Why Do Certain Champions Dominate And Climb In Low ELO?
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Today, let's talk about why certain champions perform well and climb elo in lower elo ranked games. Champions such as Amumu, Rammus, Garen, and Master Yi seem to always be able to climb in silver bronze and iron games. So, what makes certain champions great for climbing out of low elo? What makes certain champions the best for climbing out of elo hell? What makes certain champions do the best to help get you out of silver in league of legends? Let's find out today
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  • Exil

    Go from being the weeb of bronze to the king of bronze with ProGuides www.proguides.com/exil

    • Joseph Joestar
      Joseph Joestar

      that add was literraly one of the worst ive seen in a while

    • Chatoic Chaos
      Chatoic Chaos

      Sorry silver 2 weeb

    • Charmy Charmed
      Charmy Charmed

      Being king of gold is more weeb than bronze 😂😂😂😂😂

    • lucr1d

      Umm, i want to use it but it’s only for NA and not EUW...

    • Send Noodles
      Send Noodles

      Why does rengar have such a low win rate low elo? I legit one tricked him from Iron to silver.

  • Benny Jones
    Benny Jones

    I love the elwynn forest in world of warcraft backround music

  • Nikola Jovic
    Nikola Jovic

    The Elwynn Forest song in the background ♥️

  • Stumblin_Bummblin

    Wow the old zac ult

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    Its an obvious side effect of the esports "top down balance" mindset.

  • DutchM

    10:06 also because in this elo he is not that hard. You q, e, kill, repeat. His q is easy to dodge, but people suck at dodging shit so he ends up killing your adc until he is fed enough to one shot your entire team with just his e and ult.

  • DutchM

    eh the thing with teemo top lane doesnt have a lot to do with his shrooms. As a silver player I can tell you that half of the players on the enemy team will be getting sweepers if you pick teemo. It's more that people have trouble facing his kite and his vision control allows him to access the enemy back line by walking around the enemy team. He also scales well into the late game, which is always good in my elo.

  • Foudzing

    Best picks to climb low ELO: Top: Take simple lane bully bruiser (Yorick, Garen, Darius, Volibear, Olaf, Trundle, Udyr) or huge mid/late game monsters (Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Jax) Jungle: Take strong early game bruiser, if possible with easy ganks : Amumu, Rammus, Trundle, Udyr, Olaf, Vi Mid: take mages with strong and easy to land allin potential, like you hit your CC you can hit everything easy (Annie, Malz, Viegar, Ahri, lux, annivia, malph full AP) Adc: Take MF or Jinx depending on how you want to play the game (more early or more late), any other choice is much harder. Supp take tanky CC machine with easy combos (Nautilus, Leona, Blitz) or enchanter with few skillshots (Nami, Janna, Sona,Yummi)

  • Big Musk
    Big Musk

    Pyke is not hard to play, surface level difficulty. Champ is so forgiving you can fuck up 50 times and still carry a fight

  • Ld Alexandrite
    Ld Alexandrite

    Tbh this video kinda proves how hard, riot’s “hard” champions are.

  • Cyan

    *cries in iron*

  • userunspecified

    Ryu: Doesn’t use proguides Faker with the moves and the cleanse: uses proguides

  • Fischoedr

    7:16 sauce?

  • FrostyTheBlowMan

    @4:10 I was not expecting the Classic WoW music... but i loved it...

  • ocab

    who afked in elwynn

  • Supa Warrior
    Supa Warrior

    I have 65% wr with amumu in silver 1 EUW xd

  • Dominik Alen
    Dominik Alen

    1:06 yeah, i mean im so bored of hardstucking in challenger

  • Juraj Bohuš
    Juraj Bohuš

    Why is in background music and ambient sound from wow¿ i swear i hear the birds from elvyn too

  • loli_police 2vp
    loli_police 2vp

    why does everyone say yasuo is hard UGHHH like come on, he's not THAT hard

  • Diamond Greyfell
    Diamond Greyfell

    The patronising arrogance of this guy gets on my nerves.

