Which Champions DESPERATELY Need Buffs?
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Today, let's talk about the worst champions in the game for patch 9.16 and patch 9.17. This is a reverse tier list, meaning that we are going to take a tier list for patch 9.16, and flip it upside down. Let's talk about the worst champions in league of legends, and the current worst meta champions. We will be covering the worst champions and champions that need buffs such as Shaco, LeBlanc, Lulu, and Viktor. These champions need buffed because their win rates are some of the lowest. Lowest Win rate champions.
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►U.GG for Lulu Support Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Viktor Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for LeBlanc Mid Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Shaco Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.17 on the PBE on surrender at 20
►Elderwood Ahri, Elderwood Ahri New Skin, New Elderwood Skins, New Infernal Skins, Infernal Galio Infernal Varus Infernal Shen on the PBE. New Best Skins League of Legends PBE
►Source footage and sources:
Creator Viktor Log In Screen (fanmade)
Kleptomancy Viktor Montage:
Maokai Jungle Vs Sejuani NA Master
Old Shaco Level 2 Gank Jungle

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  • Luis Fernández Garrido
    Luis Fernández Garrido

    It feels so good to have a RSloftr like you in LoL community

    • Astolfo

      Exil What champion needs buffs? Kassadin. 👌👌👌👌👌

    • gavin


    • Daniel Eccleston
      Daniel Eccleston

      He has become gbay99 2.0 for me, with the amount of educational content he is making

    • Wyatt Bostock
      Wyatt Bostock

      he should take over what gaming curios used to do like his what a champion could have been since he uploads overwatch stuff now

    • sub Z
      sub Z

      Yeah earns my respect!

  • Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O

    Love your videos, Exil! Have you thought about doing one for Neeko?

  • Fanta San
    Fanta San

    Lol Lulu and Kogmaw both got buffed and then nerfed (lulu got nerfed multiple times now, her w and q) (Kogmaw got an ap buff but then got nerfed a bit on his health and early game) Maokai got a small nerf too and he's still strong in general. He was OP for a bit. Trundle did get buffed at some point but immediately nerfed as he was OP.

  • Meriam Mcharek
    Meriam Mcharek

    Remember when lulu was useless? Hehe

  • Meriam Mcharek
    Meriam Mcharek

    I absolutely hate shaco Same bro samr

  • kelvin monteiro
    kelvin monteiro

    Some just needs minor tweaks to make it decently good

  • Souls Food
    Souls Food

    I miss maokai ult (old) it was so perfect

  • GeRick El gatipex
    GeRick El gatipex

    Nah lulu can be a good pick when you go full crit and speed attack

  • Josiah Jones
    Josiah Jones

    I don't want Shaco to be strong stats wise because I enjoy the challenge of assassinating people with a champ that is severely underpowered through pure setup and strategy. That said, he really does no damage. He is supposed to be an early game champ but unless you get fed very hard, he is too low damage to do anything. Then late game comes around and he's actually scaled pretty well but the problem is that his kit and stats are still weaker than everyone else's and very situational. I will always be a Shaco main but if I ever made it to pro play I would probably pick Jhin, my 2nd main, most of the time.

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    And now just a patch ago Lulu became the strongest support lol.

  • John McCarty
    John McCarty

    The lulu part didn’t age well at all, she’s now considered the best support 👁👄👁

  • Corwin Amber
    Corwin Amber

    >assuming kog maw is a onhit character God i fucking hate the imprint the rework left

  • P0klas GT
    P0klas GT

    I think they should buff Zed :D

  • Pedro Bzz
    Pedro Bzz

    Buff Nasus pls

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming

    Plz buff mordekiser or shaco there Ok bit I feel they need buffs to be a Bit solid

  • KlayGamer

    aurlion sol

  • Geir tholome
    Geir tholome

    Don't ruin my Trundle. He's stronk.

