Which Champions Have The BEST Design In League of Legends?
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Today, let's talk about the best designed champions in league of legends, and the best and most overpowered champions in league of legends. These champions are the best champions for climbing, as well as getting better at league of legends. These are some of the best designed champions in league of legends history. Here's the history of league of legends, and league of legends' 10th anniversary. In celebration of league of legends 10th birthday and 10th anniversary, let's celebrate some of their best work.
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Sources and Video Footage:
Froggen Anivia
WW Teaser
Xerath Scripter
Xerath Scripter
Jhin Montage
Warwick Patch 4.20
Xerath Script Gameplay
High Elo Jinx Montage
Madlife Thresh Montage

►U.GG for Orianna Mid Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Nami Support Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Thresh Support Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Lee Sin Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.21 on the PBE on surrender at 20

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  • Djm cwj
    Djm cwj

    I disagre... Yasuo, Riven, Zed, LeBlanc, LeeSin, Nidela,... Are some of the Best disignt Champs and i hate allmost All off the Champs your talking about hear... I wish ther wher a cap like you cant play this noob Champs in Rank so every game would be much faster and skillsbased matchups... The game could be mich more balanct if you know ther only skillsbased Champs instead off the point and click beasts... But Yeah then allot of people wouldend play the game bc it would be to Hard....

    • Pix Crackers
      Pix Crackers

      This speaks Bronze 3, I love this comment HAHAHA

    • Christopher Sabados
      Christopher Sabados

      Yas is so broken was to over loaded this new guy home and Samira there implementing death dance in the kit makes no sense

    • John Han
      John Han

      Words cannot describe how much this comment changed my life. I have went from Gold 3 to Iron 4 one tricking my 10% winrate Yasuo. Thank you for showing me the light, brother.

    • Ethan Dcosta
      Ethan Dcosta

      @Exil respond to me if u wanna be GRANDMASTER ;)

    • Rengar The Nighthunter
      Rengar The Nighthunter


  • Avik

    Camille and Qiayana are really good

  • Young Ducky
    Young Ducky

    no singed? he got an unique playstyle

  • PerseveranceTheGreat

    Sylas has pants only And some chains

  • Xena DeSad
    Xena DeSad

    Greenland is a third world country ? For real ?

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    Thebausffs being in this vid... Fantastic

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    People gotta be trippin on some hard shit when they consider China and Turkey third world at times

  • theswiftylegend

    amazing video

  • Beyond Divinity
    Beyond Divinity

    Oriiii ❤️

  • Zander Charmed
    Zander Charmed

    My luv for the misunderstood janna. I find each of her abilities feel like a summoner spell.

  • Crim World
    Crim World

    You straight out said this is a video about design so its okay to choose overloaded champions. You literally made your entire video and list irrelevant. Elegant design is doing a lot of little. Having tremendous skill expression with a fairly simple kit. Champions who have overloaded kit are the literal antithesis of good design.

  • Crim World
    Crim World

    Thresh isn't a best design, he has an insanely overloaded kit. He was the most played support BECAUSE he did everything, thats AWFUL design. Being popular because you do everything and have no weaknesses...

  • Армений К
    Армений К

    Anivia needs a rework

  • Nikita Sosedenko
    Nikita Sosedenko

    Thresh is simply the perfect champ idk how its even a discussion

  • Fluxer

    This sponsor add aged well. xD

  • GTXBlade

    Thresh is not fair


    How the fuck is illaoi not on this list? Literally the most unique champion design except for maybe bard

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


  • LolitaGaming

    Orianna shouldn't be on the list... super weak...

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    I still say Galio's rework is a failure, since he either has to be op or non-existant, he has no in between anymore. He basically got character assassinated like Aatrox, except his abilities 'slightly' resemble his old ones so people don't talk about him as such. I miss my blue somber Gargoyle. Give me back my old ult, damnit.

