Who Is League of Legends' Most Balanced Champion?
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Today, let's talk about the most balanced champion in league of legends of all time, certain champions like zilean anivia and kennen, as well as their league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being so broken, so overpowered, and so unfun to play against, that he was reworked, to now being one of their most successful reworks ever. This is a video covering the history of zilean, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.9 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Next video topic - thinking about how I saw Quinn buffs on the PBE today for the first time in what... 3 years or something? Next video about how no one remembers Quinn even exists?

    • Kenton Pezzuto
      Kenton Pezzuto

      @Mason Lance testing it out right now. Seems great so far.

    • Tatum Nesbett
      Tatum Nesbett

      The Quinn vid was really good

    • acd

      doo it

    • Nucularburrito2


    • yassine faure
      yassine faure

      @LCDC Azuralie worst role? Kekw, you saw toplane? Instalose if you don't have a champ who plays botrk, even worse if your jungler never ganks you. The moment enemy jungler gets herald, you can say bye bye to toplane even with 3 kills ahead...

  • Corfex


  • buzz boy
    buzz boy


  • Daddys milk
    Daddys milk

    After Pantheon's rework I must say he's probably one of the champs that actually takes skill which makes him a balance champ

  • CreationDefaced

    It's Trundle

  • SaberofSpades

    Xerath is pretty freaking balanced honestly

  • Erion _YT
    Erion _YT

    Hmmm nunu??

  • Fry

    I actually think Cho'Gath is one of the most balanced characters.

  • I Forgot
    I Forgot

    "he never does more or less than you expect him to" except when full AP Zilean throws 2 bombs at you. No one ever sees the grey screen coming.

  • Logan Withem
    Logan Withem

    6:53 Withstood the test of time? You said this about KENNEN my guy.?

  • ooFoo_

    Here after anivia happened

  • Andres Lopez6
    Andres Lopez6

    He still has 90% ap scale in his Q lol, but I think they should buff his E, in this new meta of dashes, early game and burst damage a little E rework would be helpful to Zilean And for the love of god give him a visual update riot pls

  • Aldo Vallier
    Aldo Vallier

    Honestly looking at the COD point you made about the first seasons the best time to have in League is when you aren't really that invested after you start ranking enjoyment does drop a tad

  • Aldo Vallier
    Aldo Vallier

    Win lane, jg tries a free gank gets your lane counterpart back in the game, press tab, now you realize the game is 21-3 against your team, lose gsme

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim

    'when everything is op. nothing is op" - Season 11 items

  • Doctor Whomst'd've
    Doctor Whomst'd've

    Who’s that pokemon?

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    Most Balanced Chaampion, literally starts talking about Zilean, who has aoe high damaage stuns, can stop death, has one of the best move speed steroids, can level up allies.... ooooookay buddy i think you were dropped on your head as a kid once or twice... ffs

    • Robert H
      Robert H

      like, tbh I think your "joke" for most balanced champ is a better contender for most balanced over Zilean.

  • FluffyAF

    I first thought zilean was broken when I first started playing. Now I solemnly see him as the most balanced champion in this game.

  • rhubarbdedubarb

    My thoughts on balanced champs for each role Top:ornn Jngl:jarven Mid: orianna Adc: caitlyn Sup:nautilus

  • I'm so sick and fucking tired
    I'm so sick and fucking tired

    imo best balance champ is Twisted fate

  • Cydono

    The only major change Zilean had was his Bomb/Q change. The rest of his skills are still OG and slightly tweaked.

  • Bug Fighter
    Bug Fighter

    Thank you for nerfing my Yorick riot, very cool.

  • mistywww


  • SMØKE - Wildrift
    SMØKE - Wildrift

    It's not the champions dat are OP it's the player

  • SadToffee


  • Azir's Journey to Diamond
    Azir's Journey to Diamond

    Anivia lol

  • Hati kawaii
    Hati kawaii

    When I think of a well balanced champion, Orianna comes to mind. She's not super overloaded with damage and she takes some skill to play while also having good utility

  • HolyFang_

    Anivia being balanced hasn’t aged that well has it

    • Carnivorze

      Laugh in one-shot at level 1 with just E

  • skknIreeKer

    LoL i dont think to be that actual complex. Just Master your Champion, get the Dragons, team up and win. The whole of LoL all comes out in the end: you playing and testing your Champion vs various of other champions

  • Lrc Dlc
    Lrc Dlc

    It's like chess but unbalanced

  • Sasha *
    Sasha *

    "All this is a reminder, that no champion, including Zilean, is a 100% perfect" *angry Jhin noises*

  • Depalodor

    funny how the champion that resembles time is literally timeless

  • Nguyen Phuc Luu
    Nguyen Phuc Luu

    Now she is OP again for some reason

  • ImaForceANature

    Zilean is so incredibly weak that riot forgot he was a champion. It’s not possible to hit a double bomb in any champion with a dash and if he can’t double bomb you the best he can do is attempt to auto-attack you to death. This really is not one of your best videos. Zilean sucking so much ass is what made me quit league since he used to be my favorite champion.

