Why These Champions Are So Problematic And Need Nerfs
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Today, let's talk about the best champions in the game for patch 9.16 and patch 9.17. This is a tier list, meaning that we are going to take a tier list for patch 9.16, and talk about the most op champions for climbing ranked solo queue. Let's talk about the most op champions in league of legends, and the current best meta champions. We will be covering the best champions and champions that need nerfs for patch 9.17 such as Kai'Sa, Kha'Zix, Riven, Janna and Mordekaiser. These champions need nerfed because their win rates are some of the highest. Highest Win rate champions.
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►U.GG for Kai'Sa Bottom Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Riven Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Pyke Mid Lane Runes And Build on U.GG
►U.GG for Kha'Zix Jungle Runes And Build on U.GG
Patch 9.17 on the PBE on surrender at 20
►Elderwood Ahri, Elderwood Ahri New Skin, New Elderwood Skins, New Infernal Skins, Infernal Galio Infernal Varus Infernal Shen on the PBE. New Best Skins League of Legends PBE
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Here is the great video showing the Nunu Bug
Riot August Tweet
Invisible Nunu article

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  • Exil

    Edit - I didn't include Riven because she was nerfed this patch and the early signs is that her win rate fell quite a bit (her win rate is lower than akali ryze and ornn) However, a similar thing did happen with her win rate the first time they gave her changes, so maybe she'll rise back up after a couple of weeks, so we will have to see where it is! Might make a follow up video on her separately after her nerfs on patch 9.16

    • Luka Tatomirov
      Luka Tatomirov

      Exil you kinda mised varus.His build with lethality is too broken.But i plax him so its all good

    • Chephren Parker
      Chephren Parker

      I'm surprised you didn't put my baby Rengar in the list. A champion with incredibly high map presence and arguably more direct and bursty damage output than anybody else in the game, he's one of the only assassin's that scales and the mere existence of his ultimate can discourage a team from taking an objective. On top of that, he can build bruiser, or assassin and still eliminate a carry from a teamfight. God I love my knifecat.

    • Sheep

      why do you sound like the youtuber called Halofollower?

    • chicken salsa1211
      chicken salsa1211

      Zed and Yasuo are some of the most complicated champs in the game. Kat is a hard champ but Zed and Yasuo are up there with her.

    • Winged programme Hero626
      Winged programme Hero626

      Are YOU MAD

  • Cennix

    pyke honestly needs to be reworked

  • Cennix

    am I the only person who never sees kai'sas in games?

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins

    Where the fuck is fiora and Shen

  • Sinister Witch
    Sinister Witch

    katarina gameplay is punishing . asasin whos every next move is obvious due to daggers . asasin with deley w8ing till dagers drops . u think she has insta jump no she still has to w8 second or two . all that makes her extremelly punishable for tiniest mistake . u can be 12/0 u have no tank in tf u w8 till ur dumb dagger to drop u get one cc u r gone game is done u dont exist .

  • Noah Woodhope
    Noah Woodhope

    I hate Pyke sooooooooo much.

  • Da Hoodlum
    Da Hoodlum

    Hilarious to watch you at almost 300k talking about the 150k goal

  • Christopher Manuel
    Christopher Manuel

    ok you usually are decent with you videos but what is with your bias against healers?

  • JBSE

    Zoe. For whatever reason she has the ability to 100>0 you from across the map and get away with it. To put that into perspective most assassins need to manage that in melee range and might not even get the job done. Plus, being able to pick up the right summoner spells or actives can potentially provide her enough mobility or sustain to compensate for the lack of escape tools in her kit. Another example of a horribly overloaded champ.

  • Scott L
    Scott L

    I hate Riot's current design philosophy of "Make everything OP at level 1 or 2/Let every champ be brokenly OP even though they've been feeding all game" that they seem to have now. Like Tahm Kench. Played a game where he literally went 1-10 in the early game, but he waddled his ass into lane after a certain point and became unstoppable. I played a recent jungle game as Rek'Sai against Sylas where I had been dominating him the entirety of the early game. By the time he became too strong to deal with, he only had like 2 kills, 8 deaths, and 1 assist, and then suddenly I wasn't able to beat him in 1v1's anymore because one of his abilities would literally refund like 60% of his health. I'm a top laner/jungler and have been ever since LoL was in beta back in like '08 or something, and I think one champ I've consistently hated my entire LoL career is Teemo. That little asshat counters every melee champion early game. Granted, even a fed Teemo tends to fall off late game, but he's that damned rock in your boot early and mid game, and although you get get a QSS and the scanner ward to help mitigate his issues he's still a top lane terror. And if he decides to build AP, there's literally no way you can trade with him. The only thing that seems you can really do is just use your Teleport to roam and gank other lanes when matched against a Teemo.

