Why League of Legends Solo Queue Is "Sad"... But Pro Play Is So Different
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Today, let's talk about the sad state of solo queue, popularized by voyboy, and why even though solo queue might be like this, it's not necessarily the same for lol esports and competitive play.
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Patch 10.12 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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  • Nikola Milosevic
    Nikola Milosevic

    solo after 5 months Silver 4 , flex after 7 days silver 2,probably could get diamond but i dont have team every day,so i will quit

  • ShawnBlaque

    "I could never go pro I'm hard stuck Diamond 2" "Mike Yeung is trying to go pro again check him out, in Diamond 2" LOL not looking too good there....

  • 4 Times
    4 Times

    The toxicity actually made me increase my mental. So that's 1 thing I'm thankful for :p

  • N P
    N P

    Lol youtube is a career as much as being a janitor is. Moron.

  • Bryan Lozada
    Bryan Lozada

    Haha ulol

  • pokey

    We really need that team builder mode back. It was really fun. I have no idea why they removed this idea in season 6.

  • Raspgy

    Manes ain't nobody got time to make four friends for league.

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra

    been playing for 5 years and I am in silver 4. I just demoted again because of a prrmade botlane that trolled on purpose. at least 2 asks in the last 10 games... I will probably never climb

  • Facehugger89

    solo que in any game is just poor design forcing strangers to play as a team never works most of the time

  • teranyan

    Riot is actively sabotaging this game by not allowing voice in soloq. It's like putting 5 people in front of an intricate cooperative puzzle, but they can't talk to eachother and the puzzle will kill them if they stop to write or use other communication.

  • You don’t even own a suit!
    You don’t even own a suit!

    I'm a solo player that hates ranked and I get inted and flamed by premade groups more often than not.

  • TheEmperorOfDrifts

    Removing ranked teams is one of the worst decisions riot ever made in my opinion

  • Skystrike70

    I like that you have concise wording in your videos

  • Arcaineshifter

    What would league look like as a daft based system like football or baseball

  • Insanityltself

    And then there are pro'sstreamers who smurf and shittalk low level players who dont play League for a living.

  • TheGuruAxle

    This game is garbage there is no solo carry now and with the new items coming out everything is broken and solo que in low Eli is a joke lol is a game you play to hate yourself and I’m done hating myself

  • Pleinair {ZA WARUDO}
    Pleinair {ZA WARUDO}

    Voice com in solo que is such a bad idea with people flaming for the smallest of thing.

  • Tunnel Safety Commissioner
    Tunnel Safety Commissioner

    League is literally the only big competitive game that does not have voice chat. Anyone saying it would make the game more toxic has not played any game with voice communication

  • Jerry B
    Jerry B

    Touching on what Mike said about Voice Coms; Why isn’t there a planning or strategy stage for solo que? Imagine the advantage, or disadvantages of coming up with a simple strat or gameplan. Game changer!

  • Chriz K.
    Chriz K.

    the same is for CS:GO too the gameplay itself is something completely different when you start playing in a team in tourneys or leagues

  • Preston Burkett
    Preston Burkett


  • 【ƲҚ】 Lancestorm
    【ƲҚ】 Lancestorm

    the game isnt meant to be played solo....i play the game with my friends all day long and we never get bored but when i go in with only one friend or solo i get easily tilted and i dont have fun

  • Stevens Copy
    Stevens Copy

    I only have fun in 5vs5 fun I don't have enought friends who want to do it xD

  • irish potato
    irish potato

    solo q is so bad you can have stats that rival challengers and pros and still have ya team throw

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    If I play with friends I don't really care about game balance and game state so even if I don't play well and my team is also nit doing good I enjoy my anger

  • tun44

    riot balances everything around proplay

  • Levi Meredith
    Levi Meredith

    Clash is complete dogshizz. I play with low gold and mid silver people. I have been against smurf teams who are high plat and diamond. They are not that elo on their smurfs but their smurfs only have 10 games played in ranked. So dumb.

