Why Riot Was Forced To Rework Ryze AGAIN In Season 9
Today, let's talk about Ryze after his rework. Ryze top lane and Ryze mid lane have now become more questionable. Riot changed Ryze on Patch 9.12 and are looking to do more changes and another rework for Ryze patch 9.13. Right now, Ryze build and ryze runes are doing okay, but it's hard to say so far whether Ryze is an op champion for the 9.12 tier list or not. At Proguides, we placed ryze on our 9.12 tier list in B tier, but we are looking to make changes for the 9.13 tier list. Let's look into Ryzes rework.
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  • Exil

    Hello, can I get a number 2 please, the spicy chicken sandwich meal. Yes, waffle fries are fine. Can I also get a small vanilla iced coffee? Okay thanks.

    • soroush kowsarian
      soroush kowsarian

      Food broke

    • Jared Griffin
      Jared Griffin

      "Their fault for being silver." Man, one sentence and I've lost a lot of respect for you. Yes, they are silver. But don't act like there is something wrong with that. There are massive skill gaps between players, whether it be due to knowledge, reaction times, or whatever. At the end of the day League of Legends is a video game. It's a means of entertainment, it's about having fun. Some people come on to play their favorite champs, and enjoy them. Everyone doesn't care about keeping up with the top builds, not everyone reads every patch note to see what might have changed, every person shouldn't be expected to watch every pro league match just to understand why their fav midlane/jungle/toplane champ isn't supposed to be in the lane they used them in before (aka keep up, and understand meta shifts on a weekly basis). Ryze changing constantly is frustrating, and it sucks to feel like Riot prioritizes the high rank players. Sure if someone is completely busted like the old Azir, it's justified. He had one of the highest skillcaps, the high elo players were the only people capable of making him work properly, and seeing an Azir one trick in a low elo match was probably scary for lower elo people too. But sometimes, it just sucks for them. Trying their damnedest to master their favorite champion, maybe not understanding the nuances of higher tier strategies, ward placement, minion management, and perfect timing. But they got used to it, understood how to play them, and enjoyed it. Idk, I've had Aatrox ripped away from me forever, and Jayce turned into an assasin. Shen gutted, made useless because of his ult was too good. Rather than changing him to be like TF, Panteon, or Nocturne. Only for him to be reworked, in a way that just feels bittersweet. I'll be honest, I don't play ranked. I have more than a few friends who've been Diamond more than once, I can keep up with them for the most part. I've been up against more than one Diamond because of them, but I'm not gonna lie, I've gotten my butt beaten hard more than once. Those loses never hurt. It's a game, we lost, we learn from our mistakes, and queue up again. What does hurt is seeing your favorite champs repeatedly change, get gutted, just left behind, and worst of all deleted. Rip Aatrox, Rip Karma. You make good content, you show people League's History. Just remember, most of us aren't in those higher Elos. Doesn't matter the circumstances, don't look down on us, we're all in this community.

    • burglemy Head
      burglemy Head

      I stopped playing him after the 1st rework rip the machine gun spell caster

    • Billybobjak

      Yes sir absolutely, anything else for you? No? It's my pleasure, we'll have that for you right down there by the pick up sign. - a real og cfa employee

    • Sober Cake
      Sober Cake


  • Marik Mag-isa
    Marik Mag-isa

    Now I know why...

  • Henrik

    In seson 3 or whenever they reworked him the first time was just plain stupid.. I went to reddit or somewhere and wrote down the spell sequence to have an enemy constantly prisoned and I just taped it onto my screen and kept picking ryze in ranked. It was absolutely nuts how broken it was, you healed for so much as well.

  • Piet Erbse
    Piet Erbse

    I miss this version of ryze so much :(

  • Δονάτος Δήμου
    Δονάτος Δήμου

    He is bad now

  • Mariusz Golonko
    Mariusz Golonko

    They should make ryze ultra skin Reworked ryze that he change his skin every min untill 30

  • Harrison Owens
    Harrison Owens

    Well now he just builds tank items lmao :/

  • Matthew Diehl
    Matthew Diehl

    Its was brave to make this video, luckily he didn't get a big annual rework yet in 2020 so the ability descriptions are stilp accurate for a little longer

  • What is mana ?
    What is mana ?

    Id fuckin rather have pre-rework overnerfed Ryze as opposed to the hot garbage we have now. He's not even fun anymore man. He's just a chore at this point.