  • Yoshida Saki
    Yoshida Saki

    Hello there. This is message from the future. Seraphine was the best "designed" champion. She's Sona 2.0

  • Bob Dickens
    Bob Dickens

    Jinx and thresh are no way good design. Jinx has relatively safe lane phase and if she gets kills becomes a snowball monster. Thresh is just too good

  • sumirae

    Jinx is actually the champ who got me into League, and I couldn't put my finger on why- it wasn't the kit that drew me to her, but her character and design itself. I kinda realized that while watching this LOL

  • Matt .07
    Matt .07

    Personally i think pyke has a very good design

  • swrena

    I'd definetly add velkoz

  • Mamae votei XD
    Mamae votei XD

    Anivia Its not a batlemage, she Is a classic mage like oriana syndra ,between long range mages(ziggs xerath,viktor) and batlemage (cassiopeia ryze swain vlad)

  • Misha Korol
    Misha Korol

    dislike because video took 3 minutes to start

  • Verysour

    Pyke got the best design change my mind

  • Fallen Disc
    Fallen Disc

    After 3 years of that Warwick teaser i still don't understand what kind of stupid person would catch anything with such a rush while scared. Like bruh, if sth scares you approach something careful, slowly. Not only fact that with such a force you would make a lot of notice since metal gives that vibration sound that dogs can hear much better, but also you'd cut yourself, and judging by the fact this guy covered his cut hand makes us realize he knew about ww's incredible smell.

  • Real Antagonist
    Real Antagonist

    WW hands down best rework.

  • Belly Belly
    Belly Belly

    Where tf is Draven

  • GalloY

    Thresh is overloaded though, let’s not forget that

  • Josh Hsu
    Josh Hsu

    0:30 first second and third world countries weren’t determined by wealth they were determined by who was capitalist, communist, and independent in the Cold War

  • Scudmaster11

    orianna is so much fun ... love her

  • Asma Hasmalaria
    Asma Hasmalaria

    My favorite champion from a design perspective (and as a main at some point) is actually Rumble. He's easy to learn and hard to master, with straightforward and easy to use basic abilities, that only deal good damage when you manage your heat properly. Also they all serve a distinct purpose: Q for consistent damage and waveclear, W for escaping or tanking hits, E for slowing an enemy to escape or chase them. He has all kinds of combos for every situation, which you need to use correctly (and remember how much heat they give you), you can't just spam. Once you picked up how to use which ability, you need to master your ultimate. It's a weird and unusual hit box, and it can be easy to completely miss it, but if you hit that sweet, sweet money, this ability will win you games. What I like most is that positioning is key. You have no blink, no jump, just a very weak and short boost to movement speed, so you really need to know where you must be for every situation. Also he's very fair, he is kind of a lane bully, but not nearly as oppressive as others, and very easily beaten by ganks, because he has no jump. And he doesn't even really snowball. Sure, he can get fed, but his clear weaknesses are easily exploited by an expierienced player. And even if Rumble gets behind, because of his high base damages, he will always have some impact, it never feels like you're totally useless. I never cared much about lore, but Rumbles design clearly means that he is some kind of mini person who made up for it by building a huge mech in which he fights against evil or whatever. Every ability reflects that, Rumble build everything in this mech by taking stuff from a scrapyard and building weapons out of it. And you really feel that by playing him, he feels kind of wonky and weird at first, but once you get a grasp on how to use this scrapyard mech, you feel much more rewarded, because you just killed an elite Noxian general with something built out of scrap metal and steam machines. And after you played a bit with Rumble, he actually feels very smooth to play.

  • ttban1988

    I know people will hate me but teemo’ s design is very good very simple and he make sense with his concept

  • not a cat
    not a cat

    *(angry Bard noises)*

  • sad doombringer
    sad doombringer

    Sion is pretty bad design invis bush q and if you stop his q with cc its back up in 2 seconds and he has alot of range for a tank

  • SaraSong2653

    Lol my friend is a Nami One trick and one of our freinds who is a Yasuo main they go botlane together while go mid. But she unintentially gave him ptsd because she is really good at timing her W's and a lot of the times steal from him and its hillarous

  • Sean Boglio
    Sean Boglio

    basically all the champs that have a defined strenght and weakness and decend backstory and desing. Totally opposite of broken token characters like yone and samira made purely for skin shoving.

