Why Did Riot Have To Nerf A 40% Win Rate Champ In League of Legends?
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Today, let's go over why Riot nerfs champions like Lillia, Azir, Ryze, and Nidalee... even when in Solo Queue Ranked they have 44-45% win rates.

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  • Exil

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    • idk what i am doing
      idk what i am doing

      @kaykek I doubt Opera is spyware

    • trip

      @WhatSupp that fucking zinger at the end tho. i totally agree, I left this as a comment "making the test easier just because you fail." = today's society

    • cyb dan
      cyb dan

      @AlbinosaurusR3X There are positive incentives, such as the honor system, and to be honest if there wouldn't be a punishment for leaving in champion selectoin, during a game, afk, insult, toxic, etc, then most people would just do that and the game be garbage, so I thumbs up on their policy tbh, if you can't deal with "you can't leave the game like a spoiled child whenever your loosing, you can't be toxic or inisult others" then yes this game is not for said kind of ppl and they are better playing something else rather than ruining the experience for those who really want to play it.

    • AlbinosaurusR3X

      @cyb dan I would too if it actually worked like that, but it doesn't. This is a very deep topic that I can't really go into the full depth of in a comment section, but ultimately it's an exercise in futility to try to engineer player behavior through these kinds of policies rather than positive incentives.

    • cyb dan
      cyb dan

      @AlbinosaurusR3X I rather has less ppl to play with but sadi ppl to be respetuous and good mood rather than finding a jerk every game that flames, rages and is overall toxic, no thanks.

  • Bernardo Gf
    Bernardo Gf

    also, one thing should be noted about the punishments. dodging a game isn't something that you should be badly punished for, since its a way to avoid some pricks that just want to ruin your game. btw, dodging in promos shouldnt just instantly make you lose a whole game, maybe giving like, a few dodges so you can have a better team or matchup should be a thing. afterall -3lp is waaaaaaaay better than -23lp

  • Herman Falkum
    Herman Falkum

    Autofill is the singe thing that stops me from playing ranked or at all more than i do, being forced into jungle every 3 games just suck because its ineviteble

  • Ron Ygo
    Ron Ygo

    I just started playing, so maybe my experience doesn’t mean much. I’ve been trying to learn a few champs, how to manage waves, build, etc. through bot games. My solo intermediate bot experience is fine, but there are like 150 champs? I don’t know what they all do, how to counter them, avoid, etc. I got queued with a group of 4 people and they invited me to join their team after. We ran like 12 games in a row and my play skyrocketed in literally whatever role I was filling. I had people explaining things in real time, offering advice, and calling shots that I just am not knowledgeable enough to call. My experience plummets when we can’t play together and sometimes feels very demoralizing. I think voice could go a long way and I just can’t comprehend why it’s not a thing.

  • Penk Tarub
    Penk Tarub

    Why nerf kaisa when she sells a shit.ton of skins lmao

  • Lukin Wakely
    Lukin Wakely

    I always try and get people in discord and literally no one has ever been toxic if they join

  • Matti

    Let's be honest, if a character makes money, they're not going to nerf it for a long time, hence the case with Kai'sa.

  • Joshua Carr
    Joshua Carr

    I would never play ranked solo queue again if Riot introduced voice comms. Less popular games might have a more naturally congenial player base; it would be a disaster for League.

  • briar system
    briar system

    can you imagine if they changed the rules of football every 2 weeks

  • Irönman

    Role select makes soloq a cage fullfilled with monkeya who didn' t have a clue on how to play the game. Pick order was the best for non proplay scene.

  • utellmegaming

    Imagine putting 6 adds in a video with a paid promotion

  • Liviu State
    Liviu State

    having 2 different patches for soloq and pro seems like the best idea for me, if they can balance aram, they can balance soloq compared to pro as well

  • wildDaemon

    Pro players won't take a chunk out of their build just to build qss to completely shut down lilia's ult but as a solo player I always do make space for it. Being able to turn off her ult for the entire game makes lilia's viability drop to nothing. Solo players like me never have to deal with a lilia ult and now pro players have to deal with it less. Its only a nerf if you don't have people counter build you into oblivion, and it hurts her pro play at the same time. Im in silver and know how to shut her down Im pretty sure higher elo's know how to do the same. Nothing should change for solo queue games with the nerf.