  • PietroScar

    Is it bad that I think most of his reworks sort of make sense? Like he is a mage that learns all of his moves from runes and ancient tomes. So over time he tries to use different things in his kit to find what works best. I honestly think that his old ult and shield made sense in his kit (lone wolf semi tank and no skill cap potential 1v9 champ). I just think theyre trying to make him a spammy ranged katarina instead of trying to balance him. He is a champ that takes the phase rush page, yet he has no kill potential to use it correctly and it ends up just allowing him to run away from situations instead of fighting them. I honestly think ryze should be an electrocute/arcane comet champion, but theyve just made him into this eq, ew, qeq, ewqeq monstrosity. Were coming up on the next year and the next real patch and I just hope they do right by him one last time.

  • Jurani

    Riot makes these crazy map control ultimates and then act surprised when the champ is so good in pro play it has to be nerfed to unviability in solo queue

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf

    See that would be smart too his ult cant take the whole team only 3. Maybe make it a requirement for him to be present in the 3


    there's a big lacking of ryze gameplay in the comments and this video: A few takes; although its been a while since this was released a lot changes. Taste of blood and revenous hunter in the 2nd tree, always, absolutely always. Manaflow band not proccing on e was a bug, since been fixed. you can e the minions and it will bounce to the enemy, dealing no damage, but procing manaflow band. Anyone who thinks ryze should always just combo "QEQEQEQ" are the noob ryzes who do no damage. a higher damage combo is qwq - auto - qeq - auto - eq :) the only standard item to build is archangels staff, think critically everygame about your other items. its extremely important to build correctly. some games require roa, morello zhons, where as some other games will require arch, deathcap, spellbinder, void. Or the situational righteous glory game. and god damn, that ryze ulti is incredible. I play a bit of TF as well and i prefer the ryze ult for the extra flexibility! helping team mates escape a bad fight, or if you're clean with timing it, dodging karthus ult. and to say that ryze's kit now is brainless is quite the opposite. ryze is braindead easy if you get a shield from an eeq combo.

  • Julix Pinguimon
    Julix Pinguimon

    As if having a champ that can 1v2 safely wasn't enough, right?

  • Discret Tunes
    Discret Tunes

    I miss to do the golden escape hehe

  • LifenKnight 6732
    LifenKnight 6732

    how is e+e+q is also not just as brain dead as e+q i don't know knowing something is different from being good similar to how it's possible to get an A in maths but get an F in english or sci or getting all A whilst being iron in league at the same time. league just doesn't give you enough time to test things out. the enemy trying to kill you, your level increases and having to back to stay up with items its very hard to test your damage an abilities with similar results and situations. the situation being: up by 30 cs and having 800 gold 2 1/2 items, its every game and not enough times during that game. and practice tool is cetainly not go enough because your not in the same space, with more players.

  • bensson wu
    bensson wu

    Fuck this champ anyway.

  • Video Richi
    Video Richi

    ryze now isn t bad on solo q. the only problem it has is that if he isn t you, most probably he is gonna feed (and even if it s you). but even feeding, if he reach is third/fourth item (not counting boots) he is a win factor, because in late, no matter how bad is the player, ryze anihilates any character it hits. Even missposicioning, being on bad matchups, or being caught 1 v 3, if it s late for him, he got a big chance

  • Wild

    Unseen footage of lol balancing team fucking up the game once again.

  • Thiago Lucas
    Thiago Lucas

    Season 5 ryze > all. Infinite combos

  • Besaid Knight
    Besaid Knight

    I always thought Ryze was a Developer's self-insert character, and that's why he's always strong... Kinda like how Annie was an insert of a Developer's girlfriend, and they're probably broken up by now which is why Annie is forever static...? XD

  • brain smasher
    brain smasher

    reason why ryze struggle is bcs of junglers. my brother is bronze and he was able to carry because i gave him all my blues

  • Husnu Vesaire
    Husnu Vesaire

    Ah old ryze and his endless combo.. i missing it still and hate new one

  • Siddharth Upadhyay
    Siddharth Upadhyay

    With this new mini rework,his presence in pro play has decreased.Does it means Riot has achieved their goal ? I mean they reduced the skill floor of Ryze but also made him bursty,shifting his power to EQ combo.He is not on a good spot but still it’s okay. What do you all think ? Would he really get a new rework in season 10 or he would stay at this position ?

  • Glizzy Gobbler
    Glizzy Gobbler

    National Ryze Rework Day

  • lsomething l
    lsomething l

    DH,RoA and Arch Angels then stack defence = ez win.

