Why Does League Of Legends Keep Changing?
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Today, let's talk about how league of legends has been receiving patch after patch and change after change over time, and what that effect has on the game. After that, we will loop in the changes on patch 9.12, the mordekaiser rework, and many other things about the new mordekaiser.
Doublelift's Video
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Vote on which champion to rework by riot
Patch 9.12 on the PBE and riven changes on surrender at 20
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Redmercy Video with Ezreal Mid Smite:
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  • Exil

    Any new mordekaiser rework mains incoming?

    • John mark Ogayon
      John mark Ogayon

      @Wellstick hello there riot jca he Kaylee again. Today she can become a range champion in lvl6 then the old rework were it takes lvl11

    • Shizno

      That's my secret Cap. I never had a girlfriend.

    • GumPlecks

      @Pineyy Are you blind? His old passive turned into his new W, his old Q turned into his new Q, his old W turned into his new passive. If you say the new Mordekaiser doesn't even remotely resemble the old one, then I don't know how to help you, but I do know that you're wrong!

    • A O
      A O

      @Pineyy It's like aatrox rework The champ was shit, boring, ugly, simple It had like 0.5% pick rate and

    • Mani E.
      Mani E.

      Old Morde main and I'm reaaaaaaadyyyyyy

  • Alex Larsson
    Alex Larsson

    I miss the time when this game wasn't trash. Really hope for the fall of lol and new games learns what not to do to remove the fun of the game and make it boring to play.

  • I do stuff
    I do stuff

    Watching over a year later and no morde video. Guess he didn't like him

  • Raikku Li
    Raikku Li

    I mean, Rakan and Xayah recalling together kinda has a purpose. If I'm not totally wrong, you can join in the recall even if the other one has been channeling for five seconds. So you can for example escape last second from a tight situation by jumping to your recalling xayah and joining on the recall.

  • Skarner The Crystal Vanguard
    Skarner The Crystal Vanguard

    Now look guys, I know Old Morde had issues and worked very differently than other melee top laners even tho he looked like one of them, I know riot fixed most of his issues, but honestly, he is just not fun, nothing new unique or interesting, it's like taking Yasuo and turning him into master yi, nothing impressive nothing that makes the person playing say WOAH, THIS CHARACTER IS SO FUCKING COOL, he is just another generic Juggernaut that builds AP, the whole passive thingy is tedious af to use, the Q is lame, the W is lame, ult is alright but could use some extra work, the only ability that feels modernized is his E.

  • James

    Gimmicks are fine as long as they are balanced and make sense. Xayah and Rakan are an amazing example of this with their ability interactions. When played together, Rakan also gets Xayahs W when she cast it (althought it doesn't do much for him), and Rakans E has extended range to Xayah only. It's something that only very high skill players will even realize unless they play the champs. Ornn being able to buy in lane isn't actually as broken as it seems, his main issue is the masterwork items. The buying in lane is definitely far from the games strongest passive (looking at you Darius/Kat) Ivern's "gimmick" of his passive is not only accurate to the lore and built character, but is the only viable way to have an enchanter in the jungle. In a game where CC heavy tanks and fighters/assassins dominate jungle, it was refreshing to see that a support player whos terrified of jungling, could now pick up a jungler and not feel completely lost. I would still say the worst gimmick that is 100% unbalancable that makes the champ either a god or worthless is Skarner and his Crystals. Skarner is hardlocked jungle now because his kit is based around the Crystals until very late game, and as a Jungler he gets outclassed by quite a few champs, and rather than fixing him (again) they've just left him at the bottom, missing his kind for years. Skarner is just a worse version of Hecarim in pretty much every way. Gimmicks have been plauging league since either original poppy ult, or the start of the game (and to date) with infinite scalers like nasus and veigar. Just back in those days they were no where near as flashy or in your face, and kits were just SO different that it seemed less as gimmicks and more as just champs being champs. But now the game has so many champs, we don't think "per champion" metas anymore, its class metas, and when someone new is released and absolutely breaks the current class meta by either punishing the current meta hard, or outright creating a new class of champ, everyone loses their mind and says its absolutely broken and gimmicky. Remember the launch of origional Yorick, or Trundle's mini rework? People had the same reactions then, but once again, the game was so rapidly growing and the playerbase was so much smaller everything was chaos and not a science based meta.

  • Gwenom

    A simpler time, before we knew aphelios, truly a simpler game

  • Gizaru

    I miss the old Morde so much. :(

  • Donaldo Trumpu
    Donaldo Trumpu

    New Morde is yugioh pro

  • hey hey
    hey hey

    why is no one talking about Kobe in 2:46??