  • Bryan Hickernell
    Bryan Hickernell

    There has been so many champions that have been nerfed because pro play abuses them. Azir- let’s keep the shurima shuffle even tho that is literally the reason he’s broken Ryze- let’s give a team wide tf ult And so on and so forth let’s face even with voice comms pro teams are gunna be more coordinated then solo queue and will always break champions with this kind of utility. I’m in the camp that there needs to be separate patches for pro play and solo queue. Because a team of random people will never be as good as a team that has been together for a year it just won’t happen. Also it gives room to actually buff champs that need it rather then leave them in the dumpster because riot can’t buff them because pro play

  • Drectan BnS
    Drectan BnS

    Well your answer to why veigo is able to be played in ranked is simple......You can que up for another game. There is always broken buggy shit in leauge, but when you are playing ranked you can que up for another game or dodge, cant que up for another best of 3 to keep yourself in worlds.

  • Eragon Silvr
    Eragon Silvr

    I that Riot should instead add incentives to the game to play roles that are short in numbers. If you got a key fragment, a chest, or just blue essence for queueing into support more people might volunteer to do so.

  • SikoMC

    tbh, i play league since beta. riot does a great work at "keeping the game alive".. even if there would be zero balance issues at all today, it would probably be the best to buff / nerf certain champs after a certain time. you cant run the exact same version of the game for 10+ years. once you change items, add new items, delete old ones... there will automaticly be a shift in meta. some champs get stronger, some champs can even abuse certain item combos. they change masteries and the same happens. they add a new champ aaaaand. the same happens!! ppl discover synergies and will abuse things that are too strong.. as pros make a living from playin that game they usually will be the fastest ones to "discover" balance issues therefor the game has to be balance around pro play and nothig else.. and.. i dont want to be offencive here.. but if you are a bronze / silver / gold scrub it wont matter at all for you if things get changed... play the worst champ on an acceptable lvl and you can carry those games as everyone in there sucks.. usually you cant even abuse the most simple op wombo combos in low elo as it is "too hard to coordinate a wukong ult with ori ball on him"... as if it would make any sence to balance a game that gets playd professionally with millions of dollars involved for the low elo scrubs who dont even bother to learn a champ propperly before they take there skills to ranked.

  • G33RsofDeath

    Yeah so you address the viego issue, but really riot has been doing a terrible job at addressing the issues in the game balance since summer 2020. They're taking longer than ever before to issue buffs or nerfs and they don't hit the items or champions that actually need it but 2nd or even 3rd tier issues instead. And that's on top of the obvious lack of due diligence for QA testing of what they release on live. If stuff wasn't balanced or bugged but got fixed a patch or two later, like it used to be, it would be fine. But after 6months it's just not ok.

  • Indi Page
    Indi Page


  • RAZORlukic

    Lilia is a champion that rekindled my love for the game. I can confidently say that I myself have about a 70% winrate with her BUT I play her TOPLANE... Jungle Lilia is absolutely abysmal imo, your only gank potential is your shity E, which anyone with half a brain cell can dodge from range

  • ThrunkEx

    People be wondering why Lillia has a low winrate when it's clearly because when Lillia lands a 5 men ult, no one follows up

  • Markus Reit
    Markus Reit

    Listen. Harder champions should be overpowered when mastered. What’s the point of playing a hard champ when you can just right click with master yi and get the same if not a better result? It’s stupid that riot even allows easier champions the chance to go toe to toe with a hard champion. Hard champions should lose their edge if the player makes a mistake, but if everything is ideal, there is no reason why an easier champ should win a 1v1, other than role difference. Easy champions should not be present in a competitive lobby. That’s good balancing that satisfies both parties.

  • animegx45

    Read the title and immediately assumed it was about Tahm Kench.

  • lemonbellflower

    I think one of the best parts of solo queue, honestly, is when you do find new friends! I’ve been playing with a friend for nearly a year that I ran into in a bot game and he decided to play more games with me, and now we have a whole group that plays nightly.