  • Frosty Snowman
    Frosty Snowman

    Anivia is no longer balanced and not is Quinn s11 wildin

  • EarthmeisterIndigo

    And now that Anivia has been buffed she became dominant

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar


  • Marmeleader

    Hey, Hello from Season 11 where full build Anivia E crits for 2400 ;3

  • Potato Molina
    Potato Molina

    I dont even play league yet here I am

  • Erik Pearson
    Erik Pearson

    league doesn't try to balance, they try to sell skins.

  • InfiИiteX

    5:33 Season 11 be like

  • Christian Sherwin
    Christian Sherwin

    And now they made anivia broken. WHY RIOT? EXIL TOLD Y’ALL TO CHILL

  • Chase Merryman
    Chase Merryman

    Ziggs is the most balanced champ prove me wrong

  • Amonite

    Anivia didn't aged well

  • N.O One
    N.O One

    oh boy anivia being called balanced did not age well...

    • N.O One
      N.O One

      @GarrettOhYeah when i commented this she was the highest wr champ in 3 roles and was a guaranteed win with anyone who picked her (synergy with mandate and massive buff to her E being the reason at the time, both have since been tuned down)

    • GarrettOhYeah

      what happened with anivia ?

  • Daniel Lukarov
    Daniel Lukarov

    What about Gragas he never got reworked either? Probably if you main him S1 - S11 would only change items :D

  • BreadButterToast

    Anivia supports today: "walls u off and kills u" -adc gap 2020.

  • Nacho Bear
    Nacho Bear

    Yeah the snowball mechanic is definitely the best thing about the game. Not only that, also the counter-snowballing that can happen. Let me put two examples: I'm a new player, just started playing this Monday, yet I know quite a bit about the game cause my brother plays it since forever, so I'm not a complete noob. In one match, I picked Twitch for support as you do... but my Tristana was AFK for the first half of the match. So... 1v2 in bot lane as a support. I was able to get a first blood on a Warwick that got greedy, and I started to snowball cause the two bot laners kept feeding me. I got like 6 kills and ended up three to four levels ahead of everyone else, and with a ton of money. I totally carried my whole team (Tristana later came back, but later on another player went AFK), won and ended 34/0/3. Then in a different match, all the team played bad as a whole. Some played decently but others bad, and we were consistently pushed back in all lanes. Played agaisnt a very pro Pike. But... we were able to stop their big pushes, and win the game. At one point we had our nexus with half health. But after we stopped their snowballs (by some miracle) we were able to counter-attack very efficiently and take them out. I'm still pretty confused about how we did it, but I think that was the key. This is all newbie games btw as I said. This is why the game is so popular, you can snowball which feels amazing when you do it, you can carry a team which also feels great, but you can turn the tide in a split second which is one of the craziest feelings you can have.

  • daniel batista
    daniel batista

    Zilean support main where u at?

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken

    None, the game is a shitshow

  • Jerm Werm
    Jerm Werm


  • Tonio Kettner
    Tonio Kettner


  • Ficta

    Lmao kayn underloaded i’m on patch 10.24 pls nerf kayn

  • Jackson Hoggard
    Jackson Hoggard

    11:35 every champion on redside has the same spash icon as they do in 2020 lol

  • Project: Makeleio
    Project: Makeleio

    Im new in League of legends and I think that Darius is somewhat ballanced, if not a bit to the strong side. His ult is trash if you dont apply the five stacks, the five stacks arent that easy nor that hard to apply, they just take a little bit of skill and the cost of his relatively high damage is his low movement speed. In the early game, im talking level 1 to level 7, you may also find yourself in need of recalling in order to charge up your mana, which balances out his high attack damage. I have had matches with darius where i got pawned hard and matches where i carried the game with scores like 12/2/8 and 18/2/5. The game has got me all hooked up and that's coming from a guy that never even got into trying lol all these years.

  • C Q
    C Q

    Whatever character im playing


    Underplayed = balance

  • Richard Valli
    Richard Valli

    @Exil Thanks for the video ! I loved Soulcalibur4 and I think that it's one of the fighting games where you really need to know what the opponent character can do. Combos and their variations, special hits, etc. No wonder for me that as a new player you loss a few times online. Some Characters can even shot you from afar, teleport behind you, regen health, etc. The learning curve is sure very steep but as for LoL knowledge was as much important as skill to be good. Peace out !



  • Scantier


  • C.J. Shotgunangel
    C.J. Shotgunangel

    Its gragas he is so balanced that even his story don't gets a update.

  • Musashi Okami
    Musashi Okami

    So zilean

  • Mieser31er

    Zileans Q has the most retarded hitbox in existence, because riot was never good at making round hitboxes, so multiple hexagons had to do the trick. But fixing shit like that is just admitting u messed it up.