  • super leia
    super leia

    Please Make a Morde history video. Many dont remember adc morde. :( morde was bullied by riot until they gave him the Aatrox treatment and removed what made him morde

  • CitrusDruidxCDx

    I miss the 3 bonks

  • Daniel Reimann
    Daniel Reimann

    And now they release sett

  • Lance4Life

    13 health pot morde mid was my cheese shove them under the tower farm wolves or chickens rinse repeat early levels mages had a hard time farming under tower and you always Mia put a lot of pressure on other lanes

  • Lord Bloeckchen
    Lord Bloeckchen

    And he didn't even knew about aphelios

  • Julio Garcia
    Julio Garcia

    that basketball example remind me a video from core e gaming

  • NerdyPro

    I have the problem with overloaded kits like most people. To elaborate on that would be how some champs come out and their kits negate the weaknesses they have. I haven't played in a long time but it seems things are getting progressively harder to outplay VS picking the right match up to counter. Both have their place but it leaves little wiggle room. At least from what I can tell. this is all theory crafting.

  • Matthew Stockhausen
    Matthew Stockhausen

    I started losing interest in league when they tried to mainstream every champs playstyle. Was it hard to balance some champs having a mix of ratios and having both as ratios probably, but I liked playing "bad" champs or off builds.

  • Ayy Lien
    Ayy Lien

    Anyone else miss gold per 5 quints?

  • Rotting Teo
    Rotting Teo

    i think you missed the essence of what doublelift talked about, last year , what i kept from it is that Riot doesn't simply makes bad decisions when it comes to their updates they are the worst at it , they lack in the matter of precision and thoughtfulness when it comes to their updates and champion releases and reworks, they rush thinks and that creates multiple problems, and i don't mean hotfixes or bugs or tweaks and such, i mean major and minor scheduled updates, it's not about the nostalgia , it's about the complete fluidity of the game with each years changes and such , we are talking runes overloaded kits in champions , items etc. they don't give the players enough time to get used to something . I bet if they did these major changes every 2-3 years and then settle on the best mechanics no-one would even have this conversation, and although i think that the changes are made with little to no regards to the older player bases i do like your viewpoint in that things change and new players gets to enjoy the game and that's not bad at all for Riot at least P.S. i just stumbled upon your channel and just saw this video , great content im subscribing

  • Barret Friesen
    Barret Friesen

    I think the positionj that all this stuff is suddenly gimmicky is a bit of an overreaction. Champion kits have always been weird or gimmicky, ever since Jhin, Rek'sai, or even Kalista or Corki.

  • elbowgreese

    To pander to Korean audience

  • Rofist

    Every new champ come with at stun, knock up, or root

  • viera

    I miss the old Nunu. I'm not a very good jungler and I'm a support main so I loved how wacky he was and that I could build Knight's Vow and even Redemption while having a simple kit and not many room to mess up.

  • OP Ground Zero 2.0
    OP Ground Zero 2.0

    Actually, GP's Parrrley didn't allow you to kill your on minions, it was Raise Morale.

  • matrixking

    the 1 thing i like about mord is that when he gets ganked by the enemy team jg he can just ult either one of them and kill them and kill the other one depending on his hp

  • Luke

    Because it sucks.

  • Alex Marian
    Alex Marian

    10:30 music?

  • Sandro Serrano
    Sandro Serrano

    Make yourselves heard: www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c4bk33/very_long_post_what_has_happened_to_league_edited/

  • abrb1989

    "Exasterbated"? lol Did you mean "exacerbate"?

  • wesley1

    reworked morde sucks please just give back our old pizza feet boy

  • wesley1

    i just want old morde back

  • Asking Why is Free
    Asking Why is Free

    many players are so negative. Riot is being creative now and I myself do appreciate it. Being creative is good but my concern is how slow they react to OP champs.

    • Yuness Hiyasat
      Yuness Hiyasat

      Don't Kill Yourself Before You're Dead yea I agree but you to understand that’s it’s not easy to balance league and they have other champs that they think it’s op for exemple Zilian is a op champ in roit point of view and they have to rework other champs to but they will nerf the op champs if they fell like It is very op, and yes the player base is so negative that’s a champ like pyke or taric they think is op and in my opinion taric and pyke the less op champs because as a taric you have to time your ult at the right time or stun to then as a pyke your Q is easy to doge. My point is that I love the way that riot is changing the game with creative champs like taric, pyke or yummi but I don’t play league competitively so that’s why I don’t really see op champs as a big deal cuz ik that some day that champ will be nerfed

  • Nikola

    Because they have no clue how to keep players playing since people are massively leaving. And worst thing is, whenever they come up with something new it's rejected by players because it fucking sucks and then they revert it. Just like positional rankings or new OP cancer champions/reworks. Game is at terrible state and will be worse season by season.