  • nc Lucario
    nc Lucario

    Ok, so im gonna leave my comment here too, even though it's 3 weeks since this videos release, but i wanna tackle a specific thing, which I can only describe as: "I came for the Lilia rant and stayed for a serious take on SoloQ improvements". The Ideas you presented are pretty good, I think the Hextech crafting as a reward for playing well is a good idea, but winning (or getting an S, for that matter) can easily be done in normal games, even easier when you play with friends, because anyone can get the S and you still get your chest. A good idea, indeed, but not thought out very well. I must admit that I don't really have a better idea as of now, 5 minutes after finishing your video. But I think giving away a skin of choice for a much played champ should at least be restricted to 1350 or 1820 RP max Value. Second of all, this might be my stupid opinion only, but why is it even possible to play SOLO queue as a 2 player team? Isn't that exactly what the flex queue is for? Teamplay? As of now, going into ranked matches as a duo bot is always going to be way better than an adc and a supp both going solo individually. One solution would be voice comms, and I agree that they should be added, they even added them for flex/duo teams, why not for the normal solo queue as well? Another soultion could be to just make the solo queue a true solo experience, with no duos at all. No duo bots, no mid/jungle duo, just 5v5 solo players. That would also justify banning 4 player teams from entering Flex queue. Why deny a team of 4 to join flex, when you can join as a solo player? It just makes no sense. The only reason I can think of is queue time, but I do'n't have the necessary data to confirm this. TL;DR: give players enjoyable, yet reasonable rewards and clearly divide solo and flex queue.

  • Tsukki

    Pro play and 5v5s are the true pinnacle of League of Legends. Anything else, like solo que, is a pale comparison to how the game was designed.

  • Himmelsgucker

    Why on earth this community needs a voice chat? If i add someone after a game to play one more I dont use vc in over 80% of games...

  • BetterTagsWereTaken

    TOTALLY AGREE on Autofill! I can't believe it's still in the game after all this time. There is no excuse for being tossed into a role you've never played and forcing not only *you* to go through a terrible experience rife with harassment, but also to inflict that nonsense on your teammates. Autofill is bad for everyone. I would much rather spend 8 minutes in queue than spend 2 minutes in queue and be pushed into a role I'm not good at, or deal with a teammate who has no idea what they're doing and goes 0/5 before 10 minutes.

  • Ignacio P.
    Ignacio P.

    the video its very well done, i subscribed

  • Fabio Pinotti
    Fabio Pinotti

    I think that your videos need to be seen by riot employees, like something in their contract that implies 1 hour a week of exil's videos

  • xXCrashTXx

    it is stupid to think that the champion is broken when the player is obviously the one who made it work that way to make it look like its broken this is why it should NOT be balanced around pro play but around solo Q

  • Mani E.
    Mani E.

    Every time someone mentions Kaisa something in me dies a little bit. Seriously the worst release in all of league

  • trip

    wrong, long que times were because people did not want to play support. that's why auto fill was made. You even said yourself when we have a system where we could chose our role, no one wanted to play support so you took a draven support. the key to fix this is to make support more dynamic and fun to play, which riot have done. i think if they brought the old system back it would work a lot better, UNLESS there is just less support players to go around then there would be some queue time

  • trip

    what is rank splits lol i dont play league that often anymore but I still like it when I do play, and I have no idea what rank splits are

  • trip

    to use voice com you should have to input some type of info about you so we can have you be accountable for actions. I'm not saying name or address or work or school or idk what else, it needs SOMETHING. and if nothing is possible then let it ride with the mute button, just make it SUPER easy and obvious on how to mute and unmute people

  • Cat Assassin
    Cat Assassin

    What if there was an option to turn on or off autofill?

  • trip

    the reason viego is in the game is to fix him

  • Castiel

    Ryze buff plz

  • trip

    "making the test easier just because you fail." THIS SUMS UP TODAYS SOCIETY I HOPE IT WILL CHANGE OR WERE IN TROUBLE

  • asdasf asfasf
    asdasf asfasf

    Idk I have seen Lillias not even full clear in plat. The ones that did always felt strong.

