen Arden-magmer
    Stephen Arden-magmer

    I actually despise urf, I find the only way to enjoy a game that is meant to be competitive, i have to play competitively, obviously im not putting anyone down for liking urf, thats just my preference lol

  • MutantCarrot

    "Everyone loves URF so much they stopped playing normal league" "So we took away the mode people liked more and left them with normal slow boring League" Incredible game designers right there.

    • Matthew Hodge
      Matthew Hodge

      @Seraph821 I wouldn't say a faster game is more or less strategic than a slower game. strategy is strategy. it's just different types of strategy.

    • Matias Moreno
      Matias Moreno

      @Stefan Filipov le blanc was reverted to original stare you lucky guy

    • Stefan Filipov
      Stefan Filipov

      The reasons i quit the game bro: All my fav champs got reworked-Katarina/LeBlanc/Galio/Graves/GankPlank and others. No other alternative beside ARAM(Which sucks) And i played it like 8 years

    • Seraph821

      My impression is that they are designing Wild Rift to meet this demand without changing the League experience on PC, and the recent URF rotations have probably helped gather some data for balancing Wild Rift if it is the faster paced game I expect. Haven't looked much into recent gameplay though to support my theory. Normal Summoners Rift is slower but there are a lot of reasons to enjoy it over a faster less strategic game.

    • ManiacOne

      the reason we like it more is because it isn't as available as other modes is my guess .-.

  • Timmy Malinkey
    Timmy Malinkey

    Ive been playing league for years and the joy URF brings is a nice break from the usual grind. However after URF disappears we realise just how tragic the normal game modes are. Its crazy how much more fun myself and friends have on URF compared to solo queue or even draft. URF basically highlights all of the flaws from the main game. I think they should just make URF a staple game mode like ARAM you might lose players on solo/queue servers but you wouldnt necessarily lose those players altogether as they would stay to play URF.

  • Odyss K
    Odyss K

    "Controversial", if you will, opinion: Urf is fun at the beginning, when you try a bunch of fun champions and all. After 10-15 games it just becomes boring and annoying, for me at least. People abusing the same champions every damn game and tryharding like hell *cough* Yi *cough* Whenever urf is up I play for the first couple of days and then I just go back to regular league. I enjoy it a lot more. Maybe it's the state of the game rn, maybe I just like more slow paced games and having the game under my control, idk. That's just my view on urf.

  • NihilisticHorse

    I actually dislike it’d quite a lot. Its so goofy it’s boring.