  • angrycashew

    Lol whos here when lulu is S+ and can be played toplane

  • Revan Fernando
    Revan Fernando


  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming

    Nasus I feel he needs to be viable in high mmr

  • Lols

    10:02 is it just me or the fiddlesticks walks so funny

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    I keep forgetting how shit Fiddle was looking before his rework, it makes me cringe.

  • Great Big Lummox
    Great Big Lummox

    Here b4 the kog nerfs

  • Tzouliano Xo
    Tzouliano Xo

    I main kog maw And my friend supports me as pyke or blitzkrang And occasionally we experiment

  • Joe Kenwood
    Joe Kenwood

    "Picking trundle is trolling" Me: well yes but actually no

  • Stride

    Should buff shens ult for less cool down cause that jank take so long

  • Joe Usakowski
    Joe Usakowski

    As a Maokai main since his debut, give him back his AP ratios and put him back in the mid lane please

  • KHfan0011

    I agree with some of these but some didn't age well At ALL XD

    • Who Knows
      Who Knows

      Don’t forget Maokai, became an op top and support

    • Nesscus_otp_ukssbsmO This_is_Too_Long_kazumin
      Nesscus_otp_ukssbsmO This_is_Too_Long_kazumin


  • Ninad Lohar
    Ninad Lohar

    why does no one ever talk about alistar who needs a buff, the old alistar was scary with countless heals, passive doing lot of damage, his R with extra damage (build a Trinity Force) or anything that has movement speed and he's un-defeatable. Kayn needs nerf, he's dead broken.

    • shomon xd
      shomon xd

      Alistar is pretty good rn

  • CJ Loc
    CJ Loc

    Ahri needs a buff srsly

  • Moby


  • Nandedaro 7
    Nandedaro 7

    Man maokai is the BEST TANK IN THE WHOLE game and he has a super that can win entire team fight i really don’t know why do you say is weak

    • shomon xd
      shomon xd

      This vid is old

  • Etienne Fafard
    Etienne Fafard

    As a Viktor main i agree

  • faddymaple

    Gangplank need rework!

    • shomon xd
      shomon xd


  • Ido Mordechay
    Ido Mordechay

    is anyone here after wukong and maokai became S+ tier and after the trundle buffs/nerfs?

  • Красимир Ников
    Красимир Ников

    Remember when rito thought it was good idea to give kog double attack speed and break the cap on w XD

  • Patrick Diamond
    Patrick Diamond

    what if merged the new ult and w to make a single line atk. that would do similar to what neeko e does and just give the old ult back

  • Ambush DGAF
    Ambush DGAF

    *shaco mains like this*

  • Kntrish Dekanoidze
    Kntrish Dekanoidze

    If this champs get buffs league bronze players will be queiting lol every day😂😂

  • Leosis `
    Leosis `

    Can we get Shaco in Lengends of Runeterra?

  • Lucas Carlucci
    Lucas Carlucci

    First time watching this, and you were 100% right about Kog'Maw. As a Kog main I was baffled that there were no buffs for him, no new item, nothing. 04/2020 and still waiting... dat 5 mov speed buff tho....

  • Andrew Baum
    Andrew Baum

    having just gotten back into the game i really really want Kassadin to have a rewok. aleat visually

  • Got Eem 6969
    Got Eem 6969

    This is why a fair amount of shaco players build AP and abuse his E and outplay potential of his W.

  • ???

    17:01 That tristana tho

  • DreamersOfTheDay ReX!
    DreamersOfTheDay ReX!

    the champs you mentioned needs HUGE fucking nerfs not buffs, change the video title

    • shomon xd
      shomon xd

      @DreamersOfTheDay ReX! a diamond player that knows more bout the game then you

    • DreamersOfTheDay ReX!
      DreamersOfTheDay ReX!

      @shomon xd who might you be to judge if garen needs nerfs or buffs you 4head?