  • Hei Blackreaper
    Hei Blackreaper

    To be honest, i only like this channel because of League History... But i dont mind that, keep up the good work, mate :)

  • thedeadligest channel
    thedeadligest channel

    league was made for the players and changed for the pros. rito hasnt made anything but mistakes since November 20, 2014 and it shows. yet we still keep playing this garbage cause were so blindly adicted to the rash we call league of legends. riot keeps ignoring the playerbase that is literally the reason they exist in the first place to blow the pros....

  • FergusOfDalibor 42
    FergusOfDalibor 42

    I'm a new sub and have just been binging. Love the heart bro

  • Hentai Mage
    Hentai Mage

    They're just almost 10 years behind Dota2 with voicecoms, classic Riot. Why add features tu your game when people play anyway? Lol

  • Angelo Vinanti
    Angelo Vinanti

    I just decided to try Rank again since Season 8 and the grind I had to go through on solo play was dumb. Almost on average one to two people would go AFK on my team or have a jungler that has no pressure on any objective and never ganks. I'm firmly stuck in Silver trying to get out but it's nearly impossible when the game starts becoming a 4v5 to a 3v5 before the 15 minute mark

  • Aria Raney
    Aria Raney

    I agree entirely that league is made to be a team game, having a group of peers you can communicate and strive together with is what makes the game really come alive no matter your skill level and solo queuing can't ever match that. But I don't really think that saying that is helpful for most. Not everyone plays video games, and not every gamer likes mobas, and not every moba player likes league of legends. It depends on your circles of course, but a lot of people won't be able to find 4 other friends to form a team with. Plus, people who aren't pro gamers have other commitments and can't always be online at the same time as their friends, so even if you have a team you'll have to wait for the stars to align to play a game. Reasons like this are why matchmaking and team building queues are ubiquitous in games now, huge portions of the player base just wouldn't be able to play otherwise. Adding a voice chat to solo queue could solve some problems, but it adds so much potential for toxicity (which is already a problem in solo) since it's so hard to filter and report.

  • Snevos

    I agree that voice chat should be present in League, but if you want to practice macro there's also flex queue! You can make your team, so there won't be random trolls on your team, and will be able to practice your macro and improve your team communication! Sure right now it'll be something a little bit unrealistic due to how people think about flex queue, that's something we can change without waiting something from Riot

  • Mig R
    Mig R

    10:27 and will rise toxic levels to a insane level and will kill league once and for all

  • Lols

    Normals with friends is better than solo q

  • Lily

    Voice chat solo queue as a girl? Hell no that sounds like hell

  • O.Narantsatsralt

    It's obvious. In Pro play you lose as 5, lose as a team. And these teammates care each other. While SoloQ is compelety different.

  • TomMe

    Just found this video. I only play clash these days: it is absolutely the only way to play league aside from full casual

  • Byron Allen
    Byron Allen

    Nice videos man

  • Bloater Snake
    Bloater Snake

    Why Solo Q and Pro play are different? Its an easy answer... **Failure of communication between teammates**

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    League is fun in one of two ways: a) you have a proper team and work towards a goal, b) fun game modes like ARAM, URF, Blitz, etc. . Everything in between is really a terrible experience. I recently started a new account to practice under the radar and I am super disappointed by the "beginner's experience", after all these years it's still a big joke.

  • Matsui

    just think of solo queue as a pick up game

  • Austin Guinn
    Austin Guinn

    A game should never change for the greater good of pro play only for everyday players

  • Gabriel De Pinho
    Gabriel De Pinho

    You could try and do both

  • Ronell Rayn
    Ronell Rayn

    It doesn't matter how well you're performing in early game, late game is all that matters for the most part in a game. I main support and often the enemy botlane get carried by their teammates while mine and my duos are pretty useless..

  • Ronell Rayn
    Ronell Rayn

    the worst part about solo/duo queue is that you have to depend on a bunch of strangers to not ruin your game. In one of my games the enemy top laner was super fed, mid afked at 5 min in and our jungler focused on taking jungle camps while the enemy jungler started drake..

