Which Champions Are The WORST In The Game And WHY?!
Today, let's talk about the worst champions in the game for patch 9.13 and patch 9.14. This is a reverse tier list, meaning that we are going to take a tier list for patch 9.13 and 9.14 tier list, and flip it upside down. Let's talk about the worst champions in league of legends, and the current worst meta champions. On 9.13 and patch 9.14, as well as patch 9.15, we will be covering the worst champions such as Ryze, Kalista, and Kayle.

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Patch 9.14 on the PBE on surrender at 20
Source footage and sources:
Yamikaze Talon:
Maxim 3 Doran's Rings!
Vandiril Galio
Master Arcanist Ziggs Login Screen Fan made:

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  • carnifex

    this video’s hilarious now

  • Cody Forsberg
    Cody Forsberg

    Why play Wu when Talon? #nuanced


    Swain is support


    Swain is swain

  • ShadoSpartan

    Dam ziggs was the champ i would pick if i wanted to win, exactly how you said, he could stall games so my team would pick better late game champs so we could win 40 minutes later 😂 sad to see he's not what he used to

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis

    1:31 Exil, don't be this blatantly wrong ever again, please. Old Galio (who's way better than the new one in every way) was a solid counterpick to ap heavy comps, he was niche, not a troll pick.

  • Carlo Sarmiento
    Carlo Sarmiento

    I feel offended at 1:30 because those champions were my mains back in season 4 and 5 before their reworks. Anyway, I quit league a long time ago.

  • Szymon Himself
    Szymon Himself

    I was watching this like: Wait, but Wukong was really good in Spring and Kaiser styled on him? Wait, but Graves was pick or ban in competitive this worlds? And then I looked at the date. Thanks, youtube.

  • 1zed

    This has not aged well...

  • Jamie Duncan
    Jamie Duncan

    “Yasuo has a overloaded kit” ooooh boi we weren’t ready for season 10

    • okdghd

      It's a thing of beauty

    • Jamie Duncan
      Jamie Duncan

      Aphelipus and Sampras release

  • 4Dragons

    Poor Ryze, the only one of these champs who is still trash tier with only the barest whispers of possible improvement (2 MR anyone?). Please give us back the shieldwork Ryze...

  • rellik009

    This kind of video is usually bad, and without any surprise, this video was mediocre at best, on top of being useless.

    • Conurbano

      It’s inmensely outdated, but a video like this can never not age poorly

  • Xene

    This didnt age well

  • Janusz 619
    Janusz 619

    Kinda outdated video

    • Elliot Nyberg
      Elliot Nyberg

      Maybe because you are a year late xD

  • Paula267

    6:04 what is Maxim doing there lol where my german fellas at

  • Ronil Doshi
    Ronil Doshi

    Update from late Season 10: Graves is the best jungler in the game and Wukong was briefly the best top, mid, jungle, and support in the game

  • Cris's Thoughts.
    Cris's Thoughts.

    And now graves is top tier :D

  • Red Risus
    Red Risus

    Well it was Aurelion Sol until tahm kench rework but now Tahm Kench is the worst useless champ in the league

  • Evan Jordan
    Evan Jordan

    Didn’t know there was an f tier

  • benpoke

    Lol Graves is a d tier jungler you really don't know what your talking about.

  • Decoy Master
    Decoy Master

    laughs on wukong memes now

  • Nedix

    Why no one speaks about swain? He is a fuckin broken champion... His ult makes him fuckin unkillable and he deals fuckin disgusting amount of ap. Swain is the true 1v9 AP tank champ..

  • Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    Watching this in season 10 is funny 🤣

  • HarambeAteMyDog


  • Ghabriabdou

    Graves is in this list. That did NOT age well.

  • Mehmed Cavas
    Mehmed Cavas

    6:05 maximmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ゆーふぁく

    lol Maxim der Ehrenmann 6:00

  • Creepy Little Puppet
    Creepy Little Puppet

    I see people complayn about azir,ivern,anivia and champs like that.But does anyone remember kindred?

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf

    Year old I was bout to say yeah no this list is wrong on a few of those champs now

  • Send Pewds
    Send Pewds

    Graves really came back swinging s10.

  • Stereo

    so much of this is out dated, because alot of these are top tier picks now lol

    • Stereo

      @Emo Imo yeah i know... it just just remarking how funny it was because sooooo much of it changed, no need to get so hostile lmao edit: if youre gonna be rude about it then ill remark, its every TWO weeks not every week :)

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo

      Oh really? A tier list for a game that gets updated every week is outdated after a goddamn year? Fuck, who’d have guessed?

  • MolunAxe

    I love how all these champ have been op in a meta since this video

    • Fernando Molina Parra
      Fernando Molina Parra

      Ryze is the one false for your information my guy, he got nerfed just because of Hype Train of Conqueror changes and that his mini rework was fresh.

    • Denis Musarra
      Denis Musarra


  • CsStoker

    These videos are good but they don't age well

    • Conurbano

      They are still interesting somehow for casual players like me who just enjoy the game

  • Lucas Cusanelli
    Lucas Cusanelli

    And now in 2020 wukong is one of not the best top laner

  • Low Key
    Low Key

    If you know your main and the other champions you can win easily. Makes me laugh watching these "calculated" win rates.

