Which Champions Are The HARDEST For Riot To Balance?
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Today, let's talk about broken and overpowered champions in league of legends on patch 9.9. For patch 9.9, patch 9.10, and patch 9.11, league of legends has some infamous op and broken champions such as vayne, riven, and hecarim. These new and best op picks have been making solo queue climbing a nightmare for those playing against the new op picks. But what is an overpowered champion? Thats the question we will answer in todays league of legends documentary video.
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Vote on which champion to rework by riot
Patch 9.10 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
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Hashinshins thoughts on Aatrox:
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  • Exil

    2 resources for you! A: Here's a pretty cool graph riot uses to determine their "solo queue OP line" twitter.com/RiotRepertoir/status/1121824617344028672 B: Here's where you can vote on which champion you want to see reworked next year! nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/05/choose-a-champion-update-for-2020/#?poll-vote=open

    • Cristian Mendoza
      Cristian Mendoza

      I think they should nerf Morganas Q time or at least it’s range. It’s as long as ezreals Q and it’s snare is longer than her Ultimate cast

    • Mikołaj Hintze
      Mikołaj Hintze

      video as a whole isin't bad but just the master case, i dont think he IS broken i think supports like lulu/taric MAKE him broken

    • Zach Horsman
      Zach Horsman

      Didn't hear anything about vladimir basically started with a full build with how broken he is

    • Иван Гурин
      Иван Гурин

      What reason for toplane Akali to be broken? She can easily win trades against almost any champion. Every time I play against Akali I can not beat her, if oppenent dont make mistakes. So what? That champion is desighned to be unbeatable, if player dont make mistakes? Let's talk about Irelia. She is broken. Just broken. If you were countered with Irelia - you already've lost early game. One can say - it's normal, if you lose bad matchup. But Irelia dont have bad matchups - there're few champions, who can fight her. But that's not a problem - Irelia can concentrate on farm, get 2 items and kill your botlane in 2 seconds. I know the difference between "broken" and "overpowered". Akali, Kai'sa, Irelia, Sylas - broken, designed to be unbeatable.

    • Pedgo1986

      @Niko Sietiö Mages can burst but canot oneshot, maybe veigar ult if you have half HP but rest need drop whole kit to kill. Other issue is for example rengar cannot miss if you are in his range you are dead and he is suprisingly tanky for oneshot assassin.

  • JustAPerson

    Me watching it in late 2020 pre-season 11 times and laughing, pss, these are nothing to today’s league.

  • Olcay Alp Bayram
    Olcay Alp Bayram

    About the last points , a Rengar has just his ultimate as a guaranteed way to get onto someone. If a dedicated assassin cannot kill a squishy with his only reliable engage tool , the player who plays that champion would be better of playing something stupid like AD Zilean or Soraka. People who main squishy ranged carries have to understand one thing , those divers go extremely deep in order to get you and will get cc chained to death IF you position properly. Of course sometimes even if you position properly they may still get you. Or positioning properly might mean waiting for some of their abilities to be on cooldown , and they may never use them so you may never have a chance to go in. But this experience is not exclusive to you. I play a lot of Jax and good adc/supports can shut me down completely. Wich forces me to splitpush or just frontline for my team while getting MELTED by their carries. My point is , most champions will never get to play their ideal game plan. No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

  • JayCee

    Hardest to balance... Teemo of course. Look at how Teemo terrorizes players mental capacity

  • MsHellokitty666

    I'm a bit relieved that of the 3 champs I mained none were mentioned in this video.

  • Camilo Gonzalez
    Camilo Gonzalez

    when the balance team was creating tryndamere: lets have a unique ult were he cant die for 5 seconds. Wait, isnt that a little too strong? No because when the ult wears off, he is 1 hp, oohhhh coool, good one, now lets give him an ability which can heal him.

  • N

    Remember that each champion has counterplay Me - looks at Samira "but ut but"

  • trym idsal årthun
    trym idsal årthun

    Yas just yas or any new character

  • Butthole TheBarbarian
    Butthole TheBarbarian


  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight

    in runescape 3 if u dont play ranged u are fucked :^)

  • Definitely Not Miguel
    Definitely Not Miguel

    The one champion that Riot cannot balance AT ALL is Azir. His win rate has been below 48% patch after patch after patch and they still feel comfortable nerfing him because he’s still too strong in the hands of pro players. In the hands of a pro, his team fighting is unmatched, he can siege lanes quickly, he can defend lanes just as well and he can find picks very easily too. His laning however is absolutely abysmal in soloequeue and he’s pretty much unplayable for most people. Even in pro play, his win rate is seeing a dip especially with the most recent nerf.