  • Reis Bayer
    Reis Bayer

    "maybe soloq sucks, because its not fun playing alone" AMEN BROTHER. even though i dont really find people, when i got a 5 man premade team, i really love playing league. even loosing is fun (as long as its not getting hard stomped). But in soloq, playing alone, even winning isnt fun, unless the teammates are actually cool and play as a team with each other together. If i got a kata otp in my team that stomps everyone but doesnt give a shit about the rest of their team, winning isnt really fun. its just running along and waiting for the game to be over.

  • Jonas Kircher
    Jonas Kircher

    Solo Q really rarely is a fun experience. I only had a single game in the past weeks where I lost and still had nothing but a good time. What ruins the experience is most often the mindset of my team members. The problem is that most people are not mature enough to consider what's going on in the heads of the other 4 people they are playing with. If I know someone has had a rough lane I don't mind gifting them a wave of farm as long as it stops them from tilting however most people go into solo q with the mindset that they have to carry no matter what. A voice communication system could alleviate this a lot, players would recognize each other more as humans than now, I don't expect that everyone would all of a sudden stop trolling and be nice to each other but I'm sure it would help. I honestly think that Riot isn't doing too bad a job when it comes to new champions or balancing. Most of what needs improvement is community related. Better production quality for the competitive scene, more tournaments worth watching or participating, a better algorithm for banning and a bigger team for reviewing report cases, voice coms and a loot system that actually ties into the game and has an impact. Imagine if you could choose one skin every 3 months or so that you can work towards. That would certainly keep people captivated and interested.

  • Enigmafiresup

    I feel like league voice coms would actually be less toxic. As crazy it sounds, with coms plays would be more planned so there would be less reason to flame. Not to mention no one would be typing so they would still be playing the game

  • Enigmafiresup

    I think this video is just further proof that league needs voice coms badly. Everyone's skill is being limited without it. Of course it's toxic but at this point who cares, literally every other game has it, it's a joke

  • Enigmafiresup

    Wow somehow I just realized he is the speaker for pro guides.com. wow...

  • carlos coelho
    carlos coelho

    I'm clicking the like button just because of dunkey

  • Borys Ostapczuk
    Borys Ostapczuk

    Seems to me that the way u described the process of becoming pro, works that way only in NA Xd Like europe has regional leagues with MAD having 4 of their players from there, Rogue squad also started in regional, China has a second league with for example XLB being called by RNG not that long ago and Korea has the whole trainee system. Good video but you mostly compare soloQ to NA competitive and not competitive in general it feels like.

  • segpasta

    The thing and problem is that League of Legends is a strategy game. In 5 v 5 where both teams have comms, you really play the strategy game that is league of legends. In solo Q that fundamental part of the game falls apart IF NOT every player on each team realises that this is the case. And as we all know :) most of the time, they chase for kills instead of looking at the whole map as a chess board and planning the next objective move. As the guy was saying, pushing out waves a minute before dragon spawns, so they can sweep the jungle, plant wards and maybe get a pick or two and see where the enemies come in when they do the objective. This is what league of legends is about, not chasing a Yasuo with 5hp at the enemies inhibitor tower when their tier 3 is still up, just because he solo killed you 3 times in lane phase :D I'm silver 4 btw. I played this game for about a year. The reason I can't rank up is because I get too emotionall invested in the game, because I reckognise this strategy side of the game, I view it as if it was a chess board. And when I see one teammate get picked in the topside jungle I rage too hard and at that point I do something stupid, which makes me even more mad which makes me do something even more stupid next time - I can't think clearly and I end up just soft inting lmao :D buuuut its ok caus' when I can keep my head cool I almost always hard carry. But yeah I realise its fkn silver xD so I shouldnt be all that happy for being 17/0/4 on katarina in a silver game XD

  • vexonica 02
    vexonica 02

    Solo Q? You mean yasuo main vs yasuo main eternal showdown

  • Marios Blaze
    Marios Blaze

    My adc afked bec she didn't like our yummi

  • eternity cosplay
    eternity cosplay

    So who wanna make a clan where WE rank up everyone skills based on our thoughts and WE play together :D .

  • eternity cosplay
    eternity cosplay

    Reason i don't play lol because : you need 1000 hours to learn that game so nah :D. Also Reddit should die. I surrendered lol long Time ago i don't Care about wins. Also lol IS not CS:go in any aim game solo cues you could solo carry entire teams in lol nah.