    • shomon xd
      shomon xd

      Bruh the vid is old, garen needs a nerf

  • Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyes
    Carlos mateo Lorenzo reyes

    Zed needs a buff

  • Hieros Godhead
    Hieros Godhead

    you can't blame the community for not wanting to touch ivern when he's a champion made for janna mains who somehow end up in the jungle instead of being interesting in literally any meaningful way

  • PandaPandap

    lulu is fun and now i know when to use her

  • cut my throat ヘヘ
    cut my throat ヘヘ

    Just delete shaco and we are done lol

  • dustwinebirds

    17:00 nobody speaking about that trist tho lmao

  • Lukaz Garza
    Lukaz Garza

    Riot please buff Shen PLEAAAAAAAAASE

    • Nanomical

      God no

  • Lucid

    buff twitch.

    • Mariowski

      Thank god someone says it

  • zygBeee

    Game should be balanced for most players, so buff akali

  • Chickenalaking

    When i saw Viktor, i felt really hurt as he hasn't been noticed for awhile and has a low playrate in my area. It isn't too uncommon for it to be people's first time to see a Viktor when I use him.

  • legabal

    but trundle jungle he king of trolls ;--;

  • Justin Eugene
    Justin Eugene

    They can buff viktor as long as they get rid of the horrid of viktor top. Otherwise LET HIM STAY THE SAME.

  • Heisenberg White
    Heisenberg White

    Junle trund is solid

  • SniperSd Sid
    SniperSd Sid

    Server buff server debuff ! players ./ Why do some of these players have so much damage from the start of the match feels like they already have a full item ! . Why can a ranged shoot anti ranged wind wall ! senna . I felt it to one min your doing tone of damage next match you cant even get a kill ! , daina 44 kills 4 quada's nearly no deaths next match nothing ! . and tanks who cant tank nothing then next match they cant even be damaged !

  • Raymond Mertin
    Raymond Mertin

    Your videos are kinda like nature documentaries for me, i dont actually care about what the creatures of the savannah do every day, but its highly relaxing to watch anyways

  • Mike

    Exil: these champions need buffs (clip of wukong playing) (wukong isn't listed) Wukong:

  • Dominick Destine
    Dominick Destine


  • KwolteKublai *
    KwolteKublai *

    Since when could Yas built a second item that isn't crit?

  • Vince

    Kogmog really needs some help. Trundle is fine top as always. Old trundle even better.

  • Nekufan1000000

    The champs that need the most attention are ones that are doing one of the these three. 1. Outperforming in lanes other than their intended one. Tristana is a good example here where she's got the shortest range, the most risky playstyle that's highly dependent on your support and the enemy's comp, but she's a massive powerhouse that can leap in and out of a fight in the blink of an eye... OH WAIT, she's an AD assassin that plays in bottom lane for some reason, so noticed literally everyone this past season and now there's a big spike in the Tristana mid meta, with some KR players running her top and doing EXCEPTIONALLY well in place of other ranged champs. These aren't champs that are doing BAD, they're champs that are being pushed out of their intended roles by shifts in the meta and that needs addressing, either by tweaking them for the new meta they fit, or adjusting them to get back into their rightful place. 2. Champs that are played EVERYWHERE. Yasuo is the poster boy for this. Sort your champion tab by "most played roles" and Yasuo is in EVERY. Single. SLOT. Except support because he'd take every kill for himself and get the game to label him ADC by mistake. These are champions that are CLEARLY working outside LoL's intended meta. If you can play a champ viably in every lane it means they lack some critical weakness. Tristana in top, for example, is stupid easy to rush down and yank CS from, I know, I'm a Tristana main. Before 2 she has no serious ability to damage you, her ability to farm under tower is crippled by her E's passive and since it's usually the first thing you take, if you shove her into tower she's having a bad game. This works in any Tristana match up. Yasuo is a champ that has more specific match ups, meaning little counter play exists. He's not the only one that works in 3+ slots, but I'm just painting a general idea here. If a champ works in two lanes, fair enough. Once a champ is working in all the lanes, and Jungle, you need to sit down and look at their stuff, because something is wrong. 3. Bottom of the tier list. Always, always, always, a game needs to look at the bottom of the tier list and ask, "Why?" Sometimes it's as simple as other champs being better suited. Morgana is a CC machine with decent damage, why pick someone that does decent damage and has no CC or someone that only does CC if you can have both? You're never going to properly shore up those other champs against her, but as the comments have said, some champs are bottom barrel just because stats, current meta items, and lack of attention. Riot focuses so much on champ win rates they don't look at play rates. "Oh, this champ has a healthy 50% win rate!" Yeah, at being played twice per season (hyperbole) by the same guy before he found a new champ when he lost the second match. Some characters are always going to rise to the top, but that's no reason to neglect the bottom, and that's often what happens. If every patch ONE guy at Riot picked a bottom tier champ and suggested a group of changes to be implemented, we'd probably see more diversity in the game than the usual popular picks.