  • Arhum Butt
    Arhum Butt

    Graves and Wukong didnt age well

  • Fry MadBird
    Fry MadBird

    What about Swain?

  • Agent Smith • 2 years ago • edited
    Agent Smith • 2 years ago • edited

    10 months later this video is irrelevent

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo

      Oh really? A tier list for a game that gets updated every week is outdated after a goddamn year? Fuck, who’d have guessed?

    • Agent Smith • 2 years ago • edited
      Agent Smith • 2 years ago • edited

      @Niveous hhhhh

    • Niveous

      Wasn’t relevant on release lmao

  • Murderous Muffin
    Murderous Muffin

    Season 2020 update: It's pretty nifty to see that most (if not all) of these champions are now at least viable! The ones that didn't have a solidified playstyle (e.g. Swain) now do have one and perform well in that, and the utter garbage ones (e.g. Kalista) went through some things, like being S+ Tier toplaners, to being fairly balanced now. Some of them got reworks (Wukong), some got new runes or little balance changes to help them (Graves, Quinn), and overall, I must say I'm really happy with what Riot did to balance LoL 👍

  • JUJ210

    This did not age well lolol

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo

      Oh really? A tier list for a game that gets updated every week is outdated after a goddamn year? Fuck, who’d have guessed?

  • Sad Pepechu
    Sad Pepechu

    and look what they did to my boy swain exil pls cosider making a vid about swain and how they gutted him and now is played as supp?

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson

    It's so weird how stuff changes. Patch 10.10 just came out, and now a lot of these champions are insane. Wukong is an S+ top lane and jg, Graves is the best jgler in the game, Galio is a SUPER strong mid laner, lucians getting buffed, the kayle manamune build is seeing play in high elo Korea, and Ziggs and Swain are competitive bottom laners. Weird to think how fast things change.

  • Mr Pupp
    Mr Pupp

    Lol. This video sure hasnt aged well. Wukong has 20percent ban rate now and graves rules the jungle.

  • D-Tribe Gaming
    D-Tribe Gaming

    I used to dominate entire games with Urgot, Galio, Rengar, and Swain pre rework and now I can't even enjoy these champs I invested time get level 5+ in

  • mefameyoulame

    Yes wukong is so bad. Wait

  • Vincent Rando
    Vincent Rando

    You should really make a video about the worst designed champions in the game. Not just the worst in a meta or a patch, but the worst on paper (ex. Yi, Rengar, Zoe)

    • Nanomical

      None of these have had design, they are just assassins and so they are annoying.

  • Giacomo Lignana
    Giacomo Lignana

    Nahhh Galio i the best mid laner ever

  • iSaint9

    Jfc it shows that you're a midlaner because you have no idea of the meta of any other lane.

  • Rat Dragon
    Rat Dragon

    This didnt age well for wukong lol

  • Ronil Doshi
    Ronil Doshi

    Then: wukong bad Now: highest win rate champ in 3 different roles

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Throwback to when Wukong and Graves were trash

  • pvchannel adem
    pvchannel adem

    I love the this video is so inaccurate right now, at least parts of it

  • Magic Man8800
    Magic Man8800

    forgot Singed worthless in team fights has a shitty move set and has a garbage strategy

  • Guillermo Escobar
    Guillermo Escobar

    Guess what? Wukong is op again lmaooo

  • Josh C.
    Josh C.

    Full tank Galio is actually still pretty strong is ARAM. I'm only disappointed they removed the ally shielding for his R ..... Flash taunt removed, yea that might be OP

  • Kyle West
    Kyle West

    Udyr so bad he didnt even make the list

  • puertojesus

    kayle is by far the worst champ.. you need your entire team to win hard just to win game... her having 1 cs at 6 is bullshit unless ofcourse the person vs you top lane is an idiot. she is a support with little heals that have a high cd and lots of mana.... her stupid q has too short of a range and too little damage for how much mana and how high the cd is … the e is almost good except now you cant do anything with it except last hit cause it adds far less damage to hits than teemos poison does with is weak also. the ult having a fuckign 160s cd and using so much mana is stupid expecially when the only people you can hit with it are afkers...with rift being in game almost every single game ends long before kayle hits lvl 16 and doubles her shitty damage to 80 amazing damage per hit.... coem on wtf was riot thinking when they shit on her like this... this kit isn't even fun to play. the old kit had so much versatility you could play any role and actually be useful. riot really shit the bed when they fucked up her kit like this.... she was my favorite champ now she is the worst in game.