  • Richard Draws Stuff
    Richard Draws Stuff

    Yuumi is such a boring champ to play

  • Superepicsimon

    Voli’s rework sucks

  • Lenny


  • Sabotaged02

    1:05 (My thoughts) Oh, what’s this? Better nerf Irelia

  • Chris Bigelow
    Chris Bigelow

    Almost a year has passed and quite a bit of these champs are actually bad now. What a surprise.

  • Riley Kelley
    Riley Kelley

    year late but yasuo should be on the list instead of mordekaiser

  • Dalton2226

    whenever i lane against mord i also buy a quick silver sash cause his ult counts as crowd control

  • Richard Váňa
    Richard Váňa

    The Katarina mains part was truly wholesome.

  • Star Dusk
    Star Dusk

    2019 Exil: kaisa has the most overloaded kit Aphelios: Hold my soup (or whatever it is)

    • Emanuele ragno
      Emanuele ragno

      it's poison that hurts a lot when drank, makes him mute and doesn't make him feel pain as long as i remember it's made through flowers

  • alex44483

    'I dont want to spend too much time talking about akali' - begins to spend a full minute talking about her, litrally more than jinx, singed, volibar, janna & nami

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    u deserve so many more subscribers omg ur vids seem like u put so much work and effort to make im lit addicted to them

  • GG Glenn
    GG Glenn

    darius needs nerfs too. he's tanky, has heal, slow, armorpen, bleed, true damage, unlimited ultimate. high base stats and high damage. always on the S+ tier. you can't go toe to toe with him. just 1 kill and he will dominate the lane, gank him your both dead. 2 kills maybe he'll int and win the game.

  • Fire Tarrasque
    Fire Tarrasque

    Alright, here's the Big Brain play - Your champion will never get nerfed if NO ONE KNOWS THEY EXIST SKARNER 2020 BAYBE

  • nathan b
    nathan b

    also warwick is broken and olaf good luck changing my mind 😂😂

  • nathan b
    nathan b

    as a pyke player i agree also i want them to stop buffing xayah she is perfect where she is at just skill expression is needed not numbers the ult damage buff is what im mostly talking about it feels unneeded and i dont want a huge nerf

  • Living Wikipedia
    Living Wikipedia

    Janna can be strong, but many people can't play her to her fullest potential. I play Janna very agressive, poke, apply pressure and protect my team to the fullest. Other Jannas like to play safe, stay behind their adc and do not roam at all. I sometimes play Janna as an engage support, mostly when I gank mid. (Very fun with Yasuo) I agree that she is very powerful, but I think people should concentrate on changing her base skin and not nerfing her. She is good against high poke supports and some engage supports (if you know how to play against them), but she is not as good when against hookers and other peeling supports. She is great at bullying adc but some of them have too much damage or you don't have enough damage.

  • Cris Hughes
    Cris Hughes

    I didn't understand why talon needs a nerf

  • 時txkisvki

    "Kai'sa has the most overloaded kit" then comes Aphelios

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade

    1:45 wow it is awesome to see irelia fighting in slow motion. The art of moving looks awesome.

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown

    my only problem with kled is his invincibility frames when he mounts or dismounts. its pretty toxic

  • Thomas Hogan
    Thomas Hogan

    There are two champions I got an s on my first game ever with. Yuumi and lulu, both on ARAM.

  • Kruger Freddy
    Kruger Freddy

    Exil.... I gave Yuumi the benefit of a doubt and thought how cool it was to play AS her. ....She is currently my go to ban pick whenever I play support. This cat..... is annoying! She is if the summoner spells Heal, barrier, and Clairvoyance wanted to become a champion. It says something for someone, who thinks the heals on soraka make her so unfair and not fun to play against, hates Yuumi more times over than Soraka or Janna for one reason only. At least I can, with Janna and soraka, I can ACTUALLY TRY TO HARM OR KILL THEM! let me rephrase what I said about Yuumi she is a POCKET heal, barrier, and clairvoyance summoner spells, especially in teamfights. She hops from one champion to another, healing and applying barriers and becoming untargetable, mostly because the team, now healed enough to fight, can now protect the kitten or because her cooldown on the dashing is so low.