  • Flow

    Honestly I’ve never thought of lillia as a bad champ. She has tons of damage and movement speed and the ability to put an entire team to sleep. I think the only reason she has a low winrate is because she requires a lot of cooperation with your team to optimize her, but even then i feel like she’s way better outside of proplay than her soloq winrate shows

  • Karthus

    Imagine thinking Akali is hard to play 😂

  • Sylvershade, Shade Of Tides
    Sylvershade, Shade Of Tides

    I play Lillia top vs matchup that are hard for my usual champions. Cho'gath, Nasus, Urgot, and other tanky carries.

  • OldKingMaple

    What would be cool, is if Riot had a toggle for autofill chance. If autofill chance is toggled on, your queue times are short, but you might be autofilled, if autofill chance is off, you will never be autofilled, but your queue times can be significantly longer.

  • Carlo Epure-Tofanel
    Carlo Epure-Tofanel

    12:40 , why is this graph so bad, should've just been from 40%/45% to 50%

  • Sondre Gundersrud
    Sondre Gundersrud

    I stopped playing Samira in solo Q becasue she was nerfed for Pro play.. It sucks..

  • Lucas Martins
    Lucas Martins

    I agree w most of your thoughts, but, voice coms should NEVER be on league. Its not time, it is so hard to play valorant or any other games as a gay guy, the amount of rage we receive is tremendous. Imagine for a girl. Have u never see girls clips proving to stupid guys it not they boyfriend account, or that no one boosted them to a certain elo. E no, /muteall its not the solutions, what's the difference palying a game with no voice chat and playing it muted? This is the most reason I don't play games with voice coms, I'm sick of been called "f4ggot" and have to mute the person e then end up loosing the game because I wasn't cooperating with the team. I hot u understand how frustrating it might be for others, luv ur channel.

  • Oceiros, The Consumed King
    Oceiros, The Consumed King

    14:55 *This sucks for our deer friend.* Not sure if intentional pun or not.

  • Fabio Doliana
    Fabio Doliana

    Completely agree with the fact that Riot do not reward players with good attitude and perseverance. They do not stimulate the players to keep playing the game. MORE important: bad attitude players and/or AFKs wont get punished properly...

  • Helo Stories
    Helo Stories

    I hope gwen doesn't get the same treatment.

  • ihavecrabs56

    1. remove champion bans from ranked. champion bans are nothing but a crutch and an easy way out for riots balance team to ignore problem champions. 2. remove voice coms from pro matches. im not allowed to communicate with my teammates during a match, so why are pros? doesnt seem very fair to me... 3. remove surrender vote except for afk teammates. i dont understand why it even exists in the first place... it is not hard to wait 5 or 10 mins for the enemy team to close out a match. 4. add role queue and remove autofill. pros never get autofilled during an esports, so why do i have to deal with it? and why should i be punished for wanting to learn a different role? its cumbersome to have multiple accounts for different roles. i know. how about instead of making players have multiple accounts, riot allow us to have multiple soloqueue ranks under one home account. that way, i always have my main rank. but if i want to learn a new role or champion, i can start a new soloqueue journey, do my placements, and the usual climb without having it effect my main rank.

  • Thicc Fish
    Thicc Fish

    So why Heimerdinger?

  • Shane

    Pro is already on completely different servers. Would not be hard at all to just have seperate buffs (like a PBE but for pros only). Super Easy Fix

  • A Rob
    A Rob

    Lillia.....9 months.....where’s my time?

  • Shen Kitchen
    Shen Kitchen

    14:55 "this sucks for our DEER friend"

  • MoranII

    Autofill is to alleviate long queue time issues. As NA has the lowest population of all the major servers, I dont see how this can be fixed. Incentives could help but not nearly enough, most casual NA players like people who just play aram probably wouldn't care for it anyways.

  • Bong da city
    Bong da city

    My dear friend

  • MidnightDarkness666

    Autofill exists because of fragile men with fragile male egos not wanting to play support. That's it. That's the comment. That's the problem.

  • MidnightDarkness666

    Azir's nerfing still hurts me. Azir's release was my first big event after I started, i played the shit out of Ascension, got all the icons, everything. I enjoyed Azir immensely, but as soon as I got to Mastery Level 5 with him, the dark times descended. I've barely played him since that time and it hurts because I used to really enjoy him, he was the first 'hard' champion I got good with. Now though, playing him is just surrendering before the game has even begun.