  • The Guardian Devil
    The Guardian Devil

    video starts at 1:47

  • Daniel

    why cant everyone just accept that the rank they are in is the one they deserve to be in. The champs that work in low elo are because the people that play them are bad, and the enemy players are bad

  • Jiaxi hao
    Jiaxi hao


  • Northy

    i have almost 250 games in silver and still cant climb bcs i cant 1v9

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming

    Laughs in sett

  • Drunk- Duck
    Drunk- Duck

    8:08 "Laughs in Tyler1"

  • DarkzRL

    Elwynn forest music :D

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor

    Ah, yes, Yasuo, the "skill-based champion" who gets a free shield every 5 seconds so he can't be poked, no resource to manage, unlimited dashes, double crit chance, a 2-item power spike that would make a Vayne main ragequit if he hit it first, and an ultimate that can be absolutely devastating because a braindead Yasuo was at least half awake, and could press R after any number of supports knocked up multiple enemy team members at the same time. Yeah, he's melee range, but Yasuo is not that hard to play. Just watch all the salty Yasuo mains who reply in the comments like, "He only has 2 damaging abilities and wind wall takes skill. You're just jealous that you got outplayed." When really all these people did was abuse the idiots bot lane who have zero map awareness, and couldn't get a kill on the enemy laner until they got to their 2-item, 100% crit chance power spike, and a gank.

  • SALZ

    elwynn forset music omfg

  • 哈哈哈哈

    why they dominate in low elo? easy, because they have fuking BULLSHIT skill kit thats why.

  • Bozocow

    I think Pyke does well because support players that play better than their elo but are hardstuck finally pick up Pyke so they can start carrying from the support position.

  • Alaway

    Why did aatrox q the ground if he uses pro guides?

  • LucLeader Gaming
    LucLeader Gaming

    Ezreal does suck xD all the ones I see feed and do no damage

  • Grug

    please censor rammus's balls next time

  • Chloe! Transgirl Femboy Thing
    Chloe! Transgirl Femboy Thing


  • Jomikai Mutani
    Jomikai Mutani

    That sounds weird but works. Aatrox and Nunu and Willump.

  • Maximum

    Talon ins't good at low elo, because he's good at getting your teammates ahead, but since your teammates are bad at closing the game if you don't 1v9 you will end up getting into his bad late game which is pretty much a losing game.

  • SucculentHS

    “Uses pro guides” proceeds to put Aatrox Q on a extended cooldown and waste E for no reason


      Tbf if it had a reason it wouldn't have been a waste, technically.

  • Matej Šandor
    Matej Šandor

    4:00 that elwynn forest music in the background :D wow players will understand


      haha i felt that

  • Kyle Crosby
    Kyle Crosby

    I love the Elwynn forest music

  • Begad Mohamed
    Begad Mohamed

    It's amazing that you actually took in consideration the people with bad internet and setups.. people usually ignore that completely, and think it's only a way of throwing away the blame

  • halvor ketil
    halvor ketil

    My secret to get out of silver Rammus top, like bruh all low elo top laners do is fight, why dont pick the guy they cant just trade with all the time. Also learns you to only fight with cooldowns and not to extend fights too long as when W is over on Rammus, your trade should be over.

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    Please Tell me. Last 20 games, i noted them, All lanes inted. Like 0-4, 0-3, 0-6, 0-2. How? Tell me, how can I do something. I carried 7 games. I’ve never been more than play, just because everyone is dumbfuck retarded shits.

    • Not Me
      Not Me

      Btw I’m hardstuck silver now

  • Jack Schitt
    Jack Schitt

    I'm still stuck in wood division

  • Tibs

    5:09 That Pyke all in tho is so funny. Loses 50% of his hp then goes in

  • Jakob Pedersen
    Jakob Pedersen

    Knowing what lane priority is shouldn't change a matchup where you still don't get lane priority. I don't see why it's that important.

  • Neo Turčinov
    Neo Turčinov

    Every amumu i see has over 400 rounds and is still in bronze

  • Pokemaniac

    "What should I ban?" "Blitz, Mumu and Malph. Duh"

  • rctrulez

    How is Amumu a mechanically easy champion?

  • Peter Johnstone
    Peter Johnstone

    Major respect for making a video about low elo without sounding patronizing. I used to be bronze myself and now I’m platinum and climbing. Everyone can climb if they really try so don’t give up!

  • Muhammad Kamil
    Muhammad Kamil

    Did you use the wow soundtrack ?

  • Mahmut Mehrabi
    Mahmut Mehrabi

    I’m so surprised Annie isn’t on this list, I litterly climbed from B4 to P3 by only playing Annie mid and support when i got filled.

  • Dnxt

    Even how mechanically easy a champion is, people don’t know how to aim and use. Especially the amumu I had in my game and still played like trash.