  • George Smash
    George Smash

    Kind of like real life, it's all balanced around the 1% at the top...

  • NY Aquatics
    NY Aquatics

    "why can't our champion just be broken ???" = any main ever

  • Nightmare

    ryze did 9 11

  • Riigariano

    Contrary to a lot of others Ryze mains I actually love his teleport ultimate because it makes Ryze a team player instead of the previous ult which never really spoke to me and the previous design was my favourite champion in the whole game since Thresh, and now making his ult to get 3 ranks instead of just 2 made it a lot better in mid game due to the ult range which was my main problem with the previous design, even then i prefer a Ryze with a variety of combos for different situations instead of an universal one. That made it harder to access but extremely rewarding once you did it, and as a last thing spell flux was awesome (also I haven't played the game in a long time so I don't really know how much Ryze has changed since the release of this video) (to be fair one of the last things i tried the last time i played was this rework and i hated it)

  • Bard IRL
    Bard IRL

    Could you do a video on Aurelion Sol's changes?

  • AspectOfTheYeti

    When Perkz said “I want my shields back” , I got that “no” Discovery commercial lol

  • Pinnacle Express
    Pinnacle Express

    I really dont think any ultra squishy mage has the potential to tkae over a game like you said. Champs like Swain and Renekton have more snowball solo carry potential.

  • lackofcompany Pk
    lackofcompany Pk

    This might be dumb, but can a character have different stat brackets relative to the rank of the person playing it?

  • Delet this
    Delet this

    I don't get it. If the character has never been balanced or healthy then why haven't they thought to just scrap the idea and make a whole new champion. If it doesn't work on paper or in game why do they keep trying to force it?

  • DiesDunkleGehim

    Why not replace the ult with a sort of Mordekaiser shield? Each time Ryze deals damage with a skill, it adds a certain percentage to the shield equal to his max hp. Then increase all of his skills to 8 seconds CD, with a 1.5-second reduction on all of his other skills? Something of a combination of his past identities. The shield has a cooldown of maybe 50 seconds at all ranks, with a scaling value on the base shield and shield growth...

  • MichaelMues

    Mordekaiser: OP as fuck for a year Riot: lets re work ryze.

  • Profesor Garchet
    Profesor Garchet

    Riot: How many reworks do you want? Ryze: Yes

  • G. Mech
    G. Mech

    Welp. Ryze is complete unplayable garbage now. I just play him for fun, but there's no winning fights with this dude anymore.

  • The CheqK-IN Channel
    The CheqK-IN Channel

    His skills are broken not the nimbers.. the actual skills.. Bruh has a connectable root.. I mean wrf

  • Blue_Knacki

    7 months later ryze still fucking mindless

  • sin vanity
    sin vanity

    that last ryze in euw is my account lmfao

  • Jim Hantzis
    Jim Hantzis

    Mana scaling BAD😡😂

  • Lyubimov89

    Maybe Riot should just accept that some characters (Ryze) are good for pros and not for everyday players, some (Garen) are good for soloq but not for pro play, and that's all fine?

  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal

    Just deleted league because of Ryze. Stupid op champ.

  • restlessfrager

    I miss first ryze. Q W Q E Q R Q W Q E Q Was such a fun combo to pull off.

  • Nekufan1000000

    I had a dude in ARAM tell me if we weren't playing ARAM he'd report me for being a shitty Ryze player, but I'd never played Ryze before and my whole team told me while this dude was gone to "Just E W for roots." And now every Ryze vid I've seen is like, "E Q all day, it's huge damage, easy wins." This is why I hate League sometimes, despite literally starting like 7 months ago. You always have ONE guy that's like, "I'm so good at Champ, if I had picked them we'd be winning" and it's like ... why didn't you then? Even in ARAM the dude could have asked to trade, but instead he spent the first 5 minutes being AFK according to his duo buddy. Sorry about the tangent, it's just really hard for me, after seeing this video, to believe some rando in ARAM would have actually been good enough with Ryze to win us a match given how many changes he gets. I'm betting 9/10 he'd have played Ryze and been like, "Uh, Riot took his shield, I didn't know that, Ryze sucks."

  • uraniumgum

    Ryze mains: Here we go again

  • CreativeName

    Holy do I curse patch 9.12. Ever since his mini - rework this game just has not been that fun for me. Please for the love of god tell me he's getting another rework/ mini - rework in s10 or a revert, because this 'thing' that has replaced him just outright sucks. And it is so obvious that people don't like what they did to him yet riot just ignores this for some god knows what reason

  • John Irish Gripalda
    John Irish Gripalda

    even rework and rework but as long as the game goes on. he is the one of the champs that can 1v1 with nasus and veigar

  • What is mana ?
    What is mana ?