  • Eme Pluvio
    Eme Pluvio

    You are incredible, good job 👍

  • Alondite

    "What do you mean those 3 ivern players have +60% winrate? Nerf the tree, 3 times in a row" -Riot boss guy, while thinking about a buff for riven

  • Lucas Estevam Sanches Bessani
    Lucas Estevam Sanches Bessani

    awayls good to remember that usually theres only one adcarry on meta bcz theres like 19 champs on the role and for most of the time most of then sucks

  • Parker Nisbett
    Parker Nisbett

    i would drop league if it had voice chats but i respect why people want it

  • Costi Birceanu
    Costi Birceanu

    translation DO IT for the sponsors not for the game, make champs have 3 pasives and 1 active on Q, ohh and did i forget to say have dash, stun, stealth/inviz, healing and %hp in damage on a single champ/

  • Paul Pierce
    Paul Pierce

    Man, you talking about that shooter reminded me of Socom Confrontation back in the day. They sold the game with a mic so 9/10 ppl in the lobby were on mic and most the people were always trying to strategize. However, how many discords have you joined in League? Most of them are really cool people.... til you start losing. Then, you're trash and they're faker and u should uninstall. This community doesn't deserve voice chat tbh.

  • Michael Jayden Sedano
    Michael Jayden Sedano

    Solo Queue: sad, toxic, smelly, serious and depressing. Not fun and you only get to bring one friend. Can't play around only IN THE ZONE. Flex Chad Queue: fun with friends, allowed to play around, gain LP for picking Darius jungle or Full AP Warwick mid. Not serious what so ever but at least you're having fun. Mega Chad ARAM: Learn new champs, Not toxic, Never gonna FF, Fun with friends and you can troll as much as you want.

  • Milorad Nastasić
    Milorad Nastasić

    I really, reallyyyy like you videos, and even more and more since I play League of Legend almost everyday and hear every fucking time "bRoKeN" for almost every champion in the game, and the worst is that they say it without relevant arguments. It's a lot of times a battle of frustration where people have fun only by winning the game or shitting on his opponents and, even my friends, always think they loose because of the team or of the balancing of the game. I'm not really good at the game, I don't even play in ranked, but argue or play with 90% of the community is just a nightmare because of the bad faith, and it's a real pleasure to see your videos with your way of thinking even if I don't agree with everything. I'll subscribe, see and like your next videos for sure

  • TsyChun

    22:30 - 25:54 riot please listen to this

  • death taco
    death taco

    it be nice to see one of your documentary on mordikaiser. i really like your style and he was one of my favorite champions untill the rework

  • Mazork

    I don't normally like or comment but I really agree with the points you made and really hope this goes somewhere.