  • A Filthy Weeb
    A Filthy Weeb

    That ezreal damage 0:23 scary

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Im silver 3 and when i face yorick i just stomp him with yasuo darius riven garen and even yorick mains, but true you need to be good to counter yorick

  • Yellow Bunny
    Yellow Bunny

    Amumu be a cutie

  • giThreePi


  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy

    Nidalee has such a healthy clear lmao Have you played nida bro??

  • Not Viccy Victor
    Not Viccy Victor

    What is the hero on 5:39 , cant understand what he is saying

  • Zaxaroplastis

    The game is greatly unbalanced by nature and i am not talking about items or champios(that are also unbalanced),but also because some games require quite a lot of knowledge on specific concepts. For example i am playing proxy singed.Singed is a simple champion,he has a simple kit and so on.Proxy is a really specific strategy where you "break the rules" of a lane requiring attention from the enemy team in a whole and focusing on getting as far front as possible,while you are getting the enemy team back for the time they wasting to get your strategy off.That's a weird trading of time and experience rather than damage and gold,your focus on proxing is making your opponents loose time and experience and just your opponents laner to loose gold(from lowering his farming due to turret push).This strategy is stupid and requires knowledge from both the proxy player,his teammates and the opponents to deal with or to even make it work.Since lol has failed at controlling these strategies the game is unbalanced by how much knowledge around really specific strategy every player has on top of the general knowledge of the game.Generally league of legend is by nature a broken game that makes up this "broken" thing by how well is designed in other areas.

    • Shinji

      Zaxaroplastis Sorry but I don't really agree with your examples, even if your concern is legitimate. There was counterplay to funneling (what you Cal support jungle) and proxying in every season. Maybe not in low elo, but there's a reason such strategies were only used a handful of times at the pro level and never became ubiquitous.

    • Zaxaroplastis

      @Shinji I failed explaining what i wanted but the problem i wanted to address is how the game at this points runs on an old but reasonable idea(how exp work,gold etc.). The thing os that is so basic that you can easily exploit with strategies that will break the base of the game.Do you remember the support jungle?That thing had no counterplay,there was no way you could deal with it.It was not fun to play against,it wasn't even fun playing and it was breaking the game.Proxy season 6,same thing.Some champions could triple proxy get level 12 meanwhile everyone else was 7-9.Those things are strategies that are exploiting so well the core mechanics of the game that there are no counters to that,even riot hates them but can't figure out a way to prevent them.

    • Shinji

      Zaxaroplastis What you're referring to as "unbalanced" and "Broken" is simply depth for the game system strategy- wise. League is not a 1v1 fighting game, having strategies that depend mostly on game knowledge rather than champion mechanics is not "unbalanced/broken", it's an element of as much if not more value than the mechanics part.

  • sebastian larsen
    sebastian larsen

    10:16 Both.

  • MortyTheDot

    4:59 I cringe everytime I have to see this kind of minionblock... and it's even allied creeps lol


    Is that wow classic background music?

  • Hakurei123

    I really like how they teach you to be a better player and as a low elo player, It really helped me alot when climbing ranks, its really easy to understand and now Im a plat 2 thanks to Skillcapped

  • GogoMost

    Me:Wow I will use this when I get out of Iron

  • Infernal Ocean
    Infernal Ocean

    As a strong Iron 3 player playing on a macbook 2013 I can confirm the lag thing. half the time I can barely get into the game.

  • Ichsan Wicaksono
    Ichsan Wicaksono

    As i see it in lower elo champion with good laning phase win more games because player in lower elo cant counter and play against a good laning champs this is especially true at top lane

  • kotori acgLL
    kotori acgLL


  • Mitchel Rowe
    Mitchel Rowe

    Pyke is easy.. I've played him 6 times won all 3 games with my first I got a penta and in my 4th I got a quadra

  • Jill Sigrist
    Jill Sigrist

    this proguides ads are so cringe stop it

  • Tabletdogs

    Am I the only one who plays zed and can't beat lux? I can beat Katarina easily

  • Tabletdogs

    Riven performs well Garen sucks

  • Luciano andres Castillo
    Luciano andres Castillo


  • OspreyBravo18

    Warwick? Maybe because this is 8 months ago but Amumu is nowhere near God tier right now he is decent but even a Warwick that gets off to a bad start can turn shit around.