    I fucking wish he was consistent. The shield removal feels clunky and gross to this day. Having no defensive tools while having to stand still to combo feels so bad right now.

  • PFC Paladin
    PFC Paladin

    It's not his fault for being silver, if that's his skill level that's okay, not everyone can be a pro player

  • David Adkins
    David Adkins

    Riot” we only want him at 40% win rate. Also Riot “Let’s release broken Ass characters to boost sales.”

  • Patrick Mulligan
    Patrick Mulligan

    I miss S3 Ryze.

  • Gabriel Tesoro
    Gabriel Tesoro

    I think, E Q doing 300 damage in lane with only tear as his item is annoying lul

  • D Seev
    D Seev

    Get Gud at champs pros don’t play and I won’t have to worry about constant changes

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs

    I just miss the old "press whatever is off cooldown" Ryze :

    • Kensh

      That's broken he have to be balancr.

  • mclouiee mariano
    mclouiee mariano

    Just like how i mastered old aatrox for jungle and i was decent at it but i loved it....aaaaand aatrox got reworked with big red shouting swordman

  • Àatrox

    I wanna play my old Aatrox. ;-; also. Fix this awful Victorious skin ;________;

  • Alex MmMmMmmMmmMm
    Alex MmMmMmmMmmMm

    Make ryze an ad assassin with a dash

  • Soul

    Ryze is so fking easy to balance riot just decided to literally allow him to do everything. U make a mage who can burst aoe clear cc boost himself has team utility and consistant dps and wonder why he has a busted kit. My solution? Lower skill ranges. Make em spammable. Remove ap scaling . Make passive a stacking buff to his ability dmg but also increases their cost. Now he is a mid range bruiser mage that needs to stack mana and tank stats and ramp his power up in fights then act like a dps. Like a mage jax.

  • Abzan Bant
    Abzan Bant

    I played ryze and it took me 10 games to get used to not having a dash. After that it was easy, and brain dead. I mean eq lives up to the meme, he is nice to play if I want to relax or something but not if I want to climb (I am Silver) or have an exciting game.

  • Aaron Talbot
    Aaron Talbot

    Man I love watching your videos while I get baked

  • Gigas0101

    Ryze is suffering, and I want you to suffer. You deserve to suffer, so here's hoping you make a history of Ryze video. Also I like the most recent version of Ryze, I'd say here's hoping they fix Ryze's bugs but a league without bugs is like a riot not owned by tencent.

  • michael Ramos
    michael Ramos

    I couldn't play him before... now he's all I play so you tell me.

  • Renato Arruda
    Renato Arruda

    My friend makes ryze with ( core runes/items ) ravenous hunter , hextec pistol , seraph and visage ( heals af )

    • Gigas0101

      Sextech Ryze, I'm gunna try that.

  • Anudeep Mayura
    Anudeep Mayura

    Just remove this stupid ass champ and rework him all together like aatrox.. The mains whining abt shields are delusional.. Who wants to fight a ryze who does quarter of life with one combo and goes into shields into shields.. Fuk tht..

  • Big Musk
    Big Musk

    1st version of ryze was the most balanced. Get rid of this fucking stupid teleport ult

  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria

    Seems like they really did dumb them down!

  • Ahmet Keçeci
    Ahmet Keçeci

    Ryze is ios and other heroes... You know

  • yoitsgunattack

    a weird thing about ryze is the core idea stays the same for most reworks but how he feels to play almost completely fucking ages. remember when ever spell he cast reduced every spell cd by 1 and his ult was just a stats buff with spell vamp and make his spells aoe? kit wise not to difference but he was a drain tank back then. ryze does no drain tank anything now he goes "fuck you i burst you with a skillshot while ur snared so its not even a skillshot and you die while i have a shield to big to be countered. i like drain tanks so I liked that old version of ryze but they did the same thing with swain and aatrox (2 champs I used to love) swain never burst you. if you got snare you got a dot into a dot into crows so you make a decision try fight him ad stay in the dots or run and see if they just burn you outright. new swain i fucking boring (wow I yank some free hp yippie) his r is this lackluster rip of vlads e. "CHARGING CHARGING CHARGING! OK NOW BOOM!" and thats it... the isnt any real healing. pretend he has 1000 ap (literally never happens) his heal on r has a 16% ap ratio so thats 160 + 0 base so 210 but then your told its 90%less effective vs minons. so most the time its a 210 heal a second? let me put it another way if jhin crits you for 1400 (which is common as fuck) thats 7 seconds to heal it. you know whos faster at healing? and adc with a blood thirster. and dont even get me started on the aatrox rework.