  • Spyros Souranis
    Spyros Souranis

    By does world of warcraft keep getting shittier every time it changes

  • Ryptoryx

    because they have to do something at work

  • Switchback Channel
    Switchback Channel

    Given Riot's reliance on gimmicky mechanics for their champ design, I'd say they might reach the "DotA threshold" where they finally exhaust their ideas, have to stop making champs and work with what they have, maybe only releasing a champ every year or so. But seeing Riot's philosophy of always switching the game up (which is working for them financially), I don't think that'll happen for a very long time.

  • Bengi Ay
    Bengi Ay

    if champions have non original abilities people complain, if they have unique abilities, people complain... i can imagine that it'S hard for riot to please the crowd

  • Gabriel Camilo Anunciato de Oliveira
    Gabriel Camilo Anunciato de Oliveira

    No, the problems aren't the gimmicks itself, the problem is when the gimmicks aren't creative, or when they are just a copypaste of another gimmick, gimmicks are good and needs to exist, they just need to be balanced and creative, the problem with League is that they change too much, too often. Your video just had the wrong arguments, really.

  • TheHolyBucket Road To Glory, Squad Builds And More
    TheHolyBucket Road To Glory, Squad Builds And More

    Because its a dying ass game.

  • CharlieJoe

    Dude i am g4 and when i first heard of the new mordekaiser ult, i thought the same, it just op... Does that mean all riot members are below g4 ^^

  • el bambino
    el bambino

    I like the way they going, its rly revolutional for gaming and i hope manny wierd champs like this will work funnly as well as skill wisely

  • IlBarbone

    After what they did to Morde, i wonder how they will ruin Fiddlestick, destroy Volibear few good things, and maybe Pantheon(even tho it's a smaller rework).

  • Tzultimate

    Why League Of Legends Keep Changing? answer: Because there is a game called MOBILE LEGENDS

  • raimond white
    raimond white

    Hey cool video man, but how can you explain a reverse change, like the new changes to Zac's ult. How riot will change some thing, then latterly years later go and change it back... To me, all it is, is a cheap trick to make old things look new, like a yoyo.

    • raimond white
      raimond white

      I call it "The Yoyo theory"

  • Lol Nope
    Lol Nope

    Of course the yasuo main thinks sylas is cool

  • Junior Jaw
    Junior Jaw

    honestly should have done minor changes to old Mord. New Mord can be a proper new champ, albeit boring.

  • HeavensBane53

    Coming from the perspective of someone who plays a lot of dota and a smattering of league, league feels like its becoming more like dota, where heroes pretty much all have some crazy bullshit ability. The difference is that dota was balanced around everyone being OP from the start and has further embraced it since, so it's more neatly implemented.

  • StoneDeceiver

    mord literally destroys everything wee know and love about playing league.. his ult is THAT fucking stupid.. literally hope the designers get murdered


    You don’t have a successful game and a company by copying and sticking with other games and companies style there’s nothing special or exciting about that.

  • markus

    do you know lol time its almost over its well dumbet to deep shit there are very hard rise back mean they do new champ ok that are good but why they need be broken just start to end 2 why the hell they are not repair those other shit what all redy be that dam game and bomb it very hard down FUCK THAT GAME l not hear eny play that game my frned side or event the frend or kids long long time they just say nah its end its not that what whe lovet that time

  • DragonSlicer

    I think its bs that they really shouldn't change champs themselves, like fully change them because it might not even be that good or just ruins how you like playing them, plus they sometimes remake them to be so damn op.

  • Yoonha Nam
    Yoonha Nam

    Bro I just met this guy in game lmfao.

  • Gizaru

    Honestly I don't think that the basic concept of the 2015 Mordekaiser was very gimmicky outside of his W passive that gave unnecessary power that should have probably have been put into a different aspect of his kit. The issue with him during 2015 worlds was completely based on his numbers, and when they could be applied. His kit has other issues that I think should have been played around with in mini-reworks before they committed to the a full rework. I am really going to miss the kit as I still think it was one of the best conceptual changes made to the game during League's entire run.

  • TheHyruleFool

    The issue of kayn's mobility isn't that he passes through terrain, it's that he can 'leave the map' by walking off the edges of sidelanes as you've mentioned, as well as being able to move freely while inside terrain. All other mobility skills that can bypass terrain force you into a single path of travel (Aurelion Sol), or an instantaneous crossing (flash/ezreal/kassadin/etc).

