Who Is League of Legends' Most Balanced Champion?
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Today, let's talk about the most balanced champion in league of legends of all time, certain champions like zilean anivia and kennen, as well as their league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being so broken, so overpowered, and so unfun to play against, that he was reworked, to now being one of their most successful reworks ever. This is a video covering the history of zilean, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.9 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Exil

    Next video topic - thinking about how I saw Quinn buffs on the PBE today for the first time in what... 3 years or something? Next video about how no one remembers Quinn even exists?

    • Tatum Nesbett
      Tatum Nesbett

      The Quinn vid was really good

    • acd

      doo it

    • Nucularburrito2


    • yassine faure
      yassine faure

      @LCDC Azuralie worst role? Kekw, you saw toplane? Instalose if you don't have a champ who plays botrk, even worse if your jungler never ganks you. The moment enemy jungler gets herald, you can say bye bye to toplane even with 3 kills ahead...

    • LCDC Azuralie
      LCDC Azuralie

      Could you talk about the nerfs on every adc in patch 8.11 ? I heard it was cause if Ardent but I'm not sure and I would like to know how it changed the game for adcs, for them to be the worst role in the game right now



  • Scantier


  • C.J. Shotgunangel
    C.J. Shotgunangel

    Its gragas he is so balanced that even his story don't gets a update.

  • Musashi Okami
    Musashi Okami

    So zilean

  • Mieser31er

    Zileans Q has the most retarded hitbox in existence, because riot was never good at making round hitboxes, so multiple hexagons had to do the trick. But fixing shit like that is just admitting u messed it up.

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone

    Lee Sin is the most balanced champion kekw

  • Shay Patrick Cormac
    Shay Patrick Cormac

    Should've included Twisted Fate Dude can literally one shot you with a Blue card

  • Justin K
    Justin K

    Wait you didn’t mention akimbo models on mw2 😭

  • M. M.
    M. M.

    Lee sin most balanced

  • agi gun
    agi gun

    I see riot is taking the MW2 approach for balancing in s11

  • Popa Dan
    Popa Dan

    Tell me about it. Zilean along with Fiddle were my first mains. Zilean for that point and click double bomb and Fiddle for the drain that allowed at least a 1v3 at lvl 1 if they didn't have any ability stopping the drain.

  • Salty

    "Even if its a good pick in this situation, you can't pick him because hes just that bad" *shows kayn splashart* Me, a Kayn main: Am i a joke to you?

  • rpk

    yasuo is near perfect balance change my mind


    Ngl i didn't read anything about aphelios, i played him once and understood how to play him, he's pretty straight forward

  • Ilijafullgamer


  • CentauriGamerz

    Zilean, the timeless champion...huh

  • Marco Franck
    Marco Franck

    I would say orianna as the most balanced champ, she has been relevant in pro play in just about every season, without ever being an OP pick, just a solid control mage with some outplay potentiel

  • AlwaysRetr0

    There was something wrong with Soul Calibur 4 mate haha. Don't worry about it being bad at such a badly balanced game.

  • Francis Gerard Magtibay
    Francis Gerard Magtibay

    Hey it's my old main Zilean

  • Zachary Chong
    Zachary Chong

    Lol how you talked about how bad you were at fighting games, you’d still beat me.

  • Kamil Gol
    Kamil Gol

    Okay after second ad i was done

  • Bits of Pulp
    Bits of Pulp

    I actually think Shaco is the one who's had the least changes to his kit.

  • Urban Samurai
    Urban Samurai

    Damn, 5 years Summoners War? That’s impressive

  • SlacKerZ1 zzz
    SlacKerZ1 zzz

    Poor kayn :(

  • Kraj Lemonade
    Kraj Lemonade

    I think yasuo is balanced haha he can be strong and weak at the same time😆

  • Orthane

    Kennen isn't balanced at all but okay.

  • kiwi crusader
    kiwi crusader

    This is why dota 2 doesnt have as many players. Ppl are too retarded and want everything given to them without any effort being put in.

  • Tdawgz Da slaya
    Tdawgz Da slaya

    Wait did he just say kayn is underloaded?? Like the guy that literally ignores terrain

  • びんびんごはんケーキー

    There's balanced then there's skarner balanced. Aka, never been touched in years.

  • DreamersOfTheDay ReX!
    DreamersOfTheDay ReX!

    99% slow is balanced? switch your glasses please

  • Sirhc

    Anivia is a real bully once the laningphase ends. I mean, what do you want to do when there is a constant Anivia Ult next to the tower that kills all minions and a wall behind anyone who trys to defend the tower. If you get close to her, then there will be a instant stun and E with a 90 and 100% Ap ratio. Also it is a Champ you can go back to whenever you like and it feels still the same. I had a 1-2 years break of LoL until a friend wanted to play game. I picked Anivia and just destroyed my lane because she was still the same.