  • Platypus

    Damn I was not aware of the sheer amount of unbridled hate Yuumi got

  • Skarner The Crystal Vanguard
    Skarner The Crystal Vanguard

    The thing they need to do for Morde is gutt conqueror+domination on him and make rylais and liandreis active only when he AAs during his passive and not slow/melt people with the circle , then lower the shield and the cooldown on his W and give him back his passive movement speed, that way he can be good at chasing people, but not permanently lock them down and making them unable to fight him even if he misses everything.

  • charles vvv
    charles vvv

    When I play Qiyana I feed in the early game but after I get my first item I one shot

  • Ronil Doshi
    Ronil Doshi

    17:40 just QSS (or play Gangplank)

  • Fluf Y
    Fluf Y

    delete vlad

  • Charlotte Williamson
    Charlotte Williamson

    Champions that neeed buffs! (In my opinion, for solo queue) 1.kalista 2.kog maw 3.jhin 4.xayah 5.gnar

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer

    Every assassin needs a nerf except Talon

  • bo hamburgers
    bo hamburgers

    It’s funny I agreed with you on almost all of em all even in champs I play (mid main) except for the jinx one. I think you’re off base there, she’s just so immobile dude, and has so much counterplay.

  • Denis Rus
    Denis Rus

    Zhonyas hourglass

  • Tabletdogs

    I don't get why akali ad isn't viable

  • Tabletdogs

    If ahri lands charm, you as katarina have no qss and the enemy jungler is pantheon then it is a free win for ahri and pantheon

  • Xilles Enimieo
    Xilles Enimieo

    So we not gunna talk about the wind shitter with a 2 part passive that gets a shield for literally walking around like a fcktart

  • Broseph Stinson
    Broseph Stinson

    I know this will be slapped down as "omg shut up noob" but, as a Plat 5 player, main jungle and support. Vladimir feels almost "ungankable" even if you hard gank him early, if he pools out and doesn't die you take a Q + E and some pool dmg. You go back, heal up, his summs are down, go back into his lane ASAP. What happens? He heals your initial burst, pools out. Tbh its not the pool itself that is the problem for me, its the slow on it. You cant believe how many times I was barely out of range of a last hit on a vladimir because his pool slowed me just a bit too much. And "abusing his earlygame" is quite hard as long as the vlad has some braincells, if they just play semi-passive early, its so hard to kill him. imo he doesn't need a big nerf, just reduce the slow you get when in the pool and the lingering time of the slow after he emerges from the pool, it comes a long way.

  • Pedro Martins
    Pedro Martins

    By far the best LoL channel alongside SkillCaped. Great videos!

  • No Sleep engineering
    No Sleep engineering


  • MrGreg242

    Man, you obviously haven't met slark.

  • Mental Popcorn
    Mental Popcorn

    Yuumi needs to be reworked as a whole. If you think the ability to be invulnerable nearly all game with nuclear heals is "fair" then you're a bit delusional

  • VoidKeeper

    Lol, l2p noob roflmao

  • Sam Burns
    Sam Burns


  • Yulfine

    I must be really bad with kaisa if shes still considered op even in season 10. Because I struggle early game with her and even sometimes mid the nerf to gold gain from minions really sucks and razor was nerfed so I'm looking at different builds I think. I dont know maybe i need to play around with her more. Everyone elses kit just teleports them around dealing high dmg she has a really bad auto aim q a w that has long range and passes through objects but is stupid easy to doge her move speed is so slow anything can just chase her. her e is literally a move and atk speed buff and that's it everyone else has something special and does something and her r teleports if theres a plasma stack and gives a small shield that lasts 2 seconds and that's it. So I am not seeing where her kit is strong at all.

  • Barnesofthenorth

    As a jungler I don't tend to gank Vlad even early because he just pools away so often it's hard to ever actually kill him , that pool just makes him so safe to play

  • PowWow Ken
    PowWow Ken

    Vlad's weakness is needing CDR, except with the right rune set up he only needs to spend 1700 gold and hit level 10.... what a great weakness, much counterplay considering he's almost impossible to gank with pool and can sustain himself through almost any lane with his Q

  • S0und 0f Death
    S0und 0f Death

    HA!kai sa is the most picked champion? *laughs from turkish servers,in the middle of millons of toxic yasuo mains*

  • Wind Nguyen
    Wind Nguyen


  • Ionut Cosmin
    Ionut Cosmin

    i stopped watching at volibear cuz i realized it was a joke

  • Armin Cal
    Armin Cal

    8:35 "kai'sa has the most over loaded kit ever!" boy that phrase did not age well xD, look at Aphelios my new favorite champ you can almost to everything with him if you know the correct combination xD and i love him for it, he can stun,slow,snipe from far away, aoe damage,aoe stun,aoe life steal, single target life steal, single target slow/root,grant himself a shield xD

    • Emanuele ragno
      Emanuele ragno

      @Сергей Мыльников root

    • Сергей Мыльников
      Сергей Мыльников

      @Kentry Does he have a stun? How to use it?