  • hhh

    simple answer : when 99% of the community communicates through pings - - any kind of strategy is going to be lacking. (oh and most of riot their employees are na bronze players so that doesn't help) long answer: this video.

  • William Harris
    William Harris

    Your videos are great quality.

  • Saghar soltan abadi
    Saghar soltan abadi

    Looking for nerfs to Yuumi in patch notes?😅😅

  • Baxi Tabaxi
    Baxi Tabaxi

    There is no positivity in Leauge any longer if the videos on this channel didn't tip you off. There is nothing good about the LoL community. A new game needs to destroy leauge. most people here are sub human.

  • PhilFromSchool

    I do like playing as a coordinated team when those chances arise But I'd take silent solo queue over having to voicecomm with whatever loons are added to my team Imagine having to hear the support Kat as he steals your cs

  • MythRobo

    Nobody: D2 Riven main: *Does better journalism than 99% of journalist platforms without any degree or majors even relating to it*

    • Brave Sol
      Brave Sol

      Always E into it

    • KydZz

      Its because he puts more effort in and additionally talks about a game loves :)

  • NightShroud

    I hate solo Q bcs its like fking gambling. For example In the past few days there is a big downhill in my performance I must admit but the problem is that I team up with people that will constantly lose their lane too. Riot will match me with a player who is 400 lvl 1000 games in gold while I have played only about 100 games while started last season. They will ofc be better . Smurfs are also wrecking and u know u have lost when u face a lvl 30 95% winrate draven or katarina . I say its like gambling bcs when u win 3-4 games in a row then u are ready to lose another 3-4 games in a row bcs u just team up with people who cant even win a lane. And as an adc main in season 10 there is no much space to solo carry games even when u fed.

  • nch

    Actually i bever win when premade I had a 5 game win streak yesterday and then desided to premade And my whole team inted It might be that my friends are really unlucky tho

  • oh7mak

    Average League Player: Can pro play and average play be balanced individually. We don't want our game changed if its only for the pros which is, statistically, a minute, minute, percentage of the player base. Pros: "Stop. Changing. The. Game. Every. Two. Weeks." I feel bad for them practicing a champion for weeks and then "we're changing this champion because it was problematic for Iron players". Everyone wants pro play and normal play balanced separately, only Riot thinks otherwise.

  • And1s

    Fr league should have voice comms in champ pick and ingame would be sooo nice

  • darkjackl999

    my favorite solo queue experience was literally every game i played the 3 randoms i got duoing with my friend would hit me with the "blame the jungler" specail (jungle main) including the game i was adc and the enemy khazix killed mid top and jungle a collective 10 times by 6 or 7 minutes who then proceeded to sit on us (my friend was the support) bot making it a 2v3 as we were the only winning lane with his full fucking black cleaver at 7 minutes and the other 3 start flaming me saying its my fault khazix is popping off yeah thats my go to story about my experience doing solo queue in NA

  • danny102m

    Solo Q is one of the best matchmaking systems in esports in my opinion. The best players in rank, that constantly hit top ranks are usually the best players. Faker was a solo q god, Penut was an insane Solo Q player, etc... Solo Q teaches you to be hyper aware , of your side lanes, mid, jgl, pathing, matchups, teamcomp, etc... In a team atmosphere its more controlled and organized, you dont need to be insanely aware unless your the shot caller. Watch any top pro stream in solo q, (especially faker) dudes pan the camera so much and so fast. And the most important thing that solo q teaches is how to 1 v 9 and if you can 1 v 9 in top challenger, you are a pretty good player.

  • aR0ttenBANANA

    I'm Global in CS, diamond in R6S and diamond in lol. The diff between lol and those other games is the comms. The amount of game's I've won in shooters but just listening to the carry or having people listen to you when you carry is too many to count. On League people all want to be the star instead of just shutting the fuck up and getting carried. Doesn't help that there's no voice coma and that.most league players are even bigger losers than in other games.