  • Le Afar
    Le Afar

    8:51 no🚫 Wrong❌

  • Le Afar
    Le Afar

    I think ezreal and nami are some of the best character designs, but they're definetly not my favorite nor most played champs.

    • sad doombringer
      sad doombringer

      Ezreal? Really... his e buff, % hp w,both ad and ap scaling the only ad that build a tank item frozen gantlet and have it work he is an urf champ like yone yas. I agree with nami tho 💯👍

  • Lucas Lins
    Lucas Lins

    Orianna, Braum and Kai'sa.

  • Great Big Lummox
    Great Big Lummox

    Fiddlesticks rework is my fav, hes scary to play against but terrible if you see him coming, truly a great rework in terms of design

  • Dom R
    Dom R

    Can't agree with Shen. His dodge zone ability is too counter picky, making it annoying to play against, atleast for me. His ult doesn't feel fun to play against either, being able to cuck someone from across the entire map with 0 setup other than a channel isn't cool.

  • RetroDec

    That shen is.balanced thing didnt Age very well

  • LuckyyU9

    Vladimir is pretty good designed

    • LuckyyU9

      He wasn't patched for like 3 years or 2

  • Murderous Koala
    Murderous Koala

    Jhin is honestly too perfect, the fact that ulting literally makes people dance around to dodge the skillshots. Youre forcing your opponents into a performance, if that isnt lore reflected in gameplay idk what is.

    • ich3730

      jhin ult is what caitlyn ult should have been tbh

    • Brownie Mance
      Brownie Mance

      Also the drama when he needs to reload

    • Danny Deng
      Danny Deng

      Me: stands still and mock enemy jhin for missing stationary target

  • Find the Beauty in Everything
    Find the Beauty in Everything

    In my opinion, Vayne is the best designed champ. She will never need a rework. I’m sick of champs with 10 lines of text for each ability being the same level of “playable” as Vayne is with one line of text for basically everything. The simplicity of her kit, yet the huge skillcap she has is testament to her incredible design. She has all the tools necessary to outplay basically any other champion, yet actually doing it is incredibly difficult. She isn’t like Yasuo where he gets a massive power spike with a 1400 gold item... not like Jhin who only has to “land” 4 auto attacks to 100 to 0 most champs... not like Riven who has literally every mechanic as part of her kit (sorry Exil)... Vayne is just better IMO. She is one of only a few consistent hypercarries in league since her release and one of the hardest champs to play. Clear weaknesses, clear strengths and huge potential.

  • William McManis
    William McManis

    Before watching: Bird? After watching: Bird!!!

  • Tasha Florence
    Tasha Florence

    10 months later, shen is too op

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    Besides Thresh having such a strong kit his Q also has the most broken hitbox in the game and Riot has refused to fix it since release. I don't care if it's lollipopping etc., it just is way too big and clear misses still often count, which is ridiculous. Thresh was one of the first champs that are close to having a kit that can do too much and has no or too few and small weaknesses. Jhin is also a champ with an overloaded kit and very far from the best design. He has the highest AD, hard-CC with invisible (who ever thought anything invisible or untargettable is a good idea??) traps, super high range, a ridiculous movement speed steroid that makes up for not having a dash...where is his weakness? Overloaded BS, period. Lee Sin is probably the epitomy of champion design, they achieved it so early and his kit allows for so many plays and fun to have. And while I hate seeing an opponent Yasuo at work because it's just such a BS champ, I can respect and even enjoy enemy Lee Sins making good and cool plays.

  • The Boss 175
    The Boss 175

    Yes Warwick’s blood trails don’t work properly some of the time

  • Serra Veskai
    Serra Veskai

    It's weird, why is the upper half of the planets first world?

  • CatGirl Nya
    CatGirl Nya

    Best design champs in my opinion 1: mord, just cool 2: sett, WRYYYY 3: fiddlesticks, spookeyh 4: jhin... 5: yone, two katanas 6: lantern dude, forgot his name 7: zed, cool ninja 8: assasin purple bug, it evolves 9: swain, croe 10: nautalus, big 11: cho gath, he et 12: aurelion sol, space dragon 13: urgot, spoider man 14:

    • CatGirl Nya
      CatGirl Nya

      15: everyone except teemo

  • Paul Ahrenholtz
    Paul Ahrenholtz

    0:35 first map shows greenland as 3rd world country which made me go wtf, then next map contradicts it. Damn you Exil! sion is fun to watch if you accept that tanks should have to do less and less for more and more. Finally, beg to disagree on the WW rework. his ult hits units behind him which is a huge drag, and the supression doesnt stop casts, so 50% of the time the enemy team has an ability that will randomly cancel your ult right when it starts, preventing healing.