  • ReadySetPrepper

    Sad to see all my favs and mains....

  • 4SidedStar

    The only people who like Shaco are Shaco mains

  • Pebble Browser
    Pebble Browser

    "Locking in Trundle is basically just a *troll* pick." I see what you did there mate

  • аня твоя любимка
    аня твоя любимка

    clicked on this video just to see ivern

  • MichaelRunningDeer

    all im gonna say is somebody has to be last its the nature of things and if they buff or rework champions because people dont play them then it will be a never ending cycle if they are OP or under powered thats different.

  • Eduard Weber
    Eduard Weber

    Interesting idea of a fighter support. We already have an adc support.

  • SteampunkFox


  • Pinkiefiedz

    How can anyone think Janna is boring? She's hands down the most fun champion to play.

  • Brad Booker
    Brad Booker

    Maoki just needs his ult to be a little faster (or maybe as you level it up it gets a little faster being the same at level 6?) AND NOT get destroyed by the first enemy champion one of the roots hit. Literally useless trying to start fights in a front to back team fight because it never hits priority targets you need to jump on. If anything it can do less damage per Champion hit but the root duration really doesn't need to be lowered because it's a root instead of a stun. And He really needs more interaction with his saplings. For example change the sapling to a seedling where you throw it like normal and if it's thrown into a brush it automatically turns into a sapling doing what it does now, or if thrown into the lane it goes into the ground being able to be targeted by maoki to use other abilities with it. Like being able to w to the planted seedling where it spares roots in a circle around it dealing damage and rooting all enemies nearby, or using q on the seedling increasing the range of the knock back or could just stun enemies hit (maybe just first champion hit?) And his ult could spawn a tree of some sort (maybe different kinds depending on where the seedling is planted, like a Willow tree in the river, an oak tree if the ult hits a sapling in a brush or maybe some kind of vine creature that just roots/grounds/slows enemies who try and walk in the brush damaging them per sec, and whatever else for any where else. It would give him more utility and I think he would be cooler as a planted ent (treant). Like he just magically moved through the ground with roots moving in and out of the ground.

  • TheColdBore

    I appreciate the Trundle support acknowledgement. I've been running him with GLP and Glacial, Zhonya then full tank. Won many games, had many grief then acknowledge how effective it is. Ridiculous zoning and peeling.

  • I'm a Siontist
    I'm a Siontist

    I actually like iverns character. The way he talks to all the jungle camps is so much fun. But i dont find him fun to play

  • Simón Salgueiro
    Simón Salgueiro

    I'm not sure you are the biggest shacco hater. My hate for him is legendary

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside

    jax needs more buff MORE MORE MORE !!!!!!

  • Lee

    What about teemo??? Most hated champ in the community and unloved by riot

    • Oskar Holm Beuschel
      Oskar Holm Beuschel

      There is a reason that he is hated.

  • kakasedfg

    1:09 thank me later

  • Sam R
    Sam R

    Annie also needs some love FBI OPEN UP

  • Aragami R. / アラガミR.
    Aragami R. / アラガミR.

    Luckily that Riot did notice Lulu and gave her an E buff.