  • Rodolfo Amorosino Krause
    Rodolfo Amorosino Krause

    How the fuck can you balance Yummy ??? An immortal healer

  • Orthane

    I hate playing against Ori. I always have felt like she's been a bit too strong in lane, just because of her mana costs be waying too low.

  • yeray diaz
    yeray diaz

    Ah yes, Riven no armor destroying an Gaten without losing health. Balance.

  • Djordje Jankovic
    Djordje Jankovic

    I disagree with shyvana being mostly useless. I main shyvana and build ap on her and always win on jungle. Ap is really good for teamfights since you can just R and E 1v5 and take more than half their hp. And shes really fast in cleaning jungle so she can have if you play good stalkers blade:runic echoes and rabadons in like 17 mins.

  • JackFastGame

    14:55 Cats can't move their eyeballs.

  • Disser ™
    Disser ™

    Why do you always say that a certain champion isnt played in pro league? Who cares? Why cant there be champions that only work in soloQ. 99% of us are non pro players anyways.

  • Disser ™
    Disser ™

    You talk too much

  • Rainer saat
    Rainer saat

    Yo lez make him 300k boys

  • Brooks Hyde
    Brooks Hyde

    Yeah, there are some kits Riot makes that just blow my mind. The kit is so crazy it makes it almost impossible to balance, because they need to be weak to feel fair to play against. For example, Akali's kit just feels so terrible to play against, but how do you realistically balance something like that? Samira is an example now. She's a high damage, crazy healing high mobility outplay machine. There's only so much you can do to a kit like that to be balanced, but as long as she's relevant it's going to feel shitty to play against.

  • Ueustasm Ueu
    Ueustasm Ueu

    And now theres Season 11

  • skiyu

    Poor Akali

  • Miroh Uana
    Miroh Uana

    And now we are in season 11 .

  • Richard Nguyen
    Richard Nguyen

    Ah okay so instead of just saying its broken or unfair, just say it was designed that way. Next time we 5 man jump a sylas and he can sustain during the whole fight and 1v5 all of us, ill say it was fair.

  • Relja Milic
    Relja Milic

    ok thank you go pls yes yes no hahahahahaha i am pro yes right pro noob idiot

  • Xx mateturbo xX
    Xx mateturbo xX

    Yuumi outro xd ironic

  • okdghd

    there are four real broken champions i can think of... one: Rework akali. literally made "true vision" not true vision anymore, thus breaking the rules of the game. Two: rework kog´maw... where his raw stats could surpass the intended limit every other champion was subject to. three: camille, who could cc and stop unstoppable champions. four: Pre rework poppy could totally ignore any champion other than the champion she ulted, so she just threw the concept of peel out the window. for those who are not too old in the game... her ult was targeting an enemy champion. for the duration, she would deal extra damage to the selected champion, but was also Inmune to every attack from enemy champions, both damage and cc. maybe it may remind you of the new mordekaiser ult... if mordekaiser was still in the teamfight and could fight any other champion as well Honorable mention ryze un the first urf. AI ryze was unbeatable if yuo got in his range, because he had literaly no cooldowns, and the AI coun perfectly execute an instant-infinite combo that would literally kill anyone instantly. (and thats why he was banned in URF pvp) I may argue that %health true damage is also always broken, because it cant be countered through itemization.

  • Zabawmy się
    Zabawmy się

    "RIOT TRIED TO MAKE CHAMPIONS FAIR IN RECENT TIMES" - releases Samira, Yone, Yummi xD....

    • Erwan

      the worst is yumi, its a brainless champion for autist player

    • Fire Tarrasque
      Fire Tarrasque

      They stopped trying. This isn't a joke. Every champion released recently has been really fucking strong, and then they get nerfed later on, so that people willing to pay out money immediately to get the champ have an advantage. Riot knows fucking exactly what they're doing.

    • Hello there
      Hello there

      Yone is fine. Played poorly, you lose, played well, can be countered. Simple q, small shield on w, no slow, or defence apart from w, e is just for attacks and not defence and his ult is a dash with a knock up. Doesn't seem op to me considering that his q is just a weaker Yasuo q

    • okdghd

      @Y Nathanael I think the same. It's just weird to face two champions combined.