    • TigerTT

      And thats why I ban Kayn because he's scary when he reaches 40% cdr and goes in and out of walls all day lmfao.

  • James Lane
    James Lane

    i disliked the video when it start because I expected another youtuber quitting League because they hate the changes. Went back and liked because that's not at all what this video was, and you actually taught me a lot and made me think

  • Andrés Ksnv
    Andrés Ksnv

    "This video was sponsored by Riot Games"


    Did you know that league of legends is dying/declining for 6 jears straight! Riot Guinsoo left at the end of Season 3 Because jungle became a thing. He tought that jungle is becoming a Nightmare to ballance. Morello took over but only for 2 jears then he left too. Since then Rito does not a have a VISIONARY MIND. Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck just steppt down to chairman.... They never seem to take action or do something that helps the game (sigh) ;_; These guys look soo BETA.

  • Peace Unreal
    Peace Unreal

    I just want more customization like dota does imagine if you choose different summoner rift maps or change the announcer

    • Mist

      @Peace Unreal we do not speak of the same;p they is a folder in ur instalation u can replace

    • Peace Unreal
      Peace Unreal

      @Mist true, but it been temporary only last when there is a certain event going on don't you think it be cool to have your favorite champion as a permanent announcer

    • Mist

      nothing prevents you from chancing acouncer in lol its bone done before

    • Throg

      I agree, LoL could learn a lot from dota, not only the customization (No, im not biased, i dont even play dota)

  • I R
    I R

    Still waiting for the master yi rework. He's been outdated since 2015.

  • Ba

    Sylas is hands down true cancer incarnate of riot's champ design

  • Leo C
    Leo C

    Hoo time to take a break from League.

  • Beary Boy
    Beary Boy

    "not even close" u have 0 experience in champion design

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    yeah, but you can just easily QSS/spellshield new Mord's ult or eat an orange, a fcking orange! and just like that Mord R is useless.

  • Dimitar Matanski
    Dimitar Matanski

    Why does lol keep changing? because it would die otherwise. also nerf ryze bcs why not

  • Ocarinacraft

    Why would a online multiplayer game keep its gameplay updated? So people keep playing lmao

  • Kataleya

    Change is good

  • Jürgen Hans
    Jürgen Hans

    Changing champs and changing everything ingame is fine, the only changes I don't like are the lore changes. Lore is supposed to evolve and be build upon, not entirely exchanged every time a champ gets reworked.

  • Zakaria

    Without gimmicks, new champions become just really boring characters. You would end up with the boring “press for damage”, “press for cc”, “press for dash”.

  • Mirror Personality
    Mirror Personality

    mordekaisers new ult isent actually new from the scripts point of vieaw, its the old script they took from old poppies ultimate so this is besically playeng whit the old scripts for more new skins to generate more money

  • AcciorraOfficial

    Because Riot isn't confident enough in their game to maintain an audience without frequent change/meta shifts.

    • NANI?!?!???!!!??!!

      @Pat Richards Caitlyn literally has an sniper rifle and is an expert sniper, it makes literally no sense to have her being a short range adc. Even if the lore is not the most important thing in League, there isnt a single champion in game that contradicts his lore.

    • Pat Richards
      Pat Richards

      @NANI?!?!???!!!??!! Sure, but any good game should not need earthshaking reworks to make something viable. The only reworks should be mechanics intended to intentionally remove detrimental and hemogenizing playpatterns. Like for instance, Caitlynn should probably be one of the outright shortest range ADCs because she is also one of the straight up safest mechanically within her kit.

    • NANI?!?!???!!!??!!

      More like League is the type of game that needs to be constantly changing or it will get boring.

  • CuriosityFTW

    Sometimes champions need a rework Other times... I'm still butthurt about Malzahar

    • dddmemaybe

      sometimes your champ is broke but then morg hits binding and ree.

  • Ahmed Tag
    Ahmed Tag

    man league was Ugly as fuck when it was 1st released

  • Thunder

    It constantly changes so that its playerbase can constantly play Riot's pathetic game while not getting bored xD

  • Hugo Fenosoa
    Hugo Fenosoa

    Your videos are actually the best thing i've seen on youtube

  • I love Yasuo
    I love Yasuo

    this question sounds so retarded like asking why does the world change


    Why is league changing, because their staff are hippies and havent did any form of college, im sure

  • Felix Wen
    Felix Wen

    Because they can’t balance their game.