  • Cristofer Wolz-Romberger
    Cristofer Wolz-Romberger

    This was a great video, and I agree with most of the points. There's two I do disagree with though: 1) Viego should never have been released. Games in ongoing development need to push their limits - even to the point of breaking the game. The best example of a game doing this is Magic: the Gathering, which, over the years, has repeatedly had to ban cards, errata fringe cases, and in at least one case (Companion), make a notable change to how an ability worked shortly after release for balance reasons. Games that don't push their limits will eventually fill up everything they can do within those limits - with the flip side being that if you push your limits too much, you run into problems bigger than you can solve. But the only way to know you ARE pushing your limits is to sometimes get into trouble - and Viego is an example of that. Releasing Viego might have been a mistake - but it's one of those mistakes that tell us that League is still attempting to grow; which in my mind is a good thing. Banning him in ranked play might be right. But un-releasing him isn't - because as soon as Viego is working, that will mean that League can release more Viego-like champions in the future. 2) Voice comms in solo queue. Unfortunately, voice comms have two problems. The first is that they are discriminatory. While other people have made this point much better than I can, the basics of it is that gamers do have a reputation for discriminating against certain groups, including the use of threatening and/or hate speech. The group that gets the majority of this are women and girls; but I've actually heard more homophobic and racist speech in the voice comms of the pickup Clash teams I've been on (to be fair, out of 3 different clash teams, only one was racist; and the only homophobic comments I've heard were of the "that's gay" variety). And the problem with the "Just mute them" argument against this is that it puts the victim of discrimination at a mechanical disadvantage - their team is no longer all on voice comms, meaning that with less coordination, they are more likely to lose. Until such time as Riot is willing and able to accept reports about things said on voice comms, and to punish people who violate the various Terms of Service (including Community rules) on voice comms; this will continue to be a problem. And that's not cheap: when the Tribunal was a thing, I could reliably adjudicate cases in under 15 minutes of reading chat logs - even the most questionable cases rarely took longer than 30 minutes; and the more chat there was, the more likely the person being reported either dug their own grave in some obvious manner, or was clearly innocent. On the other hand, with voice comms, you have to listen to the entire game's voice to hear the (possibly only one) time(s) the person was negative/abusive/using hate speech - per game. Trolls - especially Schrodinger's Assholes - will be harder and more expensive for Riot to catch and deal with; and cause more damage. And second: there's a higher barrier to entry - which can be harmful to an otherwise free to play game. Right now, people who can't speak or have speech impediments can play LoL. People without access to a reasonable quality microphone or with mediocre internet connections can play LoL. People who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have auditory processing disabilities can play LoL. I'm sure there are other groups I've missed in this. Any requirement for voice chat puts all of these people at a disadvantage.

  • TheRevenant

    Exil what settings do you use for creator suite. I love the look of your gameplay footage but I can´t seem to get it right. I´m guessing you play a lot with depth of field and ground fog

  • Mercedes Bergua Leis
    Mercedes Bergua Leis

    Buen canal Suscrita Saludos.

  • Zekraa X
    Zekraa X

    tip to avoid being banned on league: you can say anything as long as it isn’t homophobic. otherwise riot literally doesn’t care.

  • barcode humans
    barcode humans

    10:15 as azir, orianna, syndra main it hits deep down to my meow meow

  • Hei Blackreaper
    Hei Blackreaper

    Just renembers me of Worlds 2017 where Kalista got banned by red team in 100% of the games