    • Y Nathanael
      Y Nathanael

      Yumi is fair imo

  • Dickus Bigus
    Dickus Bigus

    As a Rakkan main I don't see how he is "broken".

  • Chris This
    Chris This

    Champs with overloaded kits or statsticks. Samira has gp q, a moving windwall, kat e and a moving kat r without cd. Absolutely overloaded and hard to balance. Garen is too tanky and has too much tenacity without building any tank items.

  • Power Play
    Power Play

    yeah but master yi has 200 cs

  • Sanguine Aurora
    Sanguine Aurora

    "Every champion has a counterplay." It's 2020. Yuumi doesn't have a counterplay. She is literally a healer that cannot be focused down. Soraka? Kill her first. Sona? Dodge ulti. Focus down. She doesn't have much mobility or tankiness Nami? Dodge Q. She doesn't have much mobility or tankiness. Blitz? Dodge Q Etc etc. Yuumi? Dodge ulti? But you can't because her ult lasts a while and if you try to actively dodge, you wont be fighting back. Also it slows. Focus down? Nope. Wear out? Nope her core build is full of mana. All you can do is kill the one she is attached to. This effectively makes so that you will need to grind through multiple hp bars through the course of a fight. And sometimes character she is attached to is a mobile carry like vayne, ezreal, kassadin etc. I that case, your window of opportunity to shut these champions down are strait up negated. Especially for the mobile carries. And those carries can pick up summoners and items to counter any CC they may recieve. Cleanse, Qss on ezreal and Michael's crucible on yuumi for example. That is strait up overpowered. So extremely overpowered in fact, Yuumi is banned about %90 of the time at challenger and above where i play.

  • raider 10
    raider 10

    Hecarim is a good example he one shot the adc while being unkillable

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee

    Akali cant be balanced

  • yeet me papi
    yeet me papi

    How did you get through this whole video without mentioning Yuumi

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos

    Wow I watch now in 2020 and what I see in league of legends it's an adc being one shot by a full tank both full items hmmm

  • Sepnova

    They don't give a shit about balance and the game has become a bore since they started in with their "reworks."

  • Darkness Dash
    Darkness Dash

    Problem with riven is her cooldowns mainly, makes her a better aatrox

  • Flavio Rodrigues
    Flavio Rodrigues

    No one hates adc's because they get exploded by everyone now, including tanks.

  • T Bone
    T Bone

    Samira now has the most overloaded kit

  • Stephen McDonald
    Stephen McDonald

    FWIW I absolutely despise Orianna lmao

  • Elvis Siliņš
    Elvis Siliņš

    "Hell yeah", if you played both Runescape and League.

  • White Star Broken
    White Star Broken

    I have gotten to the conclussion that there will never be balance in league, riot defines the meta, champions that get picked, riot makes them stronger, and the ones that dont get picked get gutted, you can still play with off meta champions Like Aurelion, but will need to play 10 times better than someone playing yasuo... If anyone is reading yes Im bronze, like 90% of leagues players... We are still players and it hurts not being able to play with what i want without feeling handickaped

  • Reno Tang
    Reno Tang

    Me: *Laugh in Skarner* Thanks to his stupid passive, he can't be buffed.

  • Lokir 280
    Lokir 280

    1:30 Heimer is better on warriors :P

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    4:51 is the answer

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix

    If darius misses his e, the wind off of it will still clip you and pull you three miles back

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix

    Not a video of excellence this time around, man

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix

    Interesting how you would say kalista is broken before tristana is broken. Smh. But yeah the new mordekaiser kit is pure cheese.

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix

    Dude orianna is hell to play against, she has more combined poke, mobility, waveclear and utility than any other mage in the game. Save perhaps twisted fate.

  • Jimmy Hendrix
    Jimmy Hendrix

    "But if you're a tank, you may hate the adc because the adc shreds you" AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD ONE

  • EpicMenn

    Tahm Kench is still so fucking trash

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Bruh, why skip the "ALLAH AKBUR" in that t1 clip? So sad

  • Richard Draws Stuff
    Richard Draws Stuff

    I hate playing against Yi though.... Silver Slash Nightmares

  • king dray
    king dray

    We all kno its gonna be akali

  • SunnyYuny Rice
    SunnyYuny Rice


  • Chausa

    hate to tell ya but tanks are killing adc's LOL

  • Jovan Kurbanjev
    Jovan Kurbanjev

    Its defo the client

  • LongSchlongRami

    Remember ap yi?