  • Levy Dondoyano
    Levy Dondoyano

    Lee Sin is the most balanced champion kekw

  • Shay Patrick Cormac
    Shay Patrick Cormac

    Should've included Twisted Fate Dude can literally one shot you with a Blue card

  • Justin K
    Justin K

    Wait you didn’t mention akimbo models on mw2 😭

  • M. M.
    M. M.

    Lee sin most balanced

  • agi gun
    agi gun

    I see riot is taking the MW2 approach for balancing in s11

  • Popa Dan
    Popa Dan

    Tell me about it. Zilean along with Fiddle were my first mains. Zilean for that point and click double bomb and Fiddle for the drain that allowed at least a 1v3 at lvl 1 if they didn't have any ability stopping the drain.

  • Obama Gaming
    Obama Gaming

    "Even if its a good pick in this situation, you can't pick him because hes just that bad" *shows kayn splashart* Me, a Kayn main: Am i a joke to you?

  • rpk

    yasuo is near perfect balance change my mind


    Ngl i didn't read anything about aphelios, i played him once and understood how to play him, he's pretty straight forward

  • Ilijafullgamer


  • CentauriGamerz

    Zilean, the timeless champion...huh

  • Marco Franck
    Marco Franck

    I would say orianna as the most balanced champ, she has been relevant in pro play in just about every season, without ever being an OP pick, just a solid control mage with some outplay potentiel

  • AlwaysRetr0

    There was something wrong with Soul Calibur 4 mate haha. Don't worry about it being bad at such a badly balanced game.

  • Francis Gerard Magtibay
    Francis Gerard Magtibay

    Hey it's my old main Zilean

  • Zachary Chong
    Zachary Chong

    Lol how you talked about how bad you were at fighting games, you’d still beat me.

  • Kamil Mokebe
    Kamil Mokebe

    Okay after second ad i was done

  • Bits of Pulp
    Bits of Pulp

    I actually think Shaco is the one who's had the least changes to his kit.

  • Urban Samurai
    Urban Samurai

    Damn, 5 years Summoners War? That’s impressive

  • SlacKerZ1 zzz
    SlacKerZ1 zzz

    Poor kayn :(

  • Kraj Lemonade
    Kraj Lemonade

    I think yasuo is balanced haha he can be strong and weak at the same time😆

  • Orthane

    Kennen isn't balanced at all but okay.

  • kiwi crusader
    kiwi crusader

    This is why dota 2 doesnt have as many players. Ppl are too retarded and want everything given to them without any effort being put in.

  • Mike Oxshlong
    Mike Oxshlong

    Wait did he just say kayn is underloaded?? Like the guy that literally ignores terrain

  • びんびんごはんケーキー

    There's balanced then there's skarner balanced. Aka, never been touched in years.

  • Kostas Kazama
    Kostas Kazama

    99% slow is balanced? switch your glasses please

  • Sirhc

    Anivia is a real bully once the laningphase ends. I mean, what do you want to do when there is a constant Anivia Ult next to the tower that kills all minions and a wall behind anyone who trys to defend the tower. If you get close to her, then there will be a instant stun and E with a 90 and 100% Ap ratio. Also it is a Champ you can go back to whenever you like and it feels still the same. I had a 1-2 years break of LoL until a friend wanted to play game. I picked Anivia and just destroyed my lane because she was still the same.

  • Spencer Lamirand
    Spencer Lamirand

    Omg finally! League content that's well thought through and actually has a point. I'm honestly so impressed with this video.

  • Waffel

    I only play jungl cause when I lose my lane I win the game and have no fun and when I win the lane and have fun I lose the game so fk lanes

  • Иван Луков
    Иван Луков


  • Timothy Morigeau
    Timothy Morigeau

    I'd say Anivia is more balanced if she was at least a litttttttle bit faster. A bird that flys super slow....

  • chico

    Dunno if anyone has mentioned him, but Thresh is one of the best balanced champs IMO. He's one of the more difficult supports, not because of mechanical complexity, but because of how many options you have with his kit. Every ability can be used to initiate or disengage a fight, your positioning matters, and in the hands of someone experienced he can be extremely strong, but never oppressive or unfun to play against. There's counterplay to his kit, and he's almost never touched by the balance team because his numbers are good.

  • CarKeyNosGR

    Jax is balanced by my opinion... He can destroy enemy teams or his own team instead... If you play amazing WITHOUT A SINGLE mistake you'll be able to 1v9 while if you make few mistakes you can clearly solo lose a game... His q is just okay His w is meh His e is broken His passive is very bad His kit overall is very weak but strong too His itemization is a very hard puzzle Most champions are based about their broken abilities or passive's but just can be strong or weak just if you play well or bad

  • Juan Jose Sosa Breton
    Juan Jose Sosa Breton

    Hahahahaha Zielan looks like its dancing to the beat XD

  • Belly Yong
    Belly Yong

    Ah yes thanos agrees

  • Bamgbose

    The background music is way to relaxed in my opinion. It makes the video kind of boring.

  • Pianostick

    I hate zilean because if you died then that means you should die

  • Mario Palacio
    Mario Palacio

    And Rammus? He is literally the same as he was in th beta lol