  • Jimmy Conway
    Jimmy Conway

    Old maokai was way better

  • NoFantasy

    Nidalee needs love too

  • Nicholas R
    Nicholas R

    Yasuo needs some love, he lacks mobility, cc and ranged defense. His wind wall should completely surround him and knock champs into the lasers at home base, and he should be able to dash across the map every few seconds.

  • ♛ĦăŁį ĞâĻį♛
    ♛ĦăŁį ĞâĻį♛

    Just make kog maw unique again like his 5.0 attack speed. I mean how fucking unfair is riot look at kaisa, she does everything better than kog maw. Every ability is better.

  • Cust0mBuilder

    The current early game meta is so boring. Games barely even last until Dragon soul let alone elder dragon.

  • Hadouken OCX
    Hadouken OCX

    you can soon akali add to this list to in patch 9.24 2019.

    • rembette

      no... shes still very strong.

  • Mal Em
    Mal Em

    Shaco needs a full rework, not just a buff. He just feels so 2010

  • Magik4rpp

    I feel like Teemo’s passive should be his E and His current passive would Be an E passive and when active he gain atk speed boost

    • xFluing

      They already did that, but they reverted it.

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva

    i wish ivern coud capture jg monsters, instead of having one single creature, he could be like a poke trainer

  • Jack Rakan
    Jack Rakan

    Best way to fix Shaco would be to select all of his code and press Delete.

    • Matthew Archer-Nieto
      Matthew Archer-Nieto

      @Camilo Buritica No just delete

    • Camilo Buritica
      Camilo Buritica

      So the Aatrox Treatment? Delete then rebuild.

  • Nicklas VEVA
    Nicklas VEVA

    Easy answer: NONE. Almost every champ just needs a nerf. We have to stop buffing champs and start nerfing them instead. League has too much damage.

    • Nicklas VEVA
      Nicklas VEVA

      @xFluing buffing is fun until you get one shot by an assassin and a tank at lvl 2.

    • xFluing

      Nerfs will make everything boring, it's better to buff than to nerf.

  • Casheew

    calling a random dude good who spams 1 champ in dia 1 with 51% winrate xdddddddd

  • Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers

    Maokai needs a QOL improvement on his e. That's it really

    • Jared Griffin
      Jared Griffin

      @Adam Rodgers It just feels/looks so slow and clunky in the game these days, not to mention if they're in a pile it may only hit the frontline rather than the whole team. Though this is only my opinion, and personal feelings. If you like it, as well as make it work. good on you.

    • Adam Rodgers
      Adam Rodgers

      @Jared Griffin I like his new ult. It can disrupt a huge area

    • Jared Griffin
      Jared Griffin

      I like Maokai, and some QOL on that E would be amazing. But one of my biggest gripes has been that new ult. It's slow, works only on the first target with each of it's brambles, and just feels awkward to use. The old one was really good once they made it move with you, but basically throwing alistar's buff on the whole team is op. So I understood the need for the change, but a bigger, slower, worse version of Nami's ult seems like such an odd choice.

  • Jeffrey

    Taric needs reworking to get moved away from funneling and back towards his original go anywhere tank, but ya know help your team too design. He's become the definition of the "heal/shield bitch"

  • pedro cruz
    pedro cruz

    I've played maokay support and its was surprisingly good to play. He's former R was better and what it is now but for the support role it is a good fit, the problem is that it is sooo slow that i have to use my w first and then ult

    • Jared Griffin
      Jared Griffin

      Which in turn kind of defeats the purpose of the ult, seeing as it's meant to be a mass engage tool.

  • MGamingIL

    Probably jayce needs a buff and nerf ryze

  • Adrian Thern
    Adrian Thern

    me as a rare Kog main *starts crying in neglect*

  • tonydotkaze

    Can't believe this was made in August and Diana didn't make your list. Guess Riot beat you to it!

  • Vishilanti

    Don't touch Lulu, I fucking hate that character, I do like the idea of the polymorph change tho

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