When Supports Ruled The World: A History Of Ardent Censer
Today, let's talk about the most overpowered support item to ever exist in league of legends. This item broke the balance of the game, broke the patch notes, and broke op champs into being impossible for league of legends to balance. Many low elo players could win with these champions and supports such as Janna, Nami, Sona, Soraka, Lulu, and Morgana could easily build Ardent Censer and 1v9 ranked games to climb ELO. Today, let's talk about how you used to be able to climb and get freelo in league of legends, with Ardent Censer.
Log in Screen For Janna at the end, amazing work here:
Adrian von Ziegler's Celtic Moonsong, amazing song and great music, please go check it out!
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Magikarp Used Fly Worlds 2017
Jeremy GC Ardent Censer Explanation Season 4
Phy Explains how Riot Broke Janna During the Ardent Meta. Great Explanation and Phy is a great RSloftr go check him out.
Hanjaro Season 4 Janna Ardent Censer funny moment:
Ardent Censer Clips
Valkrin Explains the new Ardent Censer:
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  • dendy

    "they lost most of their girl playerbase" jesus christ u are shameless

  • Avasic

    I remember the time me and my mate counter this meta by playing brand and vel coz duo bot and build Morrelo and Liandries to counter heal.

  • Jayno Bibo
    Jayno Bibo

    So let me get this straight. Correct me if im wrong. In summary, ardent became op and the go to rush item for supports, and it bored the the hell out of the gamers because of the repititive use of it to the poimt that the game wasn't even fun anymore. And in worlds 2017, someone actually countered it with a strategy? But really? I'm not trying to be rude or something but doesn't that technically implies that lol players wasn't actually flexible and just keep on repeating the same thing all over again and make themselves "good" in the game, even lacking in flexibility? Without even thinking of countering them? Just following the method to make you win always, that's it? And not looking for ways to actually strategize against it? Like really, lol. It took them years to see the other light huh.

  • Danny S. Cream
    Danny S. Cream

    I just wish there weren't such drastic differences in the meta. First there's Ardent, my support follows me everywhere and we get 2v5 penta, and then there's today's meta when support can't wait to forget about my existence and start 1v1ing anyone on the enemy team while I have to farm from under a turret for 30 minutes to be relevant.

  • Nalex

    17:45 Aaaaand then they released Samira A walking yasuo windwall adc with an mobile ad katarina ult, that scales of crit, heals samira and does a lot of dmg With 3 sec cd, so if you do really great, you can cast it twice in a teamfight. Oh i forgot the dash that reset every kill. Wheres my champ with a mobile nunu ult , that gives the whole team a shield and tryndamere ult ?

  • Golder

    well me playing bot always 2v8

  • Bakiś

    'it is ppssible that riot lost their girl playbase' ah yes, because girls only play supports. Really, why do you continue to tell everyone that girl in league = support? That's just toxicity at its best.

  • Darkness Dash
    Darkness Dash

    My nightmare is old ardent on yuumi

  • The Red Warrior 1
    The Red Warrior 1

    can someone tell me the name of the music at 14:37?

  • _Yasuo_

    Ardent Cancer

  • Andres Fregoso
    Andres Fregoso

    Oh I remember this meta, and yes, as a support main I actually liked it, that season was when me and my duo climbed the highest, we wold spam Janna-twitch botlane and the games pretty much were a win every time.

  • Arda Anıl Ergin
    Arda Anıl Ergin

    The ardent meta caused Riot to literally hate bot lane after the meta ended. The assasin meta, support nerfs, 8.12 patch and everything, the ad carries have never felt good after that point. Well, until +3 ad buff on Cait I guess.. Unpopular opinion, I miss the ardent meta

  • Rick Dick
    Rick Dick

    They are still ruling

  • The Lonesome Wanderer
    The Lonesome Wanderer

    it literally made me quit the game and i didnt return until recently

  • Doruk Ayhan
    Doruk Ayhan

    12:00 "mordekaiser es numer uno huehuehuehuehuehue"

  • Azukus

    i actually didnt think it was that bad back then. i was a mid laner and i one tricked azir. no one picked assassins and i never really thought about it. i knew ardent was a must and it was cancerous, but it never really affected me. just everyone else

  • Adil Hamamci
    Adil Hamamci

    I am a support main, and i really enjoyed this meta. Just buy ardent and spam shields, heals. Yeah its disguisting but i got so much free wins

  • John Angelo Perez
    John Angelo Perez

    Soraka ardent redemp combo is my way to go back then.