  • Spencer Lamirand
    Spencer Lamirand

    Omg finally! League content that's well thought through and actually has a point. I'm honestly so impressed with this video.

  • Waffel

    I only play jungl cause when I lose my lane I win the game and have no fun and when I win the lane and have fun I lose the game so fk lanes

  • Иван Луков
    Иван Луков


  • Timothy Morigeau
    Timothy Morigeau

    I'd say Anivia is more balanced if she was at least a litttttttle bit faster. A bird that flys super slow....

  • chico

    Dunno if anyone has mentioned him, but Thresh is one of the best balanced champs IMO. He's one of the more difficult supports, not because of mechanical complexity, but because of how many options you have with his kit. Every ability can be used to initiate or disengage a fight, your positioning matters, and in the hands of someone experienced he can be extremely strong, but never oppressive or unfun to play against. There's counterplay to his kit, and he's almost never touched by the balance team because his numbers are good.

  • CarKeyNosGR

    Jax is balanced by my opinion... He can destroy enemy teams or his own team instead... If you play amazing WITHOUT A SINGLE mistake you'll be able to 1v9 while if you make few mistakes you can clearly solo lose a game... His q is just okay His w is meh His e is broken His passive is very bad His kit overall is very weak but strong too His itemization is a very hard puzzle Most champions are based about their broken abilities or passive's but just can be strong or weak just if you play well or bad

  • Juan Jose Sosa Breton
    Juan Jose Sosa Breton

    Hahahahaha Zielan looks like its dancing to the beat XD

  • Belly Yong
    Belly Yong

    Ah yes thanos agrees

  • Bamgbose

    The background music is way to relaxed in my opinion. It makes the video kind of boring.

  • Pianostick

    I hate zilean because if you died then that means you should die

  • Mario Palacio
    Mario Palacio

    And Rammus? He is literally the same as he was in th beta lol

  • f1r3 hunt3rz
    f1r3 hunt3rz

    "When everything is OP, nothing is OP" Boy, if only we knew what would come in the new season

  • Gaspar Peralta
    Gaspar Peralta

    A change I'd like for anivia is that her wall actually walls off enemies because like 80% of the roster has a way to completely ignore her wall

  • Covid kinda sucks
    Covid kinda sucks

    "The best Zilean's are way better than the worst Zilean's. " Hmm.... i-

  • Scrump Buckets'
    Scrump Buckets'

    I think Aniva could use a rework her kit is so outdated still love playing her thow

  • DrSheriff

    League balanced? Thanos: Impossible

  • Baterodalo

    Rule number 1 of low Elo player if you lose to a champ , that champ is broken 10000% , if you win you are the almighty god of lol and the other champ player is the worst Noob of the noob academy

  • thomasqwerty101

    When was the last time Zilean was must pick or ban hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks at LCS, er anytime Bjergsen is in the game and yes this is before worlds groups I have no idea what will happen there.

  • elie bou karam
    elie bou karam

    im a zilean one trick and ive been playing him since season 2. the cd of chronoshift is actually the same as before his rework. they just removed the fact you had to spam w between ults. you can still ult twice. so its basically a buff.

  • Guada Mada Bruh
    Guada Mada Bruh

    Proud zilean main

  • Wise Wizard
    Wise Wizard

    i think ivern is really balanced

  • Tahity 1
    Tahity 1

    Play from sezon 1 of rank .Love the first day and styl play the game today.

  • No One
    No One

    3:14-3:15 very nice graphs

  • Doopness

    Everyone knows the actual most balanced champion is Singed.

  • Mexizz

    lets talk about aniva that no1 pick

  • Daniel

    i hope they make all the new items OP as fuck

  • Chris Landry
    Chris Landry

    it was definitely you, Soul Caliber IV is easily in the top 5 games ever

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming

    Kayn is a good champion tho right?

  • Tiago

    I forgot the last time i saw xerath in a patch note (except the ult changes semi recently)

  • average mountain biker
    average mountain biker

    Here's vladimir 1. No mana 2. Q heals him from enemy health 3. Can be tank with magic damage 4. Can go untargetable and also do dmg around him 5. Auto attacks hard to see (literally shoot red needles at you) 6. Can 1shot you with 1 item 7. Builds ap has 3k hp

  • Cafut

    lee sin was the best balanced champ, then riot nerfed him

  • Lucius Gaming
    Lucius Gaming

    timer: 22:22 balanced, indeed

  • thedeadligest channel
    thedeadligest channel

    Wanna make a vid on how akalis the new ryze? Either the most broken or the worst champ in the game and constantly being buffed and nerfed

  • Harrison Films
    Harrison Films

    everyone Gunna overlook that zilean old q had Jax's r soldier in its art

  • Copy

    Before I watch the video I’m guessing oriana

  • Kaleb. A
    Kaleb. A

    Anyone else notice the magikarp clips?