    • Kentry

      Aphelios is literally kai'sa on steroids with a stun...

  • katkhan


  • Lyudmil Tsekov
    Lyudmil Tsekov

    I am not even actively playing wow, why the hell I am watching so much of your content?

  • GiulioxD2

    you forgot kassa and cassio

  • Eraser Lp
    Eraser Lp

    I am a Zoe main and i think she needs a Little bit more cooldown on her ult on lv3 and her E like one sec each it is too easy to spam them in lategame

  • Ronin Mugen
    Ronin Mugen

    Most loaded kit *laughs in aphelios*

  • 水 Ꭺrƈɦαnε 火
    水 Ꭺrƈɦαnε 火

    16:48 What? WHO?

    • Voli

      The thing that goes meow

  • shooterxd23

    Mad cus bad

  • Pebble Browser
    Pebble Browser

    Hah, I remember when Yuumi came out and everyone told me off if I picked Yuumi, becuase "she is uselesss"... Little did they know.

  • Ikachi

    December 25. Quiyanna still is broken as fuck.

  • wayne mark Caberoy
    wayne mark Caberoy

    Morg ult can be dispelled by QSS or any banshe edge night item.

  • Sam R
    Sam R

    Who should get nerfed: Anyone I lose lane to

  • victor chiorean
    victor chiorean

    I am a kai'sa 500k points main and i cand tell you from the bottom of my soul that she is just a shadow if the monster sha was,remember when her passive dealt percentage of currente health?

  • Aorion Ace
    Aorion Ace

    Kled's q, you can jus see it as a counter to healy champs like renek, aatrox or vlad Mordes ult can be qss

  • Squiddles wooooshes jokes
    Squiddles wooooshes jokes

    I have my list: Yasuo and Kayn. Edit: Morde and Trynd’s Ults

  • Louis Robitaille
    Louis Robitaille

    Counter play to mord's R: Qss. Just have to time it right.

  • Thomas Ronzier
    Thomas Ronzier

    Talking about Mordekaiser's ult when you can literally negate it with a QSS is a bit unfair.

    • appelofdoom

      Thomas Ronzier because spending 1300 gold and an item slot just to counter one champion isn’t annoying at all.

  • Steve Wunda
    Steve Wunda

    No sylas?

  • Semîramis UBW
    Semîramis UBW

    i came back after s4 into LoL and hell.. duskblade needs to be nerfed hard or even removed.. its just disgusting how enemys can snowball you with only with that or even core item.

  • Semîramis UBW
    Semîramis UBW

    "old" voli with shiv and tryforce bite should be nerfed many YEARS ago-

  • Csapó Máté
    Csapó Máté

    Voliber will be reworked :p

  • hk Hiyori
    hk Hiyori

    Yes i would have to admit as a kha main that as a jungler kha has good clear and its nearly impossible to lose a 1v1(direct engage into champs like rengar/yi and pulling off a bit and win vs lee sin since he has low q cooldown). Since mid game you can just one shot every adc and mid unless its some disgusting shit like galio ,even yasuo can be killed easily) The only lane that you may not win is top lane which is full of good champs that can win you in 1v1 like nasus or fiora or renek. For drags and baron his q does so much damage that you won't lose drag since you have q+smite combo and extremely high mobility since its level 11 and you surely must have upgraded E so unless you got knockup or root you can get out but you can build mercurys which is also a fairly good item on him late game as you will have enough lethality.

  • BamaLam4

    Dude there's a reason these champions have been good for so long, they are good because of their mechanics, not their stats....

  • Traveler

    Finally someone who does not include Ahri. Ahri imo is really bad...