  • Leoh music
    Leoh music

    Ah yes, the infamous season 5 mordekaiser bot 100% pick ban, the good ol days. As an adc main i didnt hate braindead ardent facerolling

  • lolmanboss

    Arden lulu and kog... oof

  • lemetiana higae
    lemetiana higae

    The item that made Karmas downfall =]

  • Ian Handy
    Ian Handy

    When they ruled the world? They rule bot lane right now

  • BardockSSJL

    17:09 did he really say what I think I heard? 😂

  • ninjacookie3

    "this probably lost riot a lot of their girl player base" I don't wanna sound like a dick but this really isn't the case, he clearly doesn't talk to women who play league


    "Do you remember this character" I still feel like it was yesterday that this was all one of my friends played 😅

  • Orenji

    Oooh yes. Actually, I remember when i was spamming Soraka and with a single R every one in the goes berserker.

  • Marie Monte
    Marie Monte

    Why ppl cry about nida? Omg its a Skillshot if u cant dodge it, its your fault. Whats about Veigar then? Zoe yasou fizz etc? Or f master ye, the Most dump hero ever.

  • BirdFam


  • zakius

    rito before ardent meta: we noticed Yasuo reached almost 200% banrate, we decided toprioritize the rework we had planned for him rito during ardent meta (few weeks later): so we noticed everyone bans supports now, it must mean Yasuo is fine, rework cancelled!

  • Leon

    What's the music of the first title card?

  • Qualms

    "Most accurate Nidalee work" -Season 4 Hitboxes

  • zust3k

    are you telling me, there was a time when support were apreciated

  • Black Cheshire
    Black Cheshire

    and since that beautiful time....we support got back to our rightful place...items.....thanks yuumi

  • Arugon Morigane
    Arugon Morigane

    Imagine Yuumi in that meta

  • td whend
    td whend

    Looool JG diff

  • Justina Rusinaitė
    Justina Rusinaitė

    1:48 "little lamp" name of the item- ardent censer :D

  • Ritsuka Fujimaru
    Ritsuka Fujimaru

    better CSing and positioning ADC wins better babysitting support wins as a late-game player, this was my favorite meta.. i went from bronze iv in january to gold ii during worlds, spamming twitch, tristana and sivir.. and banning vayne 100% of the time also, if Kaisa was released during this time, she may be 100% pick or ban.

  • Andrew Vachon
    Andrew Vachon

    And now it's pretty bad again

  • Zach

    "It's possible that riot lost a lot of their girl player base, and has been decreased ever since ardent was nerfed." wtf? this literally reads like a troll comment making fun of sexist gamer guys but its just.. in the video. feels totally out of place... not sure where you were going with that, im real confused ngl. was enjoying this video up to that point.

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

      @Iwo Witterel good

    • Iwo Witterel
      Iwo Witterel

      @Chris Pirillo Is Eboola I think that explains everything then

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

      @Iwo Witterel sure. I didn't get the notification of your reply until the thread was updated by someone else

    • Iwo Witterel
      Iwo Witterel

      @Chris Pirillo Is Eboola Cause people on the internet usually forget about what they do here after a while

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

      @Iwo Witterel why did say that you "don't understand" why I would comment back after a while. Pretty weird

  • Br0sk1e

    I hated the ardent censer meta so much Besides my champs being banned or taken all the time, it forced you into a build Shit was so cancer to me as a support player

  • malter87

    Skill expression??? LOL no such thing has every existed in 95% of the games.... And this is almost ALL and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the games.... 95% OF ALL GAMES DO NOT HAVE ANY SKILL EXPRESSION WHATSOEVER!!!

  • SeltiaLoL

    As an adc main I loved this meta, not because of ardent support and me pentakilling every1, but because that was the only meta in the history of league where adc actually had impact on the game below d2 elo : DD

  • gcavaresi

    "When supports ruled the world" my ass. When only ADCs ruled the world and supports were nothing more than buffers, their skills being much less relevant than the censer procs.

  • Infamous

    This video should be reported for violence, gives me flashes of world 2017 😨

  • José Pedro Mota
    José Pedro Mota

    to this day nidalee is still my favourite champion ever since season 3 when i started playing that intro...

  • Charles Owens
    Charles Owens

    Oh, right. When bot went top, because Mord and his dragon friend were too damn much. Holy shit, forgot about that.