  • Jeerus

    Kalista, best designed adc hands down. Shame she has been nerfed into the ground.

  • Steven P. James
    Steven P. James

    Yeah let's hear it for jinx!!! What you said about scaling is absolutely true ... I recently played a game that started out very poorly (0-4 at 15 minutes), but by 30 minutes I'd outfarmed and out-scaled the MF to win the game 16-4. I don't know very many other champions that can come back that strong, except maybe veigar or nasus.

  • underbr3

    Where is jax

  • Preston M-F
    Preston M-F

    While obviously I would disagree with some (I find Jinx horribly boring) but, I really think that Warwick definitely belonged on the list (so it’s nice you put him there.) I’d also definitely put Braum, Ivern or Vel’Koz.

  • detwad

    Dude that third world map is fucking me up

  • Nyx

    i know im 10 monthes late but i disagree with so much on this list, i would get rid of orianna, warwick, shen, sion, TF and anivia. Just because all of those champions kinda fit into really boring or clunky to play and arent that skill expressive. I would add yasuo, bard and ezreal. it seems kind of stupid to put yasuo here but as the yasuo player, you literally feel like a breeze of wind dashing around and blinking to champions. Everything just flows together so well, lore is cool too and has one of the highest skill caps in the game. I feel like bard and ezreal are more straightforward, they arent annoying to play against, have high skill caps and theyre hella fun

  • LongSchlongRami

    I love how every role except for assassins was mentionned, goes to show how much of a nightmare they are

    • Joshua Neuhauser
      Joshua Neuhauser

      Are you on crack or something? Sion is an assassin.

  • David Aleksidze
    David Aleksidze

    There is nothing good about 700 range AOE crits. Just shows how insane the role is that a champion with a 100% attack speed steroid or 700 range AOE is not an auto pick.

  • Dicklet ?
    Dicklet ?

    15:53 ok hold on did he just call taliyah unfair?

  • WeebXanax

    I'd argue Teemo is one of the best designed champs, he's bad at the game yes, but what he exceeds at is the intention of the devs. Being annoying

  • Jerry Shi
    Jerry Shi

    I think valdmire have a pretty good design. He is a mage that use no mana, lots of sustain in lane, W which is basically a zhonia that you can move in, deals a lot of damge and hard to kill. But riot still keeps him (kind of) balanced.

  • RobertTFT

    I feel like not having Nidalee, Elise, and Pyke is a hard grief.

  • Malcolm Cunliffe
    Malcolm Cunliffe

    The Shen being balanced didn’t age well lmao

  • I play kindred
    I play kindred

    Kindred not being on this list.. wow

  • Dile 0303
    Dile 0303

    What about teemo? Like... He was designed to annoy the shit out of everyone and he is good at it

    • Beyond Divinity
      Beyond Divinity

      +today you just run around with 2 controls wards, sweeper and umbral and his shrooms are basically useless

    • Beyond Divinity
      Beyond Divinity

      The problem is that he's not at all the most annoying champion Ingame since they released shit like Zoe. Nobody cares for teemo anymore. He's not good, he's not annoying and actually the only person I saw in like 3 years now who play teemo is noway.

    • ttban1988

      And his design is very cute and simple

    • Spooky

      He also fits his theme very well since he is incredibly toxic :D

  • Valaki Nemtom
    Valaki Nemtom

    "She (jinx) is punishable early and seems fair enough to play against and counter" this guy must be a comedian

  • Zahidko LBañuelos
    Zahidko LBañuelos

    Wait where is gangplank?

  • Mewsso

    Anivia will be the only ice bird that I will have in my heart :)

  • HinaHina

    Nami is the perfectly balanced champ. You never feel like she gives something up to be better at something else. I love her.