  • Irfan Spirtovic
    Irfan Spirtovic

    When aatrox gets nerfed, he's the worst champ in the game, but when he gets buffed, he gets a 59% winrate on mid

  • Captain Neckbeard
    Captain Neckbeard

    Did you seriously just deny Jinx her rocket snipe?! Smh...

  • Kronology

    Give every champ, a shield from walking. If you know what i mean.

  • Shadi Haddad
    Shadi Haddad

    You know its serious when he pulls out the Runescape analysis.

  • Whimsy

    *Broken:* Something is not working correctly and therefore leads to a difference in power between on paper and in practice. /Example: Ability Power scaling doubled for a specific champion's ability or abilities./ *Overpowered:* Something is overtuned thus leading to a higher difference in power in comparison to others. /Example: Base Attack Damage for a tankier champion is increased but is now higher than base Attack Damage of some bruiser and/or assassins./

  • KJ



    Yi and assassins do have a weakness, it called "team work", which don't really exist

  • RR OO
    RR OO

    So buffing fucking riven would balance her?

  • Jesse Overbey
    Jesse Overbey

    Runescape music in the video after a Runescape mention in the video hmm

  • mifphilip

    this video was made before sett and aphelios

    • comi o cu de quem me respondeu
      comi o cu de quem me respondeu

      And samira

  • Zomble

    You are actually wrong about Orianna kit changes, I remember her getting a damage nerf on her passive becuase she would just bully ALL laners with E + auto at level 1. As for why champs like zed get so much shit. Champions that are initiators of conflict (that's different from initiating team fights), are generally very unhealthy for the game, ESPECIALLY when the time to kill is as low as it is right now. If you are playing anything squishy with limited escape ability then the enemy Rengar CHOOSES when you die, even if he dies for it. That is not fun gameplay. Any champion which dictates when your champion dies regardless of positioning needs to be deleted from the game. That is why Orianna is actually not banned/hated as much, you are not forced to rely heavily on your team to save you the moment you step out of fountain. Champions like Yone, Zed, Khazix, Fizz, Rengar, Akali, Eve, (basically any champion that can one shot out of nowhere or from great distance. And the problem is that Riot are so obsessed with having bite sized games (20 mins or less), that they forgot that doing so ruins the quality of games. Assassins never fall off so they are super safe to pick, time to kill is absurdly short, there is WAY too much true damage in the game now, elder dragon auto ends games 9 times out of 10, and the snowball effect is way harsher. Riot has turned league into a spectator sport, they don't actually care about gameplay for the average player, they only care about what the pros are doing and making as much money off them as possible. Riot is also like the kid that was born into a rich family, he's incompetent and unable to do even the most basic manual labour, he never actually learned how to code or balance, I mean, do labour. He was given his position by being born in the right time and place. I mean look at where league came from, it looked like complete trash, barely an upgrade from dota, yet because it was the only dedicated game for the moba genre on the market, it gained popularity and wealth. Undeserved if you ask me. Hence why people often shit of league in general for being a bad game (even to this day). The game is fun, but it could of been so much more. You only need to look at Riots other games to see how piss poor of a job Riot does in game design. Even when they are taking ideas that are already out there, the games they are releasing are mediocre with very little attention. And if those games where released much earlier we would see the same thing happen to them as what happened to league. /rant

  • Keane P.
    Keane P.

    "Don't get mad when Yi 1v5's and gets a Pentakill, remember the champion is designed that way for a reason." Wow... That's a real shity design.

  • Zomble

    "Which champions are the hardest for Riot to balance?" Riot: What's a champion?

  • RedMars35ITA

    The most balanced champs are the ones who can build full tank and still do a shit ton of damage because, they just killed some minions, but why they should even get kills, assist or even gold if they can outscale everyone just for existing?

  • Red2343

    For aatrox i am ok to nerf the E but why entirely remove the revive from the ulti

  • Yoos Person
    Yoos Person

    i hope when they rework shyvana they dont dish out the way she feels, like , i use her in top with tank life steal and lethality , and other people love her full ap, so i realy , REALY REALY HOPE , she end up being usable the 2 ways too, and not expand the jg vibe so i can still use her in top

  • jrpr jas
    jrpr jas

    Zed is still broken

  • valux

    Zoe has entered the chat.

  • rücksetzen knopf
    rücksetzen knopf

    Or RIOT can make all champions skills into a skill-shots so that there's a lot of room for a counterplay hahha

  • Jerome jones
    Jerome jones

    Uydr just needs a rework playing him is so boring

  • James Ace
    James Ace

    Akali shroud

  • S P O Q K Y
    S P O Q K Y

    3:11 he must've really wanted that blue buff huh..