  • 18 Cats Sat
    18 Cats Sat

    elo hell is silver, because it's the place their is the most of players

  • jaden mazy
    jaden mazy


    • jaden mazy
      jaden mazy


    • jaden mazy
      jaden mazy


  • Raptor Centurion
    Raptor Centurion

    Elwynn forest music nostalgia

  • Holadios1994

    Elwynn Forrest background music :D

  • Astral Blaze
    Astral Blaze

    All this talk about bronze like it's the bottom of the barrel, us iron League exist

    • Shinji

      Astral Blaze Iron has only been a thing for two seasons. Bronze is still the synonym for "lowest" for many players who have played since long ago.

  • bryan smith
    bryan smith

    The problem with your theory are people who smurf. That skews the elo champion stats

  • nikolygtx

    How this help if my team have 3 players with 3 14

  • phunkym8

    god i hate fucking percent counters. the only thing that couns in lol is buying the right shit, not being retarded and outplaying your opponent. just because data aggregator sites say a champions has an average of 0,7% better winrate than the champ youre playing its an autoloss. same with hashinshin that compares level 4 life regeneration of champs and calls them op based on that.

    • Shinji

      phunkym8 Found the silver shitter. Though I agree Hashinshin is a whiny bitch.

  • Kind Old Raven
    Kind Old Raven

    I notice another trend people love to ignore: sometimes... you're in the elo where you belong. I know people in LoL, CSGO, OW etc who claim they should be in the top 3 of ranked divisions (and they're dead serious about it too) but who are stuck in the lowest 3 rankings and have been for years. It's okay to be ambitious, it's great that we try to improve and get better... but it's also very important to do a reality check every now and then. If you've been bronze since the launch of league, despite 1000s of hours: it's not going to happen for you. Enjoy the game as it is, still try and get better, but ffs stop blaming everyone but yourself for failing... that's probably the main reason you haven't moved at all. And... every rank needs players... new players don't keep flowing in like they used to so... yeah. Not all players can share the top rank, that's not how it works. Just like it's impossible for everyone who plays a shooter to have a 3+ K/D ratio. That's just not how the numbers work. For some reason there's always lots of players who do think it's possible for everyone to share a GM rank in Overwatch for instance. Or a top 500 spot. Doesn't work like that guys.

  • Cheeseburguh Gaming
    Cheeseburguh Gaming

    when I play yasuo I must be perfect no matter what its what I do yasuo main

  • Aesthetic Nerd
    Aesthetic Nerd

    I think you missed the biggest point of all of these champs; top lane: strong 1v1 duelist and split pushers, every other lane reliable CC with high impact ult that can pick an out of position player.

  • Darrak

    do a plat-dia one

  • Liviu Oanca
    Liviu Oanca

    The background music for the video is the Elwynn Forest Soundtrack?

  • Jek_si

    2:40 Why would you build Warmogs on Garen?

    • Jek_si

      @Pat Richards Why would you build Frozen Mallet on Garen?

    • Pat Richards
      Pat Richards

      Better question. Why would you play Garen? Even if you rush Frozen Mallet and then just build every single AD/HP item hes still a character devoid of any meaningful mechanics

  • daniel ardila
    daniel ardila

    It’s true even if you play the champion very well if your team is focused on going mid it’s hard to win, on the other hand if you take a champion that melts down towers like master you or vi it’s easy to win no matter what your team is doing

  • Symphora

    I brought my Master Yi to Diamond lmao

  • Thomas DiFilippo
    Thomas DiFilippo

    i like how the soundtrack for Elwynn Forest from World of warcraft is playing in the background XD

  • Blacksmith

    I just want to point out that Corki has a 56% win rate in iron. Every other champion has less than 50%.

  • hairold

    can you just stop getting sucked off by proguides

  • x RaSoR
    x RaSoR

    5:27 nice lofi beat in the background, i often listen to it, too

  • The Vantax Zone
    The Vantax Zone

    Lol im from LAN, the AFK chart its so true

  • kai89tracid

    Maokai red and gank bot kill. Tp back clear red and gank again bot.repeat. Soo funny

  • Nakano Lemon
    Nakano Lemon

    why my silver duo mid main velkoz and A sol

  • L1quidNitr0

    As a Kled main I can tell you that it is very obvious when your lane opponent has never played against Kled before.

  • velkoon

    6:11 but i thought teemo was a meme Diamond games??

  • Haddley J
    Haddley J

    Did I just spend to much time playing WoW, or is there a WoW music on background ?