  • Chee Nou Lo
    Chee Nou Lo

    “Change is good”

    • Chee Nou Lo
      Chee Nou Lo

      Bolas change is good

  • hammy_

    bruh i forgot banner was a thing, i haven’t built it in so long

    • rtforeal

      They removed it about a year ago

  • severme head
    severme head

    i just learned that those two shit piece of design can recall together and i'm quitting the game

  • 7th Sin
    7th Sin

    You should join Riot

  • TheGreenGamersDK

    To be fair there has been alot of talk about a champ who would be able to do what mord Rework can do already 3 or 4 seasons ago

  • Seven

    good video kellen

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S

    You didnt let the Tyler clip play pepeHands

  • parabel

    baron fights will be so fun once morde just ults your jungler the moment baron hits like 2k life. sigh...

    • Stasiu

      @Braxx +1 I don't get people being mad about it

    • The Chaotic Casual
      The Chaotic Casual

      Except you can just QSS the ult off and make it useless much like skarner ult.

    • Braxx

      Its going to be fun. WHy would you hate it ? It means you cna rush objectives if Morde is in the game. You have to think more about what to od and when to do it.

    • Chubby

      parabel I kind of wish unique monsters like dragon and baron went to the death realm like turrets, gonna be aids playing a targetable ultimate...

  • run me over with your car
    run me over with your car

    Brace yourself Another documentary by a 2009 graphics nostalgic

    • run me over with your car
      run me over with your car

      Lol is from the same dude who made the one with teemo in the thumbnail?

  • Sartre plagiarized my unborn self for too long
    Sartre plagiarized my unborn self for too long

    3:03 hey don't say that word there r children around

  • chuckles de clown
    chuckles de clown

    you know what kha'zix says "change is good". edit: btw that faker play.

  • GoofyTheDuck

    Steal my girlfriend? *looks around confused in a barren wasteland*

  • Nova Water
    Nova Water

    It changes so the game stays fresh so we don’t get bored.

    • Nova Water
      Nova Water

      AcciorraOfficial I was answering the title of the video I didn’t say I was bored lul

    • AcciorraOfficial

      Then play something else? Yareyare...

  • Henrik

    great video

  • SunlessK1ller

    I miss buying wards, as a support main. I never have enough wards now :'(

    • BabyConan41

      @Nersius i miss dominating at low elo cause i was the only one who ever bought wards, my team would always thank me cause we saw *everything* and the enemy saw nothing

    • Nersius

      I miss ending the game with 1 completed item, but the entire enemy jungle being lit up.

  • Hiro Kala
    Hiro Kala

    Pyke was an inflection, Kayn and his walking in walls is not really that much of breaking the game, but Pyke and his whole kit was just too much in my view.

  • zakaria youssef lakhdar
    zakaria youssef lakhdar

    If there was a legacy server, I'd happily pay money to get into it. I just want my old champions back.. :/

  • magnusm4

    Change is a breath of fresh air. But patching is a pain. When I used to play regularly I played off meta champs and strategies. I liked to play Braum and Tahm Kench top or mid and it worked. But I also played much more but when I did, riot nerfed it. Smite top, ap Shaco, Braum mid. That's awesome! Smite top or bot gave a core feature of the game more playtime. Ap Shaco was amazing as it changed him from a close range burst assassin to a sort of chess strategy game of psychology and the mind and a bit of poker. To trick the opponent while at the same time predict him as they did the same. Placing boxes and using q then ult and only your clone coming out, or wondering if it's the player running away or the clone with a very good acting player. It was awesome. Braum mid was unique with his shield countering burst mages, his w closing gaps and q harassing to give more unique gameplay and Tahm Kench 1v1 Yasuo. But the problem is Riot is stuck with meta and forcing everything how every nagging jerk wants it to be unlike PLAYERS who PLAY the game and like speedrunners and play testers actually try new things and see what works and doesn't. They keep talking about high elo and low elo for pro play so they balance for it, yet they can apparently randomly had a triangle of mini boxes on Shaco's ult just for a reference to a youtuber who made that formation famous in his strategy. Why can't they design the game for players who actually wants to have fun. I want smite mid on Garen and if I succeed then why can't my enemy just stop fucking playing Yasuo and Lux mid and try something new that can counter me?! 1 top, 1 jungler, 1 mid and 2 bot. We lost to 2 junglers because they had synergy and communication. Promote variety and change rather than make change to force back old gameplay

  • Twisted Luck
    Twisted Luck

    This is bad its gonna make people pick mordekaiser more which is sucks

  • Angel remot
    Angel remot

    your voice is so soothing, at first I thought it was Phreak xD

  • XxxMinecraft babo xxX
    XxxMinecraft babo xxX

    oh shit I dreamed last night that the banner of command is back in the game

  • Erik Mello
    Erik Mello

    New morde looks amazing to play what are you saying??