  • Alex Sere
    Alex Sere

    3:00 I remember playing support in seasons 7-8. The things I hated the most is how much I had to wait to get cool items. I played blitzcrack, and frozen gauntlet was really good on him for the manga and cdr. Unfortunately I had to first do a supp item, sightstone, upgrade sightstone, upgrade supp item again, boots and maybe upgrade boots before buying an item. Looking back I would agree I was delaying my powerspike but as a supp I wanted to be as helpful as useful, so I bought the items even if it's no the best route. I am so happy with this change.

  • Ajfergy

    Had just switched to playing thresh a lot this season... not a fun time

  • InfinitI

    Have you ever considered doing a video on Patch 8.11?

  • inot ćitelab
    inot ćitelab

    I played Sona and Vayne bot lane Both got the green "support" item

    • inot ćitelab
      inot ćitelab

      Got to plat w that strat

  • Asariel TnG
    Asariel TnG

    Wait xaya was on the ardent meta? I dont rly think so she was not even created at the moment

  • Guilherme Vasconcelos
    Guilherme Vasconcelos

    You can make a video about de Guinsoo Evolution!

  • Stefan Dimo
    Stefan Dimo

    8:06 SONIC IS THAT YOU?!

  • iVeloz

    16:00 Fervor Leona amazing, I recommend watching the casting in Spanish by ibai of that play, it is just amazing.

  • Connor Riccilli
    Connor Riccilli

    Am I the only one that enjoyed this meta? lol

  • godssons 69
    godssons 69

    Lol I bet everyone wished midalee was still around for the ardent meta. Imagine a midlander with pole that could 1shot the enemy ardent support/adc with a spear while building her own ardent so her heal would buff their adc with ardent on top of it already increasing attack speed by 50%.. what a world

  • godssons 69
    godssons 69

    Midalee was my old main .. I know she was broken but I was so sad when they reworked her.. I felt like I lost my baby

  • Koda D.S
    Koda D.S

    shoutout to myself (peanutbutterkoda) dying to redemption at 5:23

  • 73MPL4R

    Imagine being a support main during this time and seeing your role go from human ward to most important role in the game

  • rubenlodi

    Exil, you're gonna be HUGE Just keep in mind this comment. He's just a little shadow of what he will become

  • Daniela Manole
    Daniela Manole

    sees the first video s of Nida... Are u sure this is not the current patch??? There is no dif

  • Eric Gilbertson
    Eric Gilbertson

    11:20 - As a huge C9 fan back in Season 5, the Balls Pentakill is still my favorite esports moment because it led to the huge upset against Fnatic. Too bad Fnatic crushed them later in the week though.

  • Lylian

    As a Janna player, it was fun :D

  • Slashing Robin
    Slashing Robin

    "Its possible that riot lost a lot of their girl player bas and its been decreased ever since ardent censer was nerfed" That's really fucking sexist...

  • Periplectomenus

    Just revisited this video I thi k that a new support meta is about to start and I think it will be exactly the same as ardent meta but instead it's athenes rush into shurelyas

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    Fervor of battle was OP too.. I mean max stack damage 64..attack damage added to you

  • SniK

    I hope that they will soon buff either the items or the enchanter champions soon. Miss when I could pick them without being called a troller.

  • Upierczi Leonheart
    Upierczi Leonheart

    song in the first two minutes? anyone?

  • oOminouOo

    imagine playing now against nautilus or leona as support who literally can 1v1 most of the champs or perma cc the carries! (qss and clarity dont help to remove the cc bcs u instantly getting cc'd again) despite that they are tanky af (try to dmg leona when she activates w) and can engage/disengage perfectly. The good thing about this meta is that there are only 2 champs you have to ban LOL

  • DarkLoL

    "Lost most of its "girl" playerbase..." :/ Sigh

  • Bread

    I miss Ardent, Tank Assassins, Juggernaut S5 :/

  • Nine

    Your videos are the reason I don't log in anymore

  • M DC
    M DC

    People were just complaining about it being a 5 v 5 rather than the 4 + support V 4 + support that people are used to

  • Waxa 38
    Waxa 38

    So basically this is what the 0/17/0 Vayne on my team is talking about when she says "I wish supports could actually support us ADC's like they used to in the good old days. Pyke isn't even a support!"

  • OddJaguar15

    That casual misogyny near the end.