  • Rocket Pocket Mouse
    Rocket Pocket Mouse

    Wait until they see my AP Electrocute Ivern Mid - I’ll show them the true meaning of OP

  • Demster Clippy
    Demster Clippy

    You lost me at kennen

  • James MacDonald
    James MacDonald

    Let's all take a moment to think about the Ionian champs. Their mantra is balance, and they are by far the most unbalanced champs.

  • GidKid Gaming
    GidKid Gaming

    Ngl him talking about Bjergsen Zilean then saying Jensen was better at zilean made me laugh so hard after the playoffs match vs C9 and TSM

  • Big I Coteaz
    Big I Coteaz

    I'm curious to see the changes trundle has gotten compared to zil. Even when they remade trundle his kit never changed

  • Pure Evil
    Pure Evil

    Jax is the most underpowered champion and definitely needs a rework and huge buff


    When this video is being reccomended when bjer is dominating on zil

  • Hunter Hill
    Hunter Hill

    bjerg went 5/0/5 with Bjergsen today

  • т д в ө ө
    т д в ө ө

    Ya lost me at mobile rpg

  • M S M
    M S M

    I OTP Zilean, like almost 1,5M mastery ATM. He is the most rewarding champion, once you master him. He is also honestly the MOST balanced one in the game. He has many counters, and even his R can be countered by "Stop aggro" counter. Tenacity also denies him, etc. Yet he is insanely underrated. Someone will "Discover" him, and everyone will play him, and he'll get nerfed, I bet. Edit: Also thanks A LOT for making a video about him, man...

  • im Yozu
    im Yozu

    in my opinion Maokai is the most balanced champ Hes the perfect balanced tank he has : Cc , sustain and his dmg isnt off the charts his burst is weak , but a sustained tank /engager .

  • Memo Asmr
    Memo Asmr

    Balanced? Probably thresh? And i am for real thresh is rly balanced

  • Enraged Gaming
    Enraged Gaming

    Are we forgetting they changed Anivias Ult? They've completely gutted anivia's E? And that every few months Anivia gets yet another mana nerf? I find it hard to continue a video that says "doesnt change" when 1/4th of the skills are drastically changed in use and application (ult) and every other skill has been nerfed into oblivion. The 2nd one being Zil? Well thats enough to click off.

  • RandomGamer

    The weirdest thing is that Shen is supposed to be the most balanced champion, since it’s literally his job but RITO made him even more jacked than darius

  • High iq boy
    High iq boy

    what about teemo

  • Evan Jordan
    Evan Jordan

    Dude I played soul caliber when I was 4 and I won almost half of my 1v1’s it was the first video game I’d ever played. Bruh

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    Gogoing is my fav player of all time, I love that clip at 11:25 . I am not sure that Zilean is the only one that would fit into that category, there are quite some champions that have not been changed except for a few number adjustments here and there for several years - or ever.

  • DedeSlipBack

    No champ that builds AP is balanced

  • Thalmor Justiciar
    Thalmor Justiciar

    Anivia is not balanced, she’s underpowered. I think a balanced champ would be Zac.

  • Baas Dino
    Baas Dino

    Veigar, jax, yi, daruis and mord... Very scary when fed.. Very very scary

  • Pundah

    How do people get these shots in the game. Im really intrigued by these videos not just because of the topic but because of the footage as well. I wanna be able to look at replays of my games like this instead of the usual top down view


    hnmm who is the big light blue champion in shape of a big bird gonna be

  • NekuwuOP

    16:10 when you speak spanish and you understand what the man was saying XDD

  • Đức Nguyễn
    Đức Nguyễn

    I see Mismagious, Marowak and Articuno in the thumbnail

  • Chilo Gutierrez
    Chilo Gutierrez

    Thats not all the changes.... His w used to reduce his ultimate cools down as well. Shit was legit 20 seconds even though its had like 180 seconds on paper

  • counterking

    “The best zillians are so much better than the worse zillians” .... ice is water

  • Jack Balitok
    Jack Balitok

    Happy birthday Zillean, ma main :)

  • Random name
    Random name

    15:58 And now all we have are tank jungles that can almost kill you with just 1 rotation of their spells

  • Bence Kovács
    Bence Kovács

    You have to talk to Skooch about Zilean lmao

  • khalil ben lazreg
    khalil ben lazreg

    Maokai too

  • Lucas Camargo
    Lucas Camargo

    Don't bully yourself my dude i been playing league for 4 years yet outside league i owned in FPS's yet samurai showdown story at LEVEL-1 broke my will

  • MooNScreen

    ooooo my boy flying jesus got the spot light. zilean

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