  • Fluffy the neko
    Fluffy the neko

    11:56 and then aphelios happened

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor

    OK, on Riven: She's a super-snowball champion with too much CC, if you want my opinion. Basically, I think it was an absolutely mind-bogglingly stupid idea to give a champion a shield that scales with 100% of their AD. If you ask me, that's part of why Riven at lower elo can be a very mixed champion. When she does well, she hard-stomps everyone because she has cc on her Q and her W, she's super mobile because she gets some dashes out of her Q and E, she has no resource to manage other than cooldowns, and the more she stacks AD, the more impossible it is to kill her. And because she's so mobile, she's not like Garen, where you can just easily walk away from her. Say what you want about Zed, but there's a good reason that he has just about zero cc in his kit. Other very mobile champions like Ekko have some kind of gimmick where you have to really read your opponent, but not Riven. She just jumps in, has an immediate bunch of gap-closing abilities, a shield, and some near-guaranteed CC. And, also, no mana or energy, so if her abilities are off cooldown, she can full-combo you with virtually no repercussions. I'm not going to say it's "easy" to be a Riven main, or that she's easy to play. It's just when you're good at playing Riven, you are an absolute monster to deal with, especially when most top laners are melee-range. I suppose you can say you're a monster to deal with as any champion if you're "good at playing them," but I think Riven's kit gives you too many things that you can abuse. So if you ask me, Riven's kit is overloaded. That's my opinion on what her problem is.

  • Unetéro Stardust
    Unetéro Stardust

    "Is RIven unfair to play against? *I dont think so* " Totally not Biased Riven Main -2019 admitting you are abusing a Broken unfair champion is the first step to not be a piece of shit. Hell I main akali solely because she's broken enough to counter Yasuo cancerous balanced kit. I like her but I'm not against those saying she's broken. SHE IS. Riven whoever is worst. STUN>> Dmg skill dmg skill> STUN R You die. No counterplay to anything because someone though Riven needed to perma stun every 4 seconds.

  • xpollentober

    R I V E N

  • Zoodiac Dragon
    Zoodiac Dragon

    People hate ahri?

  • Adrian Garcia JANY
    Adrian Garcia JANY

    3:12 what is that kha zix flash

  • Pavel Ninja
    Pavel Ninja

    Yasuo, the unbalancable

  • Michael Wang
    Michael Wang

    As a Zoe player, when I heard that Zoe once was able to pick up Teleport, I started laughing just thinking how broken that is.

  • Saltacus

    Just rewatched this video, as soon as you said overeloaded kit, i thought Mr 200yrs of experience

  • Nathan Szpakowski
    Nathan Szpakowski

    9:42 "They have too much in their kit. The best recent example has to be the Irelia rework" Riot releasing Aphelios: Hold my beer

  • simon edin
    simon edin

    what do you mean tanks shreed adcs thou

  • Totally A Jake Pauler
    Totally A Jake Pauler

    I still think Sol needs a need.

  • Tuskor

    10:05 It's almost like the sheer power of summoner spells are balanced by only having access to 2 at a time, along with their multiple minute long cooldowns, and having summoner spells scattered around the map and carried by minions because you put a point into W is completely ridiculous. Good riddance to CertainlyT, he may have been innovative but he doesn't know a thing about balance.

  • Absolute Newt
    Absolute Newt

    nah, it's more like people need to git guud, i even manage to beat a miss fortune as Yorick recently

  • asfkcnguw MX
    asfkcnguw MX

    So... the key to balance is basically git gud bronze

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez

    This Comment is pre-watching the video in my opinion the hardest champion to balance is Azir after him i would say leblanc and Kat reason why i say leblanc is because shes been changed nerf/buffed almost as much as azir. As for kat shes either really good or really bad in ranked shes one of the best mid laners but if nerfed slightly she may just become completely useless

  • Aligator nomnom
    Aligator nomnom

    As an adc main, I just hate everything

  • Kain Dizengarth
    Kain Dizengarth

    adc kills Tanks?? I don't think it works like that here boy

  • dragonslair951167

    I've seen some people claim that Kai'sa's kit is overloaded, of all champions. All she has is a damage spell, an on-hit passive, a long-range poke spell, a movespeed/attack speed boost, and a dash/shield on her ult. Pretty standard kit for an ADC. Am I missing something or are they just full of crap?

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