  • Nelsonsxs

    Well i am a mid main and for the first time in my 6 years playing league im hard carrying with ryze, not that i ve always attempted to, but he is definetely easier to use atm and very strong as well

  • Mubarak Senju
    Mubarak Senju

    because of the pro plays, now they gonna keep nerfing my main champs over and over again. Ryze can be called a minion if he got nerfed again. PS: *Skarner crying at the end of the corner waiting to be reworked*

  • Felipe Pereira
    Felipe Pereira

    I played him like you asked, here is what I think: I still suck at mages

  • Realistication

    And He is confirmed op again. Time for Season 10 rework

  • Phil McCracken
    Phil McCracken

    Nerf him to the ground.

  • ヨリヌ


  • sadfasdf dfasf
    sadfasdf dfasf

    Remember when ryze had spellvamp ult and could play urf in regular matches? Remember when ryze could perma cc in hie own? remember when ryze would have like 1.3k ap and just oneshot anything

  • Golden Mairon
    Golden Mairon

    9.11 👳‍♂️💣✈️?

  • Johnathan Dunlap
    Johnathan Dunlap

    Ryze is broken because: Faker keeps telling Riot that if they ever make him not viable, he will end their souls

  • Blaire XD
    Blaire XD

    When Ryze ult was viable on solo queuing then Riot removes Ult Zhonya Ryze. Nice.

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A

    Honestly ive said this before and ill say it again. Pros and solo que should 100% have a different patch essentially and different meta. It's not fair to us at all, when you go see a basketball game or football game, you will NEVER in your life be able to do what those players do, same thing with league, you will never play consistnetly like faker, doinb, whoever, it's just not fair to solo que that we get a champ that sucks dick in most games simply because we not all pros and in coms, and we need to take the nerfs to some of our favorite champions because of it. Fuck that, Fuck pro play have a different meta and balances for them. They can abuse EVERY little thing, 99.9% of us can't and never will.

  • Andras Petersen
    Andras Petersen

    I mained release ryze, but never got back into him after the numerous reworks.... I bought all dem skins stil....... Human ryze was expensive.

  • hallo hi
    hallo hi

    rework ryze again pls

  • Cross R
    Cross R

    So anyone else wonder what will happen when ruse gets all of the infinity stones?

  • Officer I swear she was 18
    Officer I swear she was 18

    He should have an ult that turns him into old model ryze and he can cast his old spells for 3 seconds. Still more balanced than any other forms of his.

  • Fluffy

    Those win rate changes mean almost nothing. There's not even good reason to think that they're statistically significant. Champions commonly shift a % point or so in different patches due to the difference in sample pools. I'm not sure the new rework accomplished much of anything except making people upset. Maybe his win rate will stabilize once people are more accustomed to the changes, but I'm skeptical for now.


    i am the only one that things Vladimir is also a champ that is bad at low lvl and high elo he just rek everything?

  • John Raven Bitbit
    John Raven Bitbit

    Do you think faker is a baby? Xd ryze main

  • TheSkatersoldier

    I miss season 3 ryze buying 5 rod of ages and smashing q,w,e :'(

  • Rugg0064

    Thats because he doesnt have a dash and invulnerability

  • ZoomerCoomer

    Beta male ranged top laners be like

  • Daniel Dahlgren
    Daniel Dahlgren

    I liked the season 3 and season 4 ryze.

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll

    Makes sense, he either is amazing or sucks every game I see him.

  • Secret

    Will Riot give him a revert instead?

  • GamingPhreak

    For me its the Camp of one the Riot Boss creations and named after him ! its also the one who is still into playing the game not as tryndamere who dont play as much anymore ! and for th OG League players we all know that Ryze will always get priority to be at worlds eqch season !

  • Rodrigo Barcelos
    Rodrigo Barcelos

    I love your videos but they are too long imo. I can't watch them if they are longer than 15 minutes lol sorry keep up with the good work!

  • Justin Galin
    Justin Galin

    Silver ryze enthusiast wow you just absolutely nailed what I am on the head lmao

  • Duco vh
    Duco vh

    That dude talks so much with his hands lol

  • Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin
    Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin

    This is why I main ap miss fortune

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