  • Vusstar

    Changing the gamerules for comp? *laughs in competitive TF2*

  • GyurukuN

    Just sharing my mad made ideas to honor Aatrox & Aurelion Sol. Fan made Aurelion Sol Buff/Rework: Aurelion Sol's gains a much masculine appearance, his Arms are longer but he no longer have legs, so quite a Giant Basilisk as Large as Gurren Lagan's Space ship form. --- Passive: Aether Grasp - every 20/15/10/5s, Aurelion Sol can create 2/3/4 Stars that would revolve around him base on his Movement Speed, grants true vision & deals True Dmg around, though it also reduces its own Health by 10% per Enemy hit & also Scales with 25% of Aurelion Sol's stats. When out of combat, Stars revolving around Aurelion Sol regenerates health. It can be Consumed which Heals Aurelion Sol, & enhances his Abilities by Holding the Specified Ability for 4s before release. Aurelion Sol's Attacks becomes Melee but deal True dmg based on 50% of his Maximum Health & Mana & Ability Power. Though Attack spd can only grow based on his Level. Aurelion Sol's attacks (Base & Abilities) also applies damage to Ally or Enemy Constructs. --- Q - Star Surge Active: On-cast - Aurelion Sol fires the core of a newborn star in the target direction it faces towards, which expands grounding & dealing True dmg continiously to nearby allies or enemies as long as it remains within the Outer Limit and grants him Bonus Movement speed while active. Starsurge can be recast after 0.25 seconds while the star is active, and does so automatically when the star travels beyond the Outer Limit. Recast: Aurelion Sol detonates the core, dealing greater True damage to allies or enemies alike & slowing them for a duration within the area, increased by 0% − 300% (based on time traveled). Hold-cast - The Expanding Star's Outer Limit would be within Aurelion Sol's grasp & would follow him instead, but also drains his Mana & Health continiously & ceases when Aurelion Sol's Health & Mana is reduced by 50%. If Aurelion Sol was taken down, Ally or enemies caught within the Expanding Star would be in stasis instead. Star Surge not enhanced by Hold-cast would Destroy Shield Walls & deals 50% less dmg upon contact. --- W - Cosmic Flail On-cast: Aurelion Sol casts or creates to flail only one Star to arc towards a designated point (similar to Diana Q Skill-shot) behaving as mentioned from Aether Grasp where in it Deals True dmg around but loses 10% of its Health per enemy hit & grants True vision around it. If the Star survives or was Reclaim by Holding Right Mouse button on it via cursor, it would be retrieved to revolve around Aurelion Sol & regenerate Health when out of combat. Casting Starsurge while a Star was present via Cosmic Flail, it would apply Star Surge's Expansion but it cannot be Retrieved though it can still be flailed. Hold-cast: Original Sejuani W huehue It cannot be disintegrated by Shield Walls but can be stopped in place. --- E - Cosmic Pursuit Passive: Aurelion Sol ignores Unit collision & movement builds a momentum to move over Terrains. Taking Critical dmg or Heavy crowd-control disables him of this feature until he recovers max momentum. Active: On-cast: Aurelion Sol gains a burst of Movement Speed. Hold-cast : Aurelion Sol also becomes immune to debuffs throughout. --- R - Voice of Light On-cast: Aurelion Sol fires a breath of Aether, to the Direction he faces dealing True dmg, knocking back & silencing Allies or Enemies hit. Hold-cast: Aurelion Sol continiously fires a breath of Aether & can navigate which direction it would face. Fan made Aatrox Rework/Buff: Passive: Bloodwell - Aatrox generates Blood Well from dealing dmg, with enough amount, enhances his Ability by Holding specified Ability for 4s before release but reduces Bloodwell. With 50% Aatrox heals 25% Dmg dealt, above 50% Aatrox marks enemies hit gaining True Sight & Reduces enemy Health regen by 25%. Q: Darkin Blade - atrox can move while casting Darkin Blade similar to Camille casting her W. Hold-cast: whole area inevitably applies Crit hit. W: Infernal Chains - skill shot now fires similar to Diana Q. Chain now also Grounds enemies hit. Hold-cast: Enemies Marked by Aatrox would be leashed if nearby around Aatrox & Area of Pull was wider. E: Sudden Menace - Aatrox strides & lunge towards targeted Enemy, & knee them hard applying silence & dealing Physical dmg. (Similar to Illaoi W) Hold-cast: Aatrox Blinks behind Enemies marked by him, applying the same thing. (Original Talon E huehue) Ultimate: Darkin Tragedy Usurper After Every 8 mins, if Aatrox was taken down, he can revive himself if an Ally or Enemy got in contact with him, upon contact. Ally or Enemy host would temporarily play as Aatrox with 100% of their stats add up to each other, if Ally or Enemy host had not score an assisst or takedown within 10s, Aatrox would be in control with 10% of their stats permanently added to Aatrox. Active: On-cast: Darkin Reanimation Usurper - Aatrox terrifies nearby ally or enemy units, grows in size, has 100% Physical Vamp, 200% bonus Physical Dmg, & is immune to Crowd control, Dmg dealt Grounds & Near-sights. If Host as Aatrox survives, On the end of Duration, they separate into their own champions & are immune to death within 10% H.P for 8s. If Host died as Aatrox while still in control, they would revive as their default champion & cannot take dmg within 10% H.P for 8s & 10% of Aatrox's stats permanently added to them. If Host is another Darkin, similar or related, Both would benefit Darkin Usurper Reanimation on their own, Kayn would automatically Transforms into Rhaast if he had not yet awaken to Shadow Assassin.

  • Devon Chung
    Devon Chung

    Kaisa counters ezreal :/

  • Zat

    I also love how riot adds a ton of new DoT items into s11 and then removed adaptive helm

  • Florida man
    Florida man

    Ive learned to main at least one skin seller so id always have a decent champ to use

  • dARTh

    Please make video about lol analyst copying from lol dobby

  • Heroes Of Balkan
    Heroes Of Balkan

    simply, they don't know either

  • truli91

    Kaisa is the only adc viable right now. If you nerfed her the pro would not pick an adc, they would pick sonething like yasuo. For real now, why pick on the only adc that doesnt die in 1 sec. Adc used to be a problem when there were no gap closers, noe everybody has dash or mutiples dashes.