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum

    morde r is actually either kill, suicide or a waste of time... kill- if he catches a right catch tha he can handle suicide- if he catches vayne or kaisa("morde ult is adr's nightmare" is a myth) waste of time- if he catches champs that can hide like qiyana or akali(morde's ult is 7 seconds long, quiyana's grass q can last 3.5 secs and her w refreshes q, so in the end it's a total waste of ult)

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum

    actually it's a very wrong decision to fight qiyana in the river, river procs the ice version of qiyana's ult, river is actually the safe place for qiyana players, being on land is much harder than being on river... although i wouldnt say qiyana needs a nerf because her damage in her ult is actually quite low unless fed, also her combo that used to be a cannot dodged is now easy to dodge specially after audacity was altered(it doesnt follow the target anymore... i could say she's almost as powerful as zed but she's actually a bad choice against diana, aatrox and some burst tanky champs, she's also squishy when full lethality but im surprised that yasuo, fizz and zed arent in the list because they are actually beyond bursty and hard to catch

  • Bryan Liew
    Bryan Liew

    As a katarina main, i think zhonyas is broken.

  • TechTutos

    Amumu could go full tank and literally delete an adc or an asassin

  • Yukioo

    Kai'sa: Most overloaded kit ever released Senna: You know, i am something of an overloaded champ myself

    • Ionrenaline

      @Julius Prime For Kai'Sa vs Aphelios,Aphelios needs to root Kai'Sa to fully kill her.

    • Julius Prime
      Julius Prime

      Aphelios : Hold my guns

    • Lucas M
      Lucas M

      Kaisa wins because all that senna has is a trade, she lost Atack speed, she lost critc damage, she lost AD P/ level and has a big mana cost but can't build mana itens because she can't get manamune very fast and there is no other mana iten to an ad champion in the game that is not to expensive for a suport (and if she is playing as a adc, she do not have a good DPS and has less souls for her passive, also there is better itens then the mana ones). If she go for a mor support build then she can get more mana but lost damage, again, she gains things but lost others, its very much a trade, kaisa just have a lot of stuff for no fucking reason. But she is very op and need nerfs anyways cus her numbers are tooooo big

  • ThePro

    Rly? No ekko? 3 dashes, 2 aoe ccs, and a fucking full hp heal is fine? Also 50s BASE cd on ult. Yeah sure m8 still a permaban in my book

  • Mr Murloc
    Mr Murloc

    dr mundo, aatrox, quinn and caitlyn

  • thanyou

    At first I thought you were mad at Sivir lmao

  • Kiznaive _
    Kiznaive _

    Nami loll

  • João Pedro Freitas Lançoni
    João Pedro Freitas Lançoni

    Kai'Sa has the most overloaded kit (Cries in yasuo)



  • OwlStar T2N
    OwlStar T2N

    How about fizz? That shit deals me 1,2k dmg with 2 items and 2 skills yet has E to peacefully run away

  • Steven Bonnell
    Steven Bonnell


  • Billy Tsili
    Billy Tsili

    If katarina is very hard to play then what should edwin leo say?

  • Harold Shepley
    Harold Shepley

    my answer to most of the champs on this list is just one tricking anivia, if morde doesn't interrupt the ult you out dmg him. You have to abilities to stop katarina ult. Most assassins don't do well bc of the point blank stun into e on top of autoing them as they walk away. Anivia is one of vlads biggest counters in general you can't pool under walls. I've also found that building more like an ap bruiser is just incredible bc you still pop the squishies but you don't get popped by these over-tuned assassins either

  • Dusan Bursac
    Dusan Bursac

    I see same 20 champs rotating in selection every single game... yasuo is there every game. I am low low elo so it might be the case but seeing same champions over and over again ain't fun. I am Syndra main but I saw her and liked her without even knowing that she is strong. Well she is a good counter for all those OP champs at mid and bot. Tho it never stops team feeding the enemy... low elo is hard. I am not even close to a word skill but it is what it is.

  • Big Musk
    Big Musk

    Kaisa is the perfect example of riots philosophy on "muh outplay potential, muh skillcap" champions that are just plain overloaded and cancer to play against. Wow i got outplayed by the champion who rockets across the fuckin screen bursts in half a second that any fucking numbskull could pilot. REminds me of Riven, Irelia, and Akali where no matter how fucking bad you do on the champ you just rocket around the screen and 1 shot people even at 0/5

  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria

    Wait I haven’t played league in forever. But u talked about this character named pike who is a support but then showed me ghostblade and the assassin blade blow up item.... is he a support forreal? Then I thought I knew what the mordakaiser rework was till I fucked saw the dude do a pull like Darius.... looks like a quit League at a perfect time... shit is busted...

  • RandomNetizen

    Qiyana... Qiyana definitely needs nerfs.