    • Jackie FUCKIN' Vincent
      Jackie FUCKIN' Vincent

      @camelCaseCurry What?

    • camelCaseCurry

      ikr, had to replay it to make sure

  • billkill37

    Being a blitz main since season 3, that game made me so proud of my yellow steam golem...

  • Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin
    Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin

    imagine if Kai'sa had been around when ardent was op

  • Jonathan Dee
    Jonathan Dee

    I played from season 3 to season 6 and I didn't even know this thing existed until the year that shield supports ruled the world

  • Tragedy Ann
    Tragedy Ann

    I'm like looking back now it's kinda funny how having the duo laners be the strongest on both team (when they should since it's two champs) is too broken, but having literally only 5 or so champs that can actually carry now when theyre all solo laners is just silly

  • HairoxxFR

    its was the best meta ever

  • Nesterlace

    Throughout the years. Bot lane feels like we just slap echother. Run around the minions and slap each other even more. But when ardent came out broken: started t bagging echother 🤣

  • Abdollah Ebrahimi
    Abdollah Ebrahimi


  • Hivan

    this video reminded me when you played Evelynnwith 6 sunfire capes and they all stacked , yes people this this was Alpha or beta not sure but it was fun :D

  • Highborn

    What I miss is dfg

  • the Turtle
    the Turtle

    worse meta in the history. and adc and supports loved it. shows why you must ignore adc and support mains in discussions about balance

  • Christy Luv
    Christy Luv

    We just gonna ignore the fact that this man said ardent brought the girls to the yard and they left after it wasn't meta? Like that's how people work? They play a random game because they hear something in a support position is op and stop playing after because females don't get addicted to games? Bless it. I get stereotypes occur for a reason, but that doesn't mean you should use them in a non-satirical way. If you think the toxicity of 75% of males we encounter asking our weight/marital status didn't chase us off then I doubt female players dropped because ardent isn't op. Also, ardent is still good. It's still built. -Don't worry, I'm sure the girls are hanging in there and you don't gotta worry till they remove the item from the game completely.'

  • JSve TV
    JSve TV

    Ah well Im grateful thats over! *Ardent Soraka top intensifies*

  • Ninjapilot10

    About that um top is hell and healers rule us again

  • Leo hustke
    Leo hustke


  • suilles

    wel how about they would of just dash on the support and insta kill the support buffing up the adc... the adc got all the damage but the support buffs up the adc like crazy better focus the adc and nerf the support... its like a tank and assassin come at you then you wont focus the tank because he peels good for the assassin right...

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz

    This is the first meta that made me drop the game

  • Lyubimov89

    The worst thing about the old Nida wasn't the spears, it was the people telling you to "just dodge them" as if it was some solid advice

  • Steve Mauch
    Steve Mauch

    I miss this Meta. I play 95% shield/heal based supports. And with usual metas focus on solo laners botlane always draws the short stick. you dont really hardcarry as a shield support. maybe with a cc heavy support you get better chances with a nice and agressive playstyle. but thats not for everyone. In this meta you actually got power. you didnt had to gamle so hard anymore on hoping the meta champs do their job so you can catalyze their power to win the game. you did that yourself. you had a real impact. Now its back to normal and ya got to pray to the elo gods to give ya mates who use your buffs and shields properly again. I dont mean it needs to be all OP but to have this option to have an impact with shield/heals again would be nice.

  • Fry

    I kinda want to start practicing midalee, i know it's not meta but you can't deny that it's fun.

  • Dob dus
    Dob dus

    Janna not hard to play? :i triggered.

  • Corrin Kamui
    Corrin Kamui

    Faker lost Worlds 2017 because of this one item

  • Death Master
    Death Master

    Now we should talk about afk assasins who press a button and get a kill. Rengar, Zed, Pyke... Or juggernauts like Jax... Ardent support are not able to save their adc against the high dmg, anymore. Tanks are tanky and they are has disgusting dmg. Cho, Darius, Garen, Gnar. Supports in 2019 and 2020 is Ap karma, ap lux, ap swain, blitzcrank, nautilus, thresh. Where is Janna? Where is Lulu? Where is Nami? Where are the true supports who saved their ad carries with shields and heals?

  • Bseraph

    Those were the glory days...

  • TeaMasterSen

    Watching this after Ardent was nerfed again because of self shielding bug. Lol Riot is funny.

  • I Trow
    I Trow

    Tiensenoakuma is Dominating

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