  • Vicious

    Coming from somebody that saw pro play in modern warfare: Things tend to be banned for 3 reasons: 1. They introduce way too much randomness to the game and thus lower the skill ceiling. 2. Things are comparably good to other guns but they're low skill, lowering the skill ceiling, noobtubes and shotguns are a good examples. 3. Things creating a snowball effect, example is killstreaks. Basically once one team gets a streak going, they can cause the game to snowball and they other team can't come back with how the game works and the other team being unable to get their own killstreaks. This also adds randomness with certain killstreaks like care packages. Say somebody got a 4 killstreak and gets a 15 ks reward? Suddenly a C tier team beats an S tier team and you can bet the better team will be pissed as feek. A lot of it isn't necessarily what's fun to watch, but what the competitive community has decided on, and that's usually that skill ceiling should be as high as possible and that randomness should be minimized.

  • Harimir Lightfeather
    Harimir Lightfeather

    there is voice. no-one uses it

  • Lootshark

    dont use opera gxs free vpn it uses blacklisted ips

  • Andre Rocchetti
    Andre Rocchetti

    The only way to balance champions that need strong communication properly is to have voice chat. its just so much easier to coordinate and elaborate while clearing and looking at minimap vs typing that shit

  • Ethan Henderson
    Ethan Henderson

    I love your videos so much, thank you for your work

  • David T
    David T

    pretty cool stuff my man

  • AngieGamez

    I love my queen Nidalee, feels so rewarding to learn and fun to play; even if S11 is having to chose whether I’d rather be run down by either Udyr or Hecarim, and I no longer have athen’s unholy grail, she’ll still be my favorite

  • Gslayer Slays
    Gslayer Slays

    Fact riot promised us a server.. 7 years later we are still waiting for the lies they deleted on the forum and boards. Debate on that shit!

  • Gslayer Slays
    Gslayer Slays

    And they have done so since mandreds got removed.

  • Brandon Leong
    Brandon Leong

    As someone who plays and watches competitive Super Smash Bros, the idea of a competitive community restricting what elements of the game are illegal in competitive play is something that I’ve seen and agreed with for years. Competitive smash players all agree to only play on a small percentage of the stages available in the game while outlawing items altogether, and no one in that scene disagrees with those rules. Occasionally a gaming journalist outside of the community will write a piece on how the smash community removes fun from the game, but within the community those rules are all readily agreed upon, regardless of which smash game you’re even playing. I never thought about how crazy such a ruleset would be in a game like league or Call of Duty. It’s fascinating to me how different each community is and how what may be a norm in one community would be completely unthinkable in another one.

  • Zero Estrella
    Zero Estrella

    As someone who recently mained Lillia in the top lane, it is an uphill battle. I recently play in smurf queue (I know it's bad to smurf but this has been the most challenging and the best games I have played in years), and it's definitely so hard to play. Her ultimate is so hard to coordinate and most of the time, it's just better to ult the one who's carrying the game, kill them and just die. At some point, the skill of kiting enemies bled in to other champions I played. For the longest time, I play AP Top Laners with Kayle and the occasional Mordekaiser. It is definitely better to play her in a solo lane on Solo Queue because you'll do better in top lane with no one messing up your ultimate, having insane pressure and roam potential. All the time that I have been playing her, all I could think is that I could not wait for Gwen to come so I can drop the champion.

  • Szymon Roczniewski
    Szymon Roczniewski

    YEEEEEES remove autofill I'd rather wait longer for the game than to play a role that I don't care about.

  • Emilia Leblanc
    Emilia Leblanc

    Question: In pro play who do you think is the Queen of Midlane among champions? Nowadays We frequently see Orianna or Syndra..

  • DefaultDances

    Nerfing the everliving shit out of akali with her 47% WR felt unnecessary

  • No &
    No &

    Very good video keep it up it's very interesting 👌

  • The Xtra Ruffled Owlet
    The Xtra Ruffled Owlet

    great video, decided to sub before you even asked :D

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