  • Leo32

    I don t care if they nerfed galio i will play him anyway

  • ツK̶a̶z̶u̶m̶a̶

    Of course wukong is here😂😂😂😂

  • Ishii

    me: ukong my bro: sun

  • Gabriel Ionescu
    Gabriel Ionescu

    Nidalee its the worst nr 1

  • AngelBird

    Ziggs was OP because the splash damage on his Q.. you could also do thinks like Mines behind an enemy champion and then launch the enemy character into your mines. I had this Ziggs build that literally dud 1500 damage.. I literally stole so many buffs, dragons, and barons because I literally out smited smite. Now, his splash damage on his Q has been severely reduced and it's a lot harder to launch the enemy into your mines with satchel. Also I can't be to sure but his Q might actually move slower or have less bounce to it.. the character is effectively dead.

  • Daily Selfmade Vods
    Daily Selfmade Vods

    not really twitch is more usselea champs

  • vaskarx

    9.19 aatrox went from 52 WR to 44

  • Terror

    "Yasuo is bad" pretty much invalidated this whole video.

  • Cala Content
    Cala Content

    You can update it with Akali with 36-37% winrate after Riot killed her. Riot can figure out that the only thing they needed to balance her was to remove gunblade, so she doesn't have point and click ranged free dmg + slow, while also having movement speed on her kit + healing from abilities because of 1 single item. If you get rid of that, all the sudden Akali would've become a lot weaker.


    Riot is stupid as fuck for reworking Graves. he was such a nice and smooth ADC to play

  • C F
    C F

    8:00 That Lux shield never comes from my sup.

  • Liam Bris
    Liam Bris

    Still waiting for that damn wukong rework.

  • Boredgamer

    0:09 - 0:15 no fun allowed. This is why league of Legends has become aids to play. There's no fun in getting completely obliterated that fast. between 3 players level 10 - 12 and 1 level 14 the power gap is way too big. Riot needs to tune down the power levels greatly so the game can move away from being a fucking one-shot nuke fest.

  • Benedikt Wernicke
    Benedikt Wernicke

    so you consider old evelynn as a troll pick?

  • johnny chim
    johnny chim

    i miss old gangplank

  • AckeTheDemon

    I dont know why rank list exist and why some champs have diffrent win rate... Every champion and everthing must be same

  • I giorno giovanna have a dream
    I giorno giovanna have a dream

    so yasuo is bad cus is W does not work right ?

  • lolmanboss

    and thats why i play offmeta. nobody expects lux sup while sona mid ;)

  • CptNickk

    Yasuo...? Really? This cancer of a champ can 1vs5 under his turret. Can you do this with Shaco or whatever?

  • lars schmardenberg
    lars schmardenberg

    Hi maxim Armee!!!!

  • Vincent Wang Chen
    Vincent Wang Chen

    lmao I just played Lucian in a rank game as ADC and went 27/9

  • angelspawn96123

    Darius lost attack speed debuff on W

  • nicholas Toxopeus
    nicholas Toxopeus

    Would just like to point out swain is amazing to climb with as a tank support. .

  • gg Play a carry next time
    gg Play a carry next time

    Ersmal maxim ins video gepackt

  • brendon lui espinorio
    brendon lui espinorio

    wait sivir is not the worst character clickbait just kidding

  • Pegalus 1.0
    Pegalus 1.0

    6:05 Maxim!

  • John Cena
    John Cena

    12:31 RIGHT THROUGH THE.......

  • M. M.
    M. M.

    and then you talk about really bad champs because you talk not about bad chmaps bad just bad updates

  • NachoAndCheese

    i mean with one of my friends we are playing thresh and kalista/lucian everygame and we got to master like that so i dont think they are bad at all

  • Unknown GuyINDO
    Unknown GuyINDO

    Swain support with AP item is still broken

  • Barnesofthenorth

    "Wukong is getting a rework soon" HAH I mean over half a year later it's finally almost maybe going to be on the PBE soon... but sheesh this took a while, I love my monkey man but he's just a fun pick in normal nothing I'd touch in ranked.

  • Gamer PL
    Gamer PL

    Azir: laughs in soldiers.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yas is on this list kekw > closes video > me "on list because of buggy ww?" > commentator "as a yasuo player..." > me: "yea figures" kekw


    „Spin to win“, ah yes Melee 2.0 was quite fun (Warframe)

  • Alex

    Kalista is my fav champ but i played she just 2 match

  • ArmorFrog Entertainment
    ArmorFrog Entertainment

    No Teemo? Are you saying Teemo is good?

  • worthrain

    wukong combo e AUTO q r

  • Tré C.
    Tré C.

    Aatrox Aatrox Aatrox Aatrox Aatrox Aatrox

  • Ronasaur

    Begining of the vid shows Akali in D tier. You wat mate?

  • D Seev
    D Seev

    I wish riot would just make new champions instead of completely changing champs you get comfortable with cause they finally stop nerfing it to a point to where the luster falls off for the lemmings. And they end up with bad play rates and win rates cause the masses don’t play them well cause they’re just testing them out. So many champs old kits I’d pay money to play again. Urgot yorick to name a couple both monsters if you played an built efficiently

  • D Seev
    D Seev

    Sounds like you just gotta move closer to servers for yasuo. Ping

  • Janice Mistula
    Janice Mistula

    Yeah yasuo 2nd is really buggy

  • Joshua Sichel
    Joshua Sichel

    YUUMI 😔😔😔