  • mick yuno
    mick yuno

    All joke aside ? is was not a joke

  • luka Bandovic
    luka Bandovic

    Xerath's deseing is good but amount of damage he deals Is other story...

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    I do not know what other opponents AlphaGo played against, but Lee Sedol is a Korean and they don't take kindly when someone mistakes them for Chinese, which is easy to do when you show footage of Lee Sedol playing against AlphaGO and then going on to say that AlphaGo played against the best Go player in China. This is incorrect in both ways the sentence could be interpreted, Lee Sedol was not the best Go player of China, but of Korea and arguably the world and the match took place in Seoul. Seeing the amount of effort you put into these videos I am certain that this is probably simply an oversight and not a sign of indifference and I hope you will keep making videos for a long time to come, I have been playing League on and off since it was first released and reminiscing the fun and craziness of the old League is really cool.

  • Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    I really like this channel And at the end he did a shout out to my man CODE BULLET I have hope y humanity again :')

  • Eric Barringer
    Eric Barringer

    I think janna is the better name because she feels more fluid to me

    • Eric Barringer
      Eric Barringer


  • Danny Hodge
    Danny Hodge

    This is a great list, Jinx Jhin Thresh Anivia Nami Warwick are all champs I love playing, and don't get mad getting beaten by. They're all fair and skill expressive without feeling frustrating. The one i'd personally add is Gnar, I absolutely love his kit, and he's one of the only champs who I find fun to play, win or lose. Great video!

  • Lady Harley
    Lady Harley

    Camille is the answer, period, much better than Jhin

  • sal brouwer
    sal brouwer

    there sure are a lot of ''most popular champion of all time'' according to this video

  • SirTangerine

    By Far, Adc TF is the most fun as hell off meta build ever

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    these are essentely the only champions you are allowed to play if you 1:Want to actuly climb or make any kind of progress 2:Not get ban for troll picking. Playing any other champion basicly is a risk the rest of the team must deal with. You are only allowed to do so with permission or if you have earned the right to do as you wish(mid to high diamond rank or higher)

  • Smugron

    The only thing I wish Thresh had on his q was 5% longer range.I would hit so many more hooks with only 5% more.

  • Dagoberto Felix Polonia
    Dagoberto Felix Polonia

    Irelia or Kayn

  • Neowti

    “Shen is pretty balanced” -S10

  • thetattooedyoshi

    might catch some flack for this but I'm surprised LeBlanc didn't make the list as she is probably the most balanced assassin in my opinion

  • Alex jméno mé
    Alex jméno mé

    Jhin: crit for 1900 when he is 1/6 Exil: so fucking balanced

    • Vic Coll
      Vic Coll

      Assists give gold too bud.

  • Fabian Eckert
    Fabian Eckert

    Twitch is just Missing for no reason he is so balanced due to Clear strengths and Weaknessis Change my Mind!


    I love playing the new rework aatrox even if he got nerf I'll still love playing him but when his ult change its not fun anymore

  • Jan Siedlecki
    Jan Siedlecki

    uh, Aatrox was never supposed to "be tryndamere" or "be riven"

    • pp marques
      pp marques

      Auto atack based = trynd / spell combo based = riven

  • Dork The Mighty
    Dork The Mighty

    My personal favorite champs in the game, are Jhin , Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Threah and Tahm Kench. I think they’re absolutely perfect.

  • Kağan Çiçen
    Kağan Çiçen

    Yoooo everybody talking about champs but Turkey is on first world countries lets goooo boiiii

  • Grug


  • crisisASP

    while i dont think thresh is unbalanced, i personally dont like his play style he just seems kind of all over the place, and his hook feels kind of clunky which is probably because of the animation, he gives it a little wind up, throws it, and all it does is sail through the air at one speed, it doesnt feel like it has any weight to it

  • Eve Orthynius Nova
    Eve Orthynius Nova

    poppy is cutest tank, change my mind

  • Aldo Rodriguez
    Aldo Rodriguez

    Quality video as always, thumbs up my man

  • MontyLemon

    I like shen

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