  • BabuTurtle

    I fucking hate solo queueing. It’s such a shitty experience that I’ve sworn to never solo queue ever again. It nearly killed my enjoyment for the game.

  • Gabriel Tan
    Gabriel Tan

    Nice comments mhmm Noice

  • Oscar Poscar
    Oscar Poscar


  • LoneSoupomatic

    I love you Exil! Even if you're just a hardstuck D2 bag of chips!

  • fearsomestm00c0w

    Bring back Sion saying "Get on my choppaaaa"

  • satyrixal

    The system does suck but people suck more

  • si lafuyang
    si lafuyang

    Fun fact: for more than 5 years first death in solo queue is always due to lag. 50% of the first killed go AFK after that.

  • aaoa666

    People inting and being super fucking toxic was what killed my love of League 6 years ago, started picking it up again and it's still equally toxic. The guy who begs to play Yi/Lee top, dies 3 times, calls the jungler "a fucking idiot" and leaves never stops playing 😂

  • Masina

    Bro they gotta add voice coms in game and not just in party. Sure people can get toxic but that's what a mute button is for. There's a large majority of us who understand the best way to win isn't to flame.

    • Arctic Dragonis
      Arctic Dragonis

      My teammates in the entire last year of playing this game disagree.. a LOT.. i uninstalled last week because i was absolutely done with the amount of flame and int on my team, and the trash talk of enemies. Every single game started to be frustration galore and i just couldn't take it anymore...

  • Jonathan Kyle/Music
    Jonathan Kyle/Music

    I perform so much better in team environments too. I can macro but i am not particularly mechanically gifted. I like getting to shot call with teams that trust me and when you win it is just that much sweeter

  • Kyle Olejniczak
    Kyle Olejniczak

    Great interview and questions!

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson

    Wtf was up with the start of this video? "I nuh sum of ya r out der like BADUNK wut bout dem pro players?"

  • Andrew Fogel
    Andrew Fogel

    bro you deserve so many more subs

  • Peter van der Weiden
    Peter van der Weiden

    title kinda misleading

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    A 5v5 game is made to be played as a team. I didnt realize that was an odd statement.

  • Da Disser
    Da Disser

    Hots has had voice comms for like 5 years lol

  • jose roberto ruiz
    jose roberto ruiz

    Lov you :3

  • Lucas José
    Lucas José

    Pro league is sad. 50 minutes of a match, 10 kills max and absolutely nothing happening. im cool with mt 30 sec first bloods.

  • Fathallah Alaoui
    Fathallah Alaoui

    Annnnnd we love seeing you loving making this videos !

  • Wolf Treetruck
    Wolf Treetruck

    This is a nice comment.

  • Fire Hunterz
    Fire Hunterz

    Dunkey be spitting truth even after years have gone by

  • Jakub Jeřábek
    Jakub Jeřábek

    what if they did two patcho notes 1st soloque that would come out every 2 weeks as they are now and 2nd pro that wuld come out every 4 weeks with ocasional hotfixes like if something was buffed rly rly hard

  • Stefan Filipov
    Stefan Filipov


  • NeepTune

    I totally agree, when i tried clash with my mates for the first time i really felt like playing a new awsome game

  • 18 Cats Sat
    18 Cats Sat

    you so wrong. Solo Q are not fun because Rewards suck. You win the same LPs if you finish with S+ or D-. So You can be a true iron with luck and you can climbto silver. True story.

  • ashmon16

    I miss having my small group of friends that i played with on league all those years ago, there is quite alot of games where if you play okay, but still lose cause you just got outmatched or outplayed. you would get flamed so badly that you come out of the game feeling worse then if you just lost without the chatter. Im worried that if there was a voice chat you would mute it cause you dont want to hear someone flame for half an hour. ive started to rant.. Point is i miss my group, and i wish i could get another group up and running just to play league with again. Getting a good group together you got someone to pick you up when you feel down cause you lost a play, you dont feel like a loser even tho your team lost. but when you join a solo queue, you have the chance of not even getting the role you wish to play. And that blows hard.

  • Woyander

    Our team finally after so many weeks managed to win a clash. By my opinion it's best game mode for casual or semi-hardcore players.